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February 25, 2021


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Finding love (mhd) episode 3

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(My heart desire)




Leona stared out of her window, seeping slowly at her coffee.. She had only taken a slice of toast for breakfast and her stomach churned from hunger..

She placed a call to one of the cooks and ordered for lunch, She left the phone in its cradle and sunk into the chair, hoping the door would fly open and the cook would walk in with her food.

She let her mind wander to something else and she regretted it almost immediately cos the first thing that crossed her mind is the fact that she’ll be meeting with the Rodriguez today, getting entangled with their son.. She hopes it’ll be an at least manageable task, not like the first one at least.. She shut her eyes, memories flashing through her inner screen.. The first one, the first guy, Toby Holmes. He was a drug addict, extravagant and pompous, rich kids are always like that and she wasn’t surprised when she read it in his profile.. She had agreed at once when her father told her about it, she remembered it was her first month in JT and her father had made her do it, same way he made her work here and go against her dream.. She accepted of course, then she was only bent on making her father love her like any father would love his child, she wanted his attention and care, his fatherly love and understanding and it led her to a big mistake that she’d never stop regretting.. They got the contract, her father was able to settle his debts, escape jail and build JT up again but she had lost her pride, not only with a stranger and a drug addict but shamefully as well.. She had told no one about it, not even her mom.. She didn’t want any quarrel between her parents, her mom had always been the quiet one, trying all her best to avoid having issues with her husband and Leona wasn’t ready to be the cause of any. She knew it wasn’t the way to make her dad love her, so she hid it. Her father did show a bit of care for her, at least it was more than he always had and Leona was glad, she had thought it was building up, not until she caught him, right in his office, on his desk almost naked with a girl her age or a year younger; with an unlocked door. He was shameless, she realized that there and then. She knew her mom was aware of his unfaithfulness when she acted normal about it, trying to deceive her with a surprised face.. He apologized and she accepted, thinking he was changed, that he was truly sorry and it was all a mistake as he had said but just two days after that, he was with another and she had walked out, acting oblivious since none of them noticed her presence from their intense kissing, a week after he had another and since then she grew a sort of dislike for him.

A knock on her door startled her and she ushered the guest in.. Maria, the company’s chef walked in with a tray, she had almost forgotten she had ordered for food. She arranged it on her desk and walked out. Leona finished her meal in no time, she needed all the strength she could get to push the bastard if he tries anything stupid, though she had a hint he wouldn’t.

Her phone rang and she picked it up after using the company’s phone to call the cook back for the plates, she answered the call in a swipe.

“Hey girl,” Amelia over ecstatic voice filled the phone.

“Amy? Why do you sound so perky?” She asked and heard her chuckle over the phone before breathing out..

“You won’t believe it Lee, I just had the best quickie ever with this really hot looking guy. Girl, he was fire!” She said and Leona rolled her eyes.

“Oh. How long have you guys been together? I didn’t know you are Jackson were done”

“We aren’t, I just felt like having something new. So I met this cute guy in a grocery store, you won’t believe we had it in the restroom.. It was magical sweetie” she said, giggling.

She was used to Amelia being like that, seeing a cute guy and taking him to bed at once, she was a freak and her best friend. Leona had always wondered how they still remained friends even when they had totally different taste, while she was a home girl, being led by her father and not having a say to her passion or feelings, Amelia was a night girl, a party freak with an open feeling, no one ruled her life, she had a job she chose for herself and was very quick to express her feelings. Though fatherless, she had a mom who was always too busy working to take care of her, leaving her to a docile whiffy nanny; at least that was how Amelia had described her.. Though Leona didn’t think she’d ever be a freak like her if she had the chance, she still envied her freedom.

“Good for you. So what’s your prince charming name?”

“Uh.. We didn’t do much introduction, didn’t have time to and I noticed he was trying to hit on me.. It was just a one night stand to me, I told him that and he left.. I can’t love anyone else the way I love Jack” she said and Leona almost yelled. She had sex with a guy whose name she didn’t know, a complete stranger.

Leona swallowed her scream.

“Okay. So did you call to inform me about your quickie escapade?” She asked.

“That was a bonus. Are you free tonight?”

“No. I’ll be having dinner with the heir to Rodriguez Empire”

“Wow, a date?”

“No. Not a date. I just need to wangle him to sign a contract to JT”

“Then you totally have to make it a date. Honey, it’s your chance to have a boyfriend, you can’t let it slide” she said and Leona sighed.

“No Amy. It’s strictly by the book” she said.

Tear that stupid book into shreds, we’re talking about an opportunity to experience real life. You don’t have to love him, if he’s cute just turn on your girl power and make him want you”

“Okay, first of all Amy, I’m not you and I’m not going to sleep with someone I’ll be meeting for the first time in my life. So not happening” she said.

“Ugh Lee, get a life. Look, I gotta go now, my boss’s coming.. Don’t blow this up okay? I’ll hear all about it later. Kisses” she said all her words and hung up, Leona sighed, glanced at her wristwatch and frowned.. ‘5:50’

Time to get ready for her so called ‘business date’.



Leona and her dad visited the Rodriguez in their mansion, it was a pretty big house.. They were led by a maid to the living room and after some minutes of greetings, introductions then greeting again.. Gregory walked out, he wasn’t exactly what Leona had expected.. He was Body built, had a star tattoo on his hand, a single piercing on his left ear and the brag-like walking steps, he was still manageable, not her type of guy but at least he looked less scary than Toby.. She greeted him warmly and noticed how he ran his gaze up and down her body, resting it on her breast at intervals.. She felt nauseated at the act and at once wished she hadn’t loosened the upper button of her dress. She glanced at her dad, hoping he noticed her discomfort but he only nudged her on with one nod. She gulped and turned back to Toby, he asked her out to the porch with him and she took the offer unwillingly.. They went to the porch, memorizing her words over and over again. She hope he’d agree without a condition.

She knew from her research that Greg was the only son of the Rodriguez, after having four girls.. He was like his father’s heart, the only heir to the Rodriguez empire. She read a little about him, pompous, spender, party boy, ladies guy, womanizer.. Nothing new that she hadn’t expected. She already had it all planned out, that was why she had picked this dress and rechecked her words..

He offered her a seat like a gentle man, a maid poured out drinks for them and left. Greg reached into his pocket and drew out a pack of cigarette and a lighter, offered her a stick which she politely refused and lit up one, drawing in the smokey air too deeply that Leona thought he would take it in but he puffed it out after a while..

She caught a whiff of the smoke and held herself from coughing out, she smiled instead as his gaze roamed her body.

“Not a smoker?” He asked, resting his gaze on her face.

“Uh.. Not all the time” she lied.

“Aw, such a waste for a beauty” he said. She smiled.

“Heard you came back from the country, how was it like being away from your family, learning how to run your father’s business?” She asked.

He gave her a lopsided grin, took in another puff and swallowed it “Too much fun, the ladies were nice, fresh like you. Stayed a year there, learned part what dad wanted me to and returned when mom wouldn’t stop crying about seeing me. You know women. Will be returning soon though” he said and she nodded.

“Well, I’m a manager in JT company, my father owns it. We’re currently proposing a deal with your father’s company and still waiting for his approval” she said.

“Mmh,” he puffed out smoke “since you’re a manager it’ll be hard to stick to a boyfriend. So I guess you’re single?”

“Uh.. Yes, I actually plan on getting a boyfriend and settling down pretty soon” she said, hoping he’d stop asking about her relationship life.

“Cool. So, what do you want from me?” He asked plainly. She hadn’t thought it’d go this way, she had plan to wangle him into it, not him asking her directly…

She thought about a response.

“Uh.. I just wanted to discuss about the proposal I talked about, I mean the one with your dad’s company–

“Then why aren’t you talking to my dad, why me?”

“Well, cos you’re his son and–

“You want me to persuade him to accept your company’s deal?” He asked and she drew in a quick breath.. He’s taking this too forward than she had expected.

“Not really.. I–

“I’ll do it” he said.


“I’ll make my dad accept a contract with, what’s the name again?” He scrunch his nose up.

“JT. Are you serious?”

“Sure. I’ll do it cos your looks and those curves really caught my attention, you’re damn sexy” he said, licking his lips and disgusting her. She looked away. She felt his palm on her bare lap, running up and down and squeezing it. She gulped.

“Uh, thank you very much. I promise JT won’t disappoint your company” she said, adjusting her leg and letting his hand fall.

“I’m not interested in that.. I want us to meet again, in a more informal place next time” he said and she gave him a look, wondering what he meant.

“We will if we have to. Thanks again for the offer.. I have to go now, I have a meeting to attend by eight” she said. Without waiting for him to talk, she stood up, grabbed her bag and walked away before he could say another word.


Leona got out of the house and climbed into her car, she sighed deeply and drove home, feeling disgusted at his touch.. It had been easier than she had thought or expected.. Seeing his bad boy looks she had thought it’d be just more than talks.. She sighed, this was finally done and dusted.

She shuddered at the feel of his palm on her laps resurfaced, She didn’t like it one bit but she was kinda glad it was only that.

She drove home and walked to the house, her dad was on the table having dinner while her mom served herself.

“Oh honey, you’re back” her mom said.

“Yes mom, good evening” she greeted.. She noticed her father’s eyes on her, throwing her questions without any mouth movement.. She knew he was anxious to know about it but she wasn’t willing to give him any answer now, she didn’t even spare him a glance.

“I’ll go shower first and come down for dinner” She said and her mother nodded, urging her to go on.

Leona walked up to her room, hitting the door behind her, she settled on her bed and bent to take of her shoes, feeling her feet, she stood up and walked to her dressing mirror; examining her face. She held her dress, ready to take it off when a knock on the door, obstructing her initial movement.

“Mom?” She called “come in, it’s opened” she said and turned to undress when she sight her dad from her dressing mirror, walk in.

“It’s me Leona” he said, she let her hand drop and turned to face him. “You look tired, did Greg give you much trouble?” He asked, acting concerned.

“He didn’t. Except that I let him touch my laps, not much of a deal right?” she said, giving him a blank look.

“Leona, look I’m sorry I had to make you do this.. I wish I can turn back the hand of time, it hurts me to know that my daughter had to go dirty cos of my–

“Please dad.. Stop beating around the bush. I know you didn’t come here to lie to me” she said and he sighed.

“Okay. How’d it go?” He asked and she gave him a brief eye roll.

“Just as you want, I let him touch me and he agreed to do it” she said, feeling disgusted as a wave a deja vu passed through her.

He sighed “Thank you. I appreciate this and I’m sorry about what you had to pass through because–

“Oh please dad, spare me those lies.. I just hope there won’t be a next time, if you can’t control your pants then try not to drag mom and I to your mess again” she said, feeling irritated. “If you don’t mind, I need some privacy” she said and he gave her a brief look, open his mouth to say something but closed it and walked out instead.

Leona rubbed her hair backward, blinking her watery eyes and sighing out.. Events occupying her mind.. She had so much to reminisce on, she just wished she had one of those cupcakes to chew on right now, to clear her head and concentrate on the present. Well, she could do that tomorrow, since it’ll be her free day.



T. B.C




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