Finding mr perfect Episode 12

Episode 12
I hurried out of the bank so I won’t see Ken
This has been my routine ,,I don’t just want to face him
He do s£nd me lunch and I appreciate it ,,he also come to office sometimes and i do pretend to be slee-ping
This has been the best way avoiding him and it’s working
I’m planning on quitting my job so I can focus on taking care of my child
I ordered pizza and chicken wings for dinner and soon the doorbell rang
I ran quic-kly to get the door and found Ken starring at me
“are you going to run away this time or let me in” he said and I starred at him blankly
is it me or this guy looks more handsome than I last saw him
he walked in using his shoulders to brush me off
I was about to close the door when the pizza guy c@m£
I collected the pizza and paid him a hvge ti-p,he thanked me and left
I took the things I ordered back to the sitting room , I Made sure I sat on the one seater couch
Ken starred at me and I sat down totally ignoring his pres£nce
I took a bite from the chicken wings and m0@n ed gently
it taste so good
“Jennifer” Ken called
“as you can see I’m busy” I said avoiding his gaze
I took another bite and m0@n ed again ,,I could see him close him eyes ti-ghtly and inhaled
Do my m0@n ing have effect or him or is it pissing him off
I intentionally m0@n ed again to see his reaction
“that’s it”
he re-moved the chicken from my hand and landed hisl-ips on mine
the k!sswas rou-gh and demanding but I still enjoyed it
I wra-pped my legs arround me he lifted me up
my back landed in something soft and that was when I noticed we were in my room,,how did we even get here so fast
After what Ken did to me ,,I wanted to st©p but my stupid hor-mones are shouting
“Go Jenny”
we were both n-ked as Ken was tou-ching me in all the right places ma-king me m0@n loudly
am sure the people next door can hear me
He was about to slide his d*** in when he st©pped and starred at me
“Am so sorry ,I didn’t want mean to,,I was just carried away,I don’t want you to think I’m using you..
I crashed myl-ips on his and k!$$£d him de-eply just to shut him up
how he make me reach this point and then tell me his sorry
“fas-ter”I half yelled in a demanding tone and he increa-sed his pace
we both re-leased at the same time
he stood up and walked into the bathroom, he brou-ght back a damp towel and cleaned me up
He dragged me close to himself and used the duvet to cover us
we cu-mddled and sle-pt off