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Finding love (MHD) episode 4

(My heart de-sire)
A ruffled sound escaped herl-ips as she tossed on her be-d, messing her loosed hair, her eyes fluttered open seconds later and she blinked ra-pidly as her gaze went directly to the open window, her sight ma-king contact with the bright sun rays seeping in from the little open space in her window.. She opened her eyes and heard the faint sound of her ringing phone which gradually [email protected]£ louder, she reached the end of her be-d, sat up and picked her phone from the nightstand, taking a glance at the caller and swiping to the receiver.
“Leona?” She heard Amelia’s voice “Gosh, I’ve been calling you for ages, I gave you six calls yesterday and five today”
“Sorry Amy, I was de-eply asleep, I sle-pt off once I arrived home yesterday” she said, yawning silently.
“Ooh.. Someone had a feisty night” Amelia tea-sed.
“plea-se Amy, it’s nothing going on in your head” she said.
“Or maybe it’s more” she said “Anyway tell me all about it”
Leona rolled her eyes and stood up, she clad her feet into her flops, pushed her hair back and walked out of her room.
“I went to Kansas, met Gregory and–
“Hold on, how does he look? h0t? Cute? Does he have s£dûçt!veeyes, S-xy abs? How does he looks like shi-tless? Tell me everything Leona!”
Leona rolled her eyes and twitched her face.. She climbe-d down the stairs.
“Firstly Amy, I didn’t see him shi-tless or n-ked and I didn’t have time to see if he had S-xy eyes, dreamy looks or whatever, I told you it was strictly by the book. It was just business” Leona answered and heard Amy disappointed sigh.
“Ugh.. You’re such a bore!” She commented.
“I guess so,” she walked to the kitchen, her mom was ma-king breakfast and she gestured a greeting to her before opening the fridge and taking out a bottle of water “Are you busy today. It’s my free day”
“Totally. We have tons of houses to check out today and I have about ten estates to put up for sale” she said “I’m more occupied today, don’t think I might be chanced for clubbing tonight” she said and Leona sighed.
“Okay. I’ll just talk to you later then” she said, pouring water into a cup and taking it up to herl-ip.
“Yeah. Bye” the call got disconnected. Leona drained the water down her throat and left the cup, putting the bottle lid back.
“Morning mom” she greeted her mom “What’s for breakfast?”
“Bacon and eggs” she said “You said it’s your free day today?”
“Yeah.. I just have a meeting I can sort out online and after it, I’m free for the rest of today” she said her face gleaming with smiles.
“Okay. How do you plan on spending it?”
“No specific way, especially since Amy will be working all day. I guess I’ll just drive around, probably visit the amusement park and just drive my mind from work” she said.
“Okay. While you’re at it, will you plea-se do the grocery shopping for me.. I have so much delivery alre-ady stored up for me and I’m running out of ingredients” she said and Leona nodded.
“Sure. I’ll do it after breakfast and my meeting” she said.
“Thanks honey, breakfast will be re-ady in a minute” she said.
“I’ll go take a shower first” Leona said before walking out of the kitchen. She reached her room and smiled. Her day would be more better and fun if Amy was here. Leona walked to her window and pu-ll-ed it open, sun rays rushed into the room, striking her face, she smiled. When last had she been hit by the morning sun or had gotten up this late. No matter what, Leona was determined to make today very fun for her, even without Amy.
She walked to the bathroom, checked her face on the mirror and ran her hand around in circular motion and arranged her hair, she walked away from the mirror to the sink, [email protected]£d her orange colored toothbrush, applied toothpaste on it and brushed her teeth.
She walked out, packed her hair up and pu-ll-ed into a singlet tube and yoga [email protected], leaving her stomach ba-re. She [email protected]£d her phone, plugged in her earphone and change her fl!pflops to a pair tennis shoe. She walked out of the house, flexed her muscles and jogged around. She tried to remember the last time she had hit the gym but she couldn’t, she only remembered Amy dragging her to it after blabbing about how much she had gained weight and how much trouble it could cause her and ruin her alre-ady perfect ‘figure’.. Leona smiled at the thought, maybe she could shed some pounds while trying to be healthy.
“Here’s the list, I’m sure the grocery store uptown will have if not all, most of them” her mom said and Leona nodded, looking blankly at the list, front and back page full with the items her mother needed.
“Okay. If you’re not in a hurry, I need to go somewhere after it before coming home”
“Yeah.. Take your time, just don’t stay out for too long”
“Yes mom” she k!$$£d her cheeks and walked out of the house to the driveway with her purse that contained her phone and her mom’s credit care, she dangled the keys in her hand and walked to where the jeep was parked, she hopped into it, inser-ted the key and started the car.. She drove out of the compound after the gate was opened by the security, she hit the road to uptown.. She got to the large shop and parked her jeep at the @ssigned lot, she climbe-d down, locked her car and walked into the shop, her purse between her b©dy and her upper hand. She entered the shop and stared around it filled with every grocery with people shopping.
“Good day ma’am” the secretary on desk [email protected] her a warm greeting and she gave her a light wave, moved to gr-ab a big shopping trolley and walked to the shopping stand.
Leona walked out of the mall, big shopping bags in her fists, she threw them in the booth of the car and went back in to pick the rest, arranging them in the booth, she hopped onto the drivers.. She smiled, it’s time to make the most out of her free day and while at it she could get those cupcakes and pay her price. She started the ignition and drove off, she parked at bobby’s and got down, she [email protected]£d her purse and walked to the bench but st©pped when she noticed an unfamiliar face there. On the chair, was a woman with long bleached hair and before her was a big pile of chiffon scarfs, which she was obviously selling. Leona gaze ran around but she didn’t see him, she contemplated on going back, he probably has something else to do and decided to skip work today. She took a step backward but somehow changed it to a forward movement and she walked up to the lady on the bench where she had always seen the cupcake guy. At least she could clear her conscience knowing she asked, since she had promised him her pres£nce as her payment and she hadn’t shown up yesterday.. She would agree that she had tried, it was him who hadn’t showed up.
Or what if he had left? She thought then glanced at her watch.
It was just few minutes past ten, he couldn’t have leave that early, well, except he had a quic-k sale today or an emergency had to make him leave. She hoped it wasn’t that.
She sighed, not today when she really needed a bite from those cupcake to occupy her all throu-gh her journey to fun land, it was something she was getting add!çted to, he didn’t lie about that and somehow she didn’t like it a bit.. She was getting too fond of it.
“Um hello. Excuse me miss, do you know if the guy that sells cupcakes right here, was around today?” She asked.
“Oh, he is. He gave me this sp©t himself, such a nice young man. He’s over there” she said, pointing towards a direction, Leona followed the trace and she sighted him, sitting on a rock un-der an apple tree, his goods on the basket, beside him on the floor.. He was selling to a young girl, she noticed the girl was smiling at something he had said as he gave her the cakes, he laughed too.. She turned back to the woman..
“Thank you ma’am” she said.
“Would you like a scarf miss, it costs just a dollar” the woman cajoled and Leona shook her head..
“Not today. I didn’t plan on getting any, maybe next time” she said and the woman nodded in un-derstand. She turned back to him and noticed that the girl was gone, he had his head bent to the cakes, arranging them.
She walked up to him.
“Isn’t the sun a little too harsh here?” She asked and saw him look up to her, he smiled.
“It’s nothing that I haven’t experienced before though” he responded.
“Why’d you let that lady take your sp©t? she said you gave it to her” Leona asked and he nodded.
“She looks like she needs the sale and money more than I do” he said and Leona turned back to look at the lady, that was when her gaze took her in fully, resting on her stomach; she realized the lady was pregnant, probably a month cos it wasn’t too obvious except you give it a clearer look.
“Oh,” was all she could say before turning back to him.
“Here, you can sit here if you don’t mind” he said, gesturing to a bigger rock. She gave him a small look, moved to the rock and plopped herself gently on it.
“Have you ever considered getting a kiosk or somewhere a little more comfortable than this place?” She asked him.
“Not really, I have more important things to do with the money and besides, it’ll be a waste in the end cos I won’t sell cupcakes forever or for most of my life” he said.
“But here doesn’t create so much awareness, people will see you as an ordinary road seller, they won’t get to know how good your cakes are” she said.
“Looks like someone got too add!çted alre-ady” he said, referring to her with a knowing smile which she returned. “If they know what good is, then they won’t [email protected] me and besides staying here introduced me to a pretty lady who likes my work, isn’t that a sign that this is my place?” He said and she didn’t expect the blush that [email protected]£ next.. How does he do it? Always ma-king her blush..
“Truly I craved for your cakes yesterday, wished I had it to get other things off” she said
“I was expecting you since you gave your word”
“I had an important business meeting, did you wait for me?”
He nodded “Two hours. Thought you might have sle-pt off or got stuck in traffic”
“Sorry. I wanted to come, at least for the cakes but I felt too tired to even move to my car, talk more of driving” she said and he nodded in un-derstanding.
“Where’s your phone?” He said and Leona gave him a questioning look..
“With me, why?” She asked taking it out and glancing at his open palm, she placed it on his palm, still giving him a questioning look.
She watched him turn it on, move to the dialer and punched some numbers on it and saved it. He stretched it back to her.
“That’s my number, I can run home deliveries for you” he said.
“You do home deliveries?”
“No. But I can take up yours if you promise to be the only one to pick it up” he said.
She gave him a long stare. “And what if I ask someone else to take it up, what’ll happen then?” She asked, giving him a suspicious look.
“Then you’ll have to pay, though I doubt that I’ll re-lease it even if you do cos I want seeing you every time as my payment” he said and Leona suddenly felt uncomfortable.. What’s happening to her?
“Um so why are you deciding to take up my delivery, it’s not like I’m giving you a thousand dollars for it, you don’t even know me that well” she said..
“I only target on knowing what’s important. I’ve spent most of my days seeing only the ugly things that life has to offer, it’s not everyday we get to see life’s beauty side and when I see one, I do everything to make sure it stays, if not forever but for a long time,” he took her gaze, staring back at her “That’s why I’m taking it up” he said. Leona couldn’t describe how she felt.. No one has ever told her this beautiful words but he was an ordinary guy, out of everyone she’s not supposed to be hearing it from him.. She wanted to end it there but at the same time she didn’t want to st©p hearing those words, it made her feel something she had never felt, something no one had ever made her feel.
“How do you know I’m life’s beauty side?” She asked, keeping the stare.
“You’re an influential lady, I’m a poor guy that sells just cupcakes, you’re very pretty, I’m an ordinary guy, you stay with your parents and probably have influential friends like yourself, I stay with my granny and only have her around, you have a job and something that you’re certain will lead you to the tomorrow you’ve always wanted, I have just hope and determination but even after all these differences, you still sit here with me, talk and eat my cakes that people your level will take as unhealthy or disgusting.. If that isn’t one of life’s beauty then I don’t know what else to call it” he said and she felt her cheeks heating up from her excess blush.. She looked down, [email protected]
Did those words just qualify her?
Life’s beauty? Is he really serious or just teasing her with one of his humorous jokes.. She wanted to laugh but when she glanced back up at him and his honest gaze still on her with no iota of lies, the smile wiped off.. He’s serious. She didn’t realize the blush that rose up to her cheeks.
T. B. C.

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