Defiled episode 3

Defiled episode 3
Thursday c@m£ soo fast like whirlwind,the week was fast ending and workers wished today were Friday,Rama was dressed in a colorful African print to match her brightened face….
She arrived a bit late to work today because of her last night chitchat with Aquila on whatsapp,she made way to her office where she saw Araba alre-ady seated at her desk.
Araba:..Good Morning
Rama:Good morning,how is your Mom doing now
Araba:..She’s doing better now
Rama:..Good,has anyone come to look for me this morning?
Rama:Oh ok…
Araba:..Are you expecting someone?
Rama:not really
Rama went to her office and started her daily office work,she had a little to do today so she relax a bit…then some few minutes later, Araba c@m£ in..
Araba:..A gentleman is looking for you
Rama:..Who is he?
Araba:..The guy you were admiring the last time
Rama:..Oh,let him in
Aquila entered with a broad smile,she praised Rama’s look after they had exchanged greetings,the two went throu-gh some financial reports for a couple of hours,and before the knew,it was break..
Rama:Hey,am starving,lets go for break
Aquila:Oh ok..good
The two soon found themselves at the Papaye Restaurant……………………………………………
Back in the office,Akosua had seen the two leave,she bec@m£ soo jealous and anger could be seen written all over her face,she went straight to Rama’s office to get some information from Araba who had resumed work from break..
Akosua:Hey Araba,whats up?
Araba:..Nothing new,just office work
Akosua:..I want you to give me some info,like a jist
Araba:,,Urrmm,what kind of jist is that?
Rama:You see the guy Rama left with,how many times have you seen them together?
Araba:..You mean the new guy?
Akosua:Ya,he’s Aquila
Araba:..Just today,I was abs£nt yesterday,but He was here this morning
Akosua:..For how long?
Araba:..Since morning,they were working on some office reports in Rama’s office,they just went out for break some minutes ago
Akosua:..Oh ok
Araba:..Buh is everything alright,you look pale
Akosua:.Yes I am…And hey,that should be our little secret..
Araba:..Why do you think that should be a secret?
Akosua:..Just keep it between us
Araba:..Ok Ihr!
Akosua:..Good,am gone
Araba was confused,but why was she asking all this questions,and why is that supposed to be a secret?..She asked herself…
Araba likes Rama so much ,so there was no way she would hide that from her,she didn’t nee-d to be a psychic to know what Akosua was up to….she waited patiently for Rama who c@m£ back with Aquila walking behind him..
Aquila asked to go to his office whiles Araba followed Rama into her office..
Araba:How long have you guys been hanging out?
Rama:why do you care to ask?
Araba:Well,Akosua c@m£ here to ask me some questions about you two,she wanted to know how long you guys have been hanging out…I told her nothing..
Rama:..You mean she really asked you that?
Araba:..Yes she did,and even told me to keep it a secret..
Rama:..Hmmm…this lady is up to something
Araba:..Are you going to tell me what I missed yesterday?
Rama:..You know,Aquila started work yesterday,He went for lunch with Akosua but looks like He didn’t enjoy her company..She told me she’s crushing on him…She is just jealous I’m with him…
Araba:..Just that?
Rama:..And you know,He catches my eyes too,I drove him home yesterday after work,we had a lengthy chat on whatsapp last night,so we kinda friends now… you guys are secretly fighting over a guy?
Rama:…Name it as you wish…now go back to work..
Araba:..Ok..but just make sure you monitor Akosua,she can cause your suspension..You know the punishment for being open with your whatever here..
Araba:..What I told you should remain between us… not asking her anything…Trust me..
Rama was shocked at how Akosua was taking this………………
Buh how can she?….What she is up to at all?..She asked herself.
Since Aquila arrived,her relationsh!pwith Akosua has suffered a sudden fracture,all because they want to land one new guy.
Akosua c@m£ over to Rama’s office,Araba pretended nothing was wrong and so did she,she greeted her as if that was the first time she had seen her in centuries…
Rama and Akosua got dissolved in random convo for sometime before Akosua mentioned Aquila..
Akosua:..Hey,what about Aquila,did you tell him I’ll be driving him home today?
Rama:..Nope,I didn’t,why don’t you go ask him yourself?..
Akosua:..You know,I will just wait outside after we close and offer him a ride,plea-se don’t pick him up today,just tell him you are going a different way..plea-se.
Rama:..Ok ihr…
The tension between them was just obvious,Akosua was just hoping the two had nothing doing whilst Rama was wished Aquila never met Akosua…
Akosua left Rama’s office when it was thirty minutes to closing,she rushed to her office to re freshen,she h!pped her br£@st to an £r0ticlevel and her Sk-irt revea-ling her th!ghs…She wouldn’t think twice to l@yAquila today if she had the chance to…
Work soon closed for the day and everyone was leaving,Akosua went outside and faked a call,Aquila too had gone to walk Rama out of her office,the two soon c@m£ out with Araba walking behind them to catch a lift in Rama’s car…The three walked towards the direction of the car pack where Akosua was..
Rama:..Hey Akosua,wasup
Akosua:..Am cool…you?
Akosua:..Hey Aquila,you good?
Aquila:..Yea I am…
Rama:..Aquila,I forgot to tell you,urrm,am going to visit my aunt at Kaneshie,so you know!!
Aquila:..Oh am cool
Akosua:…Oh if you don’t mind you can join me,am going to do some shopping at the Accra Mall..
Aquila:..You two shouldn’t worry about me…That dodge charger over there is my car….
Akosua:..Ooohh!..coooll!…ok fine…nice car…
Rama:..You didn’t tell me you had a car
Aquila:…That is the smallest car in my garage tho’…lol..
The embarras-sment on Akosua’s face couldn’t be hidden,she drove out at a rather weird speed.
Ah…that madam dey craze small small or she svçktramadol..why she drive careless like that?…Ndego asked angrily…
Rama:…Ask her yourself when she reports to work tomorrow…
Ndego:,,Eherrn…Oga,you be new abi…ebi your car that err…you see..I wash am very well give you…Walai..!!
Aquila:..That’s nice of you..
Ndego:…Ebi so I do for here ooo…so do wild then sacrifice
Aquila:..Sacrifice for what?
Rama:…He wants you to ti-p him..
Aquila pu-ll-ed out some strings which he handed over to Ndego,He couldn’t hide his joy,nob©dy has ever ti-pped him such amount..He confessed
See Oga,anything you wan know for here,come see me…every secret..,me I know…Ndego told Aquila secretly…
Rama:..What was He telling you?
Aquila:..He said he knows everything here..
Rama:you better not doubt him…He does….
Rama and Aquila drove in their cars to Rama’s place,the two agreed to go to the place after a heated argument,Rama knew her room was not in order so she was not re-ady to host a visitor,especially her crush..
The two spent some time there discussing a lot of things about their personal lives…
Hey,what was Akosua up to,did she think I would have agreed to go with her?…Aquila asked..
Rama:..Would’nt you have?
Aquila:..No..I wouldn’t..she’s just something I can’t describe..
Rama:Cmon don’t be too mean
After two hours of being together,Aquila was re-ady to leave,Rama had changed into a more S-xier dress which nearly popped out the eyes of Aquila,but he was more of a comported gentleman…The two p@rted ways after a christian hvg was exchanged..
The day was over,things was working in favor of Rama and she knew it…She was very confident her relationsh!pwith Aquila was going to yield positive results and she hoped for it…
Rama picked up her phone and called Haylie to discuss her week’s happenings with her…They spoke dee-per into the night before going to be-d..
The day ended in a more blissful way for Rama…
Aquila was beginning to feel there is chemistry between him and Rama,He has not spent much time with ladies since He c@m£ to Ghana…He smiled to himself as the idea of ma-king his good out of Rama c@m£ to his head…He knew the game of chess had just began…
Fridays?…everyone loves Fridays….Rama and Aquila had planned to go to work in Aquila’s car,Rama had finished preparing for work,she had just finished a cu-p of coffee when she heard Aquila pu-ll up at her forecourt,she locked up and went out to meet him,Aquila being a gentleman as always rushed out to open the door for her to get in,Rama smiled to him as she made herself comfortable…
They spoke less on their whole journey to the workplace,Rama was very nervous,she knew a lot of talking would be made between the gossip committees in her office today,she was aware they would drag her throu-gh gutters because of her relationsh!pwith Aquila…
Hmm..Well,there ain’t no relationsh!p,we are just friends..She told s£na the office receptionist who also happens to be the information van….she is always inquisitive…
Aquila had gone to his office leaving Rama at the visitors waiting room,Rama could see the kind of eyes that were being focused on her,she pretended she’d seen nothing as she went on to sign the office register..Akosua is alre-ady pres£nt?…She asked herself after she had seen Akosua sign in early on in the register..
Then she definitely might have seen us come in together…But who cares what she thinks.Well!I don’t!!!…
On getting to her office,Araba was full of smiles,she looked at Rama who had denied her a morning greetings as she went straight to her office,Araba followed her to upd@t£ her alre-ady upd@t£d jist…
Rama:why are you laughing?…Look,don’t bore me this morning ok
Araba:..Oh,I said nothing la,just what I heard
Rama:..What did you hear?
Araba:I heard you sle-pt over at Aquila’s place,everyone here thinks you la-id the new guy alre-ady
Rama:..And who started that too?
Araba:..I wish I knew,but if my mind serves me right,I wouldn’t doubt is Akosua..
Rama:..Hmmm..And how far do you think this rumor has traveled?
Araba:..Not far,just within us,I mean the service persons…No officer is in yet..
Rama:..Look,that is a false rumor,He picked me up this morning because I called him after I couldn’t start my car…I didn’t sleep at his house ok…
Araba:..I believe you dear,I will falsify it within my friends ok..Buh hey,watch Akosua closely..
Rama:..Hmm ihr…
Rama picked up her phone and called Aquila,she explained what is happening to him and told him not to come to her office until break,Aquila immediately knew the demon behind the happenings,He just smiled to himself as He continued sipping his coffee.
The office premises was dead quiet as usual,Mr,Ragnar,the CEO of the company was going throu-gh the news magazines when He heard someone knock his office door..
Mr.Ragnar:..Yes,plea-se come in
Akosua:..Sir,good morning
Mr.Ragnar:.Oh hey Akosua,how are you today
Akosua:..Am good sir
Mr.Ragnar:Good,what brou-ght you here this morning,or you are here to work as my secretary since mine is on leave?
Akosua looked at her boss s£dûçt!velyas she made her way to his seat,she went behind him and started mas-saging his shoulders,she took the magazines from his hand and switched off the CCTV c@m£ra’s switches,she had locked the door,she motioned Mr.Ragnar to keep his cool
Akosua:..You really think I should work as your secretary?
Mr.Ragnar:..If you wish M’Lady
Akosua:only that?..don’t you wish for anything else?
Mr.Ragnar:What else do you have to offer?
Akosua planted herl-ips de-ep on Mr.Ragnar’sl-ips,He raised her onto the office desk after he had cleared it off files,they were busy interlockingl-ips,Akosua began to un-bu-tton his dress as He returned the favor by un-hooking her br@ziers…
The two soon found themselves on the office sofa,Akosua was soon stuck n-ked and Mr,Ragnar still in his bo-xers,they went throu-gh minutes of oral S-x sessions before Akosua offered her glory hole to Mr.Ragnar…Their m0@n s couldn’t escape the room,Mr.Ragnar has planted a noise diffusion system in his office because of his “Womanizing Attitude”,He had had a couple of S-xual bouts with his personal secretary Regina who had gone on leave to free herself from the gro-an s of her boss…..
Akosua couldn’t stand Mr.Ragnar,she begged him to st©p but He was dead deaf,He continued humping on her until she exploded in a noisy Orgasm,He also reached his cli-max and fell face flat onto the n-ked b©dy of Akosua who seemed unconscious now….Mr.Ragnar still looked unsatisfied,He started su-ckling on her pointed br£@st as he lifted her back to the sofa…He has being waiting for this his whole life…
Their S-xual escapade was distracted by the ringing of the telephone on Mr.Ragnar’s desk,it was the receptionist calling
Receptionist:Hello Sir
Mr.Ragnar:..Yes Hello
Receptionist:plea-se Sir,a team of research officers from Tema are here to see you
Mr.Ragnar:..Ok,I have a visitor now,I will call you to let them in when He’s gone
Receptionist:Ok Sir,Thank you
Mr.Ragnar quic-kly ordered Akosua to get dressed,they both dressed up and kept things in order,Akosua had not plaited her hair,so it looked messed,and the only place she would get a comb was her office….
What if someone see’s me come out of your office with my hair messed up?…She asked her Boss..
Mr:Ragnar:..Mmmm..Look into Regina’s desk,you might find one in there..
Akosua was lucky to get a comb and al-ipstick to help cover her trails,she planted a k!sson Mr.Ragnar’sl-ips,she left the office later after the two planned to meet at same place after close of work…..
Back in Rama’s office,she was just shy to step outside,Araba brou-ght her lunch because she refused to come out,Araba had to go out with Aquila to ease the tension,Aquila too has not been to her office since morning,He knew He was missing him alre-ady but just didn’t want to go see her…
Akosua on the other hand too has devised a plan in other to track Rama and get her suspended for flir-ting with a new employee,she knew she had to give in to Mr.Ragnar in other to win this kind of favor,she was not re-ady to let go off Aquila,He must be mine by hook or crook..She said to himself..
Ndego is in charge of all CCTV c@m£ra’s in the office premises,He had noticed the CCTV c@m£ra had gone off in Mr.Ragnar’s office,but not all,Akosua had mistakenly switched off the c@m£ra that monitors Mr.Ragnar’s desk leaving the place where visitors are hosted,where she had a S-x bout with her boss….So as they were busy,Ndego was also busy pla-ying the role of an external referee from the Computer room…He copied the whole show into a flash drive and deleted it from the system…..Akosua has being on Ndego’s wanted list for years,she does not respect him and calls him “Gate man…Ibi time ago make this idiot call me plus my correct name..Oga Ndego!!….Ndego said happily
Work soon closed and everyone started leaving,Rama called Aquila to meet her at the car park so that they can leave immediately,Akosua was relaxed and watching them leave from her office,a wicked grin appeared on her face as she swore to end the relationsh!pbetween the two..
Aquila and Rama dropped off Araba at her station and continued to Aquila’s house,they planned to take dinner there,they soon reached the place and were welcomed by Aquila’s Mom who had come to open the gate..
Aquila:Hey Mom..How are you…
Ms.Lina:Aquila am fine..Young lady,you are beautiful
Rama:You too Ma’,thank You Ma’..
Aquila:mom,this is Rama,the lady I told you about yesterday
Ms.Lina:Oh Rama,nice meeting you,He said nice things about you
Rama:..Nice meeting you too,am humbled
Ms.Lina:you guys should come in,dinner is re-ady…
The trio went into the house and went straight to the dining table,Rama couldn’t take her eyes off the room,it was fully decorated in foreign decors that made it look so western than African,she smiled when she saw the picture of little Aquila hanging on the wall…
Back at the work place,Akosua had gone back to Ragnar’s office,they were alre-ady k!ss!nglike mad,they went throu-gh couple of bouts on Mr.Ragnar’s office desk,Akosua’s m0@n s soon filled the room as they ru-bbe-d sweats on sweats,it was a Friday indeed..
After some hours,the two were dressed up and re-ady to leave,Akosua had not gotten enough evidence to label against Rama,so she was concentrating on getting the CEO on her side first..
The two walked out of the office as if they were busy working on something serious,this is not the first time someone left the office at odd times,so it was nothing strange to the night watchman who just c@m£ few minutes ago..
Ragnar:Hey,where is Ndego
Night Watchman:..Oga,he dey backyard
Ragnar:.Ok,open the gate for me
Night watchman:..Yes Oga
Immediately they left,Ndego dashed out of the computer room as if a rat being smoked out of its abode,He was busy recording the S-xcapede between the two,He left after he convinced the Night Watchman He was at the washroom…
Back in Aquila’s house,they were done eating dinner and were busy chatting on random issues,Ms.Lina was a wealthy woman,she confessed to the two she would really like to get herself a man in the coming days since she was young and beautiful…
It was thirty minutes past 9Pm,Rama sort permission to leave,she was dropped by Aquila at her place,and as usual,He c@m£ out to open the door for her to alight,but this time,they mistakenly crushed,ma-king the ignition drop,they both bent to pick it up,and their faces met,soo close,they could feel each other breathe,the heat,and shaking of thel-ips and the eagerness and we-t be-d sheets,Rama did well by breaking the the melodrama,she bid him goodbye as she rushed into her room with Aquila still looking at her like a frozen being…
Rama looked throu-gh her window as Aquila left,…That was soo close..She said to her self..
I could not have st©pped if we k!$$£d…She added..
Today had not being a good day on her side,the office jist had kept her indoors the whole day ma-king her feel some back pains because she has been sitting for long..
She went to the washroom to wash down before taking her phone to continue her chitchat with Aquila on whatsapp……They ain’t not slee-ping tonight..Today is a Friday,She said to herself with a smile..
Ndego too was busy pla-ying back the videos He got today…
Walai..this shoddy go respekt me now….see her nyash like pot…yeuwaaa!!!