Finding love (mhd) episode 30

(My heart de-sire)
Liam, Jackson, Elisabeth, Jesse and Hilda watched from the large screen of a l@pt©p when the warehouse door open and Laura first walked out and almost immediately Betsy and a woman followed with heavy bags.. Seeing Betsy, Liam immediately knew about her being p@rt of the gang.. She must’ve been Laura’s accomplice all along and had gotten closer to them to gather information for her. His gaze dart back to the l@pt©p when Leona walked out, her hands were tied and she was being led from the back by someone, her face looked pale and sick.. His heart melted at the sight, though not clearly; He saw blood on her upper arm as she walked to the van. From behind he could hear Elisabeth sobs and Jesse’s frantic effort to comfort her.. Liam couldn’t help the pains that bit his insides.. He had promised her protec-tion, promised never to hurt her and he had broken it; everyone of it. If he had been more cautious about Laura’s sudden appearance then this wouldn’t have happened. He couldn’t blame anyone else but himself. He wished he had been the one in Leona’s place..
Amelia walked out next, a man followed beside her and it seemed like he was as-sisting her movement..
“Oh my Goodness!” Hilda skrie-ked. He looked closely and saw that Amelia’s shoulder had a cast and him, just like others knew what it meant, she looked weak and pale.. Hilda cries filled the car at the pathetic sight of her daughter..
“My poor baby” she cried and Jackson consoled her, shielding his own emotions from her..
Voices followed after they all got to the car and suddenly, Laura pu-ll-ed out her gun and pointed it forward, her goons followed and Elisabeth let out a cry at the sight.. More voices followed before Betsy pu-ll-ed Amelia to herself and pointed the gun to her head, Laura followed; gr-abbing Leona..
Liam’s eyes wi-den at the gestures and it took so much dexterity from not to get out of that car and end everything and then to prevent Elisabeth and Hilda from moving out, though their cries filled the car.. Liam couldn’t contain his emotions as he saw the fear written boldly on both Leona’s and Amelia’s face.. Blood oozed out from the cast Amelia had on..
“I’ll count to three, if you don’t drop the guns then I’ll take down one of the girls” they heard Betsy said and Liam’s teeth gritted..
“plea-se no” Hilda cried..
“Tell them to drop the guns” Jackson said to the detective that was with them in the car.
“Tell them to drop the fv¢king guns!” He yelled.. Liam swept a handful of hair backward in anxiety.
“Two” Betsy counted again.
“Are you trying to get them killed you s¢v-mbag?” Jesse spoke up, earning a glare from the detective. “Inform them to cancel the operation goddammit!”
Jackson immediately charged toward the cop, re-ady to strike him..
“Do it” Liam said calmly “inform them to put down their guns”
He said.
“Do as you’re told, put down the guns” the detective said throu-gh a telecom..
As he dropped the call, the car door suddenly bur-st open and Hilda ran out of it, seeing the gesture ; the detective ran after her, both Jackson and Liam followed.. Elisabeth t©uçhed the door handle, re-ady to follow them but Jesse restrained her and she gave him a glare.
“Stay here, it’s safer. Let me be the one to go”
At each words, Elisabeth fist ti-ght£ñed in anger.
“St©p tou-ching me you j£rk!” Elisabeth yanked at Jesse, pu-lling his hand off. “this is all your fault. Every damn thing that’s happening right now to my daughter is all because of you,” tears dropped from her eyes as she yelled at him. “Your greed and your stupid pride. She did everything for you; chose a different course, worked in your stupid company and did all your bidding. She stayed with you like a puppet! Your debts were paid all because of her! She did all of it to plea-se your ugly as-s just so you could be plea-sed at her and realize that she has a life too but no.. You were too selfish, nothing was enough to impress you. You s£nt her away because she didn’t want to marry a guy you picked for her and why did you pick him? Cos he’s rich! To you, it has always been about money.. You drove her out and couldn’t amend your mistake cos of your pride.. If Leona had been with us, if you hadn’t collected all that she had and s£nt her out like a shameless father then none of this would’ve happened! My baby wouldn’t be with those horrible people!” She yelled at him, anger taking over her sadness as tears continuously we-t her face, he tried tou-ching her but she yanked his hand off, pu-lling away like he was a plague. “We both know you wouldn’t be here if Leona hadn’t covered up your dirty games! You’re so pathetic and shameless Jesse! Right now I can’t start to reason why I ever got married to someone like you!” She spat at him, yanking his hand off again. He wanted to say something but Elisabeth cut him off again..
“What about me? I stood by you when you had nothing, nothing! When you were just a pipsqueak with no means of livelihood, I stayed and supported you. I married you even though you had nothing at all, I was re-ady to start a family with you, we both know it was mostly my ha-rd work that brou-ght you up to this person that you are now. But what did I get, your excess cheating schemes and way worse with girls that are young enough to be your daughter!” The revelation made Jesse’s cheek flush from embarras-sment and he hid his face down. “I knew about it but I still stayed with you and supported you; one of the biggest mistakes that I’ve ever made in my life. You didn’t even care about your family! You acted like a complete insane per-vert! And I was the woman, crazy enough to still stay with a psychopath!.. Right now I wish I had added poison to your drinks instead of sedatives, I wish I had killed you instead and damn whatever consequences that I’m offered. I don’t know why I’m realizing this now but you’re the most disgusting and insanely person that I’ve ever seen!” She said breathlessly.. All her words caught him by surprise.. Ever since he met Elisabeth, she had never ; not even for once raised her voice at him or insulted him. It’s surprising that all these words c@m£ from her and even more dazzling that they were directed to him.
“Honey-” he made to t©uçh her but the glare she gave him next, made his hand st©p halfway.
“I want a divorce” she stated.
“What? No honey. You can’t do that, we’ve been together for twenty five years”
“That’s because I made it happen but now, I don’t want to have anything to do with you. And I’m not joking Jesse. If Leona isn’t brou-ght back to me then I won’t only be divorcing you, I’ll do everything in my power to make sure you spend the rest of your life behind bars, I promise you that!” She fired at his face with a serious look before opening the car door and walking out. Jesse stared after her, his mouth wi-de open from shock.. He just lost everything, right in his front, his whole world crashed.. He knew painfully that he’s nothing without his family and realized, with even greater pain that Elisabeth meant every word she had said to him, he knew people could sometimes be ferocious at least once in a while but he never knew people like Elisabeth could be among that category and shamelessly, he realized that he deserve every bit of what she had just offered him. He had never felt this scared and worthless in his entire life.. There’s only one thing he can do to st©p the feeling. With a swift move, he opened the car door and rushed out..
Hilda was fast enough to get caught or overtaken, it was as if she used all her dexterity in her running cos when she st©pped at the sp©t where the whole sad event was going on, she g@sped continuously, trying to catch her breath.. Her tears c@m£ out more when she saw the girls up close.. They looked way worse than when she had watched them on screen.
Her legs weakened at the sight and she coll@psed to the floor, the act got Amelia’s attention and immediately her gaze met with her mom, the emotions mixed with the pain from her wound made tears fall from her eyes.. The detective tried pu-lling her up and taking her back to the car but Hilda didn’t budge as she cried more on her knees.. Liam stood beside her, fighting his own tears even though the whole pains were obvious on his face, the urge to plant a bullet in Laura’s head so she could let go of Leona c@m£ but he knew better, the consequences would be more than the benefit, he could see the tears in her eyes from where he stood and it stabbe-d directly at his heart, building up the guilt he originally felt. Similar urge c@m£ to Jackson as he joined the detective to lift Hilda.. He watched Amelia from the corner of his eyes and felt sick to the stomach knowing that he couldn’t help her, at least not by himself.. Once Elisabeth arrived at the scene, she stood still for a moment as her gaze moved from Leona to Amelia and back to Leona, resting there.. She shook her head sadly, tears falling from her eyes at the gesture..
“Leona!” She said within heavy breaths and for a brief moment, she looked like she was having a panic attack, from the corner of his eyes Liam saw her and immediately supported her with his arm.. She let out a heavy breath and at once freed herself from his grip, walking toward Leona; Caught unaware, he swooped to her and tried to st©p her but she kept struggling, trying to free herself.
“I want to meet my daughter! She nee-ds me, plea-se let me go to her” she said, struggling to move away.. It took extra hand from Jesse that had just arrived to successfully st©p her and she yanked his hand off before falling on Liam’s arm and crying.
After the guns were lowered from their opponent, Laura and her team carefully and cautiously got into the van with Leona and Amelia, still holding their guns over their head. It was ha-rd for the cops to make decision on what to do next because each plan they could come up with, had hvge consequences on both sides.. The van started moving.. A car was driven to the scene and two officers hopped into it, Liam immediately joined and almost immediately his phone started to ring in his pocket, he checked the caller and it was an unknown number, he answered it as the car started moving..
He placed it on his ear and waited for the caller to speak.
“Hello lover boy,” the voice brou-ght a tensed expression to his face, seeing it an officer flashed him a questioning look and he nodded, he urged him to keep talking and put the phone on speaker.
“Hello Laura” he said, putting the phone on speaker, he gave it to the officer who quic-kly signaled to another and quic-kly gr@bb£d their equipments and began trying to hack into the phone.
“I know it must be ha-rd to sleep at night without your snuggle buddy” she tea-sed..
“You have no idea” he said.
“I just hope you don’t hate me too much. At least you’ll agree with me that you’d want to go any length to survive.. See? It’s not completely my fault” she said..
“What do you want?” He asked, trying ha-rd not to let his anger ru-b off on his voice.
“It was supposed to be five billion dollars but seeing how much I’ve spent on these two bit-ches; I’m ma-king it ten”
Liam exchanged looks with the detective and he urged him to go on..
“How am I sure that you’ll re-lease them after it, unharmed and alive?”
“You’re a business man, right. You know the rules when someone wants to buy from you online. Let’s apply it here. We pick a place, meet with the bargains and do the exchange” she said.
“Why Laura, why exactly are you doing this?”
“To survive. I told you that alre-ady and you know I’m not really a patient person. I’ll be expecting the money in two days, nothing more or less” she said. The detective gave him a thumb up.
“Okay, I agree. I’ll bring the money to you, just s£nd an address”
“Of course you will Liam, you’re without a choice and don’t bother about saving my number, I won’t be communicating with it anymore” she said.
“What-” the call got disconnected.
“She hung up” he informed them.
“We alre-ady got the signal, we can track them from the phone.. No matter where their hideout is” he said and the car swerved to the left, following the van.
“Looks like they threw something out of the van” the driver told them and it got their attention. A black equipment rested on the floor as the van moved past..
“Sir, we lost signal from the phone” the tech announced..
“St©p the car” the detective ordered and the car was parked. He got down and walked to the item that they had thrown. His brows furrowed as he picked it up. It was a broken phone, smashed beyond repair.
Liam hovered around him and saw the phone in his palm..
“It’s broken. Looks like it was smashed repeatedly on something” he said and the detective nodded.
“It’s the phone she contacted you with. Now we have nothing on them” he said with a perspired sigh. the van was no longer In sight on the long narrow road and he couldn’t tell which route they must’ve taken.
“Dammit!” Liam fist bu-mped the air in anger..
“C’mon, we have to find them” he rushed back to the car, Liam followed and they got in.
“They’re no where in sight, looks like they lost the van” Shawn informed and Laura sm-irked.
“Perfect” she said, giving him a well-done pat on his shoulder..
Amelia sighed..
“How’s your shoulder?” Leona asked, placing a palm on her forehead..
“Hurting” Amelia answered. “I think the stitches got torn. Shawn promised to treat me fully once we get settled” she said.
Leona took her palm..
“You’ll be fine, okay?” She said and Amelia nodded. She glanced over at Betsy who was bent over the bags with the others, taking out things from one and stuffing into another.
“Do you really believe what Laura said about Liam?” Amelia asked her in a low voice, Leona sighed before shaking her head.
“I once did but after seeing him today, remembering all the memories of us.. I don’t think he’s capable of doing that to me, I mean if he is.. He isn’t supposed to come with the police or agree to pay the money for our re-lease.. Right?” She asked with a worried expression and Amelia nodded before squee-zing her palm in hers.
“I thought of that too and you know Laura is Betsy sister, it’s not surprising that she’s as much a liar as Betsy, it’s one bad trait that runs in their lineage” she said. “Even though I haven’t been a really nice person to him; I always want the best for you and I know that it’s him Leona, Liam is the best for you” she said. Leona’s brows narrowed.
“Why are you suddenly supporting him?. Is it because you now know that he’s the CEO of Glamorous Accessories?” Leona asked and Amelia smiled.
“To be honest, that’s p@rt of it but even though he isn’t, I’ll still tell you not to believe Laura cos after seeing the way he looked at you back there and his quic-k approval to pay the ransom for our re-lease, I doubt that he was using you, Lee. I only saw excess love and it was directed to you, not at Laura” Leona giggled at her words “He probably have a good reason for hiding his real identity from you and he’s a total j£rk for that but I know he’s not using you, I was wrong about that. You told me he didn’t collect anything from you right? Money, expensive jewelries? Or-
“Nothing.” Leona cut her off with a smile, tears filling her eyes “just my heart Amy and he didn’t collect it. He stole it and seeing him today, I realize that I want him to keep it” Leona said, a tear falling from her eyes. Amelia smiled at her before engulfing her in a hvg.
The van went on for hours and when it st©pped, it was to get a refill of the g@s tank.. Leona wanted to scream her lungs out for help but Betsy held her gun quietly at her stomach, she glanced over at Amelia that was fast asleep; her head relaxed on her shoulder.. She heard the sounds, as the petrol was pas-sed into the tank.. The van door slid open and then shut and the van took off again.. Leona felt sick at the speed and the long hours of drive, she relaxed her head back on the seat and didn’t know when drifted to sleep..
She felt a tug at her leg and her face tilted, a stifling m0@n sound emanated from her mouth.. The tug c@m£ again, very fierce this time and her eyes fli-pped open.. Narrowed, she tilt her head sideways and caught the unclear view of a figure.. She fully opened her eyes and they caught the thickness of the evening first before consciously moving to the figure, she saw fully that it was Laura..
“It’s time to get down” she said plainly before walking away..
“Ouch!” Leona held her palm over her head, after feeling a sharp pain from it. She sighed before turning to Amelia, she woke her up gently and they both moved down from the van.
It was pitch dark and almost impossible to see anything, Amelia’s palm t©uçh Leona and she took it in hers. Before them, stood a big log cabin, a big opening was at a corner and from the dim light of the moon, Leona saw something being dR@p£d over the opening.. Jermaine walked behind them and they entered the cabin.. The small fireplace was lit and it brou-ght light to the cabin.
“It’s been a long day, what everyone nee-d now is rest. We’ll do the cleanings and other arrangements tomorrow. For now, everyone get some sleep. Betsy, take those two to the other room, you know what to do” Laura said before lighting a torch and pas-sing it to Betsy, she collected it..
“Wait..” Shawn interrupted before they could move. “Here, they’re painkillers and sedative, you might find it ha-rd to sleep. I’ll stitch the wound back up tomorrow” he gave her two containers and a bottle water, she took it and Betsy led them to the the room.
She let Amelia take the drugs, before keeping them far ap@rt, she tied Leona’s hand to a pole with a chain and pocketed the keys, leaving Amelia to herself because of her injured shoulder. She walked out.
Leona’s gaze moved to the small openings in between the logs and she caught sight of the moon.. She thought about her parents; her mom especially.. She remembered the sad look on her face when she saw her, she thought of Liam. The guy she knew nothing about but had fallen de-eply in love with.
She had at first thought, she’d hate him after Laura’s revelation but seeing him back at the warehouse earlier today, she realized that she was still very much in love with him.. She wished she could hvg him, snuggle un-der him while he explain why he had hidden his true identity from her. Leona sighed and tilt her head to Amelia but her soft snores informed her that she was fast asleep on a mattress.. She looked away and rested her head on the pole and f0rç£d herself to sleep.
The next morning after building up the cracked and small openings of the ceiling and walls, the men attended to something else while Leona was asked to join Betsy in tidying up the inside.. Amelia left with Shawn to get her wound treated.. Leona took the pile of dirt and left them outside. She looked up at the scorching early afternoon sun and ru-bbe-d her palms on her skin, feeling the h0tness. She sighed.. She nee-ded nothing more than a cold bath right now..
“Hey! Don’t just stand there looking gormless! They’re tons of work to do here!” Laura yelled at her, walking toward her.. Leona gave her a ha-rd glare before picking up the pan and walking past her, brushing her shoulder carelessly.
“Wait there!” Laura yelled after her but Leona only kept walking.
“I said st©p there you gullible bit-ch!” She said and Leona st©pped, subsiding her anger she gave Laura a sm-irk..
“At least I don’t abduct people for money cos I can’t get the man I want. Out of everyone here, you’re the most pathetic Laura! Trying to extort from someone to save your sorry as-s. That’s only what pathetic people do; don’t you agree?” Her expression changed to a frown as Leona turned and walked away. Laura boiled with rage and she shut her eyes, trying to depreciate it.. She looked back at Leona and she was steps ahead from her..
“fv¢king bit-ch!” She cussed, stamping her foot.
“All perfectly done!” Shawn breathed out, dropping the roll of plaster bandage on the small tray. Amelia sat up with a sigh and glanced at her bandaged shoulder..
“Thank you” she smiled at him and he nodded with a smile.
“I don’t know how but you remind me so much of my daughter. It’s probably because she has curly hair like yours” he said, picking up the pieces of wool from the be-d, he left them on the tray.
“Would you like her in this position?” Amelia asked and he paused at the question before turning to her. “I mean, will you feel relaxed if your daughter were in my shoes; kidnapped, sh0t and helpless?” Amelia expatiated.
“What’re you trying to say?” He asked, his voice extraordinarily cold.
“Look at me Shawn,” Amelia t©uçhed his face, despite the thick scars that were on it. “I have a mother, she’s all I have and I’m all she has. She’ll no doubt get seriously sick if I stay one more day here, she’s that scared of losing me. I alre-ady got sh0t in my hand, I don’t know where the next bullet would go and I’m scared of dying without seeing my mom, without telling her how much I love her, without staying at the comfort of her embr@ce one more time. It happened once, when I lost my dad and I’m terrified that it’ll happen again” she paused and gulped. “There are so many things I nee-d to do before I die” a tear dropped from her eyes and he immediately wiped it.. She looked at him and he shook his head..
“Don’t cry” he said. “What do you want me to do?”
“Get us out of here; Leona and I” she said and Shawn started shaking his head in disapproval.
“Yes Shawn, you can do it. We both know that you can, plea-se”
“No Amelia. It’s too dangerous, not just for your friend and you but for me too. I can’t do it”
“No Shawn you can, we all can if we create a plan and work together. We’ll tell the police that you rescued us, Leona and I. We’ll tell them it was you that saved us, that you’re not a criminal Shawn. Just like you said before, you’re a life saver not a killer. You’re not one of them Shawn, circu-mtances led you here and it’s time to go to where you truly belong-”
“Where? To jail? That horrible place!”
“No, no Shawn. To us, to your daughter.. To your freedom. I don’t know you Shawn and I’m not a lie detector that knows when someone’s lying or not but I believe you, totally. And that Is because I’ve lost someone too and I don’t want it to happen again but you’ve lost two people Shawn and you can get one back if you do the right thing. Liam Gonzalez, CEO of Glamorous Accessories, I don’t know if you’re familiar with the name but he’s a very influential person with lots of connections and he’s interested in our re-lease”
“The multi billionaire that Laura talked about?”
“Yes, exactly. He’s interested in this case because he loves Leona, they were in a relationsh!pwhen she got abducted. Laura can only give you money Shawn but your name will still be in the laws blacklist as a wanted criminal and being p@rt of this one just t©pped the rank and it’ll make Fiona hate you more. But if you help us, I’ll make sure my family gets interested in your case, Liam would be in it too and if we all work together; we can beat the law and make you a free man. You’ll be like every other man and be the doctor that you used to be, we can do that” Amelia said and for a moment, he looked like he was about to agree to what she said but he suddenly paused before shaking his head.
“I’m not doing it. You’re just bluffing! No lawyer will defend me, I alre-ady told you that. I’m helpless!”
“No Shawn, you’re not!”
“I am!..” He suddenly moved away from her like she had become too h0t for his hands.
“It was a big mistake telling you about my family in the first place”
“Don’t call me that and don’t ever talk about this to me again! From now on, I’m one of those criminal now. And just so you know, I’ll never betray my crew” he said with an air of finality and walked away. Amelia sighed loudly before b!tt!g her lowerl-ip. She sighed again and la-id down carefully on the be-d, after rounds of tossing and sighs; she finally sle-pt off.
It was late afternoon when she woke up and the sun was almost completely gone from the sky. After a wretched meal they went back to work.
Amelia and Leona were s£nt to get the firewood that Shawn was breaking down from a log of wood… They walked outside to the woods ..
“How’s your shoulder?” Leona asked her.
“It’s okay” Amelia said.
“That’s good”
They got to where Shawn was, he was seated on a log and staring into space and as Leona bent and gr@bb£d a pile of wood, he suddenly flin-ched in an alarming way and turned sharply to them..
“It’s us” Amelia said as his movement startled Leona, ma-king her drop the wood she had carried back on the floor. “Laura s£nt us to get the woods you had chopped” Leona said and he nodded before urging them to go ahead, looking away from Amelia. They started parking the wood, Amelia taking as small as her strength could carry while Shawn kept staring into space.
They walked to carry the last pile of wood when one of them mistakenly t©uçhed Amelia’s shoulder as she lifted it.
“Ouch!” She yelped.
Leona immediately threw the sticks down and rushed to her.
“Are you okay?” She asked and Amelia nodded.. Hearing them Shawn immediately walked up to them..
“I-I just hit the shoulder by mistake” she said to them..
“Come, rest over here for a while. You can’t stress the arm” he said and helped her to where he sat earlier, she sat down and he sat beside her.
“I’ll just finish up with this” Leona told her before gr-abbing another pile of wood and walking away.
“Do you think the stitch might’ve to-re again?”
“No, it was just a small hit, I don’t even feel the pain anymore” Amelia as-sured and he nodded in relief before looking back ahead.
“Are you okay?” Amelia asked him and he nodded.
“I was just staring at the moon. It’s something I do with Fiona” he said..
“I don’t stare at the moon, maybe Fiona and I aren’t compatible after all. I prefer the sun” he said and Shawn glanced at her, laughter in his eyes.
“But isn’t it blinding for you?”
“It is. I was just kidding” Amelia said and he laughed shortly.
“ you know where she is now?” She asked and he sighed before nodding.
“She was taken to the orphanage after I was arrested. Haven’t seen her since then”
“How long have you been in prison?”
“Two years but it felt like forever, it was the most horrible place I’ve ever been to” he said. “They did so many horrible things to me, so many” he said.
“That means Fiona should be around ten years by now?”
“That’s right” he said.
“She misses you Shawn” Amelia said and Shawn looked at her “I lost my dad too, he died and I thought it was something that I would be able to forget in probably a year or two but it’s been seventeen years alre-ady and I still miss him like crazy” she said, laughing awkwardly, he gave her a sad smile and took her palm.. She faced him.
“I wasn’t bluffing back there Shawn. I’m serious about getting you out and I swear I’m not doing this just for me, I’m doing it for you too Shawn. I don’t want Fiona to experience what I did, life without a father and you know yours is worst cos you’ve been falsely accused of a heinous crime. Fiona might say she hates you from the outside, she might act like it but de-ep down, she doesn’t. She loves you Shawn and you might not know this but jail isn’t the only horrible place to be in, orphanages are too and I’m sure Fiona will do anything to get out. Trust me Shawn, you can get her back, plea-se. You’re a great guy, don’t soil that. plea-se Shawn” she said, her tears falling.
“You don’t know how dangerous this is for us. I believe you Amelia but we can’t risk it”
“We can. I’m re-ady to Shawn, plea-se” she said. He was quiet for a long while..
“The key to the van is always in Betsy’s jacket, it’s the only means to escape. We can’t beat all of them to a fight but we can to a run” Shawn finally said and Amelia smiled..
“So how do we get it?”
“I don’t know. That’s why I said escaping is dangerous”
“I can do it”
“No you can’t Amelia! Betsy will kill you If she catches you”
“I’ll do it” Leona said, walking toward them.. “Betsy hates Amelia with de-ep pas-sion but not me. Let me do it” Leona said.
“You don’t un-derstand, this is very risky”
Shawn warned.
“I know. I’ll do it,” she gave Amelia an as-suring look before she could protest.. “I can do this, okay?” She said.
“We’ll be all doomed if she finds out about this” Shawn deadpanned.
“She won’t, trust me” she said.
“Okay them. Let’s see how that goes” Shawn said and Leona nodded.
“Be careful Lee” Amelia said and she gave her a nod before walking back to the wood, she gr@bb£d the last pile and walked back to the cabin.. She dropped it inside and saw Betsy, her hair was dripping we-t as she searched inside a bag for something. Leona examined her well and she saw the jacket wasn’t on her.. She looked around and saw it resting on a chair, along with other clothes.
“And what are you looking at?” Betsy voice snapped her and she faced her..
“Um..I.. I mean it’s starting to get pretty cold outside and I wanted to ask if you can lend me a jacket” she said.. Betsy gave her a look and she immediately she drew her b©dy closer and ru-bbe-d her palm on her skin, acting like she was cold..
“Well, I don’t have any jacket to give you”
“Okay, how about a duvet or something?” Leona asked with a shrug. Betsy gave her a long blank look.
“Wait here” she said after seconds of surveying her before walking away.. Once she was out, Leona at once gr@bb£d her jacket, she went throu-gh the first pocket but the keys weren’t there, she quic-kly switched to the next and she found it.. She Zi-pped it open and took out the keys before Zi-pping it back..
“What the fv¢k are you doing!” Betsy said, walking in just when she threw the jacket and as she hid the keys behind her; it fell..
“What’s this?” Laura walked into the cabin and picked up the keys from behind Leona.. Raising it up.. Betsy quic-kly threw the duvet down and gr@bb£d her jacket before searching the pockets but the keys weren’t it it, she looked from the key in Laura’s hand to Leona and gave her a glare.
“The van keys!?” Betsy seethe “You little bit-ch!”
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