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Eye of blood episode 16 – 18

( She’s a confessor oops she’s all in one, she’s wanted)⛔
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By Aishat kemisola (Three star)
Episode 16.
The principal was surprised to see a female cloth on his table. What how did this get here the principal asked looking out of the window maybe he will see traces of anyone.
The teacher on the other hand was waiting patiently for king stoner to come back. That’s bad king stoner said. It’s not bad at all, she deserves it, how can a teacher seduce her student is that what they employ her for.
I hate bad thing and I will never support it Ashley said.
Fine what’s your next move king stoner asked her.
Am going to the principal office to explain to him, am sure he will bothered on how the cloth got there Ashley said.
But you will have to return her cloth, you don’t want her to go n@k£d or did you want that king stoner said.
Yeah she will go home n@k£d that will serve as a lesson to others teachers that behave or planning to behave like her Ashley said.
Good afternoon sir Ashley and king stoner greet the principal. Thank God you are here there’s a big problem the principal said fearfully.
Problem as how Ashley asked. I don’t know how this clothes get here the principal said.
Ashley mouthed an oh. You don’t need to be worried I brought the clothes Ashley said.
How come when did you enter my office and what should I do with female wears the principal asked surprised. That’s teacher caro cloth Ashley said.
But how did it get here the principal asked. I caught her trying to seduce a student Ashley said.
What caro trying to seduce a student, what rubbish the principal yelled, were is she the principal asked.
She’s in her office Ashley replied. Take me there the principal said.
Baby you’re finally back I thought you are not coming again teacher caro said when she hear the sound of the door. She turn around and was surprised to see the principal.
Oh my goodness she said looking for her clothes. Clara why are you n@k£d the principal asked.
I can explain is not what you think teacher Caro said.
Yeah am waiting for your explanation the principal said. Eem actually it wasn’t intentional teacher Caro said.
I can see it not intentional, but you’re fired the principal said Angrily.
No sir it hasn’t gotten to that, I told you so you can caution, this work is her only means of survival Ashley said. So what did you what me to do Ashley,
I will do anything for you cause you have helped me a lot of time the principal said.
Don’t sack her let her be am sure she have learnt her lesson Ashley said.
Fine but if you try something like this again consider yourself fired the principal said and walked out.
This is not actually your first time am sure you have learnt your lessons Ashley said. Yes thank you for saving my work.
Actually you don’t need to thank me cause am the one that report you Ashley said. It doesn’t matter you still save me teacher Caro said.
But how will I get my clothes I can’t go home like this teacher caro said biting her nails. No problem let me go and bring it Ashley said and went out.
This thing is too cold I can’t lick it king stoner said. Ah you’re too local what planet are you from Ashley asked him.
Our world is very big and beautiful than this place king stoner said.
Huh but you guys are too local and weird there Ashley said. As if you’re not weird too king stoner said and scoff. Look who we have here Jenny said coming down from a car.
What’s a low life like you doing here Jenny said showing off her car key. Hey stoner let go Ashley said. Not too fast darling Jenny said blocking her way.
You’re chewing more than you can bite let me go this minute Ashley said. There’s nothing you can do to me Jenny said.
Jenny what’s the color of your problem king stoner asked her. It pure red cause am in love with you I don’t want to see you with this riffraff again Jenny said. Let me go this minute Ashley said still sounding calm.
You go no where until you promised me you will stay away from him.
Am the queen of the school before you bring your miserable life to school Jenny said.
Ashley use her hand to pull off Jenny wig and everyone started laughing.
Wow big girl that can’t even take care of her hair your hair stink Ashley said and went out with king stoner.
Madam can you move this way please, our customers can’t be seeing you with this kind of dirty hair the ice cream seller said.
Episode 17
Big girl like you can’t even take care of yourself, it a Shame that you can’t rock your natural hair. Look at who you’re competting with, she’s always natural,
go and find something to do to your hair cause it stink king stoner said.
Jenny pick her wig on the ground and ran away in shame you will all pay for this she said.
Ashley burst into laughter she hasn’t learnt her lesson she said. You’re such a cute devil king stoner said.
And this devil doesn’t look for trouble and tell those people not to trouble me again Ashley said. Anna long time Ashley greet, don’t greet me please, before you killed me as you kill my mother Anna said.
Common we have been friends for the past three years and you Know me well I can’t kill your mother,
I only tell you what I saw Ashley said. You shouldn’t have say it Ashley said.
I told you so that you people can tell her Ashley said. Am sorry for getting angry on you Anna said hugging her. Am happy my best and partner in crime is back Ashley said.
Am still here King stoner said. Oh Ashley where did you see this handsome guy, or is it what am thinking Anna said.
You so naughty, isn’t what am thinking he’s only a friend Ashley said.
Then matchmake us Anna said. You must be joking Ashley Asked her. No I mean it Anna said with a smirk.
He is not available, he is not someone you can date Ashley said. Don’t tell me you are jealous king stoner said with a smile plaster on his face. Your wish Ashley said with an eyeroll.
So Anna how’s Bryan Ashley asked, Bryan is not fine, he has been shouting your name since you confess him.
He is not hiself again Anna said sadly. Am very sorry to that, he should have ran away from me, you all knew my anger isn’t good Ashley said.
But don’t worry bring him to me tommorow he will be fine Ashley said. Are you for real Anna asked happily. Yes you know I don’t lie Ashley said.
I can smell trouble Ashley said. Trouble from where, you have started again Anna said.
Relax isn’t about you my father is in trouble Ashley said. I will be right back Ashley said running she doesn’t want to disappear in the pres£nce of Anna.
Wait up let me go with you king stoner shout after her. No don’t worry I will handle it myself Ashley said still running.
She’s weird I still love her as a friend Anna said and walk to were she packed her car.
Ashley get to a corner and perform some magic, she disappear immediately to her father office. She met her uncle pointing gun on her father head.
Sign this do¢vment right now or I will b!0w your skull her uncle said. Enough of this drama Ashley said sitting on the office table with her leg cross.
Mr Johnson breath put when he saw her daughter. And how did you get here her uncle asked her, you don’t asked me that fool.
Did you just call me a fool her uncle asked. Yes what will you do to me. Look here am not here for child play I have some books to read.
I knew you aren’t alone in this I just need you to tell me, the other families you plan this with Ashley said.
How dare you question my authority the uncle yelled.
James you better relax before you lose your life Mr Johnson said with a smirk. Even though he relax he will still die,
I just don’t want him to die alone cause he’s not alone in this Ashley said smiling.
What did you guys think you are doing, you aren’t even afraid I can kill you guys right now James said pointing is gun at Ashley.
Oh pull that trigger and you will be surprised to meet your only son corpse in the house Ashley said. I can’t be afraid of you never Mr James said and pull the trigger.
Mr Johnson was afraid Please Don’t but is too late cause he have pull the trigger.
Ashley burst into laughter call your wife am sure your son is dead in the house Ashley said still laughing. Mr James was surprised.
He ran out of the office and Mr Johnson burst into laughter.
Thank you my daughter you’re the best thing that happens to me Mr Johnson said.
Dad what punishment did you think is suitable for him Ashley asked. Let leave him for now, Mr Johnson said.
Episode 18.
Thank you my darling you’re the best thing that has ever happen to me Mr Johnson said.
You’re welcome daddy I will be right back Ashley said standing up from the office table.
The next minute she’s in Mr James living room.
James there’s still time for you to tell me those people that s£nt you cause this one you’re not the only one Ashley said.
How how did you get here Mr James stammer.
That hasn’t answered my question, if you still need your son alive,
cause I can bring him back to life cause he’s innocent Ashley said.
Just killed me and leave my son out of this James said crying,
if you don’t tell me in the next few minutes your son will be gone am sure he’s still breathing Ashley said.
Honey what’s she talking about Mrs James asked. And you, you don’t talk to my husband in that manner.
Oh sorry Mrs wife you better warn your husband to tell me the truth,
or else your son will be gone Ashley and pointing too there lifeless son on the ground. And how did you know my son will soon die Mrs James asked.
Am sure you don’t love your son cause if you, you won’t be asking me questions,
you will persuade your husband to tell me the truth Ashley said with her leg cross. What effrontary Mrs James yelled.
Relax don’t kill yourself before your time Ashley said.
Honey me and the other families are trying to kill my elder brother Johnson mr James said.
What!!! Mrs James yelled, but why she asked, because of his properties Mr James said.
Oh my daughter am very sorry, Please do something nothing most happen to my son Mrs James said crying.
You mean the entire families Ashley said ignoring Mrs James pledge.
Will it be nice if I kill the entire families because of my family Ashley asked facing Mrs James.
No my daughter but please, you don’t have to show us how big you’re Mrs James said.
Fine your son didn’t offend me so I came here to heal him Ashley said and stood up from the chair,
she move closer to their son, she touch his chest and bring out the bullet. Thank you very much Mrs James said.
James tell the entire families that s£nt you to stay away from my family or else I will deal with you all, and I won’t spare any of you Ashley said going out.
You mean it your family that s£nt those people to come and dump you Mrs Johnson Asked her husband.
Yes James almost killed me today all thanks to my lovely daughter Mr Johnson said.
Ashley what happen to her Mrs Johnson asked.
Nothing happens to her but am sure James son would have been a dead man by now, though I pity the innocent son but his father caused it Mr Johnson said.
Ah Ashley shouldn’t have done that, we don’t pay evil with evil Mrs Johnson said. Mum you mean I should leave him to kill me Ashley said from the door.
No my dear my sure he can’t kill you, but you shouldn’t have killed his innocent son Mrs Johnson said.
but he wanted to kill me Ashley said. And you’re not died my daughter Mrs Johnson said. My dear it an eyes for an eyes Mr Johnson said. Yes now an eye for an eye Ashley also said.
Moreover he is not dead I went to save him I am not that cruel Ashley said and went to her room.
A month later.
Ashley have you checked your result. The results are out Jane asked her friend,
nope have you checked yours what’s your score, all thanks to you I am able to come out 4th in the cl@ss Jane said.
That’s nice Ashley said and went to check hers. I p@ssed, I scored all she said not feeling surprised.
Yeah you’re a genius Jane said. Then a naughty smile crept into her face, let check Jenny result Ashley said.
But why Jane asked. You know that girl haven’t stop being on my neck I just want to pay her back in her own coins Ashley said and jane smile. Where’s stoner has he checked his Ashley asked.
No I haven’t seen him in school today Jane replied. Oh see stoner own, you only p@ssed him with five points Jane said.
He is also a genius, but that doesn’t mean I wont tease him when he comes.
Here is Jenny result Jane said showing her Janny results. Aww the school bully, the richest babe in school is a dullard Ashley said with a smirk.
That girl doesn’t know my dad can buy her entire generation. She thinks is by driving bug big cars Ashley said.
Jenny was in the midst of the students showing off her new ride as usual. Jenny Ashley called with a smile. Why are you calling me did you need a ride Jenny said.
But sorry to disappoint you I can’t carry you in this car cause I don’t like poor sitting in my car Jenny said. Oh am not here for your car. I just came to show you your result, I must recommend you, you really tried.
Like who score 20 over 100 Ashley said and the students burst into laughter. You don’t mean it one of the students asked. Yeah this is it Ashley said showing off the results.
Hey babe that man is looking at you did you know him Jane said. Oh my dad what’s he doing here Ashley said. Oh my God see that car am sure he will be very rich cause that car cost a lot of Fortune Jane said.
And the rest of the students look towards the direction of the car. Wow so her parents is very rich the students said. Oh maybe his boss s£nt him with the car Jenny that just found her voice said.
You still have the gut to talk the students asked her. You people should leave her, am always your boss actually your dad is my dad P.A your dad works in J and A company right Ashley asked.
Yes but how did you know Jenny asked. That’s because J and A is my dad dummy. The J stands for Johnson and the A is Ashley,
go home and asked your father Ashley said and walked to the car where her father is waiting for her with Jane. Jenny was speechless. Good evening my princess Mr Johnson greet his daughter,
evening dad, but why did you come here Ashley asked. I came to pick my lovely daughter from school Mr Johnson said smiling. Thanks Dad you’re the best.
Meet my best friend dad she’s Jane Ashley said.
Wow my daughter bestie how are you doing Mr Johnson greet jane. Am doing great sir Jane said smiling.
You can call me dad cause my princess friends is also my daughter Mr Johnson said.
A guy is waiting for you in the house Mr Johnson said.
A guy Ashley asked. What’s his name Ashley asked her. He refused to tell us his name Mr Johnson said.
And you allow him I’m Ashley asked. Am sure we are save since we have you Mr Johnson said.


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