Flower Girl – episode 9

Flower Girl – Episode 9
© Samuel Oyebamiji
Peggy’s POV
Miranda opened her eye all of a sudden
“thanks goodness “ I exclaimed
I moved closer to her and helped her up
“ Miranda , sorry ,we were sorry “ I pleaded
“ yeah , we didn’t know that you are not that good in backstro-ke type of swimming “ Stephanie added
We held Miranda by her wrist and helped her to the relaxing room
She was not responding to all what we were saying
“ Miranda , the time for sport iis almost over , we have to start going to clas-s so we are not gonna miss the first lecture “ I said and squ-atted beside where we made her l@y, Miranda was laying on the be-d with her eyes closed in the relaxing room. I pe-cked her
“we gonna come chek you by break “ Erlone said and we all walked out
‘Break Time ‘
My sisters and I c@m£ to check Miranda at the rest room but we couldn’t find her , we looked at oursleves in surprise and without saying anything, we hurried to her clas-s
On getting to her clas-s, we had just reached the entrance , we saw Leonard with Miranda
“ what exactly is this guys problem “ I muttered silently but my sisters could hear me
“ I thought he said Miranda and he are just friend “ Stephanie added with her f!nger pacing around her mouth
“ this guy must be up to something “ Erlone said
Without thinking twice , we walked inside the clas-s and saw Miranda arranging her books at the same time listening to Leonard
“ Hey Miranda “ I called on getting to her place ,, she looked at me and stood up
“ hey sisters , I’m sorry for keeping you worried, I should have just told you that I am not p@rticipating in the sport “ Miranda said
“ No, we caused it , we f0rç£d you “ Stephanie said and moved closer to Miranda examining her face with her hand
“ Miranda, your eyes look pale “ Stephanie said and Miranda sighed
“ when did you leave the relaxing room “ I asked Miranda
“ Some minutes after you have left , I had gained little stregnth after relaxing , so, I think its best for me to go to clas-s so I wont miss any lecture” Miranda replied
“ what is Leonard doing here “ I asked ignoring Leonard and facing Miranda
“ he said he c@m£ to check on me , but I told him to come back later,but he kept talking and talking “ she said without looking at Leonard as though he was not standing hearing all what we were saying
“ Leonard , I think you shoould let her be for a while” I said turning to Leonard
“ well, I was just being caring “ he said and left
We chatted with Miranda for a while and left to our clas-s after the bell for break rang
Miranda’s POV
My sisters c@m£ to me at closing time
“ hey sisters , I was just thinking of coming to your clas-s “ I said
“ you nee-d not worry “ Peggy replied
“ Miranda , I think we should follow you to the house together and let’s speak to your mum about your stay with us “ Peggy said
“ Mum loves me so much , I just hope she agrees” I nodded my head and we walked outside
I didn’t bother calling Charles to come and pick me
It was the driver of the X girls that drove us to my mums place
She welcomed us on sighting that I c@m£ along with my friends
She sat down and ordered one of her chef to bring us drink
We drank and Peggy started
“ Mum , we are the X girls at Miranda’s school “ Peggy said
“ I think I had heard about it too “ My mum replied
“ yeah , I and my three sisters stay togethr in the same house during school days , after we have vacated in school, we returned back to our parent’s house “ Peggy said and watched very well miss Beatrice’s reaction
“Okay ?” she said stressingly waiting for Peggy to conclude her statement
“ we want Miranda to come and be staying with us “ she said and looked at my mum sternly
“oopps” my mum said and adjusted on the chair , she placed her two hands on the edge of the chair
She kept looking at Peggy , she is gonna move her eyes towards Stephanie and Erlone randomly
After a series of silence she finally spoke
“ anyways , it seems you guys are good girls” she said observing the X girls carefully from head to toe
“I ain’t always around during the week days too , I’m gonna allow her to stay with you, but she has to be coming to me every Sunday to say Hi and pl@ywith me so I can know how she’s doing there “ MY mum said
“ OH! I exclaimed
“ Thanks mum , we thought its gonna be tough at first , we love Miranda “ Peggy said
“ yeah “ Erlone added
My mum spoke some words of advise and asked me when I want to start leaving for their place
For once , I can’t imagine what it is like to stay with the X girls, I can’t wait
I told her I will like to go with them that same evening
She smiled and warned me sternly that I must come to pl@ywith her on Sunday
I was happy that she allowed me to follow the X girls , I followed my sisters to their house , I didn’t bother carrying any of my lugggaes , Peggy has promised to provide everything that I nee-d for me
We got to Peggy’s place ,the house was a magnificient one , everywhere was cool and fine , the building was such a marvelous one , we all entered the house, we ate and finally went to the sitting room to gist
“ For once, I really do not know what this Leonard is up to “ Stephanie said as she kept pla-ying with the hair of her teddy
“ what did you mean?” Peggy asked
“ yeah , I suspect Leonard , I do not think Leonard is straight forward Erlone said
“ I still didn’t get what you guys meant “ Peggy said turning here eyes randomly at Stephanie and Erlone
“ well, I think Leonard is just naturally caring “ I said
“Girls , I wouldn’t do anything without informing you, the time we went to the lawyer suit , I wrote a love letter to Leonard “ Stephanie said and we all arched our eyebrow
“ yes , I love the guy’s stature he is well built and handsome “ Stephanie said
“ and what was his response ?” Peggy asked
“ well,he just gave me a positive response by smiling ,but yesterday night , he s£nt me a picture of his **** “ Stephanie said
“ what ! “ Erlone said
Peggy and I looked at Erlone wondering why she would shout that way
We turned back to Stephanie
“ It can’t be the Leonard that I know , he is very innocent and has a clean heart ,he will never do that , you probably mistaken him for someone else “ I said and looked at Peggy’s face to know if what I’m saying actually makes any s-en-se
“ This is driving me crazy , sisters , I nee-d to confess this ,I also liked that guy, and I s£dûç£d him into the two of us d@t!ng,he agreed and also s£nt me a message of his **** yesterday night “ Erlone said and brou-ght out her phone and showed the message of the picture that Leonard s£nt to her
“ this is getting crazy “ Peggy said
“ I can’t believe Leonard is like this “ Miranda said
“ I’ve always known that guys are s¢v-m , I hate them , I will never give any of them chance in my life , they are full of deceit “ Peggy said and placed her head on her palm
“ sister , what are we gonna do now “ Stephanie asked
“ this dumb guy wants to be ppla-ying games with the X girls ,whhat in the world is he thinking in the first place “ Peggy said
“I think we should deal with the guy “ Erlone said
“ Yeah “ Stephanie reckoned
“ It’s reallyy poainful , you guys disappointed me , why will you stoop so low to d@t£ a commoner like him “ Peggy scolded Stephanie and Erlone
“ we are sorry , sister “ Erlone and Stephanie said
We all watched patiently what Peggy was about to say
“ guys , we nee-d to deal with the guy seriously , That Leonard did not know that his secrete is unveiled now . Miranda, you gonna do the job , call him that he should meet you in the club this night “ Peggy said
“ alright “Miranda said and brou-ght out her phone , she put a call throu-gh to Leonard
‘On phone ; The phone was put on loud speaker so everyone can hear
Miranda : Hello
Leonard hey Miranda , watz up
Miranda : thinking of clubbing this night
Leonard : oh
Miranda : you gonna come ?
Leonard : anything for you baby
Miranda : Good . catch you up at Jose str!p club at night
Leonard : alright
Miranda hanged up
“Job done “ she said
“ good , we will all go to the str!p club , but only Miranda is entering, the rest of us are gonna stay outside the car , what you are gonna do is simple , lure him into a room , try to make him off his clothes , then tell him to go and shower before you commnece anything , make sure that his clothes are on the chair , I’m gonna give you an itching powder, spray It on his cloth, then wait till he finish bathing , tell him you quic-kly receive a call, leave the room at once , he will be f0rç£d to wear the itching cloth,I cant wait to see dancing amidst people like someone having psycho “ Peggy said and we all fainted a smile and nodded our head
“ Peggy is wise” I thought
We all dressed and went to the club late at night
We all sat in the car and watched Stephanie stepped out with her bag that contains the itching cream
Leonard’s POV
I had got to the club , waiting patiently for Miranda to come around
I sighted her coming from afar after I had sat for few minutes
“ I signaled with my hand so she can see where I sat , she c@m£ around and sat down gorgeously
She was looking very beautiful
“ Leonard , how are you “ Miranda greeted with her S-xyl-ips moving up and down
“ fine “ I said feeling like hvgging her , the perfume she used smelt so nice on her b©dy
“ This place is a little noisy , I do not like the song that is being pla-yed” Miranda said
“ Its alright , where do u suggest we go “ I asked
“ let’s go to a pri-vate room “ She said and my mind went blank , the two of us in a room , I do not really want to have any S-xual relation with any girl yet , what if we we ended up having S-x. No ! I do not want that to happen “I was lost in thought when she j£rked me up with her cough
I looked at her and tried to speak , but the words kept hanging in my throat
“ Going to the room might be dangerous “ I finally said
“ I do not think so , we just gonna drink and have fun
She stood up and walked towards me ,she placed her right arm on my shoulder and moved her face closer to mine , I could perceive her sweet breath
“ I wanna start going home “ she said
“ home ?” I replied and arched my brow
“ since you didn’t want us to go the room “ she said
“ oh ! that ! erm…. “ I tried to mutter
I just didn’t want her to go like that , the d@t£ wouldn’t be a glorious one , I stood up without thinking twice and led her to the room hoping seriously that nothing is gonna happen between us
We got to the room and she moved closer to me , ru-bbing her right arms around my che-st ,, she pushed me to the be-d and I sunk on the be-d like a dummy
She squ-atted before me and gently loosed the bu-tton of my T shi-t
I kept looking at her thinking and finding it ha-rd to imagine that the Miranda can stoop so low to s£dûç£a guy
She re-moved my clothes and proceeded to re-move my trou-ser
I held her hand and look to her face
“ Miranda, I do not really think this is fair , aren’t we about to have S-x” I asked
“ no , not S-x , something lovely than that , don’t be scared “ she said and pu-ll-ed my trou-ser off , I was left with only my bo-xer
I do not know what she meant by her last statement
“ go and shower “ she said
“ shower !” I exclaimed
“ yeah “ she replied
“ I alre-ady did that just before I come to the club “ I said
“ May be , but you have to do that again “ she said
“ am I stinking “ I thought
I stood up gently and went to the shower to bath
I used to take a pill always before I could bath because of the disease I suffer from
I remembered that I didn’t take the pill, that was after I had spent some minutes in the bathroom wondering why Miranda is reacting strangely
I c@m£ out of the bathroom all of a sudden to take my pill , only for me to see Miranda spraying a powder on my clothes
“ Miranda “ I called surprisingly wondering what she is spraying on my cloth
To be continued