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February 26, 2021


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Ghosteens episode 3

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By: Authoress DIAmond

Episode 3

Ethan p.o.v.


Miss crazy fun can be this emotional? Whao..She is too cold, I never knew Ghost are cold.


I quickly freed myself from her hug before I start to shiver.


“Thanks for your help!” She thanked.


“Yh” I replied ruefully and made to walk away but her touch stopped me.


“What?” I asked turning to look at her.


“I’m hungry” she replied smiling.


Whao.. !She also has dimples too…like mom’s…


Suddenly,something painful jerked me out of my thought.

What?She hit me?On my head?


“I said am hungry and you are busy smiling, do something ” She yelled at me.

What a gut? Do ghost also get hungry too?


” Hey! What do you think you are doing?Are you insane? Am I…” I trailed off when I hears her stomach grumble.


Oh Goodness!


“What do you wanna eat?” I asked getting pissed off.


“Hamburger and soda” she smiling.


She smiles too much! Revealing her charming dimples.


“Hope she knows I have a girlfriend” I muttered walking away.


What am I even thinking? She isn’t human.I turned back and saw her following behind.


I’m in for it!


“Hey!” I called she came beside me swinging her arms happily.


“You have to be careful of those ghost catchers”I whispered .


” How do you know they are ghost catchers “,She asked.


“I just got to know, Aren’t they those sent from God to catch sturbborn ghosts like you who refuses to receive judgement either in heaven or hell? “I asked and she looked surprised.


” That..true”she said nodding sadly.


“Ohh,here we are” I muttered trying to open the door only for me to look by my side and she is nowhere to be found.



I opened the door peeping into the cafeteria a d here she is already peering into people’s food.


Omg!I forgot ghost appear and disappear, she must have entered through the door without opening it.

Why am I being concerned about her anyways?


She came beside me smiling while perceving the aroma.


Such a crazy foodie ghost!


I went straight to the waitress to buy food.


” Hamburger and soda ma’am”I requested but she ignored me and attended to others.


“What the heck!”I muttered.

I hate this waitress.

Am very sure she got paid to frustrate me before the early morning bell.


” Here she comes”



👻Ghost girl p.o.v.(Shalim)👻


I was so happy.


Mr.handsome has the gift of seeing ghost!


Oh my!! I’m happy and he even saved me? I’m lucky, aren’t I?


We chatted all along till we got to the school cafeteria but his mood changed immediately we got to the waitress serving food.


Seems the waitress is ignoring my Mr.handsome.


I was about talking when I saw this ugly duckling girl with big eyes cat-walking towards us like she just came back from heaven.


Visibly happy and over confident!


One can see she is a bully cus student are already gathering around her and Mr.handsome.


“Lolita I don’t want trouble” Mr handsome said trying to walk away.


What? What about my food?

But he was stopped by one of the ugly duckling maid.


“Ethy, do you think you won after walking out on me” she yelled but Mr.handsome didn’t reply

Seems he isn’t the trouble type.


“There is something you don’t know Ethan, No one walks out on Lolita” she yelled but it sounds more like she just barked.


Ethan.. That’s his name. Pretty name.


“Lolita, be careful don’t make me mad” Ethan said calmly but ugly duckling just smiled evilly.


“I only came to warn you” she said smiling before Ethan could say Jack!

She slapped him!


“What??” Ethan and I yelled but mine wasn’t heard only Ethan can hear me.


That it! She did enough!

She slapped my own Mr.Handsome!


I squatted beside the ugly duckling raising her skirt up.

“Oops she isn’t wearing anything underneath and there are almost dried sperm spilled all over her thighs


” Oops!”I said with disgust.

Such a dirty,cheap bitch!



👦Ethan p.o.v.


“What?” I yelled same has the ghost.


She was angry, I mean angry for me.

She walked to towards Lolita,squat down and what?

She raised her skirt up! And I could hear students gasps and mockery.


“Omg!Lolita is wearing nothing underneath not even panties.”Someone shouted among the students.


” Disgusting sperm! I’m sure she had it today”,another person said.


“I feel like puking seems she just got someone in between her laps no wonder she lost her panties” a guy said has everyone roared in laughter even Miss Crazy fun laughed still raising Lolita skirt up while Lolita keeps bringing her skirt down in tears.


All seems futile for Lolita, she tried running away but Miss crazy fun has pinned her down.


Gosh!This is the most embarrassing!

“Serves her right!”I said winking at Miss crazy fun and she winked back smiling broadly.


She must be wondering what magic is happening to her… No wind, yet her skirt raised up itself and something held her down.


“Well, i’m still hugry” she mouthed to me making me laugh real hard.


I can really remembered the last time I laughed, I only smile and hardly smile.

To be continued.


Swrs, Miss fun crazy(shalim)is mischievous😂

Am I the only one laughing right now?

One word for Miss Shalim😁

Anyway, you will soon feel the chemistry between Ethan and Shalim, just like, comment and share..

It really matters.

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