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July 24, 2021


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Daddy dearest batch 2

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***(when a Playboy turns daddy…) ***


Written by Clement Ruth




“Get up dad, I’m starting school today”Chris groaned as Desiree thumped on his back

He turned to his side and sent the little girl giggling unto his bed

He turned his bleary eyes towards the table clock and yawned loudly

“Desi, its just 6:30″he said drowsily”go back to bed”

“Well that’s the point”desiree said, sitting on the bed and prying his eye open with a thumb

“Ow! Jesus are you trying to kill me?! “Chris grunted at the giggling girl

“Get up already”Desiree emphasized”You know yoi have to get up way to show Carly how you’ve improved. She’ll be here any minute and its really bad for a P.A to see her boss in bed”

Chris jerked awake and sat straight up in bed

Jesus, she was right

He had promised carly he would be up early, without anyone in his bed, and prepare desi for school

This was to be his first day of orientation

He glanced at the clock and swore


Cat would be in anytime from now. He glanced at his daughter who was watching him with hands folded smiling to herself

“Thank goodness, there’s no one in your bed”she said and skipped out of the room”I’ll get breakfast ready, carly would want to eat something”

Chris shook his head

How had such a child come from him, he thought as he quickly took his bath, brushed and freshened up for the day

It had been ages since he went to the office so he dressed up in his office garb and glanced at the mirror before sailing at the door


He heard Carly’s voice in the kitchen and stopped short and glanced at his impeccable gold watch


“Good morning”he said as he walked inside the kitchen and carly turned from the coffee maker and stared at Him

Slowly he saw a look of admiration enter her eyes before she quickly hid it

“Good morning”she said”I see you are up early”

“Yea, its Monday”he said”need to get into the feel of things in the office today”

“Everything in the office is well taken care of”carly assured him but he shook his head

“I must go see things for myself”he said and she smiled and he swore it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his life

“Glad to see you up and about without lazing around all day”she continued

“Yea, I must let you stress yourself out”he said to her taking her hand and she smiled again

Suddenly they both realized desi was in the room.

She was staring at them, a hand under her jaw and another tapping the table lightly

“Are you finished? “She asked”I’ve been waiting for my cereal for hours now”

“Desi… “Carly started saying as a blush crept up her face and set it aflame but Chris only smiled

“Better get used to it, Desi”he said

Carly glared at him but Desiree shrugged

“I guess I should”she uttered”But you guys can still wait for me to leave before starting that stuff. Its ok but makes me all mushy inside. At least, yours is ok. Mom and her boyfriends usually makes me want to puke”

Carly and Chris glanced at each other

“What? ”

“Your mom brought her boyfriends to the house? ” Carly asked and the child nodded sullwnly

“I guess they are homeless”Desi continued”But they are so many of them. She always brings a new one every week but sandy rules the roost”

“Who’s sandy? ”

“Mom’s manager”she said eagerly”and sandy does have a home. I just wonder why he stays in our house sometimes”

“When all this happens, where we’re you, desi? ”

“In my room “she said”it could be locked from the inside. I come out when they are all gone. It could be days, weeks… But I’m well socked In my room”

“Stocked on what? ”

“Ice-cream and chocolates”

Carly rolled her eyes and it was all she could do not to say something bad about amber and Chris tried to control his anger

“Alright, that’s enough, desi”she said”we’ll get you to school now”

“Can you both come with me to the school? “She asked

They looked at each other

“Desi, baby”Chris said “carly and I have to get to the office now. The driver will go with you and all your registration processes are all taken care of”

Desiree sighed

“And I thought having a dad would make all the differences”sge said sadly”I’ll go to school myself then…. Like I always do”

Carly’s heart wrenched and Chris felt guilty

“A.. Alright dear, well both come with you”she said”after all, your daddy owns the office”

Desi shook her head

“No need to. I can go myself”

“No babe.. We’ll go with you”Chris said and took her hand while carly room the other”C’mon let’s go”

Desiree sighed and reluctantly got up from her chair, hiding a mischievous smile


“There’s a lady looking for Mr Xanders, Miss quince “the secretary voice sounded over the intercom”

“Who? “Carly asked, never taking her eyes off her computer where she typed furiously

“She called herself Amber Xanders, maam

Carly’s hand stopped in mid type

Amber Xanders?

What the hell…?

“Buzz her in”She said as she swivelled in her chair and glanced at chris who was also busy reading a thick file

His hair was mussed and he wore a pair of spectacles on his nose

He looked breathtakingly sexy even and she had to take a deep breath before getting up and walking to him

She had protested… Weakly… When chris had ordered that her chari be moved to his office but she actually loved it

“Chris, Amber Xanders is here to see you”

Chris looked up, slowly frowning as he tried to place the name

“Who the hell is amber Xanders..? “He asked

“Me”Amber said as she cat walked into the office and Carly and chris stared at her

“God forbid my name should be added to yours “Chris said As he glared at her”what do you want? ”

“Oh Chris, don’t be so hardfaced”amber giggled”I mean we have a child… It would only be natural if I bear your name”

“Its not only unnatural but incredibly immature and stupid “carly voiced out and amber scoffed at her

“Who is this? ”

“Your worst nightmare “carly answered

“This is Carly “chris uttered”My personal assistant

“Well, darling she ought to know her place”

“Her place is right here with me”chris said and carly raised her head proudly as joy surges through her

Suck on that, amber

Amber glanced from one to the other and scoffed again

“I see”she said”does she know about desiree? ”

“Yes and she’s more of a mother than you ever were ”

Amber looked furious

“Don’t let this bitch near my daughter! “She yelled bit carly and vjtis looked at each other and laughed

Desiree had introduced both of them as her parents to her teacher two hours ago and now amber was yelling her guts out here

“I don’t think that’s what desiree wants”carly said and amber smirked

“Well, what do you think I want? “She said and they both stared at her unconcerned

“I want my daughter back”



Chris maintained his cool as did Carly who had returned to her see and was watching both of them from her place

“Whose daughter? “He asked and amber lifted her chin to stare him down

“My daughter”she replied”I would have gone to your home directly but I figured you should know before I do it”

“You want Desi back? ”

“Yes “the woman replied “I want her”

“Alright then, you can have her”chris said and carly looked sharply at him

“Chris! ”

The woman practically staggered and she stared bewildered at Chris who was still calmly looking at her

“I.. I’m serious… “She said”I’m taking her back”

“And I agree to that.. “Chris said”except you are going to take her along with a series of court orders along with a petition from my lawyers”

Amber sputtered in outrage

“W.. W.. You didn’t even want her before…! “She yelled

“But now I do. So if you are going to take my daughter from me”im not going to give in easily without a fight ”

Carly could have clapped and cheered loudly. She was so proud of chris but amber only sat down back on the settee where she had risen in anger

Slowly she sighed and raised seductive eyes at chris

“Darling… Really.. It doesn’t have to go like this.. “She said smiling pitifully”I mean… I just wanted to be with my daughter… ”

“You lost that chance, amber”chris answered sharply”I want you out of my office”

Anger flashes in amber’s eyes and she stared at Chris in resentment

“Well I won’t go down easily without a fight too”she said and scoffed”look at you acting all chivalrous when until a month ago you never knew she existed”

“I know now and I’m not letting her go back to you amber”

“Where were you when I almost died from her delivery? ”

“What… ”

“Where were you for five years when I took care of her? ‘

“You could have just as easily alerted me and brought her to me”

“I’m not letting her go so easily, chris Xanders”

“You did once now you have to do it again”

“I will not! ”

“What exactly do you want? “Carly couldn’t help butting in but amber cast a nasty look at her

“I want you out of my daughter’s life”she said “And payment for everything I’ve done for the past five years”

Then she smiled

“I wouldn’t mind it being in currency ”

Chris reared back in disgust and carly shook her head in disbelief

“You want to sell your daughter? “Carly asked

“Why do you mean? “Amber retorted”I just think it would be fair to be paid for all my work done”

Chris laughed in disbelief and called security

“Get this woman out of my building”he said as soon as the burly security guard showed up

Amber gasped and stood up hurriedly before the guard got to her

“You’ll pay for this Chris Xanders”she said as she hurried out”you will pay! ”

Carly looked at the door long after she was gone

“Do you think desiree will be OK? “She asked Chris who nodded

“She’ll be fine”


Desiree watched anxiously as other card rode into the vast nursery school compound and picked up the appropriate kid

She sprang up in joy as the teacher called

“Cmon desiree, your mom is here “she sad d and desiree ran out aheadof her into carly’s arms

Carly hugged her, relieved that she was OK

Amber’s arrival at the office had induced a certain fear in her that made her drive up to the school an hour before but stayed across the street before closing hours

“Where’s daddy, carly? “She asked as soon as carly let go of her

“Daddy’s at the office, dear”

“Can I go see him? ”

“No but he’ll be home before long”carly answered “why don’t we go home and prepare dinner? ”

“OK ”

Carly closed her eyes as the driver drove them up to the house..

She would be a fool of she doubted her intuition and right now it was saying that Amber was up to no good



“Daddy look who I found! “Desiree yelled and carky and Chris turned to her in relief

Desiree was holding a huge ice cream and dragging a young man in tow

“Desiree”Carly said in relief as she rushed over to then and hugged the little girl”you are not supposed to go off by yourself, its dangerous”

‘I just went to get some ice-cream Carly I’m ok”she replied

“Well you should have asked me to come with you”Dylan said”I would have watched over you”

“Please… “Desiree said rolling her eyes in a childish fashion”I would watch over you”

“Hey I’m older than you”7yr old Dykan retorted and desiree smirked, causing the adults to laugh

They had come to the amusement park wirh isaac and brianna with their beautiful little son, Dylan

Isaac was one of Chris’ very good friend and they were delighted when they discovered his little daughter

“Well fortunately matt found me”desiree continued”so I had no problem in my own”

The adults turned to the man in question and he stared back at them

At chris especially

He was tall and had striking features, like a model or actor

The first thing Carly noticed was that he had the same hair color as desiree

“Matt is mom’s friend and my godfather “desiree continued, hugging matt and chris frowned at her

She let go of him immediately and Matt laughed

“You are really lucky to have a… Daughter like Desi “he said “and dedi is really lucky to find her…. Dad”

“You say that like its a bad thing”isaac observed dryly

“How did you find us? “Chris asked out of the blue

“Chris”Carly admonished”don’t be rude”

“Well Carly its just strange that a FRIEND of amber’s is with us”chris said

“Believe me I just happened to see desi”Matt said holding up his hand”I just came here for some free time”

Chris was still not sure and carky neither

Ever since amber had wakjedintobhis office and made that threat, he had been restless and so had Carly

And now a friend of amber shows up?

And what’s with the resemblance anyway?

Desiree could have passed for matt’s daughter..

What?! No! No! No!

Desiree was his and his alone

He watched in anger ad jealousy as Matt okayed with his daughter

Even Dylan seemed to like him

“Alright desi time to go home “he said, as he couldn’t take matt presence anymore

“Can uncle matt come stay with us dad? “Desi asked

“Well i’m sure matt has somewhere to stay, dear “Carly said before chris could retort in anger

“Ok”desiree looked sad “see you around uncle matt”

“Bye”Dylan said as he ran to his parents too

“I hope not”chris muttered under his breath as they went towards their car and carly laughed..

“You are just jealous”Isaac said and gripped his friend’s arm

“No I’m not”chris replied

“Yes you are”

Chris smiled

“You are right”he said after a while”and I don’t trust that bastard”


Behind then, matt chuckled as he went towards his own car too

So chris had his daughter?

And he was acting all tough about it

Thank goodness, he discoveref this before it was too Kate

Let’s just see hoe Chris holds up when his daughter gets taken away from him



Amber looked up when a shadow darkened the entrance to get dressing room




“Wow.This is a pleasant surprise”she said”How long has it been?A year?”


” Two months amber”Matt replied as he lowered himself in a chair while looking at his erstwhile lover


If he could call her that


She couldn’t even remember when last she saw him not to talk of missing him


Just two months and he came back to find Desi gone


Of course she would get rid of her when there was no one to baby sit her


But just two months


Matt and amber had been together for close to twelve years


They had met in high school when he was still a geek and she a diva


She acknowledged him only because she found him useful to her as a lusty,strapping boy which she could never get enough of


He was there when she met Chris,he was still around when she got pregnant,they were still lovers when she left Chris and birthed desiree


It was through his utmost intervention that she did not abort the child and Matt only did that because he was hoping against hope that perhaps the child was his


When Desi was born, he was really glad when he and the child got along and ecstatic about the resemblance


But amber believed she was Chris child and resented both the child and Chris for ruining her life


“So Desi’s with Chris?”


“Yep,she wanted to meet her daddy?”


“And her daddy was Chris?”


“What do you mean?”


Matt turned to her with a look of irritation


“I’m talking about how we have been together for 7yrs prior and all of a sudden you became pregnant for another man but didnt bother to tell him until now”


“What are you saying?”


“I’m saying I’m finding it hard to believe Chris’s her father”


“She has to be”Amber retorted but she turned away as she said so”She has to be Chris’s child”




“Matt,you of all people should know how Desi made me suffer”


“Oh did she?”


“Yea,she did”she retorted”my career suffered,my body suffered and I really think I should be rewarded for that”


“No you shouldn’t”Matt said”It wasn’t Desi’s fault you got pregnant with her”


“You are right”amber smiled”its Chris’.And he’s going to pay”


Matt was annoyed


“So what’s the great compensation you want?”he asked”money?”


Amber smiled


“You want to sell your daughter?”


“I’m not selling her”She snaps”I’m returning her to her daddy but with something in return for all my hard work”


“And chris accepted that?”Matt asked”he’s willing to …”


“No,the bastard was,proving stubborn “she said,getting up from the dressing table”so sandy and I made a plan”




“My manager”she said”you know him,sandy?”


Matt rolled his eyes


“So what’s the great plan?”


“Nothing much really”she smirked as they both walked to the elevator”but based on the report I’m getting,Chris is becoming very attached to Desi”




“So we’ll try to take her back”




“I go to the media”


“That will be a scandal”


“No it won’t”she said “it won’t get to that level,trust me”



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