Finding mr perfect Episode 2

Chapter Two
Jennifer pov
On reaching home i slumped on my be-d exhausted
This is one hell of a d@t£
I unlocked my phone and delected the app immediately.
An sms popped into my phone and i viewed it immediately
“Girls night club 7 get re-ady to be wasted ,meet you in five”
The message was from my best friend Tee,she is one crazy person and with the horrible blind d@t£ i went ,i really dont wana go anywhere again.
Someone dragged my feet from the be-d and i landed my bu-tt on the floor
“TEE” i yelled angrily as i starred at her
“Why did you do that” i fired
“Get your big as-s off the floor and go get re-ady ,didnt you re-ad my text” tee replied
“I’m not interested”i replied and climbe-d my be-d
“Let me guess ,d@t£ gone wrong”she said in a mockery tone
“get out of my house bit-ch “i yelled angrily while she started laughing loudly.
Here am i ,infront of club 7 with tee
Thats the problem with bestfriends ,they always have a way to make you do what they want
I walked in as tee danced into the crowd with me
The music was kinda tempting so i just moved my b©dy slowly
i danced with tee a little before going to get a drink when my phone vibr@ted
It was a message from my mom
Holy sh*t this cant be happening
Another message entered and it was from chella my junior sister
that was her text with a ph0to where she wore a golden ring on her f!nger
I cant believe my junior sister is getting married
This is so fv¢ked up
My life is officially over
I sat down confused thinking of what to do ,,i went to the bathroom to re-leased everything in my bladder and c@m£ back only to find the club empty
The music st©pped and no one was in
Is it because of the news that i heard am seeing double or what
A handsome looking young man walked him and took my breath away
He is what they call Mr Perfect
He looks fv¢king rich
The way he walked towards me was perfection
He was soo handsome that i was even blu-shing like a fool
I was alre-ady telling God thank you for s£nding my mr perfect and if it is a dream
He walked towards me and starred at me
“str!p and ride my di-ck bit-ch “he said about to un Zi-p his p@n-ts
“Wait what did you just say”i asked
“I said str!p and ride my di-ck you slut” he replied
Ohhh he did not just call me those words
What dose he takes me for
I positioned my leg properly and hit his di-ck before running out of the club
“In your face handsome”i yelled angrily