Don’t hurt me I’m a v!rg!nepisode 28

I’M A vir-gin💦
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✍️ Chapter Twenty-Eight✍️
Two weeks have pas-sed so unexpectedly I find myself unable to count the days of being with Jeremy, it seems as if the more I spend time with him the less it dawns on me that I’ve known him scarcely that much.
He had kept to the promise on that day, two weeks ago, Wednesday to be precise, the day he’d taken me on a d@t£. We’d travelled by his car to one of the most t©p notch prestigious restaurant; it hadn’t been just any other restaurant but an expensive Italian restaurant which had served the most delicious of pastas.
During the d@t£ we talked and talked about anything, mostly him filling me in with places he’s been to and its habitants and wonders. I’d listened to him with undivided attention, absorbing and drinking in each word he said.
He’d persuaded me to tell him about myself and I’d told him that he alre-ady knew everything about me however I knew talking about myself will inevitably reveal the past I didn’t want to open up to him just yet.
The rest of the d@t£, Jeremy spent it teasing me, ma-king me wanting him, so when we’d gone back to his penthouse in haste and the second we’d arrived our lim-bs found themselves tangled together in a heated dance and by the time we’d entered his room I’d alre-ady had my first Orgasm in that night.
The next day that week, on my free day on Thursday, Jeremy had convinced and insisted I use to the time to go shopping. My reluctance to take the credit card from his hand didn’t go unnoticed by him and so he’d called a clothes specialist to as-sist me with anything I nee-ded and also to make sure I did not walk out of their shops empty handed.
So whilst he was in his office tower attending and running his empire, I was trying to handle all these famous br@nds of clothing and shoes that at end, I found myself with an entirely new wardrobe of different material of clothing I possible could have never even dreamt of possessing as my own.
Along with his overwhelming wealth c@m£ his overwhelming s-en-se of possessive nee-d over me. Whenever he got back from work, he’d instantly drag me to his be-droom saying that I was his source of relief from stress. I’d give into him easily without hesitation.
Because of my free day on Thursdays, I have to go to work Saturdays, the first week Jeremy didn’t complain. But somehow this week he isn’t having any of it.
“Who works on a Saturday? No one does, absolutely no one.” He rants.
“And what sort of waitressing job allows you to work full time every week, what happens if you start school or something?” He continues.
“No, Leyla, I refuse to let you walk out of that door, today. It’s a fv¢king Saturday.”
“Jeremy it’s my job, I’ve only been working there just two weeks, I can’t negotiate the arrangement now and besides, I am not going to college yet. I haven’t even begun to think of what course I would want to attend.”
He runs both of his hands throu-gh his hair in exasperation.
“But I had made plans for us today. Pressing plans that can’t backfire now.”
“What do you want me to do, call to quit the job?” I ask him sarcastically.
“Yes!” His outbur-st surprises me.
He can’t be serious.
“I am absolutely serious.” He says as if he’s re-ad my mind. “There’s no nee-d for you to be working. Leyla plea-se you can live off me.”
“Jeremy–” I begin with a displea-sing tone but he cuts me off before I can say more.
“No, hear me out. You can go to college un-der my pay, figure out what you want and when you get your degree you can then start on real employment.”
I press myl-ips together. “Jeremy, I can’t live off you. You’ve only known me two weeks and to be offering something this big, it’s ridiculous. I have to have my own independence; I can’t depend on you always. Who’s to say that our relationsh!pis going to last? What will I do then when you dump me off?”
“The very thought of dumping you off is atrocious to me. I nee-d you too much to rid of you. I un-derstand your reluctance, baby, I really do,” he moves closer, his hands reaching for my face.
“But, I also can’t stand the thought of you working your bu-tt of for just meaningless money when I can give you a hundred times more than you receive as a waitress. To me, for you to be working right now is pointless.”
I swallow the intensity of his f!ngersburning on my face. I love him, at this moment I really do.
But he doesn’t un-derstand the level of my fears.
We met in the very awkward situation and for him to be doing this now, it’s as I’ll be living up to the very role I first met him by. Even though I know what he’s offering is coming from the heart and not just for se-x.
I can’t help feel this way. And who is to say that whatever infatuation he has with me now will die soon enough for him to rid me of.
I’ll be then left with not just nothing like I started with at beginning but a broken heart added to that predic@m£nt.
“plea-se.” He pleads with me. “Don’t go to work.”
“Jeremy I cannot do that.”
He sighs, “Okay, let’s make a deal.”
“You’ll keep your current job for the next month–”
I begin to protest but he holds his hand out to st©p me.
“During the month you’ll decide what you want to do at college, and by the end of the month when you’ve figured it out, you tell me, then you quit your job and I’ll make arrangements for you.”
I close my eyes, praying inwardly for divine providence to give me strength of handling this impossible man, this impossibly brilliant, stunning and imperative man that I’ve fallen in love with.
You have to admit what he’s offering isn’t that bad; he just wants to protect and take care of you. A p@rt of me says.
“So do you accept?” He probes me with his blue grey eyes that are gleaming with hope.
I take a de-ep breath. “Okay,” I accept not just to him but to myself.
Relief washes over his features and he takes me into an embr@ce.
I let warmth of his arms wra-p around me as I press my face into his che-st, inhaling his de-eply rich scent.
“Why are you doing this?” I find my voice speaking.
“Because I want to.”
“That’s not a reason.” I object.
“Okay, because I want to fulfill your dreams and wishes, and by doing so, I want it to be less of a pain for you. I want you to achieve academically because I know you are capable of it, you’re smart, in fact too smart for your age. Leyla sometimes I have to remind myself that you are just only eighteen.”
I breathe in a shaky breath.
“I care about you.”
His last s£ntence tears throu-gh my ribs, his words are now pene-trating throu-gh my heart and the intensity of them has me inwardly bleeding from the impact.
I am unaware of my mouth breathing out these words. “You should st©p doing this.”
His arms slack from our embr@ce and they move to my face, his hands drawing my face up.
“Doing what?” He asks in confusion.
“This. ma-king me feel this way.”
There’s a confusing frown on his face but it’s masked by the nervous smile pu-lling on hisl-ips.
His eyebrows quirk up in question, “Feel what?”
And from his tone I think he knows what I am talking about.
“ma-king me fall for you, and fall ha-rd in the process.” The words splutter out in raspy whisper. Raspy because of the sudden intensity that has shifted our atmosphere. For that while as we both gaze heatedly at each other, time and place ceases to exist.
My words have resulted in his mouth slacking to form an ‘O’. His eyes burn for a thousand degrees and his breathing rate has changed.
“You…you are falling for me?” He asks incredulously.
I nod, looking away in shame as I chew on my lowerl-ip.
“Leyla, look at me.”
I ignore his words, refusing to.
His hand tilts my chin up forcing my brown eyes to be burned by his blue grey ones.
He k!sses me out of the sudden and the k!ssis ground-breaking. It consumes my whole being like an earthquake, shifting and changing the very core of my being.
My heart is in cardiac arrest; bu-tterflies are swirling and churning in my stomach, frol!çk!ng as if they will splutter out if I don’t control this indescribable emotion.
I’m in love him! I’ve known this man for two weeks and alre-ady I’ve fallen in love with him.
As I wra-p my arms around his n£¢k, pu-lling myself even closer to him, I know that for sure that I will never feel this way about anyone even if it’s this is my first love.
✍️To be continued ✍️
Woah…….She confess her love for him☺️☺️