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March 5, 2021


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Finding mr perfect Episode 2

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Chapter Two

Jennifer pov

On reaching home i slumped on my bed exhausted

This is one hell of a date

I unlocked my phone and delected the app immediately.

An sms popped into my phone and i viewed it immediately

Girls night club 7 get ready to be wasted ,meet you in five”

The message was from my best friend Tee,she is one crazy person and with the horrible blind date i went ,i really dont wana go anywhere again.

Someone dragged my feet from the bed and i landed my butt on the floor


“TEE” i yelled angrily as i starred at her

“Why did you do that” i fired

“Get your big ass off the floor and go get ready ,didnt you read my text” tee replied

“I’m not interested”i replied and climbed my bed

“Let me guess ,date gone wrong”she said in a mockery tone

“get out of my house b*tch “i yelled angrily while she started laughing loudly.


Here am i ,infront of club 7 with tee

Thats the problem with bestfriends ,they always have a way to make you do what they want

I walked in as tee danced into the crowd with me

The music was kinda tempting so i just moved my body slowly

i danced with tee a little before going to get a drink when my phone vibrated


It was a message from my mom

Holy sh*t this cant be happening

Another message entered and it was from chella my junior sister


that was her text with a photo where she wore a golden ring on her finger

I cant believe my junior sister is getting married

This is so fucked up

My life is officially over

I sat down confused thinking of what to do ,,i went to the bathroom to released everything in my bladder and came back only to find the club empty

The music stopped and no one was in

Is it because of the news that i heard am seeing double or what

A handsome looking young man walked him and took my breath away

He is what they call Mr Perfect

He looks f*cking rich

The way he walked towards me was perfection

He was soo handsome that i was even blushing like a fool

I was already telling God thank you for sending my mr perfect and if it is a dream


He walked towards me and starred at me

“Strip and ride my d*ck b*tch “he said about to un zip his pants

“Wait what did you just say”i asked

“I said strip and ride my d*ck you slut” he replied

Ohhh he did not just call me those words

What dose he takes me for

I positioned my leg properly and hit his d*ck before running out of the club

“In your face handsome”i yelled angrily



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