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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Dream Episode 9 & 10

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Episode 9


Candace Noah


I practiced the song all over and over again but still couldn’t get the exact vocals used in the song . Pete Seeger sang the song with a low pitched voice while I had a natural high pitched voice …

What will I do? I sighed in frustration

I tried to sing it again but still couldn’t get in

“Try singing it your own way. Max who had been watching me quietly suggested

What do you mean by that? I asked

I mean you should try give the song a little twist, he replied

Do you think it will be better that way? I asked worriedly

It will at least be better than the rubbish you have been singing since yesterday, he drawled

I looked at him and smiled

“Go to bed , it is already late”. I instructed

how do you expect me to sleep when you are still battling with your song? he frowned

“Oh! My baby brother is so caring . I teased

“Just go away”. he retorted and I grinned


I tried to see the song with my high pitched voice just like Max suggested

I picked up my guitar from the bed, tuned it to the rhythm of the song and soon started singing …..





May God bless and keep you always

May all your wishes come true

May you always do for others

And let others

do for you …………….I smiled when I was done singing, the song came out beautifully

Max! I called but there was no response from him

I turned to look at him and smiled when I saw him already asleep

I kept on singing the song till I drifted off to sleep…



The next morning



A stinging slap across my face jolted me up from sleep

ooouch! I exclaimed while sitting up

Why did you do that? I glared at Max who was laughing at me

“That is to teach you to be an early riser. he replied grinning

What do you …….. I stopped when I noticed he was already dressed up for school

I glanced at the time, it was 8:00

Damn! I cursed , why didn’t you wake me up earlier?

“You were sleeping so soundly”. he replied while leaving the room

I got off my bed and ran into the bathroom to freshen up

I returned to the room when I was done and went over to the wardrobe for a change of clothing .


I stared at my reflection when I was done dressing and was satisfied

I wore a blue floral gown and a white sneakers

I sling my backpack across my shoulders , grabbed my guitar and ran out of the room



I met my mum and Max having breakfast in the sitting room

Good morning!

Morning candy! She smiled, how was your night?

Fine! I replied and scurried out of the house


I flagged down a taxi and got into it

Delgado music school! I called and the driver nodded before driving off

I closed my eyes

and said a silent round ,I pray to make it through the second round….



The driver soon got to the school and parked in front of it

I paid him after I alighted from the taxi

Thanks miss , he appreciated and drove off….

I walked into the school compound and headed upstairs to the hall where the competition will be taking place….


I pushed the door to the hall opened and walked into the noisy hall

I looked around the hall for Loretta and smiled when I saw her seated at a extreme corner.

Loretta! I called while walking towards her

She turned to look at me and smiled

“You were late . She queried

“ I practiced all night. I replied and she smiled

I sat down beside her placing my guitar gently on the floor

The hall became quiet when Miss Brenda Came out of the next room to address us

Good morning! She greeted . Welcome to the second phase of the competition and like you all know only 10 of you will make it to the next round . You will all be singing here in front of your peers and the judges …

Oh no! Loretta exclaimed, I don’t like the idea of singing in front of everyone

Why? I asked

It makes me really nervous, she replied and I smiled

It will be alright. I assured her


Kira is here! a girl announced and the whole hall immediately became noisy

“ I love you Kira. a boy squealed and I scoffed

I stared at her as she walked in with the same girls of yesterday

she was wearing a very skimpy gown and I must admit she really looked beautiful

They all walked over to the judges seat and sat down gracefully .

Why must she be the judge again? she is nothing but a rude brat




Chase Delgado



The sound of my phone ringing jolted me out of sleep

Damn! I cursed

I received the call without confirming the caller was

“hello! I grunted

Chase! don’t tell me you are still on bed? a voice asked

Who is this?

“It is me Dave, your manager”. he replied

Oh! I am sorry , I never knew you were the one

“It is alright”. he assured….you need to come over to the music school

Why?i frowned , can’t I just take the day off

No Chase, he replied and hanged up



I dragged myself up from the bed, went into the bathroom to freshen up and returned to the room when I was done

I dressed up in an all white outfit, picked up my car keys from the stool beside the bed and headed downstairs


I met Nick’s mother seated all alone in the sitting room with her eyes glued to her phone

Good morning ma! I greeted

She looked up at me and scoffed

Bastard! She cursed, how dare you open your filthy mouth to greet me. She glared at me

“I am sorry. I apologised and walked out of the sitting room

Why does she hate me so much? I wondered



Candace Noah


The first girl was called up to the front of the hall ..

What is you name? Kira asked without looking at her

Ciiarra Sancheeeezzz. She stuttered

What song are you singing?

“Merry time by bald gold , she replied

“Go on with it”. Kira instructed and the girl started singing with an off key tune

Oh my gawd! Loretta exclaimed, This is so bad

Very very bad, I drawled

Stop! Kira yelled and the girl immediately stop singing

What the hell are you singing? Kira scoffed

“I am am sorry. the girl stuttered

“Get out . Kira barked , you are not meant to be here

The girl bursted into tears as she ran out of the room


I almost peed on my pants when I was called Next

What! I exclaimed

“You can do it candy. Loretta encouraged giving me a small smile

I stood up , picked my guitar from the floor and walked over to the front

What is your name? Kira asked staring at me

Candace Noah, I replied

What song are you singing?

“Forever Young by Pete Seeger”

Good! Let us hear you sing

I tuned the guitar and started to sing




May God bless and keep you always


May your wishes all come true


May you always do good for others


May you build a ladder to your stars


And climb on every rung


May you stay forever you , may you stay for…………


“Stop. Kira yelled and I immediately stopped

I felt my heart racing fast

What did I do? I wondered

She looked and me and scoffed

Are you sure you are singing a Pete Seeger song? She asked

I nodded sheepishly

Then why the hell did you make use of a high pitched voice? she grinned evilly

“But Kira she sang the song even better than Pete Seeger”. one of the celebrity girl defended me

“Shut up. she barked at her and turned to look at me

Why did you make use of a high pitched voice? she repeated

I tried to talk but no sound came out

“You are disqualified from this competition . She informed and the whole hall became quiet

But why? Miss Brenda asked , she didn’t do anything wrong in fact I was mesmerised with her voice

“I am the main Judge here miss Brenda, she drawled

What are you still doing here? she asked facing me…… Get out

I picked my guitar and ran out of the hall as tears streak down my face……

Is this really the end of my dreams? I wondered running and bumped into someone

“ I am sorry , I apologised looking up and gasped in surprise when I met the gaze of Chase

Chase! I called wiping the tears from my eyes

he stared at me without saying anything

“I am really sorry”. I bowed before turning to go and he caught me by my arm

“Chase erm I mean Sir Chase. I stuttered

Why are you crying? he asked

Nothing, I lied

I said why are you crying? he repeated

“The competition”. I said as tears flowed freely down my face

What happened to it? he asked

“I was judged unfairly, I replied

Do you sing? he asked and I nodded

he was quiet for a while

If I ask you to try again, will you?

What!! I exclaimed in surprise

Will you? he repeated and I nodded

Come with me,he instructed taking my hands into his as we headed to the hall ignoring the stares and whispers of everyone around……….


Episode 10



Chase Delgad



I was heading to the record studio when a girl bumped into me

“I am sorry “. She apologised looking up at me and I immediately recognised her .

She was the girl I met at the orphanage,the girl that motivated me with her words, she was my first fan……

but why is she crying? I wondered

She mumbled an apology and was about to leave when I caught her by the arm

Why are you crying? I asked


I said why are you crying? I repeated

The competition, she replied

What happened to it? I asked confusedly

I was judged unfairly, she repeated

Do you sing? I asked and she nodded while sniffing

Seeing the way she was crying, i knew the competition meant a lot to her so I decided to help her out

If I ask you to try again, will you? I asked staring intently at her

What!! she exclaimed

Will you? I repeated and she nodded

Good! I exclaimed taking her hands into mine as we headed to the hall…………



I pushed the door to the hall opened and we walked in

All eyes turned to look at us and I heard people calling my name in whispers

Why do they all look scared? Is this a competition or a torture room

Sir Chase! Mrs Brenda called while running towards me , what are you doing here?

Are you the judge of the competition? I asked ignoring here question

She shook her head negatively

Then who is?

“Kira. she replied pointing to Kira who was staring blankly at me

I let go of the girl hand and walked towards Kira

Chase! she called , why are you here with her? She frowned

“I want to see her perform. I replied

“What do you mean by that Chase? she has been disqualified”. She yelled

Disqualified? What did she do? I asked

“She could not not siiinnnnngg “. she stuttered

“That is a big fat lie”. Mr Brenda retorted ,the girl has an angelic voice

I looked at Kira and scoffed , it was obvious she was the one lying

Brenda! I called

Yes sir, she responded looking at me

I want to hear all of them sing and I want them Judged fairly

Are you going to Judge them? She asked

“No . I replied, Kira will and I am sure she won’t Judge unfairly this time around or will you? I asked facing her

She shook her head negatively

Fine! I drawled , start the competition all over again





Candace Noah



Did I just hear right? I will be given another chance to sing

Oh candy! you are one lucky girl

I walked towards Loretta and sat down beside her

Oh candy! I am so happy for you. She beamed , how did you get to meet Chase?

I will tell you about it after the competition”. I promised and she nodded



The first to be called to the front was the barbie girl

Your name please? Kira asked

“Tiffany Moses”. She replied

What song are you singing?

Love me again by Diana May”. She replied

“Go on with it .she instructed

She started singing and I must admit she got a beautiful voice



The second person to be called to the front was Loretta

“You can do it Loretta”. I encouraged her and she smiled

She walked up to the front and gave all her best



I waited for about two hours before I was called up to the front , in fact I was the only one remaining to sing

I took a deep breath before walking up to the front

I was really nervous but I knew this was the only chance I have got

Name? Kira asked

“Candace Noah. I replied glancing at Chase who was seated beside Kira

“You can go on with your song. She drawled


I tuned my guitar with my eyes closed and started singing




May God bless and keep you always


May all your wishes all come true


May you always do for others


And a lot others will do for you


May you build a ladder to your stars


And climb on every rung


May you stay forever young, forever young


May you stay forever young…….



I heard cheering and clapping when I was done and opened my eyes to see almost everyone clapping

I turned to look at Chase and he gave me a small smile

He stood up and whispered something to Kira before leaving the hall…..

I just pray everything goes well….



I felt my heart beating loudly when the witch was about to announce the result

“I am really nervous! Loretta said holding my hands tightly

“We will make it. I assured her “


If your name is being called, please go over to the next room”. Kira informed and soon started calling the names

Nick Jonas

Benita Gold

Tiffany Moses

Adams Jeff

Ciara Daniels

Loretta Samuels

Ben Castillo

Philip James

Marimba Dan

She paused and sighed before calling the last name which was mine

Candace Noah


I screamed and hugged Loretta when I heard my name

I could not believe it, I really could not believe it

“I am so happy. Loretta beamed as we jumped excitedly

Me too……



We met no one in the next room when we got there

We walked over to the front row and sat down

So can you tell me how you met Chase? Loretta asked

“I didn’t meet him, I bumped into him .I replied

Just like that? She asked and I nodded

“Well that is hard to believe because he acted like he knows you before now”

Why did you say so? I asked

Can’t you see the way he held your hands and stood up for you?.

I felt someone tug at my clothes and I turned to look

I was surprised to see barbie smiling at me

hi Candace! she greeted sitting beside me , I am Tiffany

“Just call me candy. I informed and she smiled

How can I help you? I asked

“I just want to be your friend, she grinned

Friends? Why?i asked

“Because you are a friend to Chase . she replied

Really? I scoffed and she nodded

Can you please……. she stopped when a fat man on suit walked in

Why are the men here always on suit? I wondered


Good afternoon! the man greeted, I am Mr George and I am in charge of the third phase competition

He looked around to make sure we were all listening before he continued

The stage would be the easier, you will perform a song written by you

“Wow! this is great. I remarked

and you are all going to be Judged by top celebrities

What!!!! I exclaimed loudly and the man turned to look at me

Do you have a problem with that miss? he asked

No, I replied

Good! this is a school that mould its students into celebrities so we are looking for the best five

Do anyone have a question? he asked

I do, Tiffany raised her hands

What is it? the man asked

“Will Chase be present? She asked grinning

The man looked at her and laughed. he will be present if he is not busy

Yippee! she exclaimed excitedly

I frowned at her

Why is she so excited about my Chase?



I bade Loretta and headed to the bus station

I was so excited about today. Chase stood up for me, my crush stood up for me

I thought about his gaze on me and smiled sheepishly

How I wish I can see him again?

I stood at the station waiting for a taxi when a white sport car stopped in front of me

Who is this? I wondered

Candy! a voice called winding the glass down

I tilted my head to get a clearer look at the person and gasped in shock when I saw Chase…

Sir Chase! I called

“Get in “. he instructed

What? I asked in surprise

“I said get in. he repeated”

I opened the car door and hopped into the front seat

Are you happily now?he asked and I nodded

Wait a minute! how did he know I made it through this round? or is he……..

Where are you headed to? he asked distracting me from my thoughts

home, I replied

And where is your home?

Are you planning on driving me home? I asked in surprise

Is there a crime in that? he asked

I shook my head negatively

Good! So tell me where you live? he asked

“Diamond block”. I replied and he nodded

Is this for real? I asked pinching my self a little

Oh candy! You are really so lucky……





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