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Damaged episode 15

I’m going on my own d@t£ with Jeff today. I’m happy Ally’s d@t£ went well yesterday. I didn’t need to ask her about her d@t£ because she was glowing when she was brou-ght home by Bryan. She looked so happy like a baby that was just given a cone of ice cream🍦.
I need to prepare for my own d@t£ though. I’m confused on what to wear. I’ve been staring at my closet for the pst one hour. I just don’t know what to wear, I guess that is the problem you face when you have clothes in abundance.
“Do you need help selecting what to wear?” Ally asked.
“Yes, I can’t just decide on what to wear”. After a while, Ally helped me select a nice outfit comprising of a white camisole t©p and a black blazer trou-sers. I selected a nice pair of shoes to match.
“Let me fix your hair for you” Ally said.
She helped me pack into a lovely style.
I dressed up in no time and I wait for Jeff to come pick me.
I helped Jess prepare for her d@t£ after which I started going throu-gh my phone. I was playing a game of ‘drop stack balls’ when a message popped in.
💬Ally, plea-se do you mind if we see today”
💬No problem, where are we meeting”
💬I’m at the coffee shop beside your house”
💬Okay, I’d be there soon”
I turned to Jess who was still waiting for Jeff “Bryan just texted me to meet him at the coffee shop next door”. I said to Jess
“Okay, s£nd my regards to him”. she said.
I went into the room to change into something appropriate.
What could be delaying Jeff?. I was about to call him when his call entered my phone.
📲Hello, where are you. I’ve been waiting for you since”. I said.
📲I’m sorry babe. I ran into a friend of mine on my way to your place”. Jeff said.
📲Where are you now?”. I asked him.
📲I’m at the coffee shop beside your house. Come and meet me there”. Jeff said.
Let me inform Ally am also going to the coffee shop so we can go together.
I’m surprised when Jess said she’s also going to the coffee shop. I took my phone from the sitting room couch and we both left the ap@rtment.
I sight Bryan sitting with someone whose back was facing me. Jess was about to call Jeff on her phone when Bryan waved at us signifying we should come over to his place.
Jess and I walked to the table.
“Jeff, you kept me waiting for long” Jess said. It was when we got closer that I discovered that Jeff was the person sitting with Bryan.
“Good afternoon Jeff, good afternoon Bryan”. I greeted the two of them.
“OMG!!! is this Bryan? Jeff, you know him? . I’m Jessica Phili-p”. Jess said. I guess she is surprised to see Jeff with the Bryan I was telling her about. I’m also surprised they know each other.
“Hi, am Bryan Cooper. Jeffery Miller is one of my childhood friends”. Bryan said.
“Bryan, we’d talk more better later but right now I have a d@t£ with my fiancée”. Jeff said. He shook hands with Bryan, waved at me and he left Jess.
I know Ally is surprised to see me with Jeffrey. I didn’t know I was going to run into him here though. What a small world, I thought.
I ordered for two cups of coffee and I said to Ally.
“I actually asked you to come because I have an important thing to say to you”.
“Go ahead. I’m listening”. Allison said.
“I know this might catch you by surprise but ever since I met you I’ve been having this feelings I can’t fully describe. I know we didn’t meet un-der the best cir¢vmstances but can you plea-se be my girlfriend? ”
Can I be his girlfriend? I don’t think so cos I don’t think I’m re-ady to be in a relationsh!pagain.
“I don’t think I can be your girlfriend. I can only be your friend. I don’t think I ever want to be in a relationsh!pagain”. I said to him.
“There must be a reason behind your decision not to be in a relationsh!pbut you don’t have to tell me if you don’t feel like”. Bryan said.
I think it’s high time I tell him about my past.
“It all started this way”. I said and narrate my story to him.
I was born to Elizabeth and Daniel Scott. My mom was an African while my dad was an American. My dad had a one night stand with my mom which resulted into her pregnancy. My dad was f0rç£d to marry my mom against his wish and he lost the love of his life to another man due to the mistake he made which made them conceive me. Due to the fact that he lost the only woman he ever loved, he started unleashing the anger on my mom. I heard he beat her up to a point in her pregnant state that she almost lost me. Even when I was born, the beatings didn’t st©p. No day p@ss without my dad beating my mom but the irony was that no matter how much dad beat my mom, my mom would still be the one apologising even though it wasn’t her fault that she was beaten. Countless times, I sle-pt alone in our house while my mom would be at the hospital receiving treatments due to the injuries inflicted on her by my dad. My mom never spoke ill about dad, all she ever did was love him but what did she get in return?
Pain, endless pain and at last death.
On a fateful day I can’t ever forget in my life, I was just nine years old. I just got back from school and the house was almost peaceful until dad c@m£ back from wherever he went to looking pissed, well that is not a new thing though. He started accusing mom of something I couldn’t fathom and before I knew it, he threw a picture frame at her, the picture frame struck her forehead, which was just healing which resulted into a de-ep g@sh. Blood was flowing freely from her head and before I know it she went down. I was crying helplessly when the police and ambulance c@m£. I lost my dad two years later after he was found hanging from the prison’s ceiling. As if all that were not enough, I had to fall in love with an heartless person who made me go throu-gh all mom went throu-gh in her loveless marriage.
I was crying by the time I finished narrating my story to Bryan.
“I hope you now un-derstand why I can’t be in a relationsh!pwith you”. I said to him.
He was looking so troubled and disturbe-d.
“I’m so sorry you had to experience all this but I must really commend you for being strong, not many people can go throu-gh the hell you just describe-d and still survive it”. Bryan said.
I didn’t know what to say so I just keep quiet.
“You need professional help, Ally. You need to un-dergo thera-py so you can live a normal life. You deserve to be truly happy. I know you can’t be in a relationsh!pright now but I’m re-ady to wait for as long as it takes” Bryan said.
This guy is so kind and caring, I just hope he is the right man for me.
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