Damaged episode 6

Unknown POV
Friday night, 9:50pm
“Who the hell was that dude I fought with earlier? ” I asked myself. I should have killed him back there but I am not a murderer. The guy is a real son of a b***h cos why would someone raise his hands to beat a woman.
All these were the thought going throu-gh my mind after leaving the hospital where the lady was admitted. It’s such a shame that I didn’t even get her name. She wouldn’t have been in that mess if I hadn’t asked her to dance with me. I’m feeling so guilty that I had to order for a bouquet of flower to be delivered to her hospital room.
Ally’s POV
My eyes feel so heavy to lift. I tried lifting my arm so as to sit up straight but I end up crying out in pain. It was my cry that attra-cted Jess attention. I looked around the room, this place definitely wasn’t my room at Richie’s mansion and it’s not Jess place either so where am I and why am I feeling pain all over me?
I remember I went to the club with Jess. OMG!!! I just realised everything that happened. I must have been rushed to the hospital immediately I pas-sed out.
” Earth to Ally!!!” Jess said and she lightly t©uçhed my palm.
“Sorry for spacing out” I said but my voice was sounding strange to me, it was more like a croak.
“I should be the one apologizing. I shouldn’t have make you follow me to the club” Jess said “don’t feel guilty dear. I don’t hold it against you”. I was about dozing off when Jess said “the bas***d didn’t even show up” “maybe he’s busy or something” I tried to defend Richie. “are you kidding? I can’t believe this. What if something worse had happened to you? Will you wait till that idiot kill you before you leave him? Jess shouted at me.
“it’s my b©yfri£ndwe’re talking about here and I love him so I can’t leave him”. I replied.
“I’m sorry for shouting at you. I’m just concerned about you. That guy isn’t good for you. You are young and beautiful and many guys out there will love to spend the rest of their lives with you but I don’t know why you ended up with that demon” Jess said calmly. “My b©yfri£ndis not a demon. He’s just a lil bit overprotective” I protested.
“Whatever but I really hope you leave him soon” she said. I didn’t plan to reply her so I just yawned and fell back on the be-d and sleep.
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