Dream Episode 11 to 13

Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 11
Chase Delgado
I knew she was surprised when I insisted on driving her home..
I never intended to , I didn’t even know what c@m£ over me
Just staring at her makes me do things I never thought of doing
I glanced at her and smiled
Why do I feel this way? I wondered
Sir Chase! She called distracting me from my thoughts
I turned to look at her
“Thanks , she appreciated and I smiled
“ it is nothing, you really deserved it
Really? she asked
“Sure. I replied. you really do have a beautiful voice ………
Where exactly do you live? I asked when I got to diamond block
I will alight in front of the big church. She replied
Why? Do you live in a church?I asked and she shook her head
Then why do you want to alight in front of the church? I asked
“Nothing. she replied pla-ying shyly with her hands”
“Just tell me where you stay, I will drive you there “
Fine! I stay behind diamond blocks…….
We soon got to the her house and I parked in front
“So this is the reason why she never wanted me to take her home at first”. I wondered staring at the cottage house
“This is where I stay. she said with her head bowed slightly
“Your house is beautiful. I remarked “
“You don’t nee-d to lie to me sir. She said and I smiled
So when is the next competition? I asked
On Saturday.she replied
Good! I remarked
Will you be pres£nt? She asked
“I don’t know. I shrug”. Can I have your phone?
Sure, she replied handing me her phone
I took it from her, typed my number on the phone and dialled it…
My phone immediately rang
“here . I said giving her back her phone
She looked at me and smiled
“Thanks Chase.. erm I mean Sir Chase . she stuttered
“It is Chase. I corrected, and what are you thanking me for?
“For letting me have your number”. She smiled
It is no big deal, I should have done that the first time we met
“Thanks once again for today , she appreciated opening the car doors
“It is nothing dear, I said and she blu-shed”
Why is she blu-shing? I wondered
She alighted from the car and closed the car doors gently
“Wish you success in the final round. I wished and drove off……
Candace Noah
I walked into the house feeling very happy
Did he just call me dear? I thought smiling sheepishly
Who dropped you off? Max asked, he was standing close to the window
“That is none of your business . I retorted”
Really? he scoffed …..hmmmmmmh how will Mum and Dad react if tell them you now see men? he threatened
“I am not seeing any man. I growled “
Then who was that that dropped you?he repeated grinning
“Fine! that was Chase”. I replied
Chase? Which of the Chase? because I am sure it can’t be Delgado
What do you mean? I retorted glaring at him
And why will he drive you home? he asked disbelieving
“Because he is my friend. I replied
“Whatever. he rolled his eyes….. oh lest I forget , Zara c@m£ over to the house
“Yes Zara! She brou-ght this over. he informed pointing at a stack of papers on the table
I went over to the table and picked up the papers
They were test papers
I glanced throu-gh them and smiled. I pas-sed all of the tests
Oh Zara! I really can’t trade you for anything…………
Nick Delgado
I stared at the man singing in front of me and Sighed
Why is it so ha-rd to find a replacement?
“St©p. I yelled at him and he immediately st©pped
What are you singing? I glared at him
“Sir Nick I was was jjjjusst singging what you as-sked me to”. he stuttered
“ with that croaky voice of yours”.I frowned
But I…………
“Get out. I barked and he immediately scurried out of the room
“But Nick you can’t continue rejecting all of them. My manager who had been watching quietly queried
“None of them are up to my taste . I defended and he sighed
What do you intend doing? he asked , your concert is just in a few weeks
“I will just keep on searching . I drawled
he stared at me for a while and sighed
Why can’t you try using your voice? he asked
Are you trying to taunt me? I asked, how will I sing when I have a croaky voice? How will I sing when I don’t know anything about music?. I yelled
“But you can learn Nick”. he insisted
Learn? I scoffed
Yes you can…………
“Shut that hole you call a mouth”. I barked and he shuddered
What will I do now? I wondered, what will happen to me when the whole world finds out I do l-ips ync ?
Nick! My manager called distracting me from my thoughts
What is it? I asked staring at him
“Look at this “. he said handing me his phone
I dragged the phone and stared at it
What!! I exclaimed and re-ad out the headline
Really? I scoffed
I stared at the image on the screen and sm-irked
Who is she? I asked my manager
I think she is among the students trying to get into the school”. he replied
Oh! I exclaimed staring at the image, she was …… beautiful.
Kira Montez
How could Chase embarras-s me in front of those commoners? how could he?
he made me feel like a fool and a looser but I can’t still get angry at him because i love him .
Yes, I love Chase. I have always loved him since we were young teenagers but he never took notice of me ….
Why did he help the commoner? I wondered. I felt so jealous of her angelic voice and wanted her out of the competition but chase ruined everything..
Why exactly did it help her? . The Chase I know had never stood up for anyone but he cancelled the competition just because of one girl…..
Who is she to Chase? ………
Episode 12
Candace Noah
The day of the final competition
I practiced my song one last time after I was done dressing
It was the day of the final competition and I was really nervous..
My phone suddenly rang and I smiled when I saw the caller. it was My Chase , yes that was how I saved his number on my phone
Chase! I called immediately I received it
how are you Candy? he asked
I am really nervous, I replied
You don’t nee-d to be dear, Just give all your best. he advised
Alright! I sighed. Will you be coming to the competition?
“No, I have an interview to go to”.he replied and I immediately felt sad
“But I will make it up to you. he promised
“Alright. I sighed
“I wish you all the best baby. he said and hanged up the call
Baby? Did he just call me baby? I smiled like an idiot
Oh Chase! What are you doing to me….
I headed to the sitting room feeling a little bit better
Good morning! I greeted my parent who were watching a weekend program on the television
Morning baby! My mom responded while walking towards me
“Just be yourself and I am very sure you will make it”. She as-sured me
Thanks mum, i appreciated
“And don’t forget to greet Chase. Max said while coming out of the kitchen
I glared at him
What does he mean by that? my mom asked
“Nothing Mum. I lied, he is just trying to tease me
Can we go now? my dad asked
“Sure …….
I prayed silently as my dad drove me over to the school…
I prayed to be successful so I can get to sing on the big stage some day…
Are you alright? My dad asked
I looked at him and smiled
Candy! You really nee-d to st©p thinking, Just give all your best”. he encouraged taking my hand into his and giving it a gentle squee-ze
“I believe you will make it. he as-sured and I smiled
We soon got to the school and I alighted from the car
“Best of luck Princess”. My dad wished and drove off
I walked into the school compound and was surprised to see all eyes on me
Why are they all staring? I wondered
“She is not even pretty. I heard a girl say
I glared at her and she scoffed
Crazy. I cursed
I headed to the hall ignoring the stares and whispers of everyone
I got to the hall and was surprised to see arranged in a different way
I looked around and noticed Loretta was yet to be around
I went over to the back row and sat down quietly
Candy! I heard someone called my name
I turned to look and sm-irked when I saw barbie face
Can’t she just let me be?
Candy! She called again while sitting beside me
“Hi. I gr-unted and she flashed me a smile
How are you today? she grinned
“Fine. I replied
And what of Chase? she asked grinning
I scoffed
Why are you asking me about Chase?
because he is your friend. She replied
Are you taking to me because of ……. I st©pped when someone tapped me
I turned to look and smiled at when I saw Loretta
hi candy! She greeted glaring at barbie, what is she doing here?
What do you mean by that? barbie asked, I am Candy’s friend also
“It is alright girls”. I cut in. we have a competition ahead of us and we ought to be practicing and not fighting
“Oh right! barbie signed
I adjusted a little bit so Loretta could sit beside me…
The hall was in a uproar when miss Brenda walked in ushering the celebrities in…
I stared in disbelief as they walked in..
Eddie Jonas, Sara Klan, Kira Montez the witch and …….Nick
Oh my gawd! I exclaimed, is that Nick
Nick! Nick! I screamed loudly
The hall was so noisy that Miss Brenda had to ban-g on a table several times to get attention
Good morning! She sighed , I can see you all are excited..
This is the final stage in the competition and only five students among you will get admitted into the school .
You are all going to Sing an original song, that means the song you composed on your own. Is that clear?
“Yes. We all chorused
Fine! We will be starting the competition in the next 30 minutes . She informed and left
“Oh candy! this is gonna be tough. Loretta remarked
I nodded staring towards the Judges seat and was surprised to see Nick staring at me …
Chase Delgado
I drove to the media house thinking about only one person, Candy.
I really wanted to see her perform but I had and interview to catch up with
Chase! my manager called distracting me from my thought
What is it? I asked without looking at him
“Who is this girl to you? he asked placing his phone in front of me
I glanced at the pictures and scoffed
Are we really gonna talk about this again?
“Yes Chase , you are now a celebrity and you nee-d to be very cautious about everything you do”
“So did I do anything wrong by holding her hands . I asked
“You shouldn’t have hold her hands . he queried”
Why? I asked
“Can’t you see, everyone thinks she is your girlfriend .he retorted
And what is bad about that? I asked
he gave me a surprised look
Do you like her? he asked and I smiled ………
Candace Noah
Are we going to survive this? Loretta asked after Sara klan condemned a girl for singing on an off key
“I really don’t know”. I shrug
The next to be called to the front was barbie
She walked boldly to the front and sang her song beautifully
Wow! Kira exclaimed while cl@pping, you really killed the song
“Thanks Kira.barbie grinned”
“She is really good. I remarked
I felt something drop on my p@n-t when I was called up next
Oh my gawd! Did I just pee on my p@n-t?
I walked to the front with my head bowed down, I was really nervous
What is your name? I heard a male voice asked
I looked up to see Nick smiling at me
“Candace Noah. I replied”
Alright, you can go on with your song
I tuned my guitar and started singing, it was a song I composed on the very day I met Chase
I met you only once
But you always in my heart
I thought you will be my love
I thought you felt the same way
I always see you everywhere in my dreams
Like wind and dust
I can’t catch you, I can’t see you
Remember I love you, I love you
I believed it was love, i called it destiny
Remember I love you , I love you
You are living in my eyes
I answer only to you
Hold my when I sway
My love , my love………………
Everyone is in the hall applauded when I was done except Kira who just stared blankly at me
Wow! Eddie Jonas exclaimed., you have a beautiful voice and I am alre-ady in love with you
“Thank, I bowed in appreciation
”I was speechless when you started singing. Sara klan remarked . You are the best among all or what do you think Nick?
I turned to look at Nick
He just kept on staring at me
Did I do anything wrong? I wondered
Nick! Sara klan called , what is wrong with you?
Nothing, he sighed
What is your name again? he asked
“Candace Noah “
Good! You are unique Candace. he remarked and I must say your voice is as beautiful as you, you will got my attention
“Thanks, I mumbled ………….
Nick Delgado
I watched the girl walk over to her seat and smiled ..
She was more beautiful than the image on the phone
I really don’t care if Chase is into her or not
I want her, I really do…..
Episode 13
Candace Noah
I watched the judge’s whispered among themselves and sighed
When will they get done with the list? I wondered …
I was really nervous but at the same time eager to hear the results
“What was your song all about? Loretta suddenly asked
I looked at her and smiled
“It is all about love”
“I love it”. She remarked. you are not only a good singer, you are also a good composer
The whole hall bec@m£ quiet when Sara klan walked to the front holding a white paper…
Oh my gawd! Loretta exclaimed, she is about to announce the winners
I want to commend you all for your performance today and I must admit you all did a great job .but like you all know only 5 among you will get into Delgado music school
She looked at our faces before calling out the names
The newly admitted students of Delgado music school are
Tiffany Moses
Nick Jonas
Candace Noah
Ben Castillo and Loretta Samuels
I leapt up for Joy when I heard my name
Is this for real? I pinched myself to be sure I heard right
“We made it candy, we made it”. Loretta hvgged me..
“Yes dear we did . I said as tears rolled down my eyes
This is the beginning of my dreams
We were all instructed to go over to next room
I held Loretta hands as we walked happily to the room
We walked in the room and saw a woman alre-ady waiting for us
“Hi”.we greeted as we sat down beside her
Where are the others? She frowned
They will soon be …….the door suddenly flung opened and barbie face and the two boys walked in
Good! She remarked while standing
She waited for them to settle down before she started
“Good afternoon champs! I am Rosy Adams and I am here to tell you more about Delgado music school.
As you all know , this school is known for moulding talented singers like you into celebrities .but let me tell you a fact, not all student here become celebrities
What!!! one of the boys exclaimed
What is it young man? the woman asked
“I am sorry ma for cutting in but I was just surprised”
Surprised about what?
“What you just said , the fact that not all student here becomes celebrities. he replied
And what is so surprising about that”. She retorted , we only try our best . You all nee-d to be focused and determined to succeed , is that clear?
“Yes ma. we chorused”
Good! If you have any questions, signify by raising your hands
“ I have one”. Barbie face announced while raising her hands and the woman nodded
When should we resume to the school?She asked
“On Monday”.the woman replied but you will all be nee-ding a reference letter from your previous school “
Are we gonna be lectured on Music alone? She continued
“No silly. She replied, this is also a school. The only difference here is that we focus more on music
Oh! I exclaimed softly
Is there any other question? She asked and I raised up my hands
“Go on”
When do we get to sing on the big stage? I asked and she smiled
“Your first performance on stage will be a duet with a t©p celebrity”
Really? I asked in surprise and she nodded
“That is why you all nee-d to be focused because they choose only the best”
“Congratulations once again. She smiled and walked out of the room
“This will be tougher than the competition”. Loretta remarked
Really really touc…. I st©pped when a man walked up to us
Good afternoon! he greeted staring at us, who between the both of you is Candace Noah?
I looked at him in surprise
What do you nee-d her for? I asked
Are you the one? he asked ignoring my questions and I nodded
Good! he remarked, my boss wants to have a word with you
Your boss? Who is he?
“Just follow me and you will get to see him”. he replied
Can my friend also come with me ? I asked
“No she can’t .he replied
“Because he wants to see you alone . he sm-irked
“If she won’t be allowed to go with me , then I am not going with you . I frowned
Fine! he agreed but she will have to wait outside …..
I held Loretta hands ti-ghtly as we followed behind the man
Where are we headed to? I wondered as we climbe-d up the stairs
We soon got to room to the front of a room and the man urged me to go in
I pushed the door to the room opened and walked in
It was a clas-s room and it was so beautiful
I was lost looking around that I forgot the main reason why I was in the room
Candace! a voice called and I shuddered.
I turned to the direction of the voice and g@sped in shock when I saw Nick
he was seated on a low chair and had been watching me quietly
“Sir Nnick. I stuttered bowing my head
“Congrats Candace. he smiled standing up
“Thanks sir. I smiled looking up at him
Why do you ask to see me sir? I asked
“Because I like you . he replied without taking his eyes off mine
What do you mean Sir? I was shocked
“Quit pretending, I am sure you know what I mean”. he said moving closer to me
I shifted back a little and he chuckled
Why are you behaving like a kid?
“I really nee-d to go sir. I informed.i turned to go but he caught me by the w@!st and pu-ll-ed me closer to him
“I want you candy. he blurted out and before I could say anything he placed hisl-ips on mine and k!$$£d me
I struggled to come out of his grip but he held me more ti-ghtly
I hit his che-st ha-rd and bit him ha-rd on hisl-ips
“Aarrrrgh”.he gr-unted as he immediately let go of me
Why did you do that? he asked tou-ching hisl-ips
“plea-se I really nee-d to go sir”. I pleaded and turned to go
Is it because of Chase? he asked and I st©pped
“Is it because of Chase? he repeated yelling
I ran out of the room without replying him.
he just stole my first k!ss
Nick Delgado
I watched the girl run out of the room and scoffed
No girl has ever rejected me , but she did
Why? Is it because of Chase?
I t©uçhed myl-ips and smiled , I really loved her guts…
Candace Noah
What the fv¢k! Loretta exclaimed after I explained all that happened to her
Is he Crazy? Why will be do that? Did he see you as a cheap slut or what?
“Lower your voice. I cautioned
Fine! She sighed. What will you do about it?
“Nothing, I replied”
What do you mean by nothing? She frowned
What do you expect me to do? I asked her
“Report to the school authorities”. She retorted
Really? I Scoffed, what do you think they will do about it? for goodness sake Nick is a Delgado and this school is owned by his father
oooops! I forgot, so what will you do about it?
“I don’t know, I just nee-d to get home first . We will see on Monday
“Alright dear. She gave me a quic-k hvg before leaving
I headed to the taxi park still confused about everything that happened earlier
I flagged down a taxi and got in
“Behind Diamond block”. I called and the driver nodded before driving off
What is wrong with you candy? I beat at my che-st as tears rolled down my eyes.
You are in love with Chase so why the hell did you let his brother take your first k!ss.
Are you alright? the driver asked staring at me throu-gh the rear mirror
I nodded sniffing
The driver parked in front of my house and I paid him after alighting
I stared in surprise at the white sport car parked in front of the house as I walked in
Did dad have a visitor? I wondered
I pushed the door opened and walked into the house.
I g@sped in surprise when I saw Chase seated in the sitting room laughing and chatting with my family . They were so engrossed in what they were chatting about that they took no notice of me
Is this for real?
Chase! I called and they all looked up at me
Congrats Candy! Chase said smiling
I gave him a small smile
How the hell will I tell him his brother stole my first k!ss?