Finding love (mhd) episode 31 – finale

(My heart de-sire)
(Final chapter)

[NOTE: this is a long episode]

“You little bit-ch!” Betsy seethe, Leona shook at the voice.
“What’s taking you so long to bring the keys?” Shawn walked in, looking at the scene with a confused expression. “What’s going on here?” He asked like he had no idea.
“Wait.. Did you s£nd Leona to get the van key?” Betsy asked, looking at Shawn.
“Yes. It’s been days since we had a ride on it so I thought that I should you know, drive around so it doesn’t give us much trouble when we nee-d to use it” he said. It was ha-rd to detect if he was lying.. “So I s£nt Leona to get it since I was still chopping the woods”
“Then why didn’t you just say so in the first place rather than taking it like a thief?” Betsy faced Leona..
“I was cold, so I thought I should ask for a jacket first” Leona said, keeping her expression blank and unre-adable. “And when I saw the jacket, I took it and found the keys in them”
“Here” Laura threw the keys at Shawn “Do whatever nee-ds to be done” she said and Shawn nodded before walking out, Leona followed him. They walked away from the cabin back to the woods.. Amelia sighed loudly in relief seeing them, her heart had skipped thinking something bad might’ve happened. She immediately engulfed her in a hvg, breathing her fear out..
“I thought you had been caught” Amelia said.
“I was so close to being there but Shawn helped me” she said and Amelia gave Shawn a thankful look. He looked away from her and walked to the log, sitting on it. It was pretty obvious that he still had doubts about the whole escape thing. Amelia and Leona followed him to the big log of wood.
“We’re leaving tonight since the key’s now in my custody, it’ll be ha-rd to get it another time” he stated.
“How do we go about it?”
“We wait until they’re asleep, I’ll volunteer to do the watch tonight but before that, I’ll move the van away from here so that they don’t hear the sound from it when we use it” he said and they nodded in concurrence.
“So how do we get out from the room. Betsy ties me before I sleep and she always take the key along” Leona said and Shawn sighed thoughtfully. He shook his head, finding no idea to that.
“We can make her unconscious. You still have that sedative that you gave me with you right?” Amelia asked and Shawn nodded.
“They’re in tablets, How do we give it to her?” He asked and before anyone could talk, Leona answered.
“We can liquefy it and svçkit in a syringe then inject her with it when she’s not looking, I can do it before she chains me?”
“No, she might struggle with you and it’ll make too much noise. I’ll do it”
“But.. Your shoulder?”
“Don’t worry about it Lee, I can do it. I’ll be very careful. While she’s busy tying Leona, I’ll inject her when she’s not looking. How long does it take to have effect the victim?”
“Two seconds” Shawn said and Amelia smiled. “Let’s get back to the cabin before anyone gets suspicious” he said and they nodded, Leona gr@bb£d the little piece of sticks that she found around and gave some to Amelia to clear any suspicion. They head back to the cabin..
And after more work, Betsy led Leona and Amelia to the room.
“I’ll be keeping watch tonight, I had enough rest during the day and I also still nee-d to drive the van out some more. You all can go ahead to be-d” Shawn told them.. Laura yawned.
“Okay, if you get sleepy wake one of us up to take over from you” she said.
“Betsy will be watching with me, she told me that” Shawn said.
“Okay then. Everyone to be-d, the money will be coming in tomorrow, we nee-d all the rest to be active so we don’t get caught” Laura said and everyone excluding Shawn walked to their slee-ping corners. Shawn sighed hopefully, this has to work.
“Over there” Betsy sneered at Leona and she moved to the pole, she gave her a look before sitting down and wra-pping her hands around it, waiting for Betsy to tie her. She put the torch on the floor to view what she was doing and bent beside Leona, wra-pping the chain on her hands..
Amelia held the syringe end ti-ght in her fist, seeing Betsy fully focused on Leona; she walked gently and quietly to her, getting behind her she steadies the syringe in her palm and dug it de-eply in her n£¢k.. She yelped and quic-kly turned, seeing Amelia she reached for her gun and as she lifted it to shoot her; she fell to the floor, the gun dropped and Amelia caught it before it could make any noise.. Leona quic-kly tied her with the chain and padlock it, throwing the keys out before breathing out to Amelia.
“Are you okay?” She asked her and Amelia nodded, breathing ha-rd . Leona took the torch 🔦 and they walked out of the room. Shawn met them at the door and he gave them a questioning look, Amelia nodded and he sighed in relief before signaling to them to follow him.. They pas-sed a different yet long route and reached outside the cabin.. It was a calm night, only crickets sounds and the wind could be heard, Shawn quic-kly led them to where he had parked the van and they got on, he was about entering the drivers when a figure walked out of the cabin toward him..
“Shawn?” Jermaine called, hearing the voice Amelia and Leona quic-kly bent, even though it would be almost impossible for her to see them.. They just couldn’t take any risk.
“Yes Jermaine” he answered, his voice nervous-free even though his mind felt the opposite.
“Where’s Betsy? I thought she’ll be staying with you tonight”
“Um yes. She left for the bathroom few seconds ago” he said.
“You’re taking the van out right? Can I join you?” She asked.
“I don’t know, I think I have a sleep disorder, I can’t sleep properly these days until after long while.. I think the ride would help me too?”
“It’ll be a very short ride, I don’t think it’ll be much of a help but I have something that can help you” he said, reached into his pocket and pu-ll-ed out a container.
“They’re sedatives. Take four tablets from this and you’ll be way into dreamland before you know it” he said.
“I hope it won’t make me oversleep?”
“That’s if you take more than what I just said, four is perfect since you have a sleep disorder”
“Okay. Thanks” she collected it from him and head back to the cabin.. He watched her enter before rushing to the van. Without hesitation, he started the van and drove off.. Moving in full speed.
Hours after Betsy’s b©dy moved first then her eyes opened, she looked around where had sle-pt in and realized it wasn’t the usual sp©t, she wasn’t even on her mattress.. She tried helping herself up and realized she had been chained, her eyes popped out of their sockets as she struggled to get herself out of the chain.. Slowly, last night’s memory flood into her head and her heartbeat raced.. She looked around the room sharply but it was empty.. She started yelling for help and seconds later heavy steps of boots marching towards her was heard and almost immediately Laura showed up with the two guys.. Seeing her state, she immediately rushed to her.
“What the fv¢k happened to you?” She asked.
“No no.. Leave me alone. The girls? Have you seen them this morning?”
“No.. I thought they were in-” her voice trailed off as her head tilt around the room and she saw that Leona and Amelia weren’t anywhere in there.
“They made me unconscious, I think they used a syringe and.. They escaped! quic-kly you have to find them!” Betsy yelled.
“Laura!” Dona walked in.. “I can’t find Shawn nor the van, I think it was stolen”
“Shawn” Betsy repeated thoughtfully. “quic-kly! Fetch Jermaine, we nee-d to get those sons of bit-ches. Hurry!” She yelled and they all rushed out..
“Dang it!” She cursed, stamping her palms to the ground.
They’ve been on the van for six straight hours and the ra-pid movement made Leona dizzy but she tried not to suc¢v-mb.. After few more minutes on the road, the van finally st©pped and Shawn got down, seconds later he opened the van door.
Leona and Amelia gave him a questioning look and he sighed.
“The van is out of petrol” he said.
“Is there a g@s station around here?” Amelia asked.
“There should be but I don’t have enough to buy as much as we nee-d, not even quarter of it”
Leona ran a hand over her hair and moistened herl-ips, thinking.
“Do you have enough to make a call?” Leona asked and Shawn nodded. He gave her the money and she c@m£ down..
“There’s a call box down there” he pointed and she nodded before walking to it.. As she reached the box, her eyes caught a poster with familiar pictures on it, she stepped closer and her brows narrowed when she saw herself and Amelia’s pictures on it and there was a bold writing at the t©p, she re-ad it.. The police were offering a million dollars to anyone that have any information about their whereabouts.. After their pictures were crossed pictures of Betsy, Laura, Shawn and the rest of the guys that Leona recognized pretty well and *WANTED* was written above them with the same prize for anyone that have information about them too. Leona looked down and saw the numbers, she quic-kly studied one of it and went to the box, she inser-ted the payment and gr@bb£d the phone, typing the number.. She placed it on her ear and heard it ring..
“Hello” a voice c@m£ and Leona recognized it at once, it made her eyes water, she shut her eyes; fighting the tears..
“Hello” the voice c@m£ again, a bit of impatience accompanying it.. She breathed out before speaking up.
“Damien” her voice c@m£ out low as she pronounced the name..
“Leona!?” He said almost immediately, his voice heavy.
“Yes. Yes Damien it’s me!”
“What.. How?! I mean how did you call?!” He asked, confused.
“I escaped. I can’t talk about everything right now Damien but a good person helped us escape and we’re out of petrol. You nee-d to come get us before Betsy and her gang finds us! They’re probably after us right now. You have to come right away”
“Okay, okay. Calm down, where are you?” He asked and Leona looked around for a street name but found none.. She noticed a guy staring curiously at her and for a moment she got alarmed, thinking it was one of Betsy’s guys but a closer look calmed her down. She finally realized that he might’ve recognized her from the poster.. His gaze seem unending.
“Excuse me mister,” she waved at his face to get his attention. “Do you happen to know the name of this street or something?” She shrugged and he nodded, his gaze still on her.
“Greco street, um this is number 32” he said and Leona nodded in appreciation.
“Greco street, number 32” she told Liam.
“Don’t go anywhere.. I’ll be there immediately. Try to find somewhere to hide, all of you” he said before the line got disconnected. Leona quic-kly hung the phone back and dashed off, she felt the guy’s gawk accompanying her.. She got to where the van was and informed Shawn and Amelia. They quic-kly got down, hiding their faces, they found an empty stall and stayed there.. They watched the van from afar.. They stayed watching both sides of the street for few minutes..
“Look!” Amelia said, pointing at a car that had st©pped few meters from them.. They studied it and the driver’s opened, Liam c@m£ down from it.. Seeing him, Leona quic-kly stood up and walked out of the stall..
“Damien!” She called with a smile and his head tilt at her voice, his eyes grew wi-de when he saw her and she ran to where he was, he at once engulfed her in a ti-ght cudd-ling hvg. Leona’s tears fell on his che-st as she hvgged him back, inhaling his scent.. Liam shut his eyes behind her, breathing out his emotions. He had thought he was hallucinating after he dropped her call but he at once rushed to his car.. Informing no one, he had gotten into it and without properly closing the door, he had sped off.. The hvg was silent and long but their feelings made the noise. After he pu-ll-ed away, he brushed her hair to the back at stared at her face, as if trying to as-sure himself that it was truly her. She smiled at him, tears of happiness crawled to her cheek and after planting a de-ep k!sson her forehead, he took her in another hvg. Shawn impatiently looked behind, sighting the van and nothing suspicious or unusual, his gaze c@m£ back to them..
After the hvg, Liam’s gaze moved around and he saw Amelia standing beside Shawn, giving him a lopsided smile.
She had never felt so happy in her life to see someone she knew.. He returned her smile and she immediately went to hvg him, he hvgged her back..
“Okay, can you guys save the hvgs for later, we nee-d to get out of here” Shawn said and Liam recognized his face from as one of Laura’s gang and realized at the same time that he’s their rescuer.
“It’s so good to see you again Liam” she said, her voice ma-king a revelation as she pu-ll-ed away, giving him a knowing smile. Liam’s questioning gaze moved to Leona and she nodded slightly at him before getting into the car. He sighed before following them into the car and he started driving.. As he drove he made a call to the inspector and informed him that he had the girls and that they should linger around the street in case Laura and her gang approaches it.. He parked in front of his house and Leona wondered why he was still staying here even though he’s a very rich guy. After he parked the car, Leona got down and looked around, the flower-smelling breeze hit her nostrils and she smiled at the familiarization.. She’s home.
“Where have you been Liam, granny has been-
Elisabeth voice faltered as Leona turned to her, Amelia got of the car too and she knew at once that it was real but her b©dy refused to move and Leona smiled at her before doing the movement, she hvgged her and Elisabeth reciprocated immediately, pu-lling her close and thanking God at the same time.. Jesse c@m£ out of her house too and seeing Leona he rushed to them and joined in the hvg, glad that Elisabeth didn’t push him away but she left to hvg Amelia as well. Leona had never thought her dad would be this happy to see her but she was glad that she witnessed it.
Hilda was immediately Informed and she arrived with Jackson, it was a big merry house that day, Shawn was welcomed warmly. They were allowed to shower and given new clean clothes and as they dressed separately, Elisabeth and Hilda cooked, Jesse insisted on joining and they approved him.. Liam left to answer his phone when the inspector called him to inform him that they got the girls and located the cabin that they held them hostage in, they found Betsy about to escape and caught her immediately but it wasn’t without planting a bullet in her leg since she tried to run from them.
“But we noticed that one of the culprits is missing, Shawn Callaghan” he had stated.
“The one that escaped from jail?”
“Yes. We didn’t find him with the other gang” he said.
“Yes, he’s here. He’s the one I told you about, their rescuer” Liam said.
“Okay but we’ll be nee-ding him at the station”
“Okay. Thank you inspector and plea-se don’t forget to take out the posters, make their escape known to the public soon” he said.
“Of course” he replied and he hung up.
He was glad at the news after dropping the call, it’s finally over, he sighed. He went back in and the table filled with meals of different kinds. Everyone was now seated around the table and when Leona’s gaze met him with a bright smile, he returned it. “We’re waiting for you, come on son” Jesse called and he walked to the table.
“Sorry, I was on the phone with the inspector. Laura and the other guys were caught” he said and almost immediately sighs of relief were heard..
“That’s good news” Hilda spoke up..
“And they nee-d Shawn to be at the station tomorrow” he said. Shawn looked at Amelia and then at Leona, a frightened expression on his face. Amelia reached for his palm and placed hers on it, giving him a slight nod..
“Shawn isn’t going back to jail” Leona spoke up.
“He helped us in exchange for his freedom, it was our idea and we promised him” Amelia said.
“What do you mean going back to jail? Has he been in jail before?” Jackson asked and everyone nodded at the question.
“Yes. The inspector told me that” Liam answered.
Amelia nodded and explained all that Shawn had told her to them.
“Ow! That’s so disheartening!” Elisabeth squeaked.
“Yes and that’s why he helped us escape, he’s not a bad guy, trust me. He’s a doctor and a good person. He helped us even though it’s dangerous. And I know it’s almost impossible but we can help him somehow, he deserves justice. plea-se” Amelia said.
“She’s right. If we all work together, I believe that we can help him. We owe him a lot, don’t you think. Let’s pay him back with this” Leona added.
“Of course, honey. Shawn has our full support. I promise” Jesse spoke up and they all nodded to it.
“I’ll get you a good lawyer, that’s the first thing you nee-d and I have just the perfect person for it” Liam contributed and Leona smiled at him.. Shawn looked at him in appreciation.. He’d never have believed that they’re still people on earth that are re-ady to sacrifice greatly for his freedom. When he was being arrested, he felt like the whole world was against him. At the courtroom, rock were being thrown at him as they led him away, he saw the spiteful glare in their eyes as he walked past. He felt rejected, by both his family and earth but here, these people just proved him wrong, he shut his eyes, fighting the tears. Amelia’s hand ru-bbe-d his back in comfort and he looked at her, she smiled at him and he returned it.
“Okay everyone, who’s up for a toast?” Liam interrupted and everyone picked their glas-ses.
“To a complete family” he said.
“To a complete family” they repeated cheerfully and jammed their glas-ses before drawing the cu-ps to theirl-ips.
After the little celebr@tion 🎎 that got called off in the late evening, Hilda informed them that it’s time to leave..
“Amelia nee-ds some rest, she’ll be going to the hospital tomorrow so she can get adequate and proper treatment” she told them.
“Shawn, do you want to come along, we have an extra room at home.. You can use it” Amelia said.
“Um.. I don’t know. Won’t it be inconvenient for you guys?”
“No. It’s okay, you can come along and besides, we nee-d a doctor close by for Amelia” Hilda said and Shawn nodded. After series of hvgs and byes, Jackson started the car and drove off.
Elisabeth insisted that Leona go home with them, giving her tons of reasons to when she was about refusing, Jesse agreed to it immediately.
“Let’s have the family time that you’ve always wanted. I’m re-ady to be the father you want sweety, the one you once knew. I’m sorry about everything” he apologized and Leona hvgged him and he reciprocated lovingly.
“I’ll just get few of my stuffs from the house” she said and Liam gave her the key, she opened the door and walked in..
“Are you coming in or what?” She asked him when he lingered on the door frame and he walked in. He followed her when she walked to her room.. As she packed up her stuffs in a small bag, Liam watched her quietly.. Obviously not knowing what to say and when she spoke, he almost flin-ched.
“I didn’t see granny at the house, why?” She asked.
“She left with my mom to America” he said “And she’s actually my nanny but she’s more like a granny to me” he added.
“I see, you lied about that too,” she said and before he could talk, she continued. “I feel happy; happy that I’m back and away from that horrible place but mostly I feel very heartbroken, knowing that I’m in love with a liar!” She said.
“No Leona, it’s not what you think”
“Tell me Damien.. Oh sorry, Liam Gonzalez. What other thing did you lie about, us? You loving me. Was everything about us a big lie?” Leona asked.
“No. I never lied about us. Listen Leona, I don’t think this is the best time for us to talk about this, you just got back. You should rest” he said.
“Us?” She repeated, dropping the bag in her palm “I don’t think there’ll be a next time for us, I don’t even think there will be an us anymore” Leona said, and Liam eyes sparked at it..
“Are you.. Are you breaking up with me 💔?” He asked, his fears surfacing.
“I don’t know, you tell me Liam. Why did you hide so much from me and yet claim that you love me? You never planned on telling me right?” She asked and he looked downward, she sighed “was Laura right after all about you using me?”
“What no! I never used you. Yes, I lied about most things that concerns me but I never lied about my feelings for you, about us. It’s the truth, Leona” she moved away when he tried to t©uçh her.
“Then why did you hide your true self from me?” She asked.
He let out a long sigh before looking up at her.
“Do you want to sit while I explain everything?” He asked and she gave him a blank look before moving to her be-d and sitting on it. He sighed again.. His palm moved to his jaw and he ru-bbe-d a p@rt ha-rd , something peeled off and Leona g@sped as she saw it.. He pu-ll-ed ha-rder, avoiding her gaze; he took off the thin mask, then held it on his palm. He head was bent for a moment then he looked up slowly. Leona was speechless when she saw his face, his real face.. She looked speechless at him.
“This whole camouflage stuff was my mom’s idea. Remember when I told you that I’ve been into many heartbreaks? I didn’t lie about that p@rt too and I know it’s surprising that even with all the wealth and fame no lady was re-ady to stay with me for long but it’s the truth. The last break up almost led me to a state of depression.. It was the longest relationsh!pthat I’ve had and she left me like I had meant nothing to her, she got married a day after our breakup.
I could ba-rely do anything except drink, drink and get drun!k.. My anger started to ru-b off on people close to me.
My mom brou-ght the idea of me going away from home with a different identity to get away from all the heartbreaks and get to meet new people without them knowing who I was. She said it was the best way to find love for someone like me and she was right cos it led me to you. I got so many sneers being this person but you made me not to give up. I thought I’d never find love again but meeting you proved me wrong, you loved me even though I was just a pauper and no one supported us.. You were one of the very few people that took interest in that poor cu-pcake seller” he paused and sighed “That was why I was scared to tell you about my true self. I wondered if you’ll still want me even without the mask on since you had fallen for me on it.. I didn’t want to think of your reaction, didn’t want to see you reject me and I’m sorry you had to find out this way. I’m sorry for the pain it must’ve caused you.. I hope you can forgive me” he said and she gave him long stare before standing up and walking to him..
“I didn’t fall for your face Damien, I fell in love with your attitude, your character, your humor and your comforting self. You made me bold enough to take some really good decisions and it made me fall in love with you. Honestly, I felt really sad when I found out about you from Laura but I also knew you must have had a reason for it, even though I felt hurt.. I couldn’t st©p myself from loving you” she said..
“You’re saying that you’re still in love with this guy without his mask?”
“I’m saying that I love you more without the mask and I can’t think of better future with anyone else but you” she said and the words pierced at his heart. Without an approval, he fastened hisl-ips on hers in a k!ssand wra-pped his arm around her w@!st to keep her from falling.. Their foreheads pressed on each other and their breathing warmed their faces..
“Thank you” he sighed out at her.. “I’ve missed you Leona, so badly and pathetically” he said and she smiled. ru-bbing her f!ngerson his face, she inched him closer and k!$$£d him ha-rd like it was her last time and he responded fully, roaming his hands on her b©dy..
“Why do I feel like Leona and Liam are doing more than packing?” Jesse asked and Elisabeth nudged him with her elbow at his words.
“They’re adults, it’s okay to do something. I just hope she hasn’t forgotten that we’re here” Elisabeth said..
“Seeing that he has so much to tell her; I think it’ll take longer than we expect” he said.
“I agree” Elisabeth said.
“While we wait.. Can I ask you something?”
“Will you go on a d@t£ with me?” He asked and she narrowed her brows at him “I know we’re way past going on d@t£s but it’s been a while since we last celebr@ted our anniversary and since we’re starting afresh as a family, I want to make every day worth it” he said. “We’ll go anywhere you want. If it’s outside the country I can book a flight immediately”
She smiled and nodded. “Yes. I’ll go on a d@t£ with you”.
Jesse cu-mpped her face and stared at her lovingly before placing a de-ep k!sson her forehead. Ever since she had totured him with her abs£nce, Jesse had felt so incomplete.. He hadn’t realized how much she meant to him until then and now that he have her back and his daughter.. He’s willing to do anything to keep it. He still very much remember how he vowed to never cheat on her and she threatened to leave him for good if he does and willingly he vowed to her that he wouldn’t.. He had thought it’d be difficult but it wasn’t so ha-rd anytime he thought of her words when he felt the urge to break the vow, it helped him keep off and stay faithful and he was glad that he’s been able to keep up with him up till this time, he had a hint that it’ll go on forever.
Shawn, with everyone’s help and support; especially Liam spent less than a week in the police custody and it wasn’t like he was being kept in prison, he only stayed with them for few days for information and to have his name cleared after the court case which they won.. He was granted bail, a fair one and it was paid up with everyone’s contribution and he was granted full access back to his daughter after she was brou-ght to him. Betsy and Laura and the other criminals got their s£ntence and watching how Betsy cried, Amelia couldn’t st©p laughing at the courtroom. Well, Amelia got better and she no longer nee-ded a cast to support her arm. As years pas-sed, Leona moved in fully with her parents since they wouldn’t st©p insisting. She got Jesse full approval, not that she nee-ded it but he gave it and full financial support and she started from the scratch and followed her dreams, she was given entrance to law school.. It was tough seasons for her because it deprived her of lots of things including spending adequate time with Liam.
News that she’s in a relationsh!pwith a multi billionaire made her famous and it shone even brighter on her when she started law school.. But she tried to avoid much friends so she doesn’t mix with the bad ones and get into another experience like the one with Betsy and Laura.
She was in her final year when Liam traveled to Spain for business purpose, he told her he’d be gone for a year and even though it was painful she felt glad cos it added less distraction on her exam preparation and when he’ll be returning, she’d have gotten her law degree and have graduated.
💞💞💞💞(1 year later)💞💞💞
Amelia walked out of the house, she sight her mom and Shawn working on the lawn and laughing at whatever they were talking about. She shook her head, she knew something was up with them. They seem to spend so much time together and if Shawn wasn’t with his daughter or at the hospital, he’d be here, keeping Hilda company; at least that was what he called it but Amelia knew that it wasn’t just that. Her Mom doesn’t insist on going shopping with her anymore, lately it had been.. “Shawn will be picking me up, I’m sure you have other things to do”
And Amelia couldn’t help but re-ad more to the lovey-dovey gestures but she kept quiet even though she knew sooner or later something big will come out from those two..
She walked up to them..
“Oh.. Hi Amelia” Shawn noticed her first and she gave him a small smile..
“Hi.. I guess Fiona alre-ady left for school since you’re here?” She asked and he nodded.
“We’ll be coming over for the weekend, she insists on spending it with you” Shawn said.
“Whoa.. I’ll have to stuck my fridge with all the world’s goodies”
“That’s why she fancies you a lot” Shawn said and she laughed.
“Mom. I’m going out with Jackson, I won’t be back until evening” she said.
“Okay honey, take care” she said, no longer in the over concerned hyped and worried tone. “Shawn says he’ll be here until evening”
Amelia’s eyes narrowed “won’t you pick Fiona up from school?”
“Hilda and I will and she’ll stay with us until evening” he said and Amelia sighed..
“Well since you both enjoy each other’s company so much why don’t you just live together?” She bur-st out and saw her mom face go red. Shawn curved his brows at her..
“I mean you’re single and my mom is single too, you can make it useful and I don’t mind having a kid sister or even more” she said and Hilda suddenly looked embarras-sed as she gave her an openmouthed look.. Amelia win-ked at her before moving to her.. She planted a k!sson her cheek and one on Shawn’s head.
“And you guys better not throw my opinion down, we all know that you nee-d it” she gave them a last wi-nk before a small wave and walked out.. When Shawn looked at her she gave him a nervous laugh..
“Just ignore her Shawn, she can be too forward sometimes” Hilda said.
“But she’s right.. We’ve k!$$£d more than once, it should mean something right?” He asked.
“Um.. I don’t know”
“Well I do. How about we live together? I can be your husband and we’ll have a court wedding with close family” he said and she nodded..
“Are you saying this because of what Amelia said?”
“No Hilda, I just didn’t know how to approach you then.. I love you, let’s get married and give a full family to our children” he said and Hilda nodded repeatedly before falling into his arms, tears falling from her eyes.
She sat on the chair very close to her re-ading table, her glas-ses was perched on her nose bridge as she operated her l@pt©p.. She had expected the noise downstairs but she ignored it and kept moving the cursor from her l@pt©p.. The door to her room opened slowly without a knock and the person took a step in, she glanced at the shoes, finely polished and expensive and looked back at her l@pt©p. She heard the door ban-g softly and he walked toward her.. Every nerves in her b©dy yelled for her to look at his handsome face but she didn’t, she succeeded in fighting them off and keeping her gaze on her l@pt©p but her mind was fully on him.
He pu-ll-ed out a chair and sat on it, in front of her. A small lopsided smile crossed to her face but she hid it well from him.
“I got the degree” she told him, still operating her l@pt©p.
“Your mom told me. It’s great knowing that I have both a pretty and super smart lady for myself. I feel honored” he said..
“You promised to give me a gift, remember?” she said..
“Of course. And I picked out just the perfect one but it depends on what you want” he said.
“I can’t think of anything. Let’s go with yours. What is it?”
She asked, her face still down.
“A wedding. The biggest you’ve ever seen with so many people from all over the world. You dressed in a flair white dress, designed with pearls stones and looking more dashing than ever, walking down the aisle to meet me, dressed in a tuxedo and looking very handsome. You said you like my hair curly right, I’ll make sure it’s more curly than ever. That’s the best gift I can think of, what do you say?” He asked.
“Is this a proposal?”
“If that’s it then I have my conditions too” she said “I don’t want it, I mean the wedding to be as buoyant as you sound and it will be after my bar exams but the looks stay”
“Okay. So it’s a yes?”
“Yes” she said, her heart beating fast out of ecstasy.
“Won’t you at least look at the ring?” He said but she stretched her palm on the table instead.
“Won’t you put it on me first?” She asked and he saw the smile that she was hiding. He stood up and walked to her, bending beside her, he took her hand and sli-pped the silver ring with shiny stones at the end in her ring f!nger.. She looked at it, grinned wi-dely then looked up at him. She caught the smile in his handsome face as he traced his f!ngerson her cheeks down to her jaw, tilting it up..
He took her glas-ses off and left it on the table.
“I’m thinking if five kids are too small. Should we take it up to seven?” He asked, his f!ngersmoving on her face lovingly.. s£nding tingles to her inside.
She blu-shed “I think it’s too much, three’s perfect”
“Then who’ll answer Jane, Maria and Michael”
She laughed “you’re ridiculous Liam, you chose their names alre-ady?” She asked and her excited face felt like soft music to his ears.
“The earlier, the better babe and you’re getting married to a ridiculous guy”
“Too bad I have to love someone like him out of all the guys in the, world. Isn’t it sad?”
“It is but in a good way” his gaze never left her face and neither did hers. He pu-ll-ed in and she followed but he st©pped and studied her instead.. Every ounce of him wanted to capture her in his arms and k!ssher all over, as-suring himself that she’s fully his now but at the same time he enjoyed just staring at her suc¢v-mbing face..
“Are you going to k!ssme or what?” She asked and immediately he filled the space between them with his face and dashed hisl-ips against her, she wra-pped her hands around him and de-epened the k!ss, inching her b©dy forward. It got breathless and intense and she stood up, he followed and bent to keep the k!ssgoing. He felt her hands undoing the bu-ttons of his shi-t and when it was done she yanked it off. Herl-ips not leaving his. He felt his hunger for her aggravating in full f0rç£ and he unZi-pped her dress before taking her in his arms.. Theirl-ips still mashed on each other in a fierce and h0t k!ss, he walked with her in his arms to her be-d and gently la-id her on it, he inched himself to her and her breath covered his face..
“I didn’t prepare for this” he said.
“Me neither but at this point, I’m not scared of carrying your child. The earlier the better” she said and he smiled before capturing herl-ips again.. Leona let him pu-ll the sleeve of her dress off and his palms roamed every inch of her b©dy, she m0@n ed un-der him and he took her clothes off fully, leaving her in her un-derwear.. He st©pped briefly to take her in and when his gaze moved to her face, he saw her full want for him and he wasted no time in fulfilling it.
Sorry to interrupt the ride but let’s not write too much r0m@nç£😊.
I must truly appreciate this set of people.. Thanks to everyone that went on this ride with me. Thanks to those that enjoyed it and super thanks to those that always try their best to encourage me with their comments and shares even though the ride was a little bu-mpy at some point. I’m glad I had people to finish it with me.
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