Flower Girl – episode 8

Flower Girl – Episode 8
© Samuel Oyebamiji
Miranda’s POV
It was a beautiful morning , I was indeed happy for Leonard , I’m happy that the X girls helped me in helping him .
I rose up from my be-d , I bathed , brushed and dressed up
I went to my mum’s room to greet her and bade her good bye
I informed Charles that I’m re-ady for school .
Charles was well dressed too, he was dressing like an accountant , he was putting on a nice black suit and a black shoe , his red ttie fits him the most , he tucked in his shi-t and his belt was glittering . I can’t believe a driver can be dressing so cute like this
He ran ahead of me to the car and went to open the door for me , I stepped inside the car majestically like I queen
He jugged to the drivers sit , pressed a bu-tton and the door closes . he kicked off the car and the car started , he started driving
“ Miranda , I’ve not being seen you around lately , you even told me yesterday that I should not bother to pick you and on t©p of all that , you c@m£ late “ Charles said while driving
“ If mum didn’t question me , why did you have to ? “ I said and looked at his face from the front mirror
“ Oh! Just asking , I’m as concerened as anyone , I guess mum is also concerned “ Charles said
“ why didn’t she ask me anything if she is concerned “ I said
“ anyways , gist me , what happened in school yesterday “ Charles asked
“ what happened ?” I retorted sarcastically
“ yeah , like did anything special happened yesterday ?” Charles asked
“ yeah , of course “ I said
“ tell me about it” he said
“ well, there is this guy , he is like a friend to me ,his name is Leonard , he had issues with the schoool authority and he was advised to withdraw” I said and paused
“ really” he asked
“ yeah, he had once helped me when I ws being m©l£st£dby the stuudents on the first day I got to school because I was rude to the Flower boys , so , I think It’s an opportunity to help him too , so , I went to seek help from the X girls and they helped me “ I said
“ Oh!” he exclaimed
“ yeah “ I said
“ who are the flower boys and who are the X girls ?” he asked
“ the flower boys are the riche-st boys in school, they are the most handsome and h0ttest student in school . and , the X girls are the riche-st ladies in school, most beautiful and cute “ I replied
“ Oh! Wao ! Tell me about this Leonard , ap@rt from helping each other , is there any other thing between the both of you” Charles asked
“ you alre-ady questioning me like you are my father “ I said and adjusted on the sit
“ ain’t I old enough ,may be a little close “ he said
“ tell me your age ?” I asked
“ Just 23” he said
“ oh my ! just 23 ,and you look so hvge , your face is young though, I’m just 15 years , 27 years minus 15 years is 7 years . So tell me how you are old enough to be my father “ I said
“ well ,well, just asking , wanna ask a question ? he said
“ always asking question , go ahead , but at least concentrate on the driving “ I said
“ I’ve being driving for years , so, don’t worry about that , yeah. Who am I to you ?” he asked
“ are you joking or something ?” I asked
“ I ain’t joking , I’m serious “ he retorted
“ you are just my driver and nothing else “ I said and grinned mockingly
“ Oh!” he said and kept quiet
“What the hell is this guy tthinking , asking me a very dumb questiion , who did he think he is to me , if not a driver “ I thought and brou-ght out my phone from my bag
He didn’t say any more word again till we get to school. He parked gently at the school garage and he c@m£ down to open the door for me
I stepped down majestically and smiled at him , but his facial expression was not welcoming
“ Miranda , I think you are proud , remember you were just a street girl that was helped by Mrs . Beatrice “ He said and set his gaze at me
The words c@m£ as a shock to me , my happy mood disappear all of a sudden , My past flooded across my hearrt , I remebered the day my father and my pastor ra-pped me , I remeberd how I live in the street for weeks . sadness made my b©dy an habitat. My eyes bec@m£ pregnant with tears .
“no! I wouldn’t cry just because of what he said , It’s so painful , but I would not cry ,I’m just gonna inform mum and tell him about the kind of driver he has given me “ I walked away from where he stood
I walked inside my clas-s trying to ignore what he said ,but it was ha-rd . I entered the clas-s and I saw the X girls in my clas-s
“ Oh! I exclaimed
I stepped in gently , I approached them and kept quiet , I was overwhelmed in shock that I forgot to greet them
“HI” Stephanie said
“ Hi “ I replied and formed a boring smile on my face
“ are you surprises?” Peggy asked
“ erm… I was shocked though “ I replied
“ Well, didn’t you say you wanna become our friend ?” Peggy asked
“ yeah .. yeah.,. I .. I did “ I said twisting my head alre-ady thinking that I know what they are about to say
“ well, you are welcome to the family , My sisters and I had discussed extensively about it but ?” Peggy said and paused
“ but what ?” I replied
“ you have to come and be living with us “ Peggy said
“ living with you “ I said in surprise and turned my head to the left , I bite myl-ips softly
“ I don’t know if mum is gonna allow ,But I wanna ask , are you guys living together alone ?” I asked
“ yeah “ Peggy replied
“ I’m gonna inform mum “ I replied
“Peggy moved closer to me and hvg me , Erlone and Stephanie took turn and hvgged me too
They look so cool
“ Oh! I’m gonna be called an X girl too ?” I thought
“ there isnt clas-s this morning , why don’t we go and swim at the school’s swimming pool “ Stephanie suggested
“ ooo!” I exclaimed inside of me , I cant believe the fat and cheeky Stephanie can swim too, I thought swimming is only for slim people
“did you bring your swimming trunk?” Erlone asked me
“ yeah , yeah, always “ I said
“ she probably likes swimming , Stephanie also likes to swim a lot , Stephanie , you just got a p@rtner in swimming “ Peggy said facing Stephanie
Stephaine smiled and moved closer to me , she hvgged me with her right hand and walked me out of the clas-s, the other girls followed behind
“ This fat girl should live me , she is fat and short and she is hvgging me that is tall and slim with her right hands “ I thought and squee-zed my face
Anytime she gists and looked at my face , I will form a boring smile
But inside of me , I was feeling very inconvenient
“ this girl should leave me and let me walk conveiniently now , did I say I can not walk alone “ I said and kept on twisting my n£¢k till we get to the swimming pool
She later unlocked her hand on getting to the swimming pool,we went to the ladies hut and changed to our swimming trunk
We c@m£ out of the hut and went closer to the swimming pool
“ why is anyone not here “ I asked
“ You know its time for sport , the ladies enjoy skipping ropes and basket ball , the boys loves table tennis and football the most , people don’t reallly come to the swimming pool for sport , they only come around after school hour to have fun “ Erlone said
“ but swimming is also a sport too “ I said
“ yeah , but most students here didn’t see it as sport , they see it as fun “ Stephanie replied
“ what do we do now ?” I asked
“ I think we should start a sport , I mean , we gonna do a back stro-ke, the first person to get to the later end of the pool there wins the race “ Stephanie said
“ I’m in for it “ Peggy said and raised her hand up in the hair
“ me too “ Erlone said
“ I’m only good at front stro-ke and bu-tterfly stro-ke, not really good at back stro-ke “ I said and squee-zed my face
“ just try “ Erlone said
“ you can do it , I believe “ Stephanie added
I closed my eye and breathed in , they were waiting for me to opt in
“ I’m in for it “ I said and they all shouted
“ hurray “
“ let the race begin at the count of 1 to 3 “ stephanie said
we all nodded and stood backing the swimming pool
“ 1,2,3” Stephanie counted and we all dived backwardly into the river
The others started swimming as fast as they could
I was able to swing just my right arm , I lost balance , I wanted to turn into front stro-ke so I can swim out
But the weight of the water kept pu-lling me down , I kept sinking inside the river , I could hear laughters of my sisters at the later end
I wanted to shout for help but I couldn’t speak
I tried to raise my leg outsie of the river a little bit , but there is no one to help
I was loosing too much oxygen
“ Where is Miranda” a voice that sounded like that of Stephanie said
They must have discovered that I ain’t pres£nt with them
“ that’s a leg showing , she is sinking “ Peggy said and dived inside the pool , the others dived inside the poolo too
“ what is happpening here “ I could here some male voice beside the pool , I can’t count them.
I was loosing too much energy and I had sunk so de-ep inside the river
I perceive that more people had dived inside the river ap@rt from my sisters
I suddenly felt a very soft but masculine hand ra-pped gently around my w@!st , it carrried me out of the river , but I had alre-ady lost consciousness
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Jan’s POV
Leonard c@m£ to meet me during the time for sport and we decided to go to the swimming pool where we didn’t expect anyone at that time , only for us to get to the swimming pool.
we saw the X girls di-ving one after the other inside the river in an emergency manner , I ran towards where the pool side and dived inside ,Leonard also followed .
I’m the best when it comes to swimming in my school , while others are struggling to find where she was , I located where she was inside the river in an instance , I ra-pped my hands around her and pu-ll-ed her out
Her sisters noticed and c@m£ out of the river
Leonard , who had also dived inside the river also c@m£ out of the pool .
I l@yMiranda down
“ we nee-d to do a recu-peration quic-k, she has lost consciousness “ I said
“ just go ahead , b!ow the air into her mouth “ Peggy said anxiously
I squ-atted before her and wanted to move my mouth closer to her mouth to b!ow the air inside her mouth
“ what are you doing ?” Leonard asked pushing me away from her slightly
“ recu-peration of course “ I replied
“ oh , just that , I can do it “ he pushed me away slightly and I stood up looking at him like a dummy and with surprise
He moved his mouth closer to Miranda but a thick voice j£rked him up
“don’t even try it , you tryna give her her first k!ssright ?, leave the ****en place and let me do it “ the leader of the X boys, Dalton’, said as he approaches where we all gathered beside the pool
Dalton moved closer , Leonard had refused to stand up from Miranda
“ are you dumb , you mother ****er commoner , I said , let me have my way , let me do the recu-peration “ Dalton said
“ No! I can’t stand that , you once m©l£st£dher, remember , I will do this “ Leonard replied stubbornly
“ did you guys want to kill her , Is this the time for debate ? someone should plea-se do this recu-peration quic-k “ Peggy said pleadingly
To be continued