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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Dream Episode 3 & 4

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.Written by Princess Juliet

Episode 3

Candy meets Chase



Chase Delgado


“You did a great Job Chase! , Nick remarked as he sat beside me in the car

Whatever. I mumbled

he scoffed at me and signalled to the driver to start driving .

So when will you be done with the song? he asked

“I don’t know”. I drawled

“You really have to be fast about it because you will be singing that in my next record.

I kept mute

“Do you understand me? he asked frowning

“Yeah”. I grunted

I plugged in my earphones listening to music to avoid any more questions from him.


The driver drove into the mansion and parked

I alighted from the car and walked straight into the house. I met my Dad seated in the sitting room .

“Chase ! he called standing,Is this what you really want?.

“What are you talking about?” I asked confusedly

“I am talking about you helping Nick sing,Why the hell are you letting him control you?he yelled

Because he has no choice”. Nick replied walking in

“Shut up Nick! Dad barked

“What! Did you just tell me to shut up because of your illegitimate son”. he yelled

“Watch your word Nick”. Dad warned

“And why would I ? he scoffed, I never asked you to sleep with a dumb maid

“Nick! I called clenching my fist in anger, you promised never to hurt my mom again if

I do whatever you say”. I yelled

he looked at me and scoffed

“you are just a pathetic coward. he cursed and stomped up the stairs in anger

I bit my lips watching him leave

“Chase ! My dad called and I turned to look at him

“Is that the reason why you let him control you?

I stared on at him without saying anything

Chase ! he called again, please talk to …..

“Why do you suddenly care? I asked frowning

“because you are my son”

Then why don’t I feel like one? I asked as tears streak down my face , why do I feel like I am not wanted in my father’s house

“Chase! he called softly

My mum and I endured all sort of abuse from Nick and your so called wife but you turned a blind eye to it ,Why? Is it because she is dumb

“I am sorry Chase. he apologised, I am sorry for not being there for you and your mother, I promise to make it up to you

“Make it up to me? I laughed , What more can you do for me?

“I can help you become famous”. he replied ,

you are unbelievable!

I turned to leave , and he caught me by my arms

“What do you want?”. I asked freeing myself from his grip

“Let me know whenever your mind is made up”. he said

“Whatever! I muttered and headed up the stairs to my room…



I pushed the door to my room opened and was surprised to see my mum seated on my bed

“Mum!. I called while

studying her, she looked gloomy.what is wrong?

She looked up at me before scribbling down some words in a notebook she was holding ,She gave it to me to read when she was done writing

“I heard you arguing with your father and brother “.

“It is nothing mum”. I assured dropping the book on the bed but she shook her head frowning

“Fine! I sighed, Dad promised to help me but I am really confused

She picked the book from the bed and scribbled down some words into it again before placing it on my laps

“Is it because of your brother? I know how much you love singing so please promise me you won’t give up on it just to please your brother”

I read it and smiled

“I promise mother”. I said pulling her into a hug.

She disengaged from the hug and wrote again in her note book

“Can you help me to take some food supplies to my sister at the orphanage?. She requested

“Where are the supplies?”. I asked

“In the kitchen”. She wrote



I headed downstairs to the kitchen and saw the two sacs filled up with food supplies

“Is she planning on giving all of this to the orphanage? I wondered

I instructed two of the servants to carry the sacs to the car while I followed behind them

“And where are you going with those Sacs?.a voice asked

I turned around to the direction of the voice and smirked when I saw Mrs Delgado…..or should I say Nick’s mother climbing down the stairs

“hi ma. I greeted

“Where are you going with that?. She repeated ignoring my greeting

“The orphanage .i replied and she scoffed

“I can see your dumb mother is on it again”. She drawled

“Please leave my mother out of this”

And why would I? She is nothing but a bitch

“Bitch? I scoffed,did you just call my mother a bitch?

Yes. She replied, and what can you do about it?

Don’t push me to the wall Mrs Delgado. I warned and stomped out of the house in anger

Ungrateful Jerks!



I drove over to the orphanage thinking about what transpired earlier on

Both Nick and his mother are a thorn in my flesh

“When will they stop humiliating mother? Will Dad really help me just like he promised?

“Damn. I cursed while hitting the steering wheel

I was really confused..



I parked in front of the orphanage and alighted from the car

I smiled at the little children playing in front and walked in to the front room

I Met two young nuns in the room and asked after my aunt

“She is over at the next room”. one of them replied, wait here let me inform her of your presence

“You can have your seat. the second nun gestured smiling”

“Thanks. I muttered while sitting down ..


I stood up when I saw my Aunt coming out from the next room

Aunty Clara! I called walking closer to her

“How are you chase? She pulled me into a hug, you really grew to be so handsome

“You look good also. I remarked disengaging from the hug

“Stop flattering me, I am just a plain Nun. Why are you here? Did you miss me?

“Mum asked me to bring some food supplies to you”. I replied

“So that is the reason you are here? She frowned,

“I came also because I miss you”.I assured and she smiled

“Where are the ……. she stopped when an older nun called while walking towards us

“Good evening head nun. she greeted the woman

“Why are the kids playing around by this time?. the woman frowned , aren’t they suppose to be having music lessons?

“The girl taking them is yet to be around”

“What! She exclaimed, I thought I made it clear to her never to be late . What are we going to do about it?

“I don’t know”. My aunt shrug or …….will you take them?. She asked facing me

“Me? Why me?” I asked

“Because you are good at singing. She replied

“Who is he? the head nun asked

“He is a Delgado”my aunt replied smiling

Delgado? the head nun asked in surprise, I am really happy to have you in our midst . Can you please sing for the kids ?

“I won’t be…….”

“Pleaaaassssseeee”. She pleaded , just for today

“Fine. I sighed



Candace Noah



I threw my backpack on the bed , pulled off my clothes and quickly changed into my house clothes

I glanced at the time , it was 6:00

“Damn. I cursed , I was already late

I picked up my phone and scurried out of the house ignoring Max and his questions

“What will I tell the head nun? I wondered, will I tell her I got delayed by my teacher because I couldn’t solve a simple equation? I just hope she understands me because I really need the job, I really need to support my family


I flagged down a taxi and got in

“holy child orphanage. I called and the driver nodded before driving off


The driver stopped in front of the orphanage and I paid him after alighting

I was surprised to see a beautiful black sport car with the name DELGADO. C customised as the plate number.

What is a Delgado car doing here at the orphanage?

I walked into the orphanage and was surprised when I met no one

“Where did they all go? I wondered as I walked through a long passage

I stopped when I heard a voice singing my favourite song

I walked towards the door and listened closely , it sounded like Nick voice, no it was Nick voice

I pushed the door opened and was surprised to see everyone in the room listening to a boy on white sing

They were all mesmerised with his voice and took no notice of me

“How can be sing exactly like Nick? I wondered staring at him


The whole room applauded when he was done singing

“He was damn good”

Wow! I exclaimed loudly and he turned to look at me

I almost peed on my pants when his gaze met mine ,how can someone be this cute?…..


Episode 4


Candace Noah

I snapped out of my thought when i felt a hand tug at my clothes

I turned to look and shuddered a little when I met the angry gaze of the head nun

“Come with me to my office” She instructed walking out of the room and I followed behind her


She pushed the door to her office opened and we walked in.

I looked around the office admiring it and a huge sculpture of Mother Mary and Jesus caught my attention, It was really beautiful .

“Miss Noah! the head nun called and I turned to look at her

“ Are you tired of working here? She asked and I shook my head

“Then why were you late?

“I had to take extra lessons because I failed to solve an equation, I explained. I promise it won’t happen again

“Promise? I gave you my rules before employing you and you went against it so why do you think I will believe you again?

Please ma, just give me one more chance, I pleaded. I promise it won’t happen again , I so much love this Job

Fine ,She signed . You can go but if this repeat itself I won’t hesitate to fire you

“Thanks ma. I appreciated …..


I went over to the music room hoping to see the cute guy but was disappointed when I met no one in the room

I walked out of the building and smiled when I saw him leaning on the black sport car with his eyes glued to his phone

Wait a minute! Is that his car?if it is, does it mean he is a Delgado?


I walked nervously towards him

hi, I greeted

hi, he greeted meeting my gaze.

I am Candy, I introduced stretching my hands

he looked at my hands and smirked

What do you want?

“ I want you erm … I want us to be friends”.I stuttered

Friends? Why would I want to be friend with someone I don’t know?he asked gazing intently at me

Fine, if I can’t be your friend, can I be a fan?

Fan?he asked laughing, I am not a celebrity

“You can be one if you want to, you have a great voice all you just need is determination. I said and I heard him sigh


“It is nothing, I replied.so can I be your fan?

He stared at me for a while and smiled

“I am chase , it was really meeting you”…



Chase Delgado



I smiled thinking about the girl words when she left. She was right ,all I really need is determination

Chase! my aunt called distracting me from my thoughts. What were you thinking about?

Nothing ma

Are you sure? She asked worriedly. I was here for a while but you didn’t noticed

I guess I got bored waiting for you. I drawled

I am sorry for keeping you waiting. She apologised, I had to take care of some things

It is alright aunt, I assured her.

Fine, tell your mother I will come see her soon

Alright aunt . I hugged her

I got into the car and drove off heading for home..



I drove into the mansion and parked in the garage

I alighted from the car and walked into the house

I met Nick in the sitting room with one of his bitch

hi brother. he greeted smiling, where have you been?

“out. I replied

Out to where ?

“It is none of your business. I replied”

how dare you talk back at me. he yelled while standing up

“Baby please Calm down.his bitch pleaded

“Shut up. he barked and she recoiled in fear

How dare you talk back at me. he repeated , do you know who I am?

And can you please tell me who you are? I asked in sarcasm

I am Nick Delgado, the country most popular singer”

Are you really sure about that? I asked

What do you mean?

Nothing. I replied, just continue with your fun…



I headed up the stairs to my father’s room

I knock on the door to his room and waited till he asked me to come in

I pushed the door opened and walked in. he was busy with some files

Chase! he called while studying me. Is anything the matter?

I am ready . I sighed , I am ready to Sing on the big stage

Are you for real?he asked standing up

I nodded

Can you help me realise my Dreams?

Of course son, you made the decision and I am very proud of you

We will start recording as soon as possible….


Candace Noah

I walked back home thinking about only one person….. Chase

I can’t believe he agreed to make me his number one fan, ain’t I lucky!…… but how am I going to get to see him again, I forgot to collect his number

Oh candy! you are so dumb


It was quite late when I got home. I pushed the door opened and walked in

I met my mom and dad in the sitting room,

“Candy! my mom called smiling, how was work?

I looked at her in surprise. I was expecting her to scold at me for coming home late

I am fine mum, did anything good happen? I mean what is with all the smiles

Princess! my dad called and I knew for sure there was a good news

My dad only calls me Princess when he is in a good mood

He picked up a paper from the stool beside him and handed it to me

“What is this? I asked glancing through it .

Is this for real Dad?. I asked as tears streaked down my face

Yes Princess . he replied, I told my boss about your passion for music and gave me this form.

“I couldn’t believe my dream is about to become a reality

I stared at the paper I was holding , it was scholarship form to Delgado music school

If I perform well at the interview, I might be among the lucky few to get into the school..

I guess this is just the beginning of my dreams……



I wonder what will happen to Nick?

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