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April 23, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Dream Episode 5 & 6

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Dream Episode 5



Candace Noah

I woke up very early the next Day. It was a practical day and I had to be in class so early

I looked at Max who was still snoring and tapped him gently

“Wake up kiddo or you will be late to school”

he steered in his sleep mumbling some words and continued snoring

Is he kidding me?

I stood on the bed and kicked his butt

Ooooouc! he exclaimed jolting up from sleep

Why did you do that? he frowned rubbing his butt

That is to teach you to be an early riser. I replied grinning

Crazy! I heard him muttered

I jumped down from the bed and went over to the wardrobe to bring out my uniform

I placed my uniform on the ironing table, plugged in the iron and started ironing

Are you going to Delgado music high today? Max asked while watching me iron my uniform

How did you know about it? I asked, you were already asleep when Father broke the news to me

I wasn’t really sleeping so I overheard it

I looked at him and smirked

So are you going today?he repeated

No the interview will take place tomorrow. I replied

After the interview, what next?

I don’t know. I shrugged .

But if you …………

Max! I called , go and take your bath

But I just ……

Just go Max. I instructed

Fine. he sighed

He dragged himself

out of bed and went over to the bathroom

Lazy boy!

I plugged out the iron when I was done ironing and placed it gently on the floor .

I pulled off my clothes and wrapped my towel around me

Max! I called loudly, what are you doing in……..

I am done! he announced returning to the room with his briefs on

Were you planning on sleeping in there? I drawled

Just go and bath. he frowned

I smiled at him, he was obviously still angry with me for ignoring his questions


I went into the bathroom to freshen up and returned to the room when I was done

Max was not in the room, I guess he was done dressing

I quickly changed into my uniform, put on my shoes , grabbed my back and headed to the sitting room


I met my mum and Max eating in the sitting room

“Good morning mum! I greeted

Morning Candy! She greeted smiling, how was your night?

Fine mum . I replied and she smiled

Have your seat let me go get your breakfast

Don’t worry mom I will pass, I will get something at the school cafeteria

Do you have enough money?

Not really but I will manage the one I have

Alright dear

I was about leaving the house when she called me

I turned to look at her and was surprised to see tears streaming down her face

Are you alright mum? I asked

She nodded. I am just happy for you, I am happy you finally got a chance to show you talent

Mum! I called softly

I am sorry baby for everything.

She apologised, I was not happy with your grades and I wanted you to improve ..

I understand mum.I assured her

Thanks dear. She said pulling me into a hug

I will be your number one fan. She whispered Into my ears and I smiled ……

I got to school feeling excited about everything

I walked to my class humming my favourite song titled “my only hope” by Nick


I walked into the noisy classroom and smiled when I saw Zara busy with her books as usual

Zara! Zara! I called while walking towards her

hey candy! she greeted , what is up? you look really excited

Of course I am. I replied grinning , my dad got me the scholarship form of Delgado music school,I whispered

Are you serious? she asked

Yes friend, I will be a scholarship student of Delgado music school if I get to pass the interview

How did your dad get the form? She asked in whispers

his boss is a top staff of the school and Guess what? he is also Kira father

Kira Montez? She screamed aloud and the whole class turned to look at her

What happened to Kira? Mia asked, she is the principal daughter and loved making fun of others

It is none of your business. Zara retorted and she scoffed

Crazy! She cursed

Don’t mind her. I said to Zara who was still glaring at Mia and she smiled

So what were we saying , do you mean you will also get to see your Nick?she teased

I don’t know. I shrug

Why? She asked, I bet you will see him because he goes there

Sure, I drawled . how will I explain to her that I wish to see someone else and not Nick?

I went over to my seat when the chemistry teacher walked into the class

I dislike the teacher because I hated the subject

In fact I dislike all the teachers because I hated all the subjects


The whole class became quiet when he started teaching

I stared blankly at the board not understanding a single thing

I sighed as my mind drifted off to the cute guy, I thought about his cute smiles, his black hair , his sea blue eyes …….

Chase! Will I ever see you again ?

Chase Delgado

I stretched when I woke up and was surprised to see my mom sleeping beside me

When did she get here? I wondered

I pecked her lightly on her cheek before standing up from the bed

I walked into to the bathroom to freshen up and returned to the room when I was done

I went over to the wardrobe and changed into a blue jean and a red hoodie

I sat on the bed to put on my shoes when I felt someone tug at my clothes

I turned back and smiled when I saw my mom already awake

Good morning mom! I greeted and she smiled

I am going over to the studio with Dad. I informed and she smiled widely

Mum you gonna have a tear if you continue smiling like that. I teased staring at her face

She nodded smiling as tears streaked down her face

She was happy and I knew it

Mum! I called taking her two hands into mine . I am going to become successful and I will make sure no one mock or taunt you again

She nodded smiling

I need to get going now. I informed while standing

See ya later . I waved and walked out of the room

I met my dad and Nick’s mother arguing in the sitting room and they stopped immediately they saw me

It was to late as I heard most of the things they said

Nick’s mum was trying to persuade my dad to forget about the son of the maid, which was me but my dad warned her not to call me that again

“ I am ready Dad! I informed and he smiled

Bastard! Nick mom cursed at me before heading up the stairs

Don’t mind her son, she is just being jealous

I know

Can we go now? he asked

Sure. I replied……..



We soon got to the Delgado music school and my dad parked in the parking lot meant for VIP

We alighted from the car and walked in together

I was surprised to see most of the students staring at me

Why are they all staring? I wondered


There were six men and two ladies in the studio when we walked in

Sir Chase! one of the lady called , I am Brenda and it nice finally getting to meet you. Your dad has told us all about you and we are so eager to work with you

Thanks! I appreciated

I wonder why your brother Nick choose to record in another studio. She continued, do you have an Idea why he does that?

That is his headache, My dad replied . Can we get start recording?

“Sure, she replied and instructed the others to get ready

I guess she is the boss here

She led me to a glass room and instructed me on what to do

Do you understand? She asked and I nodded

Start singing when the blue light turns red. She instructed and walked out of the glass room

I watched the light and started singing immediately it turned red. I sang a love song I composed titled “only you “without even knowing why

My tears remember

It fills up your seat

I try erasing you but I can’t erase you


You have become my everything


Oh you, I can’t see you

I can’t hear you

But I am okay


Goodbyes are sad

My heart aches


But if you are happy ,if you can smile then I will be okay


I will miss you

The more I erase you


I will shed more tears than today


By fate I won’t have anyone like you


Only you only you


I just hope you are happy………..



I removed the head phone when I was done singing and heard the applauds of everyone in the studio

I smiled walking out of the glass room and they all kept on applauding

“You are a born celebrity! one of the men remarked, where have you been hiding since?

Chase! my dad called coming closer to me, you did a good job

I never knew you were this good. he said as tears rolled down his eyes

I looked at him in surprise, I have never seen him cry before

Dad! I called softly and he chuckled

“Where did the idea of the song come from? he asked wiping his tears, have you ever been in love before?

I shook my head and he smiled

When should we release the song? Brenda asked smile , the song is remarkable…. but wait a minute. you voice is so similar to Nick’s , is it a kind of brotherly connection?

Maybe . I replied smiling

Brenda! my dad called , I want the song released now

Sure . She replied and signalled at the men

Why so soon? I asked my dad

Because the song is too good to be delayed . he replied grinning

The door suddenly flung opened and Nick stormed into the room

How could you dad? he yelled, how could you choose this illegitimate bastard over me your legitimate son?

How do you expect me to choose between my two sons? Dad asked , I am just trying to be fair to both of you because I love you both

How can your bastard and I share the same spot in your heart?

Shut up Nick! Dad barked , he is not a bastard and I will make sure no one calls his illegitimate again

What do you mean dad? Nick asked frowning

“I plan on marrying his mother legally and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Dad replied and I gasped in surprise

Dad! I called softly, do you really mean it


Episode 6
Chase Delgado
Nick gasped in shock immediately he heard my song have been released
I looked at him and scoffed, he was so self-centred
how can you do this? he yelled to no one in particular and stormed out of the room
Is Nick alright? Brenda asked facing me and I nodded
Then why did he act like that? Is he jealous or something?
I don’t know. I shrug
Are you alright dad? I asked my dad while studying him, he was looking kind of tensed
I am alright son,he assured. I ought to be the one asking if you are alright
I am dad, I replied smiling. You really made my day
how? he asked
“For helping me with my dreams and also agreeing to marry mother”
he smiled
I should have done that a long time ago but I was selfishly worried about how Nick would react without even thinking about you. I know I have not been a good father to you and I am so sorry for everything
It is alright. I smiled
Wow! Wow! Wow! one of the men suddenly exclaimed loudly
What is it? my dad asked
Chase’s song got five thousand views in less than 20 minutes. he replied and was immediately surrounded by his workmates
Wow! Brenda exclaimed, this is unbelievable
I stared at them without saying anything
Your Song is gonna be……. he stopped when his phone rang and he immediately received it
I brought out my phone from my pocket and searched for my name , I was surprised to see the number of views
Unbelievable! I muttered, I never expected my fame to be so fast…
Sir chase! Brenda called distracting me from my thoughts
I looked at her and smiled
Can I be your number one fan? she asked smiling
I shook my head negatively
Why?she frowned
because the space is already taken
I thought about the girl and smiled. What is her name ? I tried to remember but could not….


Candace Noah

I bowed my head in shame as the principal scolded at me
What exactly is wrong with you? he frowned. This is the second time a teacher has reported you today for being so unserious in class,what is wrong?
Nothing sir, I replied and he sighed
Do you enjoy failing?
I shook my head negatively
Then get serious with your studies, listen attentively in class. he advised
You are in your final year and studying should be your priority
Alright sir. I muttered
Any more complaints about you will attract a detention, he warned . Is that clear?
Yes sir. I replied
You can go to you class. he instructed
I walked out of his office feeling like a complete failure
I walked into the class feeling gloomy .
i noticed everyone in class were looking at their phone with their headphones over their ears
Weird! I muttered
I went over to my seat and sat down, I was in no mood to talk the anyone
I placed my head on the table as I thought about the warning the principal gave me
Why are you so dull candy? I asked my self
Candy!I heard Zara called
I wiped the tears from my face before looking up at her
What is wrong?she asked staring at my face, what did the principal say to you? Was he harsh?
I shook my head negatively
Then why are you looking all gloomy? she asked sitting on my table
The principal scolded me for being so unserious in class , I pouted . I really don’t know what I should do
What if I help you study? She suggested
Really? I beamed excitedly
She nodded
Thanks friend , I appreciated and she smiled
Have you listened to the song that Delgado record released today?she suddenly asked
No, I shook my head. What song?
“This. She said increasing the volume of her phone
I listened to music smiling, I really loved it.
Nick is really good! I remarked
Nick? Zara scoffed, the voice might be similar to that of Nick’s but he is not the singer
Are you kidding me now? I frowned
Why would I?
If Nick is not the singer then who sang it?
Nick’s younger brother, she replied wriggling her body to the beat of the song
And doesn’t he have a name?
Chase, his name is Chase Delgado…….
Chase! I exclaimed ,Are you for real?
She nodded. Do you know him?
Yes, I am his number one fan. I replied grinning

I listened to the lyrics on the song and kept on playing the song all over and over again
I so much loved it , I never knew he was this good
Aren’t you going home or do you want to sleep in school? Zara asked tapping the table
When did you get here? I asked in surprise
I have been standing here for a while now but you were to engrossed with the song to notice me
I am sorry, I sighed
I sling my back pack over my shoulders and stood up
Can we go now? She asked and I nodded
We walked out of the school holding hands
How did you know Chase? She suddenly asked
I smiled knowing she would ask me about him
“I don’t really know him but I met him once”
At the orphanage
Really? She asked, how I wish I could see him also
I looked at her in surprise.
I thought you promised to be loyal to Kira alone
I know but Chase is so different , his voice is so magical and he is really cute………
Oh yeah, I drawled
I met my brother eating his lunch when I got home
Welcome Candy! he greeted flashing me a smile
What is with smile? I asked curiously
Just go into the room and see for yourself..
I pushed the door to the room opened and walked in
The brand new guitar on the bed suddenly caught my attention
Is this really for me?I wondered walking towards the bed
I picked up the beautiful red guitar and a paper fell from it
I picked up the paper and turned it over, there was a note on it
I read the note out loud and a smiled
“Baby! Your guitar was too old so I decided to get a new one.
So follow your dreams, believe in yourself and never give up. Remember mum always got your back…
Thanks so much mum!

Chase Delgado

My dad parked in front of the mansion and instructed me to go in
Are you going somewhere? I asked
Yes son , he replied. I need to go over to the courthouse to make preparation for the wedding tomorrow
Alright dad. I smiled
I alighted from the car and he drove off
I knocked on the huge gate and it was immediately opened by the security
Welcome sir! he greeted opening the gate wider
I gave him a small smile and walked into the house
I was surprised to see Nick laying on the sofa drunk
There were few bottles scattered in front of him
I shook my head in pity and headed upstairs to mother room
I pushed the door to her room opened and walked in
She was reading a book
Mum! I called while walking towards her
She looked up at me and gave me a curious look
I knew she wanted to know how it all went
They all like my song mother , they really do love it . I said and she smiled
Guess what mother!
She gave me a puzzled look
You will soon become a Delgado, You will get married to Dad tomorrow…….

We move



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