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Diamond season 2 finale

(He’s Cold – hearted, but he’s mine)
Episode 38
(Grand finale)
By: Faith Lucky
Cali’s Pov:
I looked at him in surprise. What’s he talking about again? What something different?
After getting rid of my p*nt so easily, he turned me over on the bed and the next thing I felt was his rod against my butts.
He spread my legs so wide and brought it in between the lines of my…
“Miquel…what’re you doing?” I asked frantically as I felt him bring his rod closer to my @sshole and before I knew it, he pushed it in.
Oh my God!
“Arghhhh!” I shrieked but he covered my mouth quickly with his palm.
Oh my Geeee!!!
“Miquel…!” I called in muffled breaths as I I grabbed the sheets.
He pinned me tight and drilled deeper into me, I felt my hole tearing so bad.
Oh my gawwd!
“Let me go!” I mumbled and struggled a bit.
My words weren’t coming out clearly as a result of his hand over my mouth.
Finally, he pushed in the size he wanted and let go of my mouth
“Should I stop?” He whispered into my ears, knowing he’d already gotten me helpless.
Oh damn!
“You’re such….a jerk” I bit my l!ps in pain and he chuckled and started screwing me.
After a long while of copulation, he finally finally pulled outta me and fell tiredly beside me on the bed.
We were both p@nting like lizards.
“Oh! That was awesome” he chuckled and threw his hand around me.
I smiled and leaned closer to him, placing my head on his full tattooed chest.
“Gosh! Don’t do that again” I said and pinched him lightly and he faked a wince.
“Oh! Please, tell me you didn’t enjoy it” he rolled his eyes.
“Like hell, I did. I’ve warned you, Miquel”.
He chuckled and pulled me close.
The ceiling fan blew cold air on us as we just stared into space for a long time, not saying a word.
“What do you like about me, Miquel?” I asked after a while, deciding to break the brooding silence.
The room was so dark and only our skins could be felt. But I liked it that way.
“Well…” He chuckled a bit.
“Everything. Your hair, your beauty, bravery, clumsiness…”
“Wait..hold on. I’m not clumsy” I lifted my head a bit from his chest to say.
“Stop deceiving yourself, miss. You’re definitely clumsy” he teased and I laughed and rested my head back on his chest.
I know I’m not clumsy, tho.
“Your ex girlfriend was a banshee, right?”,I asked and felt him jerk a bit.
Oh boy!
There’s no way he’s gonna get angry, right?
“Well…yeah”, he replied and cleared his throat, like he had a lump there or something – which I knew was negative.
I sighed and moved my f!ng£rs over his chest.
“The first day we met” I started calmly.
“During the orientation. When the meeting was over and everyone was leaving, but you ordered your guards to call me back because of my gum….was that really the reason you called me back? Because …I was chewing a gum?”
For a while, he was silent.
“Well…, I knew you were a banshee. And..since I lost my ex, you’re the first banshee I’ve come across. So,,, that day, I just wanted to have a close look at you. That’s all” he answered lightly and I smiled.
Gosh! I knew there’d been more to it.
“You jerk! And you made me fix the gum on my hair, huh?” I pouted and hit his chest lightly and he laughed.
Thank goodness he’s laughing already.
“Yeah…I had to stall you a little longer” he said.
“And remember that night I snuck into your room for the first time and got caught? Gosh! You were so heartless, Miquel. I still can’t believe you made me strip and walk back to my room half na*ked! You’re such a mean jerk! Gosh! Like…I can’t believe you’re the same guy I’m dating” I said as I hit him repeatedly on the chest and he laughed real h@rd.
He got hold of my hands and stopped me from hitting him.
“Oh! I’m sorry, Cali. But you were too stubborn and I needed to fix you in your place” he said.
“Really? Don’t talk to me again” I rolled my eyes and entangled from his grasp, backing him.
“Hey! Come on…! I’m sorry, okay? I…I wish I could turn back the hands of time. But I can’t”.he said but I continued backing him.
“You little witch” he said sweetly and klzzed my neck.
“What did you just call me?”,I scoffed and turned to look at him and immediately, he caught my l!ps.
Oh damn!
His klzz was so magical, I couldn’t fight it.
“Urgh! You really know how to get me, huh?” I gr0@ned as soon as we unlocked and he smiled and made me lean on his chest again.
“How long will you be staying here at the institute?” I asked after a few seconds of silence.
“Uh!” He sighed.
“Actually….I’m already a graduate. I graduated years ago. But, being the leader and….having nowhere to go – no home, no family – I decided to stay back and make here my home”.
Oh my..!
“Oh” I mouthed and reminisced on It for a while..
So, he’s actually a graduate? Well, I’ve always thought so. He’s too powerful.
“So…you’ll be staying here for a pretty long time, huh?” I asked, feeling a little bad.
“Well, like I said, that was my plan. But….recently, I think I’m beginning to have a change of mind” he replied and I lifted my head a bit to look at him – my eyes portraying the demand for more answers.
“There’s this amazing lady I met. And..I don’t know how she did it but, she magically captured my heart. So, I’m gonna wait here for her. And as soon as she’s done and graduates, I’ll leave with her. Now, I don’t know what her parents opinion would be but, I’ll be renting my own apartment, and she’s gonna come stay with me. Whether her parents likes it or not” he concluded with a shrug and I felt my cheeks become hot red.
Oh my gee!
“What….girl is that, Miquel? Who’s she?” I asked,my voice coming out with little cracks.
“Well…I think she might be next to me” he cooed and pulled my nose and I chuckled ruefully..
“Oh! You’re really such a jerk, you know that?” I said tearfully and klzzed his l!ps.
Cute jerk.
“I love you so much,Miquel” I sniffed.
“Why?” He asked and I looked at him and smiled.
“Because you’re everything I’ve ever wanted”..
He also smiled and reciprocated the klzz.
“And I love you too, little witch”.
We unlocked and remained quiet for a while.
“Miquel…” I called as he stroked my back – gently.
I hesitated, feeling a bit anxious.
“What is it, Cali?” He asked when I didn’t say a word.
“Um….I was just…” I paused and sighed.
“Could I make a request? At least….the first request I’d make as your girlfriend?”
This time, he hesitated like he felt it was gonna be something tasky.
“Well…what is it?” He summoned up courage and asked and I spilled the beans.
“I….want you to….forgive Mykel”.
*14 Months Later*
I took a quick selfie of myself in front of the mirror and s£nt it to Diane immediately.
And as soon as that was done, I called her.
“Tell Diane. Is the makeup moderate? Should I…should I add something? Or subtract?” I asked anxiously.
“Woah! Chill girl. I’m sure even a bride isn’t as nervous as you are” she said and I heard her drink something.
“Anyway” she continued.
“Think the makeup is okay. Yeah, the brows..concealer, colors of eye shadow…trust me, everything’s perfect”.
And I breathed in heavily.
“Gosh! Thank goodness”.
“Is he there yet?”.
“No. Not yet. I gotta go” I said quickly and ended the call.
I took a proper look at myself in front of the mirror.
My dress was dazzling, and the heels fit so perfectly.
I didn’t need a magician to tell me I was beautiful.
I took my phone and walked out of the room and as soon as I got out, mum was the first person I saw.
“Goodness! Cali!” She exclaimed and stopped walking.
“I don’t understand. Are you going for a wedding or something?”
I blushed a little.
“Am I…pretty, mum?”I bit my lower l!p.
*Damn! I sure do have an angel for a daughter* I heard her say in her head and my cheeks flushed.
“Well….I think the appearance is too overwhelming. I can’t believe you went through all these stress just because your boyfriend is coming over for dinner” she said.
“Thanks for the compliment, mum. You sure do have an angel for a daughter” I rolled my eyes as I walked.
“Cali Jenner! How many times have I warned you to stop spying into my head?” She asked and I just giggled and walked away.
I got to the sitting room and met the maids busy at the dining.
I looked at the time and he was…freaking 20 minutes late already.
.what the heck??
I started walking out of the house, dialing his line in the process.
But he wasn’t picking up.
Damn it! Where the hell could he be?
I walked out of house, out of the gate and looked sideways for any sign of his car.
I just hope he doesn’t bring any lame excuses cause I’m not gonna take that from him.
Because of this dinner, I made dad cancel all his appointments. So, there’s noway he’s gonna disappoint me.
Its been two weeks since we left the institute and…. we agreed he comes over to see my parents.
I continued dialing his line and finally, it went through.
“Hey bae!” He called like he was actually shouting out of noise.
“Seriously? Are you coming for dinner or camp? Do you know what the time is?” I asked, letting him know I was upset.
There was a loud sound, like a music or something.
“I’m so so sorry. I’m less than 10 seconds away” he replied and before I could say a word, he ended the call.
I placed my hands on my waist and looked left and right and finally, spotted the *royal* car coming.
Oh! Great.
He was driving at such a crazy speed that I flinched.
What the…..
He screeched to a halt I’m front of me and I g@sped.
I fisted my hand, waiting for him to come out of the car and give me a better explanation and when he did, I noticed he wasn’t the driver.
It was Mykel.
“Oh God! I’m so sorry I’m late” he said in deep breaths and came over to klzz me.
Well, I was angry, but his killer looks erased my angry memories completely.
Damn! He was so handsome.
“Hey, Cali!” Mykel called from the car and Miquel and I unlocked to look at him.
The front door was open and I could see him from the driver’s seat.
“Hi buddy” I waved at him.
“I swear to you Mykel, I just got this car yesterday and if I see as little as a pin scratch on it by the time you return, I’ll kill you” Miquel warned.
“Yeah..I know. You’ve said that like a million times” he rolled his eyes.
“And make sure you’re to pick me up as soon as I call. If you keep me waiting for more than ten minutes, I’ll….”
“You’re not the only one who has a lady to please, okay? See you later” he interrupted and took off immediately, still driving at a crazy speed and the front door went shut on its own.
I chuckled to myself.
“Wow! You looking….gorgeous” Miquel said and held my cheeks, trying to klzz me, but I resisted.
“You’re gonna ruin my makeup, okay? Come on. My parents are waiting” I told him, unable to hide my blush.
I kept smiling like a new wife.
“Okay then. If you say so” he shrugged and held my hand.
And just when I wasn’t looking, he klzzed me – quickly.
“What is wrong with you?” I pouted and slapped his arm and he chuckled.
“Who do you need to look beautiful for anyway, huh? Its for me, right? So, it doesn’t matter if I decide to ruin it”
“Hmph. Indeed”.
We kept nattering as we held hands together and walked into the house.
And that is the Love story of Cali and Miquel
Ooops! I can’t believe I ended this, guys. We’ve been through a lot trying to finish this up☺
Don’t be too greedy to deprive me of my comments
1. Who’s your favorite character?
2.What’s your best part?
3. What part almost or really made you cry?
4. What part can you read repeatedly without getting tired?
5. Did you enjoy the story? And what did you learn from it?
Its been a long story, guys and I expect long comments from you all. I’ll try to read everybody’s comments


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