Dream Episode 22 & 23

Episode 22
Candace Noah
I stared at Chase , he was quiet throu-ghout the drive to his home
What could be wrong? I wondered
I brou-ght out my phone from my bag , plugged in my earphone and rested my back on the car seat as I listened to Nick’s music…
I was startled when I felt a gentle tap on my l@p
I turned to look and sighed in relief when I saw it was Chase
he was saying something but I could not hear because of the music I was listening to
I immediately pu-ll-ed out the earphones
What did you say? I asked while fli-pping my phone
he huffed
Do you want to go deaf? how can you be so comfortable listening to a music so loud?
I like it that way . I sm-irked
he sighed
Will you sleep over at my place? he stepped on the car br@ke
I nodded
he changed the gear , made a right turn and drove off heading to his home…..
Chase Delgado
I was happy when she agreed to sleep over at my place .
I nee-ded her , I really do
I fantasised about her slee-ping n-ked on my be-d and quic-kly snapped out of it…
What is wrong would you Chase? I bit myl-ips
Damn! I am really going crazy
Chase! She called distracting me from my thoughts
Yes. I glanced at her
Are you angry with me? She asked
I huffed
Why did you ask?
because you refused to talk to me throu-ghout the drive
Refused? I was just lost in thought. I corrected
What were you thinking about? She probe-d
I smiled
About some crazy stuff …..
We soon got to the front of the hvge mansion.
I honked the car horn and a security guard opened up the gate
I drove into the compound and parked in the garage
We alighted from the car and walked into the sitting room
My Dad and Nick mum were having an heated argument in the sitting room
They were to absorbe-d in the argument that they failed to notice Candy and I ….
And why should I “WILL”Delgado Empire to Nick? My dad yelled
Because he is your first son. Nick’s mother retorted
My dad scoffed
You have no right to tell me what to do
Why can’t I ? Nick mother yelled
I sm-irked
Is this what the argument is all about? Property
Do you think I will fold my hands and watch you give any of your major properties to your bastard son? She continued
I scoffed and they both look at me
Chase! My dad called in surprise, when did you get here?
I stared at him and smiled
When did you get here? What did you hear? he asked rushingly
Everything. I replied
Son it is not ……… he tried to say but I cut him off
“I am not interested in your properties so you can do as she says. I smiled
No way! he objected, you are my son and you have full right to what I own
Whatever. I huffed
I headed upstairs to my room dragging Candy along with me ……
Kira Montes
I stared blankly into space oblivious to what was going on In the hall
Chase! I called as tears streaked down my eyes
I couldn’t still believe he left my p@rty when it was yet to start
How could humiliate me? how could he listen to the bit-ch?
I ban-ged my fist on the table and Anna who was seated beside me g@sped in shock
What the hell is ……….Why are you Crying? She asked with a confused look
I stared at her without uttering any word
Is it because of Chase? You just have to forget abo……..
Shut up. I barked, what did you know? Do you think it is easy to st©p loving?
She sighed
I know it is not easy but you can’t keep on forcing yourself on a guy who obviously doesn’t want you
I scoffed
Chase loves me, he is just confused because the bit-ch keeps hovering around him
What make you think so? She probe-d
“he hvgged me , he pe-cked me , I saw his eyes roam all around my S-xy b©dy”
Oh Kira! You are acting so delusional
I don’t care. I retorted while standing
Where are you going? She asked
Home. I replied
She Scoffed
Are you for real? How can you go home when the celebr@tion is still on?
There is no point of me staying when my Chase is not here
I gr@bb£d my purse from the table and walked out of the hall…..
I don’t care what anyone says, I just want Chase to my self …….
Chase Delgado
I coll@psed on the be-d immediately I got into my room
Why is Nick mother always trying to frustrate me?
I sighed in anger
Baby! Candy called
Yes. I replied without looking at her
“Don’t mind Nicks mum words , you are not a bastard . She as-sured
I looked at her and smiled
I know
Then why are you still upset? She asked while moving closer to me
I am not upset, I am just tired of everything . I corrected
She held my hands and smiled
It will be alright. She as-sured
She placed herl-ips on mine and pe-cked me
What did you just do? I sm-irked
I pe-cked you.
I smiled
Then do it in a proper way
She was about to say something but i shut her up with a k!ss
I held her ti-ghtly as I started k!ss!ngall over her n£¢k
Chaaas-se! She called while whimpering
What? I chuckled
I rolled her over and unZi-pped her ti-ght go-wn
What are you trying to do? She held to her go-wn
Just wait and see. I sm-irked
I pu-ll-ed off her go-wn and she was left with her undies
I ammm aaa vir-gin. She stuttered
I smiled
I know
I un-hook her br@ and pu-ll-ed it off
I twitched my eyebrow as her big bo-ob s c@m£ out free
Damn! What exactly are you doing to me?
She covered her big bo-ob s with her hands
I laughed
So you think your tiny hands will cover this big bo-ob s of yours?
I pinned her hands to the be-d
Chase! She called with her eyes closed
I took a n!pplein my mouth and su-ckled on it
Chaaasee! She m0@n ed out loud
I smiled
I su-cked on her bo-ob s hungrily as she kept on m0@n ing loudly
plea-se plea-se don’t st©p. I heard her say
Is she for real? I wondered
I shifted her p@n-ties while pla-ying with her cl!toris
What are…… I shut her up with a k!ss
I inser-ted a f!nger into her and started f!ngering her slowly
Chase! She whimpered as she m0@n ed
I inser-ted another f!nger and started thrû-sting In and out of her
Damn! She was so ti-ght
Chas-ssssssssse! She vibr@ted and I felt a h0t liquid pour out of her
I laughed
Did she just pee?
I re-moved my f!ngersfrom her and drew her close to me
She was p@n-ting
Are you alright? I asked
She smiled shyly
Did I hurt you?
She shook her head
I thought you wanted to make love to me
I chuckled
I can’t do that without your permission or should I?
She pla-yed with her hands without saying anything
I will wait till you are re-ady . I smiled ……..
Episode 23
Candace Noah
I went over to the bathroom after the …erm ..What should I call it? … h0t r0m@n磅
I enjoyed every bit of it and never wanted him to st©p , I was just too shy to admit it .
But am I really re-ady to loose my vir-ginity? I really don’t know
I filled the bathtub with warm water and got into it .
I sat in the tub as I watched my labia properly
The door to the bathroom flung opened and Chase walked in
What are you doing here? I asked while trying to cover my bo-ob s
He chuckled
he walked over to the sinker to wash his hands
Oh! I almost forgot I peed on his hands
I waited for him to leave the bathroom before I continued bathing …..
I returned to the room when I was done freshening up
I met Chase on the be-d with his eyes closed
Is he slee-ping? I wondered
I went over to his wardrobe, opened it and pu-ll-ed out a red pyjamas
I hurriedly put it on and joined Chase on the be-d
Chase! I called while staring at his face
Yes.he muttered with his eyes still closed
I smiled
I leaned on his che-st and kept on drawing circles till I fell asleep ……..
Kira Montes
I pushed the door to the sitting room opened and walked in
I smiled lightly when I met my dad still awake, he was busy with some files.
hi dad! I greeted
Kira! he called while looking at me , why are you here by this time? I thought you were having an all night p@rty
I huffed
I got tired of the p@rty
Tired? Why will you get tired of your own p@rty?
It is Chase dad. I retorted as tears streaked down my eyes
Kira! my dad called softly, why are you crying? What did chase do to you? Did he hurt you? he asked while pu-lling me to sit beside him
He hurt me dad. I continued crying
What exactly did he do to you? My dad probe-d
he ignored me dad, he left my p@rty before it started , he did all that because of a bit-ch. I retorted
he scoffed
Are you for real? Is that the reason why you are in tears?
I sniffed
You nee-d to snap out of your childhood fantasies Kira . he advised
What do you mean? I frowned
You nee-d to accept the fact that Chase is not meant for you.
Never! I screamed , Chase is meant for me
I stood up from the sofa
What has gotten into you? Do you think you can f0rç£ someone to love you? My dad frowned
Good night dad! I bade and headed upstairs to my room
Kira! Kira! Kira! I had him called
I scoffed
What does he mean by childhood fantasies?
I love Chase and I am sure he love me too .
I just nee-d to put that bit-ch in her place. I am going to make sure Chase sees her for who she really is, a gold digger .
Chase Delgado
I woke up to find Candy leaning on my che-st .
I smiled
I glanced at the wall clock, it was 7;50
She was slee-ping so peacefully and I had no intention of disturbing her
I placed her head gently on a pillow before getting off the be-d.
I pu-ll-ed off my clothes and went over to the bathroom to freshen up .
I returned to the room and smiled when I saw her still slee-ping
Candy! I called while tapping her gently
She stirred in her sleep and mumbled some words without opening her eyes
I chuckled
I opened the wardrobe and pu-ll-ed out an all black outfit
I hurriedly put it on
I picked a black boot from the shoe rack and wore it
I sat on the be-d and was about tying the shoe laces when I heard candy sighed
I turned to look at her and met her gaze
Good morning! I greeted
Morning! She smiled shyly
how was your night? I continued
Fine. She replied pla-ying shyly with her hands
What is wrong with her? I wondered
I stood up from the be-d
Join my downstairs when you are done. I instructed
She nodded
I walked out of the room and headed to my mother”s room …
I pushed the door to her room opened and walked in
I smiled when I saw her re-ading her bible
Good morning mom! I greeted while sitting beside her
She looked at me and smiled lightly
how are you feeling? I asked her
She placed her bible gently on the be-d before picking her book from the drawer beside her
She scribbled down some words into it before placing the book gently on my l@ps
I wi-de-ned my eyes in surprise as I re-ad what she wrote down
“ I was about to enter your room last night when I heard some weird sounds”
I stared at her without knowing what to say
She snapped her f!nger in front of me and I knew she wanted me to say something
Oh mother! Can we plea-se talk about something else?
She shook her head
She dragged her book from me and wrote into it again
Do you love her? She wrote
Yes mother. I replied and she smiled ………
My phone suddenly rang indicating an incoming call
I checked the caller , it was candy
Mum I nee-d to go now. I informed and she nodded
I pe-cked her before leaving the room
I headed downstairs and smiled when I saw candy seated on the sofa
Where were you? She frowned
Are you re-ady? I asked while ignoring her questions
She nodded
Good! I remarked, let us go ….
I sang one of Nick’s song , No! one of my song as I drove over to the music school
Wow! Candy exclaimed , your voice is so similar to that of Nick
I smiled
How is that possible? She continued
I don’t know . I lied
She sighed
I wish to go to his concert but I don’t know how I will get there
I glanced at her
I can take you there if you want. I offered
Really? She asked excitedly
I thought you won’t be going
Why won’t I? I sm-irked. he is my brother and I really want to hear him sing
Haven’t you heard him sing before? She probe-d
I shook my head
How is that possible? she continued
I smiled
You wouldn’t un-derstand Candy, you really wouldn’t un-derstand
Nick Delgado
I threw my phone on the be-d after going throu-gh it
The whole media was all about my concert..
I sighed
In two days time, I will sing for the first time
I will sing with my own voice
Chase get re-ady because once I am done with the concert, i will cut off those wings of yours …..
Nick and his concert? Oga ooo