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March 2, 2021


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Finding mr perfect Episode 3

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Episode 3

✨Ken Miller✨

“I said make sure you find her”

“Search the whole city,bring her out”

“How dare she”

“And i want this club closed” i yelled angrily

I walked about the whole place fuming

“How dare that good for nothing b*tch hit me”

Dont she know who i am

No one messes with me and go away freely

“Boss” one of boys called and i turned arround to answer him

“What”i asked sternly

“She isnt a whore ,,she was in the ladies room when he ordered everyone out”He said

“I dont care ,dont she know who i am” i fired

“i want her ”

“she must pay for whatever she did to me”

Sorry i didnt introduce myself properly

My name is ken Miller,I’am considered as one of the most richest and handsome bachelor in NY

I’m not bragging but thats just the truth

I’m what they call typical playboy 😉

I change p***y like my boxers,,ladies love money and huge d**k

And i have it all so what more

I mean i dont believe in dating,falling inlove and being with one girl

What is there in eating only one food everyday when you can have different variety

If you know what i mean

And then yesterday when i was ready to have fun and explore different new b*tches

A crazy looking lady hit my d**k and ran way

she is soo dead when i lay my hands on her

💅Jennifer 💅

After closing from work i decided to stop by the mall and get a few things.

I entered the mall picked all i needed ,paided for them and carried them to my car

I was about to open my car when i felt something strong on my nose and i passed out.

I opened my eyes gently and noticed i was in an unfamiliar room

“finally i thought you were dead”i heard a voice said and i flinched

I remember him

I quickly ran to the door and find a way to excape but the door was locked

I starred at him angrily and he laughed

“save your strength tigress”he said and winked at me

“why am i here,why did you kidnap me”i fired

“My tigress you owe my for hiting my d**k”he replied

“Were is my phone,you better let me go or i will call the cops or do something nasty”

I know all this am saying all am saying is pointless

After the whole scene last night,i got to find out that his “KEN MILLER”


i wonder why i didnt even recognize him at first

“Ohhh like what”he asked

“I am going to hold you neck tighly with my two hand and raise you up to the air ,,you will be dangling as you take your last breath and beg me for mercy and after killing you i will cut your body into pieces and throw them in the trash”

i explained using my hand to demostrate while he starred at me in shock


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