Defiled episode 4

Defiled episide 4
Akosua’s eagerness to get evidence in order to get Rama suspended had ris£n to its prime,She could not sit for few minutes without thinking of how to l@ytra-ps for her….Then an idea c@m£ into her head..
“Am going to plant a secret c@m£ra in her office in order to monitor them together,she smiled to her self as she dressed up to go get the best secret c@m£ra to do the perfect job for her..
It was a sunny Saturday and Rama was busy doing the laundry,she would be visiting her Dad later in the day before meeting Aquila at the Mall,they had planned to hang out there today,She went ahead to clean up her room..Danny is an SHS graduate who lives with his Mom,He is a friend to Rama and always washed her car for some cash…He had given the car a perfect look,and was waiting for her to warm his pocket as always…
Mr.Ragnar was a very cunning man,He had actually planted a c@m£ra in his office,and this is what He’s uses to blackmail Regina his secretary….”If you don’t want to see your S-x tape leaked..then you have to summit to me”..He would always remind the poor lady any time she refuses to adhere to his S-xual appeals….
She wished there was a way to free herself,Mr.Ragnar has cleverly blurred his b©dy in the supposed video ma-king it almost impossible to identify him…
And guess who just joined Mr.Ragnar’s S-x slaves?…Akosua!!!
Aquila’s Mom,Ms.Lina made up her mind to follow Aquila to the Mall,she wanted to go catch some air,but agreed to p@rt ways with Aquila and Rama when they get there..
Aquila:Mom,you we will nee-d some privacy
Ms.Lina:..You,am not gonna be with you two,maybe I’ll just see a movie at the cinema..
Aquila knows how it feels when you hung out with your parents,especially when you want to spend time with your crush…
Rama had left for his father’s house,the man was very happy seeing his daughter,He has not seen her the whole month and it looks like almost a year to him,he hvgged her and told her how much he cares for her…
Mr.Vandy:..Hey Rama,can we go outside,maybe hang out at the mall or something?
Rama:..Mmm,yah,I am meeting a friend there today
Mr.Vandy:..I’ll just hung around while you guys have fun
Aquila and his Mom on reaching the Mall saw Akosua leaving,she immediately started a convo to get his attention..
Akosua:..Hey Aquila,what a coincidence
Aquila:Oh yes,hope you good?…Meet my Mom
Akosua:..Am good,Hello Ma.
Ms.Lina:hello young lady
Aquila:..Mom,Akosua is a colleague at the workplace..
Ms.Lina:..Oh ok
Akosua:.I c@m£ to buy some groceries
Aquila:..Oh ok,am just hanging out with Mom..
Akosua:do you mind if I join you
Aquila:..Yeah,I would,sorry but I would be meeting someone here too
Akosua:..Oh cool
Akosua:..Then have a nice day out here,catch you on Monday
Aquila:You too
Akosua was not content with Aquila’s answer…But who is he waiting for,could it be Rama?..Let me wait and see…She said to herself as she watched Aquila from her car…
Aquila and her Mom had gone to catch some soft drinks at a bar,then Rama called him to meet her outside
Akosua from her car saw Rama’s car pu-ll up at the car park,she took out her phone and sh0t some pictures of the two exchanging warm hvgs..she drove away after that..
Rama had introduced Aquila to her Dad,Mr.Vandy was relieved his baby girl is finally coming back to sane…But are they in a relationsh!p…I’ll know that later..He said to himself as He followed the two to the Bar where Ms.Lina was seated…
After plea-santries was exchanged,they both introduced their parents..
Mr.Vandy:..Hi Ms.Lina,nice meeting you
Ms.Lina:..Nice meeting you too Mr.Vandy
Ms.Lina:My plea-sure
Rama:..Hey Dad,Ms.Lina is seeing a movie at the cinema,you two can hung out,we have our plans,and parents are a distraction..
Mr.Vandy:.Oh ok…Buh I hate movies
Rama:..You have to love it for today
Aquila:..Yea,I think so
Aquila and Rama went to a more pri-vate bar to continue their convo whilst their respective parents went to see the movie at the cinema…
Akosua had gone to the workplace to execute her plan,she hired a guy who would install the secret c@m£ra in Rama’s office
She was able to convince the weekend Security to open the door for her,she lied she was coming to copy some do¢v-ments from the computer…She went straight to the room where the keys to the offices were being kept and took Rama’s office key,and within some few minutes,the guy had gotten a vintage point to install the secret c@m£ra…
This c@m£ra can be controlled using a smart phone,so Akosua has to just pilot it from her phone..
Akosua’s phone rang,it was Mr.Ragnar calling..
Akosua:.Hiii Baby
Ragnar:..Hello pretty,how are you doing
Akosua:.Am doing great
Ragnar:..Where are you?
Akosua:..Am at a friend’s house
Ragnar:.Is it possible we can meet tonight..I miss you alre-ady
Ragnar:..Ok good…Marvel h0tel.7:30pm
Akosua:..Ok,I’ll be there
Ragnar:..Don’t be late..
Akosua smiled to herself,she knew there was no way Ragnar will deny her what she nee-ds,she left the office premises after she pu-ll-ed some strings to grease the palm of the security…
Ragnar had booked a room,he carefully installed his c@m£ra at a blind sp©t..the game of blackmailing ladies in other to make them his S-x slaves was just taking a wonderful turn…
Akosua,who thought she was setting up tra-ps has blindly fallen into a dee-per tra-p without noticing…
The sun was retiring,patches of darkness filled the skies,and the night stars scattered the darkening skies,Rama and Aquila were too drun!kin their whatever convo,they hadn’t realized how dark it had gone until Ms.Lina called to ask about their where about
The two families met and were soon traveling back to their various homes,
Rama was on her way to drop her Dad..
Mr.Vandy:.So who is Aquila to you?..How close are you guys?
Rama:just friends,not soo close,but getting closer and closer each day
Rama:.Its anything the matter?
Mr.Vandy:..Oh nothing.just being curious you know..
Rama:.Oh ok
Akosua was at the h0tel to meet Ragnar,she was dressed in a knee length Sk-irt and a blouse to match her stilettos,she was directed to the h0tel room by the receptionist….
She opened the door and saw Ragnar standing near the be-d with a bottle of red wine,they hvgged and a k!ssfollowed…
Ragnar poured out the wine into wine glas-ses,and within minutes,the two had emptied the wine bottle…
Ragnar started undressing Akosua whiles k!ss!ngher furiously,he seem to be hungry for her b©dy,He to-re her br@ziers and threw her back to the be-d,Akosua was dizzy,Ragnar had actually laced her drink with some kind of drug so that he could dominate her….He took out a nylon robe and tied her to the be-d,Akosua was dizzy so she couldn’t control herself,she just obeyed whatever command she heard from him…Ragnar was looking to punish her,He wants to treat her like the who-re she is,He pushed his member de-ep into her and she cried out,she was in pain,but too dizzy to fight back…
Pain,plea-sure and m0@n s filled the room,Akosua traded her trust to the devil himself…
After hours of S-xual bouts,they la-id n-ked together on the h0tel be-d and retired to sleep…
Another scene recorded on c@m£ra….
Rama was home now,she had dropped her father some hours ago,she was going throu-gh her wardrobe to choose what she’d be wearing to church the next day,Aquila has agreed to visit her Church,so she knew she has to be in her best outfit….her convo with Aquila today was more open,they held hands for a long time,and later danced slowly to some cool music…the heat could be felt,she could feel Aquila’sl-ips t©uçh her n£¢k…she clinged on ha-rd to his bosom as they followed the rhythm of the music….Another step completed….
Ndego has no plans deleting the video,he has watched it like a thousand times,He was looking for a way to blackmail Akosua and Ragnar..He was really out for something big….He knew the video was going to be leaked by him anyway…if only they refuse to comply by his conditions…
He got a new phone with a new sim card….He wants to do this without anyone suspecting him…..Ndego was the last person you would like to mess with,especially when it comes to money…………..
Regina is depressed,being pregnant at this time was not just the right time,especially to a married man who has refused to take responsibility,she knew she wasn’t re-ady to be a mother,so she made up her mind to get rid of the foetus..she picked up her phone and called Mantebea..
Mantebea:..Hey,wasop baby girl
Regina:..Am re-ady
Mantebea:You are re-ady for what
Regina:I don’t want to keep the baby
Mantebea:..You sure about this?
Regina:sure I am
Mantebea:.Good,am going to give you up to tomorrow so that you can make a final decision
Regina:..I just told you am re-ady
Mantebea:..I know,just call me tomorrow
Mantebea:..Today ill be paying your Boss a visit…I’ll tell him you s£nt me to work as his secretary till you come back from leave..
Regina:..Do you think He will agree to that?
Mantebea:..Do you think He will reject a beauty like me?
Regina:..Well..With that nope..I’ll tell him then busy now ok..catch you later
Mantebea wanted to do things her own way,she was getting re-ady to go sit in for Regina until she returns from leave..she knew Ragnar wouldn’t reject her idea of pla-ying Regina’s role,so far as she is a beautiful damsel…
Rama was lazily sitting in her chair when Akosua c@m£ in,she had no trace of smiles on her face,she looked straight into Rama’s eyes..
Akosua:..I thought I could trust you
Rama:..I never asked you to trust me,did I?..and what was that even supposed to me?
Akosua:you know what I mean…
Rama:..What if I don’t?
Akosua:.I mentioned Aquila to you,and you went behind me to li-ck his ba-lls?…what kind of a friend would do that?
Rama:and what makes you think He is interested in you?
Akosua:of course He does,see the way He looks at me..You don’t give him space to talk to me,so how do you expect him to approach me..
Rama:..He has your number,why doesn’t He call you…don’t you get it?…He is not interested in a who-re like better get something doing
Akosua:..Did you just call me a who-re Rama?
Rama:..that’s what you are..
Akosua:just wait..I swear I’ll make you suffer for this..
Rama:..plea-se leave my office..
Rama:..I said leave my office..
Akosua left Rama’s office so angry,she actually went there to get the words out of her mouth,she wanted to actually confirm whether the two actually had something doing…And yes,she did get what she wanted..Rama wasn’t smart enough to know her intentions….
Akosua sat in her office and started monitoring Rama from her office,she could hear and see what ever goes on in the office.
Ragnar was in his office as usual doing nothing,He was repla-ying his S-x videos with Akosua,he’s expecting a lot of visitors today so it wasn’t a good day to host Akosua..Then his phone started ringing..It was the receptionist
Receptionist:..Sir,your meeting have been cancelled,the whether is not good for flying..I just had the call from those we were expecting..
Ragnar:.Oh ok..good
Receptionist:..Bit Sir,there is a lady here called Mantebea,she wants to see you
Ragnar:..Mmmm..ok let her in
Receptionist:..Ok Sir
Oh thank God this people ain’t coming…At least I can have some free time..
Then there was a knock..
Yes,come in….Ragnar said
Ragnar:..Welcome young lady
Mantebea:..Thank you Sir,good day Sir
Ragnar:..Good day…How can I help you?
Mantebea:..Ok,Urrmm..Regina s£nt me to fill her position until she’s back..look like she’s gonna be away for sometime..Am a professional secretary too
Ragnar:..Oh ya,I saw her message on whatsapp,couldn’t reply tho’..Hope she did tell you what I expect from my secretary
Mantebea:yeah..I know the job am coming to do..
Dagmar:..That is her desk..a lot of files to be checked and cleared…get to work immediately..
Mantebea:..Ok Sir…
Ragnar:..Am going out…will be back soon
Mantebea:..Ok Sir..
Ragnar accepting Mantebea immediately was just out of context,He didn’t cross examine her well,and leaving her in the office alone was another mistake He did…
It was break time and everyone was rushing out,Aquila went to Rama’s office to walk her out for lunch…But Rama brou-ght them lunch pack,they ate it immediately and Rama told him about Akosua’s visit.
Aquila made her un-derstand He is never interested in Akosua,this was followed by a k!ss,then she replied…and later they were soon engulfed in a s-en-sational break of ecstasy..
Akosua was enjoying the whole episode from her phone,she knew her doubts about the two were finally justified,only Rama was visible in the Video,the position Aquila was standing made it difficult for the c@m£ra to capture his face…..
Checkmate…Akosua said …She knew it was time she took Rama to the slaughter house,this time with evidence….
Mantebea in the office went throu-gh Ragnar’s desk,she wanted something very confidential..she got hold of a mobile phone,but nothing was in the gallery,she went to the contact list…and saw a number..”Wife”…..
Good…I think its time I tell your wife about your double life…She told herself as she copied the number into her own phone..she threw it back to where she had picked it went straight back to her desk…
Just moment after that,Ragnar c@m£ back,He had some food and drinks with him…He invited Mantebea over and she accepted gladly,the two ate as they had a convo…Ragnar started flir-ting her,he told her how beautiful she was and a whole lot of sugar coated words…a way he will use to l@yher….
Akosua interrupted them by entering the office without knocking,she was surprise to see Mantebea in the office..
Ragnar:..She my secretary for now
Akosua:.Hmm…secretary indeed…
Ragnar:.Hey sorry for leaving you at the h0tel..I didn’t want to interrupt your sleep
Akosua:Am cool..There is something I nee-d to show you now
Ragnar:what is it
Akosua:..Just watch
Whaat?..isn’t that Rama?..and WTF is she doing with this guy?..R0m-ncing during working hours?…And who is the guy..Ragnar said.
Akosua:,,I wish I knew him,but He does not work here,I saw him come from outside….and this is not his first time here
Ragnar:..This is against the rules of the office….
Akosua:..That is why you have to write her a suspension later immediately..
Ragnar:..Sure,I’ll do that
Akosua:.You are doing this for me remember…and remember she rejected your proposal..This is the time you can tell her who the real boss is…
Ragnar:…I’ll leave the letter with the receptionist so that she will pick it up tomorrow in the morning..
Akosua:..Good…now can you excuse you new secretary…I nee-d you now..
Mantebea was asked to close for the day by Ragnar,and immediately she left,they pounced on each other,Ragnar pushed her into the sofa and started humping her like today was their last day on earth..
Work closed and the office was soon deserted,Akosua opened her whatsapp and was surprised at what she saw…her nûd£ pictures…
She quic-kly looked around to make sure nob©dy was was from the guy who called her yesterday..she bec@m£ more worried and afraid….but how?..I thought I switched off all security c@m£ra’s,so where from this pictures too?…Then the call c@m£
Anonymous:..I hope you saw the pictures
Akosua:plea-se,who are you and where did you get this pictures?
Anonymous:..Don’t ask me questions until I give you permission to do so
Akosua:.Do you want me to call the police?
Anonymous:..Police?…Involve them if you wish..Just know I have a video too..I will leak them before you get to the police
Akosua:..No plea-se,I won’t involve anyone..
Anonymous:..Good..I will call you later
Akosua was more afraid when she heard video…I can’t believe my nudity is out there…but who could have done this?…she asked herself as she drove out of the office premises
Ndego was secretly watching her from his hidden position…Walai..this girl go cry pepper..He said…
Rama and Aquila packed in front of Rama’s house,immediately the door was closed,Rama dropped her bag and r!pp£dopen Aquila’s shi-t,they started k!ss!ngand made way to her be-d,Aquila soon dominated,He ca-ressed her for sometime before breaking into Rama…She has been waiting for long…their m0@n s was silenced by the music from the TV…They were on cloud nine….
They both soon reached Orgasm and la-id side by side with sweats dripping down their bodies,nob©dy said nothing..
Rama was just happy she finally  had some meat…especially from someb©dy she loves…
She went on t©p on him and started k!ss!nghim all over,look like she’s gonna nee-d him the whole night…