Finding mr perfect Episode 11

Episode 11
Since all the whole event with me and Jennifer , truth be told I couldn’t st©p thinking about her
I find myself longing to see her
I put up some people to watch her every move and report to me
I left because I couldn’t face her
I mean what was I going to tell her after the S-x that night
the whole night kept pla-ying in my head ,,I even tried to have S-x with another but I couldn’t
what is she doing to me?
why can’t I continue my life like she was never in it
So after all thought I decided to buy where she works
yeah that’s how much money and power I have
I saw the look on her face when I walked into the meeting hall
it was like she couldn’t believe it
she was really angry that you can see it on her face
But I didn’t fail to notice how beautiful she is now
she even added some weight in the right places which made my co-ck twitch
what are you doing here” she fired instantly
“that isn’t how to talk to your boss” i said trying to tease her
“you know what I fire myself” she said and walked out
I didn’t feel bad because I was actually expecting more than that from her
But that won’t keep me from going close to her
🤩Jennifer 🤩
I st©pped at the mall to get some stuffs because I was so hungry and I can’t cook anything
or let’s just say the smell of some food makes me wanna puke
I opened my door , pu-lling my shoes off I walked straight to the kitchen
I brou-ght out everything and took them straight to my room
I switched on my room light when I saw someone sitting on my couch
“holy Spirit”I yelled in shock
“what are you doing here ”
“how did you get in” I fired angrily at Ken
he sat down comfortable in his glory looking at me with a sm-irk plastered on his face
“I c@m£ to see my girlfriend” he replied
“I am not your girlfriend Ken leave me alone” I snorted
“c’mon I missed you” ken said walking close to me
” don’t …come close”I shuttered
He gr@bb£d my w@!st and landed hisl-ips on my f0rç£fully
I pushed him back and landed a sl@p on his face
“you think you can fv¢k me and disappear and now you come back into my life expecting everything to be okay” I fired
“I’m sorry Jennifer”he muttered
“sorry isn’t enough Ken , leave”I replied
He k!$$£d my forehead and walked out ,I cried softly and eat my food
don’t blame me I was so hungry.
I woke up feeling really weak ,,I checked the time and I was alre-ady late
“holy Spirit not today again”
I ran into the bathroom did my rituals and ran out
I was really late as I ran into my office
“am so sorry for coming late sir” I said to Ken trying to act professional
He walked towards me and arranged my t-shi-t
jezz my bo-ob s were on full displa-y
“you look pale”he said starring down at me
I know I look horrible right now,I didn’t even have time do makeup and hair
I nee-d the recent transactions files he said and I quic-kly gave them to him
he k!$$£d my forehead again and left,, somehow I felt bu-tterflies I my stomach
It was lunch break and I was about to go out when someone walked into my office
“I was asked to give you this” he said and dropped them
I opened the nylon and there was different types of food ,,not just any but my favorites
I saw a note in and re-ad
I re-ad it and smiled to myself ,,I bought them out and began eating
Ken ooooo,,this one his acting ro-mantic