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I’M A vir-gin💦
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✍️ Chapter Twenty-Nine✍️
In the end I end up skipping my Saturday shift just to spend the day with him. Julie called me and I had told her that I will make it up by using my free day the next week.
The plans Jeremy had made for us were simply spending our time together. He first took us to a public park where we had a picnic whilst basking in the sun.
However our time in there had been constantly disturbe-d by his ever ringing phone and a few people whom recognised him as the rich, philanthropist CEO of The Lawson Group one of the t©p grossing business companies in the whole of the country.
The people paid their respects, compliments but most who were women were just overly flir-ty and being blatantly ignorant of me beside him.
Like a good gentle man he is, Jeremy had just gave them brief smiles before paying his full attention to me so that they were f0rç£d to acknowledge me and the second they did they started to discreetly back away from us. I was so grateful of his attentiveness that I had practically thrown myself in his arms, giving him a pe-ck on thel-ips.
He smiles shyly in response and I relish in the way the smile brightens up his features.
“It’s my mom’s birthday next week on Saturday.” He tells me out of the blue.
“Really?” The surprise isn’t lost in my tone.
“Yeah, she’s having a gathering of family and friends, she wants to meet you.”
“Meet me?” The surprise on my tone shifts to horror.
He nods, nervously; his whole face is as if he’s trying to make out my reaction.
“You told your mother about me?” I ask.
He bites his l!pwhile he nods. “I didn’t exactly tell her forthcoming, she beat me to it. Her very exact word were, ‘Jerry, you haven’t called or visited me in for two weeks. I know you are hiding a lady in that penthouse of yours. Why don’t you bring her for my birthday p@rty? I expect you here with her next week.'”
My eyebrows quirk up suddenly at this revelation.
I am lost for words. “It sounds as if your mother has no knowledge of you ever having girlfriends.”
“I know, I don’t bring girlfriends to her.”
“Why? What about Cas-sie? I thought you guys were together for a long time.”
“Cas-sie again? When are you going get into your head that it’s not Cas-sie that I want anymore. I told you before that we were over, and what made you think that we were together a long time?”
“You might not want her but from the last encounter she seemed very much into you and you took her on d@t£ Jeremy, right after I had left. You haven’t given me an explanation why. Plus, when I’d eavesdropped on your conversation back at your h0tel, you had said you thought you loved her so I as-sumed you were with her for long.”
I realize how my speech makes me sound like, but I still can’t shake Cas-sie off.
He has a frown marring his face as he regards me.
“Firstly to answer your first question. No, I never took Cas-sie to my mother, we’d only been together a month and secondly I’ve made it clear for her that we were done. Thirdly it’d never been a d@t£, it’d been just dinner to finalise the end of our arrangement.”
He has lost me. “What do you mean by finalise your arrangement, you sound as if you two being together had been a business deal.”
He swallows nervously as he runs a hand throu-gh his hair. “Yes. It was sort of a business arrangement.”
I frown not completely un-derstanding what he is implying.
“I don’t… I don’t un-derstand.”
He takes a de-ep cautious breath before he speaks.
“Leyla, Cas-sie is an esc-rt and a hooker.”
“What?” I completely disconnect.
“She is a paid high clas-s hooker and esc-rt.” He repeats.
He twiddles on his thumb which is a un-Jeremy thing to do. He looks as if he’s a petulant boy.
He sighs. “I don’t do girlfriends–well I never had until you c@m£ along–I never liked the thought of being in a relationsh!pand running a successful hvge business made sure I never had time for it.”
I blink at him, my br@in trying to process this information.
“I was never celibate though,” he continues. “I am a man with nee-ds after all. So when women offered themselves to me I’d willingly oblige. However, some of them got too attached and I didn’t have time for them. So I looked for an easy way to have women who will be pres£ntable enough attend social meetings with me as well sleep with me. There are quite a few businesses that do this, trust me.”
I don’t know how my face looks at this moment but I am pretty certain my jaw has dropped and I am staring at him in a somewhat look of shock.
“That’s where Cas-sie c@m£ along; there were other woman before her however Cas-sie is the longest esc-rt I’ve been with. And so in order for them to keep this closed agreement a secret, I made odd papers for them to sign.”
I close my opened mouth, my br@in still processing the revelation he has thrû-st upon me.
“So, that’s why I had been with her on that day, I’d been trying to convince her to sign off the arrangement. It wasn’t a d@t£ like you thought.”
I’m speechless. I am utterly rendered speechless. I have absolutely no remark nor any comment for what he has just told me.
I watch as he shifts closer to me on the picnic blanket. He takes my hand and starts ru-bbing circles on my knuckles.
“Say something.” He commands.
“I…I don’t know what to say.”
He purses hisl-ips in thought.
“Why did she cheat on you with Matthew?”
I finally ask.
He shrugs, his jaw clenching, “Maybe to get my attention, or maybe she was bored of me, who knows she may have liked the thought of a feud between us because her.”
“I don’t entirely blame her; Matthew also has reputation of slee-ping around with half of the city.”
“So she had been with you for money and se-x?”
He nods.
“Just like how I met you for the same thing?”
“No. That’s different.”
“How is it different?”
“Leyla, I told you I had an arrangement with her. You and I didn’t. She had been with me for fame and money and so basically she’d been using me just as I used her, it worked both ways. But for you, you are different.”
I shake my head. “How can I be? I got on that car with you for money.” I look down at the gras-s.
He takes his other hand to tilt my chin up so that I can look at him.
“And you walked out on me without even a cent. You left me in a tumult of confusion, you left me thinking how being with you was different from being with all those other women. You left me basking in your scent which had been all over my be-d sheets as if it were a constant reminder of how much you left a mark on me.
You left me with thoughts of how alive you’ve made me feel for that day as if I hadn’t known myself before you c@m£ along, as if I hadn’t known happiness before. You just wrecked me into pieces only to then rearrange and mould me into something good, something better.”
I g@sp at his words. My heart lurches suddenly.
“From that day you left I knew had to have you in my life, I knew I would never feel this way with anyone even if tried looking. I knew that I had to find you again because I had to have you to myself. I knew you belonged with me and you gave me something so cherish-able, so beautiful, no one else was to have you but me.” He declares.
I am finding it really ha-rd to breathe because my heart is pounding against my che-st like there isn’t tomorrow for it to keep beating.
“You felt this way after I left?”
He nods. “You were what had been on my mind every second. I couldn’t concentrate entirely.”
I swallow and li-ck my now dryl-ips. I stare at him with a new emotion, a new un-derstanding. It must not be just an infatuation he has with me; it must be something more, something imperceptible and incomprehensible.
Can it be that he must feel for me just as much as I feel for him? Especially right at this moment of time because right now, I am more than just in love with, I am beyond that and I’m scared.
“That’s why it’s easy for me to shower with everything luxury…” he adds.
“… Because I know that you’ve been brou-ght up in ha-rd situations and you have lived life in a constant struggle. The very thought of you begging pains me and I find myself angry with your birth mother and the man that owned that fraud foster home. Although I am gratefully of Greta to at least have given you a roof over your lovely head, I had almost lost it when she’d revealed she sold you off to my brother. I couldn’t believe the thought. I had to get you out of there before I broke something off her and that would have been ugly.”
“I guess what I am trying to say, Leyla, is that I don’t want to lose you and I want you so-rely un-der my protec-tion.”
“You won’t lose me Jeremy. Thank you for telling me this, you sure gave me a lot think about. From now on I will be a lot kind into accepting your gifts in regard of your impeccable nee-d to take care of me.” I smile at him and I move my hand to ca-ress his face, my f!ngersfind the subtle of his growing beard and the feeling is rou-gh but soft against my hand.
He grins back at me, as he takes my hand to hisl-ips and k!sses my knuckles.
Somehow for some reason that k!ssignites my blood and the mark of the k!sshe has left burns on my knuckles.
“Thank you for the regard,” he sm-irks pla-yfully.
“So back to my original question, will you come with me to my mother’s birthday next week?”
“As if you nee-d to ask again. Of course I will come. I’d like to meet your mom too.” I grin at him.
He grins back as if my grin is infectious.
“You are adorably beautiful, do you know that?” He takes my face on his hands as he pu-lls me closer for a k!ss.
The instant myl-ips meet his, my blood churns as fire explodes throu-gh me. I begin wra-pping my arms around his n£¢k and give him access to my mouth as I p@rt myl-ips.
“Mmm, we should st©p this now before we give these innocent people a show they are likely to never forget.” I feel his sm-irk against myl-ips.
I laugh, the sound muffled and reverberating against hisl-ips “Agreed.” I tell him.
“Come, I think that’s enough picnic for today.” He breaks our k!ssas he stands and offers my hand.
I start packing our basket and folding the p@rty
“Where are we going?” I ask him when I let him help me to stand up.
“Some place more pri-vate, I nee-d you. Now.”
✍️To be continued ✍️
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