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July 24, 2021


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Daddy dearest batch 1

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***(When a play boy turns daddy…) ***

Carly quince had just had it with her new boss

True, he’s hot and he makes every bone in her body scream with desire but carly is 28 and its high time she stops getting into trouble with hot playboys

And Chris Xanders was real trouble and now he needs her help!

Chris ain’t got no time for a responsible dad but looks like the Playboy is going to have to settle down when an ex turns up with a five year old child, who looks just like him

Chris is desperate and Carly offers help

She’ll help Him with his child only if he proves to be devoted…

Not just to his child but to their entire future together

Find out what happens next in this funny, little thriller



Chapter 1



Chris awoke to the incredible feeling of soft lips on his d***k.

He opened his eyes and smiled at the little monster beneath him and closed his eyes again to the feeling of undiluted pleasure

Laura, or whatever her name was, we as really sex addicted, just the way he liked them, although she might be the death of him soon but one never seed her type that often

He just had to flip his wallet to her several times and she comes wagging her tail or that beautiful ass at him


She giggled at the sound as he slipped the c**k out of her mouth and flipped her over

Teasingly, he started kissing her body, trailing kisses down to her….


Chris rolled over, immediately covering himself and the whore as he turned to stare at his beautiful and… Very early P. A

Carly quince

Or maybe not so early

Shit, it was past eight

“Who is that? “The whore asked, pissed as she in turn stared at Carly who was looking at them like a mother hen does to stubborn chicks

“Something wrong, carly? “Chris said as he disentangled himself from the whore

Shit, he hated her seeing him like this but he couldn’t help himself

“There’s someone here, a woman”carly said”she would like to see you immediately”

“Immediately? ”

“That’s what I said”

“A woman?”


“Who? ”

Carly glared at him

Different emotions raged through her

Anger at him for doing this and anger and jealousy at that bitch still on his bed and Burning desire, seeing him without his clothes

Despite the anger raging through her, she calmed herself and smiled an old principal smile

“How would I know? “She said”called herself, Amber. That’s all”

Chris’face was blank

“Amber? ”

The whore finally pissed that carly was disturbing them said in her high pitched voice

“Will you please leave? We have pressing business? ”

“Shut up”carly said and she gasped and stared at Chris who was getting up from the bed and wearing his clothes, not even looking at her

Outraged, she grabbed her clothes and walked out naked, glaring at carly, who glared back at her

Chris followed carly into the spacious and tastefully decorated living room and tried not to stare at her ass

Immediately he saw the blonde sitting very primly on his settee, he recognized her


But that wasnt the only problem

The problem was the little girl sitting next to her, devouring a huge ice-cream

Globs of the cream smeared her face and she smiled goofily at him


“Hi Chris”amber said and he jerked our of his reverie and stared at her “long time no see ”

“You tell me”he said, then glanced at the little girl again”Gone for years now. To what do I owe this unexpected visit? Why, you want a chance again? ”

Amber laughed like she couldn’t believe this trash and carly rolled her eyes

Chris was just unbelievable

“I’d have a chance in hell before I have a chance with you again”amber uttered, still smiling beautifully

Ouch, the woman was a bitch

Carly felt sorry for Chris

“I came here because of little desiree”she continued

“Who? “Chris asked and she glared at him

“Desiree Chris Xanders “she replied, glancing at the little girl”Your daughter”

For some seconds, you can actually hear a pin drop in the deafening silence

Carly stood shell shocked, then found her tongue

“I’ll get something for us to drink”she said and ran off to the kitchen, breathless

Omg, Chris had a daughter?

Chris himself felt sucker punched

Finally he managed a small laugh

“W.. What? You’ve got to be kidding me”he said

Amber looked squarely at him

“You know, that was my exact words when the doctor broke the news to me”she replied”I couldn’t believe I was pregnant for the lying, cheating bastard who never grows up. And now my career had to suffer for it. Be thankful, she’s here today”

Chris stared at her then at the kid

“Desiree wanted to see her daddy and it was really favorable for me because of my modeling contract which I just signed”she continued”its all the way out in new York and I can’t take Desi with me. No one’s ever got to know I have a child”

“You can’t leave her with me”

“And why not? “Amber said and smoothed her dress as she stood up”Wouldn’t you like a chance to grow up with your child, you immature bastard? ”

With that she turned away from him but desiree caught her dress

“Mommy? ”

“Daddy’s got you now, desi”she said”mommy’s going away”

Predictable, the kid started crying and amber just sailed out

“Amber! Amber, stop! “Chris yelled after her but to know avail

He looked at his bawling kid

“Hey, hey shut it ok? “He ordered but the kid cried even louder”will you be quiet? ”

“Stop that, Chris”carly said as she sat down beside the kid”you will scare her”

“She can’t stay here”

“Yes, she can and she will”carly said and cleaned the girls face”Want some cocoa? Its a little hot”

The little girl nodded then asked

“Where did mommy go? ”

“Somewhere far away but daddy got you now, darling”

“Wait, what? Carly? ”

“Cmon Chris… ”

“I don’t even know if she’s my kid”

“Oh really? “Carly asked”can you very well look at her and say there’s not a slight chance she’s your kid? ”

Chris stared at desiree and swallowed hard as big blue eyes which we’re exactly like his stared back at him

He closed his eyes in defeat

“I… I dont know… “He muttered”what would I do with a kid? ”

“Well for starters, get a nanny”

“A nanny? ”

“Yep ”

“What about you? ”

“Excuse me? “Carly raged”I’m your P.A. get someone else for your nanny”

“If she’s really my kid, I can’t trust them with just anyone”Chris said”if you’ll help me take care of her, I’ll accept her”

Carly was speechless

“Cmon Carly, I need you here”Chris pleaded”just help me out here, I don’t want a kid here, I… ”

“Why, you son of a… “Carly started then stopped as a idea hit her

“Alright, but you’ll have another part to play as well”

“What’s that? ”

“You’ll prove to me that you can be a responsible daddy, then and only then I’ll stay”she said”but if not, you are on your own because I’m gonna walk out that door”

That was a price he was not willing to pay

So he agreed.




“So you have a daughter? “Dominic asked, with an amused tone, leaning to Chris as the latter settled himself into the sofa in the spacious bar

“Why are we here? “Chris asked surly”we ought to be in a strip bar”

“You ought to have your jaws boxed”Isaac offered “what’s this about a child? ”

“Apparently, his ex turned up this morning.. With a girl whom she claimed to be Chris’ daughter “Dominic surmised “and he’s swimming in his arms ears for it”

He doubled over in laughter and Chris frowned at his friend’s

Isaac looked shocked but was slowly getting amused, Dominic was having fin and Zeke didn’t see the big deal

“You say that like he hates it”Zeke said

“Well.. I don’t but its so unnecessary… “Chris said”And I’m not even sure if she’s mine”

“Are you sure? “Dominic asked and Chris hesitated before answering

“Believe me, kids are great”Isaac offered “after the first few years by the way. Brianna and I both saw hell when Dylan came around”

Isaac’s wife had given birth to the most beautiful and luckiest boy ever, Dylan

He had three godfathers, a loving home and caring parents

“Believe me as far as its your kid, she’s gonna be great”Isaac said”And with carly with her”

“Yea, she says she’ll only stay if I prove I’m worth it”Chris said

“Worth what? ”

“I don’t know”he muttered “maybe, a chance at us together”

When carly started working as Chris’ P. A eight months ago, her common sense and intuition we’re a sense of relief for his friends who we’re thinking Chris was getting too out of hand

They were even bladder when Chris confessed to falling in love with her but carly needed something g more than a man whom she had to share with many others

And try as they might, his friends don’t blame her

But one thing’s for sure

Carly may not be ready to give in to Chris now but she would never leave him

“Well, well, if chris’kid is with Carly, things would turn out well”Zeke concluded

Dominic snorted

“Thank goodness, its not a boy”he said and chris’ glare made them laugh

“I’m going to get a drink”he said and made his way to the bar where he frowned two to three glasses, his mind in a turmoil, keeping his friends waiting


“Hey, blue eyes “a pretty brunette slid into the seat beside him”why are you drinking? ”

“Carly “he murmured, staring at her and she laughed

“That’s funny”she said and sidled closer to him “I don’t know who carly is but I can sure do better than her”

Chris smiled

She was nothing like Carly but he would welcome company tonight

His brain was fuzzy from too many drinks as hr led the brunette whose hands we’re all over him to his car


“Who’s the lady on daddy’s bed, carly?”desiree asked loudly, cutting into chris’ sleep and he jerked awake as carly sprinted toward her

The little girl was more active than she imagined and it was barely 7:00am but Desi was out of bed already

“Desi, you are not supposed to be there.”carly said as she also gave Chris a repressive glare

What a fool to leave his door open all night

. “Hi dad”

“Uhhh… “Chris swallowed as he looked guiltily at carly. He quickly wrapped himself up completely

“Who’s she? “Desiree asked again”And why we’re you wrestling with her yesterday”.

Oh my god

Carly cleared her throat

“Desiree, you weren’t supposed to leave your room”carly said”the lady with daddy was being bad so daddy was punishing her. Intact she’s not even supposed to be here at all, although daddy shouldn’t have allowed her”

“Excuse me? “The pretty brunette was astounded”babe can you believe this? ”

Carly snorted

“You have to leave”Chris groaned”and be quick about it”

“What? “She looked shocked that she was actually being rejected and desi piped up

“Daddy says you have to leave, so do so”desiree said”Next time don’t be bad. Try to be like carly here. She’s isn’t bad at all”

The lady gasped in outrage and smirked

Flinging back the bedspreads, she got out of bed naked

“Does your carly have this? “She said and everyone gasped In horror as carly covered desi’s eyes and whisked her away

“Why the heck!!!? “Chris yelled

“Chris get that bitch outta here!!!”carly said”before I come do it myself”

“What’s a bitch? “Desi asked again

“Its that lady’s name”carly answered and looked up in time to see Chris shove the girl outta his bedroom and out of the house

“Gosh, I’m so sorry”he turned to carly and shrank from her glare”Im sorry”

“You promised Chris”carly retorted”and the very next day, you do this? How do you expect me to keep up with my end of the bargain if you can’t keep urz? ”

“I’m sorry it won’t happen again… ”

“And desi had to walk in on you.. “She continued”and where we’re you last night? ”

“With the guys”he said cautiously and reached for desi who surprisingly shrank from him too

“Daddy made carly angry”she pouted”desi angry with daddy too”

Chris scoffed in disbelief

“Oh yes? ”

“Chris… ”

“Listen honey.. Um doing my best here ok? “He said and reached for carly”I promise won’t do it again. I was just so muddled yesterday…. Let’s just forget it ok?,You have nothing to worry about”

He kissed her forehead and walked into his bedroom leaving carly wondering how wrong he was

She had a lot to worry about’she thought as she caressed the spot where he had kissed her





The alarm rang loud and clear in Chris’ head and he bolted awake

What the hell?

He glanced at the clock on the bedside table

6:00am? Why the hell had he set an alarm for six in the morning?

He yawned and the extra oxygen seemed yo set his brain working

He remembered his promise to Carly to spend a whole day with Desiree and get to know her better

He also remembered giving the pledge that he would try to make Desiree know him better as her father and not a handsome faced gigolo

He got out of bed tiredly and walked to the bathroom

It had been long since he woke up alone and by this time

Since he hired carly as his P. A, he rarely goes to the office in the morning be cause he knew how efficient she was in all her dealings and he was confident his staff was well run by her

He just wished she could take over this job too

He slapped himself mentally

What are you doing, Chris? This is your child and carly is the woman you love, whom you are going to make sure she trusts you and a life together

You can’t blow this chance Chris, his inner voice scolded and Chris clenched his fists confidently

“I can do this”

He quickly finished his bathing, got dressed and walled to Desi’s room only to find it empty

“The hell… ”

His heart slammed against his ribs as he searched the perfectly clean room

His daughter

Where’s my desi?

He bolted for his cell phone phone in his room but stopped when he heard a thud come from the kitchen

Chris was there in two seconds flat and stopped dead when he saw the five year old, pouring milk into a bowl of cereals

The box of cereals was on the floor and that must have been the thud he heard

He didn’t even know he had cereals

His panic turned to relief

“Desi what are you doing? ”

The little girl turned and regarded him with blue eyes so like his

“Making cereals”she answered like Chris couldn’t see”its the only edible thing in this junk”

Chris glanced towards his well stocked fridge and cupboards

“Yea, what would you rather have? “he said “And why did you make it yourself”

“I always do it myself”she said

“Why? ”

“Mommy wasnt always around”desi said”she says she need to be on TV ”

Chris rolled his eyes


“What about the maids? “He inquired”how can a five year old be in the kitchen? ”

She glared at him

“I’m five and three quarters! “She yelled”And we had no maids. Its just mommy and me. Besides I can take care of myself”

Chris found himself getting angry

No maids? I can take care of myself?

His child had been living in… Whatever it was without him knowing?

Amber got to pay for this

“C’mon, let’s get you ready”he said”we are going out”

“Where are we going? ”

“We can get you all the things you want? ”

“What do you think I want? “She asked and Chris was loss for words

“How about a teddy bear or maybe.. Barbie dolls? ”

Desiree screwed up her face

“I hate dolls,. They are so girly”

“You are a girl”

“I’m a big girl. I want a puppy daddy, I’m going to be a vet”she declared”mommy always said she’ll get one for me on my birthday but somehow she’s never around for my birthday, so no cakes or presents”

Chris’ heart clenched

“When’s your birthday? ”

“September 27th”

Thats three weeks away’he thought

“Don’t worry desi, daddy’s got you”he said”so how about that drive? ”

“At 7:00am in the morning.. ”

“Uhhh… ”

“We’ll go later”desi said standing up”I’ll get you something to eat daddy”

Chris scoffed

“Cereals? “He said”We’ll order something. C’mon, I don’t eat such.”

“Well its about time, ain’t it? “Desi snapped and Chris looked stunned

“Ok”he said in a small voice as desi set a bowl of cereal in front of him and added the neccesities

Then she looked squarely at him

“You know I’ve always wanted a daddy or maybe a family “she said suddenly leaving Chris astonished”And with mommy gone, i guess ill have to abandon that dream.its just me and you daddy and I’ll always be with you”

Chris didn’t know what to say

He just nodded and ate his cereal prepared by his daughter


“Wait, amber…. You are kidding me right? “Sandy said staring at her”you mean to tell me Desi is Chris xander’s kid? You dated Chris Xander? ”

Amber sighed and turned to glare at her manager

“If I say it one more time, it will be the 50th million time, so let me alone”

“And you just left desi with him? “Sandy continued”God, how could you be so stupid? ”

Amber stood up in anger, her get eyes making her very formidable indeed

“I beg your pardon? “She asked scathingly”you think I want to stand being around that little monster any longer? I was so ashamed when I got pregnant and my career suffered but not anymore. I won’t let Chris or anyone even my child tie me down”

“You fool”sandy said calmly”amber, we both know your career is about to go downhill.. ”

“And whose fault is that? “She snapped”Chris and desiree”

“You we’re the one who went after Chris when you knew is reputation”sandy smirked”but anyway you shouldn’t have just left desi with him”

“What do you mean? ”

“I mean.. You should have exhorted him”sandy said’why, you didn’t even get child support and you just left? After how you and your career suffered? ”

Amber cocked her head

“What are you saying? ”

“I’m saying”sandy stepped closer to her”you raised Chris Xanders child for five years and there’s got to be something to show for it. You aren’t a multi billionaire’s baby mama for nothing”

At last his words made sense and to her horror, Amber saw how foolish she had been

Chris must pay for this..





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