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April 23, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Dream Episode 24 & 25

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Written by Princess Juliet

Episode 24

Friend or foe



Candace Noah

I woke up to find myself alone in the room

I rubbed my eyes while sitting up on the bed

I glanced at the wall clock, it was 8:00

Oh Max! Why didn’t you wake me


I jolted up from the bed and rushed into the bathroom to freshen up

I returned to the room and frowned when I saw Max arranging his books in his bag

Good morning! he greeted while grinning

Why didn’t you wake me? I fired at him

he smirked

Do I look like an Alarm clock?

You are so impossible! I remarked

he slung his backpack across his shoulders and walked out of the room…


I dressed hurriedly in the white gown Chase bought for me, grabbed my back pack and headed to the sitting room ….


Good morning mom! I greeted my mom who was seated alone in the sitting room

Morning! how was your night? she asked

Fine! …. see you later . I bade and scurried out of the house…..



I flagged down a taxi and got into it

Delgado music school! I called and the driver nodded before driving off ..

We soon got to the school and the driver parked in front of the huge gate

I paid him off after alighting and dashed into the school compound…..


I sighed in relief when I met no teacher in the


The class was so noisy as almost everyone was talking about Nick ‘s concert

I spotted Loretta seated alone at the back of the class

What is wrong with her? I wondered

I walked towards her

Good morning! I greeted while sitting beside her

She looked at me and sighed

Are you alright? I stared at her

She shook her head

What is wrong? I probed

I really want to go to Nick’s concert but I have no means

I smirked

Is that why you face is so gloomy?

She nodded

What if we go together? You know we can both go over to my house after school . I suggested

She beamed happily

Oh candy! I love it that way

I smiled


We hurried to our seats when the teacher walked into the class

Good morning Class! the teacher greeted and soon began teaching

Will Chase be driving us there? Loretta asked in whispers

I nodded

Oh Candy, I really can’t wait

I smiled ………



Kira Montes


I sat on the bed while watching a Nick’s fan show on the television

his fans were all talking about his concert…

Oh I almost forgot about his concert tonight …..

I sighed in frustration

I don’t care about Nick or his concert, all I want is my Chase

Why is it so hard for him to love me? Why?

I picked up my phone from the bed and dialled his number

It rang but he did not pick

What the hell Is wrong!

I dialled it again and he picked on the second ring

hi Chase! I greeted

Kira! how are you? he asked . his voice was hoarse , was he Just waking up?

I am


Why the call ,do you have something to tell me?

Erm…erm I just wanted to ask if you would be going to the concert. I stuttered

Yeah. he drawled

Can we go together?

I am sorry Kira that won’t be possible

I gulped

Can we hang around some other time?

Sure. he replied and ended the call…..

I toss my phone to the wall in anger

Why is he always trying to push me away? Why is he always making me cry?



I put on a robe and headed downstairs

I scoffed when I saw the driver seated alone in the sitting room

Good morning ma’am! he greeted while standing

What are you doing here? Aren’t you suppose to wait outside?

Erm .. your father asked.. erm me to wait here. he stuttered

Why will….. I stooped when a realisation hit me , I was talking to the bitch father

I smirked

So you are the so called father of Candace

he looked startled for some moment, and then composed himself

Did She offend you In anyway?he asked

I laughed

How can a low life like her offend me. I retorted

Then what did she do? he probed

She stole my man from me . I yelled

Who? not my Candy! She can never do that. he defended

I huffed

Do you want to loose your Job?

he stared at me without uttering any word

Do you? I yelled

he shook his head negatively

Good! Then warn your daughter to stay away from Chase. I threatened and walked into the kitchen

Ma’am Kira please don’t don’t be too hard on me . I heard him say

I scoffed

They are just bunch of lowlifes ……


Chase Delgado


I sat up on the bed after the call with Kira

I really felt bad declining her request, but there was nothing I could do.

I went through my phone and smiled when I saw a text from Candy

I clicked on it and read it

“Good morning baby! I know you are still sleeping, call me as soon as you read this message..

I dialled her number and she picked it up immediately

Don’t tell me you are just waking . She queried

I chuckled

Is that how to greet?

Oh my bad! Good morning Mr Delgado

I smiled

how are you? Are you in class? I asked rushingly

Sure. the teacher just left the class.

Good! I remarked

Loretta will be riding with us to the concert, is that okay by you?

I smirked

Who is Loretta?

She is my friend, the one you met that day.

Fine! If she is your friend then it is okay by me

Thanks baby. She appreciated

I will be at your place by Six. I informed and ended the call…


Candace Noah

At last! Loretta exclaimed as the last teacher of the day walked out of the class

I looked at her and smiled

I shove my books into my bag and she did the same too

Can we go now? She asked while sliding her backpack across her shoulders


I was about standing when I felt someone tapped me

I turned to look and met the gaze of barbie

What do you want? I frowned

Erm .. I overheard both of you talking about the concert. Can I tag along?

hell no! I screamed

Why? She pouted

Because I don’t want you too

She glared at me and hissed before leaving …

What a confused soul!


I flagged a taxi and we both hopped in

“behind diamond block. I called and the driver drove off

Loretta kept on chattering throughout the drive

I smiled as my mind drifted off to Chase , I was already missing him…


The driver stopped in front of my house

I paid him after we alighted

Is this really where you stay? Loretta asked staring at the house

I nodded

It is….. beautiful. She remarked

I smiled


I pushed the door opened and we walked in .

I met Max alone in the sitting room,he was busy with his assignment

Max! I called

he looked at me and then at Loretta

Who is she? he asked staring at her

She is my friend. I replied

he smirked and continued with his assignment

I dragged Loretta with me as we headed to the room


I brought out a black gown from my wardrobe and placed it on the bed

I was about pulling off the white gown when Loretta stopped me

Are you trying to change into the black gown? She asked

I nodded

But why? the white gown is better than the black

I know but I just feel like wearing something different

No Candy ! You look beautiful the way you are

I smiled

What were you …… she stopped when a car drove Into the compound

That must be Chase. I announced

Are you for real? Does he know you live in this kind of house?she squeezed her face

What do you mean by that? I frowned

Nothing. She smiled

Chase! Chase! I heard Max screamed

It is Chase! She jolted up from the bed and scurried out of the room

What just happened?

I brushed my hair and applied lipstick before walking out of the room


I walked into the sitting room and met Loretta Jumping around Chase

I sighed

hi baby! Chase greeted while walking towards me


Are you alright? he asked

I nodded while meeting Loretta gaze

She stared at us for a while and looked away

What exactly is wrong with her? I wondered……….


Episode 25


Candace Noah


Glancing at Loretta through the rear mirror, she seems to be lost in thought .

I smirked

I was surprised by her sudden change of behaviour

What exactly is wrong with her? Did I offend her in anyway? I wondered

Candy! Chase called distracting me from my thoughts

I looked at him

Are you alright? he glanced at me

Yes, I sighed

Are you sure?i can drive you back home if you are not feeling alright. he probed

I am fine baby! I assured while smiling

Better!he remarked



We soon got to the concert hall and Chase had to wear a disguise so as not to get recognised by his fans

I laughed at him as he wore a huge dark sun glasses with a black face back

How do I look? he asked

You look like my bodyguard. I grinned

he smiled

We all got down from the car and Loretta took my hands into hers

I stared at her in surprise

What is with the surprised look? She asked

Nothing. I replied while forcing a smile

We walked past a crowd of journalist waiting outside and i smirked when none of them recognised Chase .



The hall was filled up with people. Some carried a banner of Nick , some wore clothes with Nick name of it , others even painted his name on their body .

This is Crazy! I remarked

You can’t really blame them . Chase retorted while looking around

Are you looking for someone? I asked

No, I am looking for a better space .

Can’t we go over to the front? There is no crowd there. Loretta suggested

I huffed

Can’t you read the warning post? It says out of bound to fans

Oh! She exclaimed

We can go there if you want to. Chase said while looking at his phone

Really? I faced him

he smiled

Do you want us to?

I nodded


We had to squeeze and push to get to the front

This is so so tiring! I remarked

But it is worth it .?Loretta squealed in delight

You can’t go any further. A huge man on black tried to stop us

And why can,t we? Chase asked while bending his glasses a little

The man eyes widened in shock

I am sorry sir Chase , I never knew you were the one ..

Chase smiled

It is alright, we just need a place where we can get a clearer view of the stage

Come this way! the man led us to a longer bench at the front corner of the hall

Wow! Loretta exclaimed as we sat down, I can’t believe I Just received a VIP treatment

I smiled

I felt so lucky to have someone like Chase love me …….



Chase Delgado



Glancing at my wrist watch, I scoffed

Why is Nick taking so long to arrive? Is he still practicing…. or will he make use of someone Just like he has always used me ?

My phone suddenly beeped , it was a text message from Kira

I clicked on it and read it

“hi chase, where are you? Are you already at the concert?”

I smiled

I was about texting her back when the hall suddenly became rowdy

The shouts of Nick filled the air

Nick! Nick! Nick! the crowd kept on cheering as he walked in

I watched him and smiled

Let see what you have got brother …..


Nick Delgado

I braced up before walking into the hall…

Nick! Nick! Nick! The crowd chanted my name as they cheered me on

I sighed

Are you alright? My manager asked in whispers

I glanced at him without uttering a word

You can do it Nick. he encouraged

I smiled


The crowd went wild when I stood on the stage

I waited patiently for them to calm down before I started

Hello everyone! I really appreciate you all for coming to my concert . I greeted while flashing a smile

I love you Nick!

You are my role model!

Ride on! . They kept on screaming

I smiled

I blew a kiss and I smiled when I saw some girls trying to catch the invisible kiss

Crazy! I Muttered


The instrumentalists started playing the instrument

I said a silent prayer before I started singing

I sang Chase favourite song “Only hope”




There is a song that is inside of my soul


It is the one that I have tried to write over and over again


I am awake in this infinite cold


But you sing to me over and over and over again


So I lay my head back down


And I lift my head and pray to be only yours


I pray ……… I stopped when the crowd started booing

Boo! Boo! Boo! They screamed in anger

I dropped the microphone on the floor and stared blankly at them

“Please bring back our Nick with the cool voice . Someone shouted

What is with the frog voice ?

What is he even singing?

Is this how my music career will end? I wondered as tears streaked down my face “Get out of the stage! they began throwing things at me”

I tried to run but a strong headache suddenly hit me

Aarrrgh! I groaned while holding my heads but they continued booing

My head started spinning and my vision became blurred

I tried calling for my manager but it was too late

I felt my self going down

I landed on the floor with a heavy thud and immediately blacked out



Chase Delgado



The whole hall was in an uproar as everyone ran helter skeltar when Nick slumped

I jolted up from the bench and ran as fast as I could to the stage

“You can’t come up here. his manager tried to block me

I held him by the collar and pushed him away

Nick! I called while running towards him

I bent down and held him to me

“You can’t do this Nick, please open your eyes. I pleaded as tears rolled down my eyes”

Call the ambulance, someone please call the ambulance. I yelled but everyone kept on taking pictures

Damn! I cursed

I checked his pulse and sighed in relief when I noticed he was still breathing

Some please call the ambulance. I yelled again

I have done that, They are already on their way. his manager informed

I nodded

Nick! Please stay with me, please stay with me ……;






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