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June 20, 2021


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Damaged episode 7

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Immaculate specialist hospital🏥🏥


Saturday, 10:00am


I just got to the hospital. I’ve talked with Jeff on phone and he promised to come check on Ally today. I’m so worried about Ally though the doctor said she’d be discharged as soon as possible and that luckily the broken bottle didn’t cut a nerve so she should be discharged in the next few days. I wish I could get mad at Ally but I couldn’t bring myself to be mad at her. She has gone through a lot in her 23 years on earth. I just can’t understand why she had to fall in love with Richard Stone of all people. I was still deep in thought when I heard the beeping of my phone. I checked the caller and it was the love of my life. I smiled and pressed the answer button.

📲I’m on my way to the hospital and I’m quite sure you’ve not have your breakfast so what should I get for you? ” Jeff asked.

“Chinese will be okay and you can get pizza for Ally” I replied him. “Alright dear, see you in a bit”. After the call ended, I checked on Ally and she was still sleeping. The sedative she was given must be really strong. A nurse came in to check Ally’s

improvement. She was about to go out when Jeff came in.

“I’ve missed you babe” he said and hugged me tight. I rolled my eyes dramatically and disengaged from the hug “but you still saw me few hours ago” I told him.

“that was yesterday so it’s not few hours ago” he said. I was about to reply when I saw Ally stirring in her sleep so I turned to Jeff and said “seems she is about to wake up” “yeah” he concurred.

“Thank God you are awake” I said while she smiled and greeted Jeff.

I gave her the pizza while I ate my chinese dish.


When we were both through with our breakfast I told her that the doctor said she’d be discharged on Monday and I think she should spend some days at my place so as to recuperate. “I have to go home” Ally said. “and by home do you mean Richie’s place?” I asked her. “Yes” she simply replied.

“God knows I don’t wanna argue or fight with you right now but you sure are tempting me. How could you choose to go back to a cold, egotistical and heartless jerk” I told her.

“He’s still my boyfriend and I’m going there

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and that’s final” she said.

“You guys should stop already. Jess, she’s a mature lady who can decide for herself. If she insist on going then no problem. Let’s respect her decision” Jeff said.

I just hope she’d be safe I thought.






I’m getting discharged today. Yippee!!! 💃💃💃.

I so much

hate hospitals with their peculiar smell. It brings back memories of when dad beats mom up and she has to be brought to the hospital. By some twists of ill luck I was also hospitalized because of my boyfriend. I already conclude from my childhood that the menfolk were created solely for the purpose of inflicting pains on the womenfolk.

“Ally, we’re good to go. I just cleared everything with doctor Jones. He asked you not to do anything strenuous so I think you have to call Grace and Sandra to take care of the shop till you’re feeling better” Jess said

“Thanks so much bestie. For everything” I told her.

“What are friends for” she said.

I suddenly noticed something in the room. It was a bouquet of flower so I asked Jess about it and she didn’t have any idea about who could have dropped it there. A tiny part of me wanted to believe it was from Richie but somehow I knew it couldn’t have been him. Anyway, I need to leave this place and stop thinking about some flowers.

Jess drove me to Richie’s place. As soon as we pulled up in the driveway I noticed that all cars were at the garage which means Richie is probably around. That is a good thing cos I want to apologise to him. On getting to the living room I noticed everywhere was unusually quiet but I wasn’t really concerned so I proceed to the bedroom. I was almost at the bedroom door when I begin to hear moaning sounds coming from the bedroom. I wanted to verify the source of the sounds so I barged into the bedroom and switched on the light. Lying on the bed was Richie while a strange lady straddled him. He glared at me when he noticed me in the room. I was so done with him so I rushed out of the room and head back to the garage. I need to drive out of this place ASAP.

I heard him calling my name frantically but I was so mad that I didn’t turn back to answer him. I jumped into my car and drove like a mad woman to Jess place. She had been right after all. I was just stupid all these while.

Well, I’m so done with all men


TBC. Like and comment.

How was this episode?

I specially made it longer than the previous episodes.

I’m feeling so sad RN. I wish I can just put a bullet through Richie’s thick skull😡😠👿. Our Ally is heartbroken💔💔.

You all should drop your sweet comments cos reading your comments make me happy.


Love you all💞💓

©️Authoress Adesewa✍️✍️

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