Elena’s journey episode 45 & 46

Elena’s journey episode 45


(At the hospital)

Elena: What do you want?

Cas-sandra: I c@m£ to see you

Elena: When did they let you out of the lunatic asylum?

Cas-sandra: Last two weeks.

Elena: Why are you here?

Cas-sandra: Don’t sound so surprised. I have a heart. I heard what happened to you

Elena: So have you come here to gloat over my predic@m£nt?

Cas-sandra: No, no, no. I just c@m£ to express my condolences. I can imagine the terrible things you went throu-gh in the hands of your kidnappers.I feel sorry for you

Elena: Thank you

Cas-sandra: Whatever! Maybe the universe is trying to s£nd you a message by separating you from Vincent

Elena: What message?

Cas-sandra: That you and Vincent aren’t meant to be together. He deserves someone better…. Like me

Elena: Really?

Cas-sandra: Yes darling. And as long as you and Vincent are together. You’ll never experience true happiness, Elena Gilbert. Its not a threat but a promise

Elena: No matter what you do. Vincent and I will always be together

Cas-sandra: This is my problem with you! You’re over confident and it pisses me off! Aren’t you scared I can do something nas-ty to you? You know it’s just both of us in this room!

Elena: You’re crazy! You can leave my ward now pls…..

Cas-sandra: Oooh, I can’t go just yet

(Cas-sandra walks over to her)

Elena: (scared) Cas-sandra! What do u wanna do….

Cas-sandra: I want to teach you a lesson!

(Cas-sandra gr-abs hold of Elena’s n£¢k and strangles her)

(Outside the hospital)

Orora: (she bu-mps into Ted) Oh….. I’m so sorry

Ted: Its fine. I should have focused on where I was going

Orora: Me too (recognizes him) Hey. You’re Ted

Ted: Yes I am. Do you know me?

Orora: Yes. You helped rescue my cousin Elena from her kidnappers

Ted: Yes. I c@m£ to bring her pres£nts

Orora: Me too. I c@m£ to bring her her food

Ted: In that case, we can go in together

Orora: Yeah (smiles)

(Cas-sandra is still strangling Elena’s n£¢k and covering her mouth to prevent her from screaming and this prevents her from fighting back)

Cas-sandra: You bastard fisherwoman! You ruined my life and blocked all my opportunities!

Elena: (struggling to talk) Let…. Me…… Go

Cas-sandra: No! You’re gonna die here and I don’t care if I go to jail after this. At least I’ll be happy I’ve killed you!

(Luckily, Orora and Ted enter Elena’s ward)

Orora: Oh no!

(Orora pushes Cas-sandra away from Elena)

Elena: (coughs)

Orora: What the hell are you doing here you sea witch?

Cas-sandra: I c@m£ to see my nemesis

Orora: You psycho! Why were you trying to strangle her?

Cas-sandra: Because I hate her!

Orora: I’m calling the police to take you to prison where you belong!

(Cas-sandra smashes Orora’s phone on the floor and runs out from the hospital, Orora attempts to chase after her but Ted holds her back)

Orora: (angrily) What?

Ted: No nee-d for that. I’ll get you a new phone

Orora: Fine! She’s lucky I’ve backed my contacts and files

Ted: But who was that woman?

Orora: Her name’s Cas-sandra. She hates Elena because she says Elena stole Vincent Manuel from her

Ted: Her behavior is very weird. Yet she’s very beautiful on the outside

Orora: Don’t be deceived by appearances

Ted: Yeah. That’s true

Orora: Thanks for helping us rescue Elena

Ted: You’re welcome

(The nurse attends to Elena)

Orora: How is she?

Nurse: She’s better now.

Orora: Don’t ever let this woman into this hospital because she’s crazy (she shows the nurse a picture of Cas-sandra)

Nurse: okay miss

Orora: Weren’t you supposed to keep an eye out for Elena? You were supposed to watch her? She would have died if I hadn’t intervened.

Nurse: I’m sorry

Orora: Just don’t let this repeat itself

Nurse: Yes ma’am

(She leaves)

Orora: (pats Elena) I’m sorry Elena. I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t entered here

Elena: it’s ok. At least I’m better now

Orora: (hands her Elena’s food and pres£nts) The pres£nts are from Ted.

Elena: Wow (opens the pres£nt) Gift cards and chocolates

Orora: (smiles) Enjoy.

Elena: Thank you very much

(Elena hvgs Orora pas-sionately)

(At Vincent house)

Vincent mother: I’m happy Elena has been discharged from the hospital

Vincent: Me too mum

Vincent mother: So when is she coming here to stay?

Vincent: She didn’t tell me exactly when.. But she’ll come soon

Vincent mother: Okay

Vincent: That reminds me. How about Cas-sandra?

Vincent mother: I threw her out of the house few weeks ago

Vincent: She c@m£ home? When?

Vincent mother: Few weeks ago. While you were at Mr Gilbert house at the time when Elena got kidnapped.

Vincent: You shouldn’t have done that mom. Cas-sandra is not okay

Vincent mother: She seems fine to me. She’s just pla-ying games. Besides she can remember her past. But she says her parents are dead. And she has nowhere to go

Vincent: I pity her. Maybe She’s safe wherever she is

Vincent mother: She’s just pla-ying games with you. She’s very okay. This is what she wants. For you to pity her.

Vincent: I’m just concerned about her welfare.

(At Mr Gilbert house)

Mr Gilbert: Elena, where are you packing your luggages to?

Elena: I’m going back to Vincent’s house

Mr Gilbert: Ohhh. I’m so sorry about the business proposal you missed because of what happened

Elena: Its fine Dad. All will be well

(Orora and Ted return)

Elena: Wow. Where have you both been?

Ted: We went on a d@t£

Elena: I’m happy for you both. You’re connecting really well.

Ted: Yeah. There’s something special about Orora that I like.

Orora: (smiles) Really?

Ted: Yes

Orora: Thanks (to Elena) You’re going back to Vincent house?

Elena: Yes

Orora: Just be safe Elena. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you

Elena: Thanks. I’ll be leaving now

Mr Gilbert: Okay dear. I’ll drop you off

(At Vincent house)

Vincent mother: (hvgs Elena) Elena my dear. Welcome home

Vincent: (k!sses her) I’ve missed you

Elena: Me too

Vincent: I hope you’re well

Elena: I am

Vincent mother: You were hospitalized because of that animal called Leon. I’m glad he’s serving his life imprisonment for kidnapping and attem-pted murder

Elena: I’m happy about that too

Vincent: Let me help you take your bags into the room

Elena: Thanks

(Vincent goes into the room with Elena’s bags)

Elena: Mrs Manuel, where is Cas-sandra?

Vincent mother: I threw her out of the house few weeks ago. That woman is going mad

Elena: I haven’t told Vincent this but she tried to…..

(Vincent interrupts them)

Vincent: Elena, What would you like for supper?

Elena: Grilled chicken

Vincent: Nice. I’ll have the same

Vincent mother: I’ll talk to you later. Its time for me to take my special vitamins

Elena: Okay Mrs Manuel.

(Back at Mr Gilbert house)

Mr Gilbert: Caitlin?

Caitlin: Yes?

Mr Gilbert: When last have you heard from Simon? Its been months since we last saw him

Caitlin: No I haven’t. I tried calling him but he doesn’t pick.

(Orora joins the conversation)

Orora: He’s in Seattle. He went back a week ago

Caitlin: Poor Simon. How did he become a fool for love?

Mr Gilbert: Cas-sandra did something to that boy. We’ll have to find out what it is

Orora: its better we don’t interfere in his life, Uncle. We should respect his choices. Besides, I’ve moved on

Caitlin: Hmm…With Ted isn’t it?

Orora: (blus-hes) Kind of…. We’re still getting to know each other

Caitlin: I’m happy for you Orora. You’ve become more mature and un-derstanding these past weeks

Orora: Thanks. Being around good people helped me find the good in me

Caitlin: Yes dear.

(That night)
(Vincent and Elena are eating dinner)

Elena: Yummy. This chicken tastes great.

Vincent: Well I’m a really good cook

Elena: I love that.

Vincent: I’m gonna take care of you Elena. Nothing will happen to you.I as-sure you

Elena: I love you so much Vincent

Vincent: I love you too

(Elena and Vincent k!sspas-sionately. Just then, someone knocks on the door)

Elena: I wonder who that is

Vincent: I’ll go open it

(He goes to open the door and to his surprise, he sees Cas-sandra)

Vincent: Cas-sandra?

Elena: (shocked) Cas-sandra?

Cas-sandra: Vincent, plea-se don’t kick me out just yet. I’m sorry I’ve been mean to Elena. I’m really sorry and I’m willing to change. And I have nowhere to go

Vincent: So where have you been for the past few weeks? un-der a bridge?

Cas-sandra: I’ve been squ-atting with a friend but it hasn’t been easy. plea-se let me back. I’ve been suffering ever since your mom threw me out of the house few weeks ago

Vincent: I’m sorry but that can’t happen. You better go back to where you’re coming from.

Cas-sandra: (screams suddenly) Ahhhh! My head!

Vincent: Can you just st©p this?! Your damsel in distress act can’t fool me any longer.

(Cas-sandra faints suddenly)

Elena: Vincent! She fainted!

Vincent: (patting her) Cas-sandra! Cas-sandra! Oh no! We have to call the doctor….


Elena’s journey episode 46


(Next morning)

Vincent: So how is she doing?

Doctor Carl: Not so well.She fainted due to the fact that she has been un-der much stress. If she’s un-der stress again. She might die. So its better to keep her out of harm’s way.

Vincent: Thanks Doctor Carl.

Doctor Carl: Its fine. I’ll prescribe some drugs for her

Vincent: Okay


Elena: I can’t imagine what Cas-sandra is going throu-gh right now.

Vincent: Well she’ll just have to be out of harm’s way.

Elena: I can’t believe I’m saying this but I feel sorry for her

Vincent: Its ok Elena. She’ll be fine

(Simon is at Briggs bar)

Bartender: Hey Simon! My man

Simon: (moody) Hey

Bartender: When did you return to Seattle?

Simon: Last month

Bartender: How’re you doing

Simon: Honestly, I’m severely depressed

Bartender: What’s wrong

Simon: Well, You know Orora? The daughter of Mr Leon, the rich man that lived here in Seattle?

Bartender: Yeah I know her

Simon: Well I broke up with her. Because of Cas-sandra.

Bartender: Wow. The sea witch?

Simon: Well yeah. That Cas-sandra. Now I don’t even have feelings for her anymore. It was just lvst and my feelings for Orora has returned and I know she’ll never take me back. I don’t know what to do

Bartender: Maybe you should speak to her. She’ll un-derstand

Simon: You sure?

Bartender: Yeah

Simon: Ok thanks. I’ll have one large root beer..

Bartender: That’ll be $1.10

Simon: No problem (he pays him)

(At Mr Gilbert house)
(Simon calls Orora)

Orora: Simon? Is this you?

Simon: Yes. Orora I know I’ve really disappointed you and everyone else at home. I’m really sorry and…….

Orora: Simon! Its fine. I forgive you. You weren’t in your right mind when you did all of those things. Besides I’m at fault too. I always broke up with you at any slightest quarrel and i’m sorry

Simon: Do you mind if we can go back to the way we were

Orora: I’m really sorry Simon. I’ve moved on. So should you

Simon: (shocked) What….

Orora: Maybe we weren’t meant to be. I’m happy now and I’ve moved on. Goodbye Simon

Simon: Orora wait…..

(Orora hangs up)

Simon: Oh God. What have I done (he breaks into tears)

(Back at Vincent house)
(Cas-sandra is conscious and calls Doctor Carl)

Cas-sandra: Hey Doctor Carl.

Doctor Carl: Hey

Cas-sandra: I really did a good job. I injected myself with a tranquilizer that knocks someone unconscious few minutes after taking it. That’s how I was able to faint

Doctor Carl: Okay

Cas-sandra: So what did you tell Vincent

Doctor Carl: That you shouldn’t be un-der stress. If not you might die.

Cas-sandra: Wow. Did he buy it

Doctor Carl: Yeah

Cas-sandra: I like how I’m ma-king Vincent pity me. At least I’m enjoying his wealth even if he doesn’t love me anymore. I couldn’t care less (laughs)

Doctor Carl: Cas-sandra…. What I told Vincent is true. Its not a trick this time around

Cas-sandra: (confused) What do you mean?

Doctor Carl: You are gonna die if you’re un-der stress Cas-sandra. Its not a lie. Your br@in is un-der much stress and you might coll@pse if you’re not careful

Cas-sandra: Oh no!

(Elena comes into Cas-sandra’s room and she cuts the call immediately)

Cas-sandra: What’re you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to knock?

Elena: I’m sorry.

Cas-sandra: What do you want

Elena: I know you’re going throu-gh a lot right now and….

Cas-sandra: Seriously? s£ntimental talks again? I told you I hate you and nothing you do will change that!

Elena: Its ok. How’re you feeling now

Cas-sandra: Worse!
Because of you!

Elena: Excuse me? How is it my fault?

Cas-sandra: Because I hate seeing you and anytime I see you. My br@in swells!

Elena: You nee-d help!

Cas-sandra: Thank you. Now get the hell out of my room

(Cas-sandra throws Elena out of her room)

Cas-sandra: Stupid fisherwoman!

(Just then, someone calls Cas-sandra)

Cas-sandra: Its an unknown number (she picks it) who’s this?

Unknown number: Its someone you know.. Let’s meet at the gazebo by the park today

Cas-sandra: (curious) Oh… Ok

(That evening, At the gazebo)

Cas-sandra: I wonder who that person is

(Few seconds later, The person walks up to her and its Harrison, the doctor that treated Elena’s mom)

Cas-sandra: I know you? Harrison right?

Harrison: Yes. Its me. I’m the one who called you to meet me here

Cas-sandra: Yea. So what do you want

Harrison: I want Elena back from Vincent Manuel!

Cas-sandra: (laughs) and how do you want to get her back.

Harrison: You’ll be surprised. But I’ll nee-d your help

Cas-sandra: What should I do?

Harrison: Well I have a good plan to get her back. First of all, we’ll have to lure Vincent away from Elena then I’ll plan a way for Elena to lose her memory then I and Elena will move far away from Mexico to Metroville and start a new life.

Cas-sandra: So what’s in this for me? I mean how will this help me?

Harrison: If Vincent is separated from Elena. He might reconsider getting back together with you. You could even get pregnant for him and then he’ll be stuck with you

Cas-sandra: Hmm.I like that idea. I’m in

Harrison: I knew you would help me in my plan. Ever since your fight with Elena. I knew you both would become enemies

Cas-sandra: You’re right

Harrison: Yeah. Do me a favor

Cas-sandra: What?

Harrison: Don’t let anyone know about this

Cas-sandra: Promise me. I won’t.

(Back at Mr Vincent house)

Vincent mother: its almost 11pm and that woman isn’t back yet. I wonder where she went to.

Vincent: I don’t even know what to do with her

Vincent mother: I would sound like a bad person if I told you to throw her out but…..

Vincent: (laughs gently) Honestly I don’t even know her anymore.

(Few minutes later,Cas-sandra sneaks back into the house)

Cas-sandra: (sighs) Uh! Thank God everyone’s asleep

(Vincent puts on the light and Cas-sandra sees him and his mom)

Cas-sandra: Vincent?

Vincent: Where the hell have you been?

Cas-sandra: You’re still up?

Vincent: Answer my question plea-se.

Cas-sandra: Ummm… I…. I… I….

Vincent: You what? Where have you been?!

Cas-sandra: I went to gr-ab an ice cream.. No…. I went to buy flowers….. No…. I was at the museum….. I…..

Vincent: Cas-sandra what is wrong with you? You’re such a liar!

Cas-sandra: (crying) Vincent I’m not lying. plea-se believe me. I’m saying the truth

Vincent: Again with your drama. Don’t you ever get tired of it

Cas-sandra: I’m being honest. I’m a truthful person. Why won’t you see that

Vincent: Look, Just because I let you stay with me doesn’t mean you can go out and come back anytime you like! If you overstep your boundaries. You’re leaving my house!

Cas-sandra: (crying ha-rder) Why can’t you un-derstand me anymore? How did our relationsh!pbecome sour? I know its because of Elena isn’t it?

Vincent: Don’t bring Elena into this

Cas-sandra: She’s the reason why all these are happening! I hate that fisherwoman so much!

Vincent: Don’t even talk about her or compare yourself to her. She’s up here (Vincent lifts his hand above his head) and you’re down here (he puts his hand towards the ground)

Cas-sandra: (cleans her tears) I’ll get you back! Its a promise!

Vincent: Don’t forget the warning I gave you. Goodnight!

(Vincent goes into his room leaving Cas-sandra and his mom in the living room).

Vincent mother: (cl@ps for her) br@vo!!! br@vo!!! Great job. You’re a really great actress. Wow! (Cl@ps for her one more time)

Cas-sandra: (rolls her eyes in disgust) Ugh!

Vincent mother: You’re lucky my son has a heart of gold. If not, you should be out in the streets!

Cas-sandra: I know you want to see my downfall but that won’t happen. Even if I fall, I bounce back stronger! I am a f0rç£ to reckon with. I’ll deal with you! And that stupid fisherwoman!

(Cas-sandra goes into her room)

Vincent mother: I can’t wait for Vincent to change his mind about that woman and throw her out.

(Back at Mr Gilbert house)

Martin: Helen, I’m going back to Seattle this week

Helen: Why? But I thought you we’re comfortable here in Mexico City

Martin: Well i’ve been offered a job and the pay is $1000

Helen: Maybe I should come with you

Martin: But what about our baby?

Helen: Don’t worry. Nicholas will come with us. You’ll nee-d me to support you

Martin: Okay then.

(Orora calls Elena and informs her about Helen and Martin travel)

Elena: Orora! Hi. How’re you?

Orora: I’m fine Elena and you?

Elena: I’m good

Orora: I hope that sea witch isn’t bothering you?

Elena: Well we’re keeping our distance.

Orora: That’s better. How is Vincent, His mom and Adrian?

Elena: They’re all fine

Orora: I called to tell you Helen and Martin are going back to Seattle this weekend

Elena: Why?

Orora: Well Martin got a job offer and the pay is hvge. He can’t possibly miss it.

Elena: I un-derstand. I’ll be coming home tomorrow to see them before they leave

Orora: Ok Elena. Bye

Elena: Bye

(That night)
(Vincent and Elena are having a conversation in Vincent room)

Elena: So Vincent, its been long you’ve wrote a book. When will you write another one

Vincent: Well I’m out of ideas.

Elena: (smiles) Oh my God. You can’t be out of ideas. You’re Vincent Manuel. The man full of ideas

Vincent: Well I was that man till I met you. You’re a distraction.

Elena: (laughs) How?

Vincent: Because. I only ever think about you

Elena: (laughs) You’re flir-ty.

(Elena and Vincent k!sspas-sionately and Vincent start taking off her clothes)

Elena: (m0@n ing) Vincent…..

(Suddenly Cas-sandra pushes the door open)

Vincent: What the hell do you want

Cas-sandra: (smiles devilishly) I couldn’t sleep because I was hearing m0@n s

Elena: Really? Or you we’re spying on us all throu-gh?

Cas-sandra: Well you’re entitled to your opinions.But if you’re gonna have S-x, Keep your voice down

Elena: We weren’t having S-x!

Cas-sandra: Then why were you m0@n ing loudly?

Elena: (looks at Cas-sandra in confusion)

Vincent: You can leave my room now plea-se

Cas-sandra: Fine.

(She leaves the room and angrily shuts the door behind her)

Cas-sandra: (to herself) She’s lucky i cannot pounce on her because Vincent will surely kick me out but its only a matter of time before I get rid of this fisherwoman!