Dangerous attra-ction prologue

💖Dangerous attra-ction💖
Written by Humble Smith💋
The very first day she c@m£ into the school, I got very much attra-cted to her.
I loved everything about her and wanted it de-eply for her to be my girlfriend but there was no way it could happen, it would be dangerous having her in my life.
I kept turning her down even when she ask me out..
It pained me that I had to snub her, I had to stay away from her..
I couldn’t accept her because I knew how dangerous it is..
I know my half brother Austin, he would make my life a hell and could probably kill me.
My name is Steve..
I was born without anyone to call a father or mother, just grew up to find my self in the orphanage home..
Life was miserable as I did not seem to cope with living there..
I nee-ded to go out to the world and become something, I want to go out of the orphanage home and live with a family, go to school and have a happy life,
My want was accomplished but It wasn’t really what I wanted that c@m£..
I was adopted by a very rich and wealthy family…
I would have been the happiest guy on earth if Austin wasn’t in my life..
Austin is the only son of the parent who took me, he is bad and arrogant, always ordering me on what to do..
He subjected me to become like a servant to him..
I sees him as superior and had never crossed his path knowing fully well that he could change my life in a twi-nkle of an eye….
Everything went well as I got used to doing his bidding, but it all changed when Clara c@m£..
The very day she started school and introduced her self, I fell so attra-cted to her..
Once in my entire life, someone stole my heart, I fell in love…
I was re-ady to make her mine but it bec@m£ dangerous when Austin also wants her in his life..
The attra-ction bec@m£ dangerous..
What do you think would happen??
Would he take up the risk??
You can’t know till you re-ad this story..
A story of love, pain, betrayal..
You can’t afford to miss it..