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July 24, 2021


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Cynthia the hottest babe Episode 13 to 15

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The Principal gathered all of them in her Office.

Principal; Mr Emeka

Sir Emeka; Yes ma

Principal; Tell me the whole truth

Sir Emeka was speechless cause his job is also at risk

Principal; I can see you don’t want to talk

Sir Emeka; Sorry ma

Principal; Cynthia

Cynthia; Yes ma (she replied in tears)

Principal; Stop crying and tell me the whole Truth

Cynthia; I I I wish to speak to you alone ma (she said in teary voice)

Principal; Ok, you all should please wait outside

They all went outside the office while Cynthia closed the door and sat down

Principal; So tell me what really happened

Cynthia; It all started long time ago (she took time and narrated everything to her without keeping any stone untouched)

Principal; You mean, all this was happening and you failed to tell anyone?

Cynthia; Am so sorry ma, I didt know what to do

Principal; The problem is that I have already let it out to the public(students) and reversing it will be difficult since you were caught in the act.

Cynthia; I know ma, but ma, do you believe me?

Principal; Yes I do, you are really someone other students are looking upto and you are also a mentor to so many students and have found favour in many Teachers heart even me but this Act has almost ruined all you have achieved.

Cynthia kept mute and didt know what to say, The Principal called all the school Authorities inside the Office meanwhile she asked Cynthia to wait outside till she will be called.

Cynthia went outside the Office and saw the Labour stirring at her Dangerously but she cared less cause the cat has already been let out from the bag.

Bursar; So what did she tell you

The Principal explained exactly what Cynthia told her to them and the room became silent like a grave Yard

Labour Master; I knew something was wrong cause i saw The Labour dragging Cynthia’s Hand one day like that while Cynthia was reluctant to go with her, I intervened thinking is just normal Senior thing but now I know what really happened

Games Master; So what should we do now

Principal; I don’t know, that’s why i brought it out here for all of us to put mouth on it cause I don’t even know how to judge this case.

Vice Principal; I think we should give Cynthia Suspension for 2 weeks since she was already caught in the act and expel others.

House Master; That’s good, so what now happens to Sir Emeka?

Principal; He will have to face the Commissioner of Education.

Bursar; That’s the best way, cause if you even expel Cynthia many student will change school

Vice Principal; That’s good, cause she is been loved by all.

Principal; Call the Regulator

The Regulator was called and the Principal told her to ring the bell which she did and the whole student came out in large number to hear what’s going on.

Principal; Today is really a hectic day for me seriously, from one problem to another but that’s by the way. We have drawn to the conclusion that The Labour and her 11 Friends has been expelled from the school and Cynthia…(all the student BP was high and curious to know what’s going to be the fate of Cynthia)

Principal; Has been suspended for 2 weeks

immediately the whole school started jubiliating that she was not expelled like others.

Principal; I know you all are happy and some will be saying is unfair to expel others and leave her, the truth is that they used a certain pills on her and video everything they did on her and now started using it to blackmail her which she cooperated cause she didt want to spoil her image.

The whole school started mocking the Labour and her friends.

They were ordered to park all their belonging and leave the school immediately. They shamefully Parked everything and was working down to the gate, when the Labour got to where Cynthia was standing, she drew close to Cynthia and whispered “This is not the end” before she joined her friends and they left the school entirely.

The Principal called Cynthia into her Office, she came in with tears still flowing down her face, The Vice Principal understood her pains and drew her close before she raised her head and cleaned her tears.

Principal; You don’t have to cry anymore, we have concluded everything, am only angry with you cause you failed to open up to anyone on what that was going on that’s why it went this viral, here is your suspension letter(she said and handed over the letter to her) I only gave you the suspension so that you will go home and cool off your mind and erase the incident that happened, don’t worry about your result, I will personally bring it to you

Cynthia; Thank you ma, and also thank you to you all, What can I do without you all, thanks for the Judgment, only God will reward you all

All; Amen

She hugged all of them in tears of Joy before she left the Office back to the Hostel






Cynthia has gained Admission into UNN, She haven’t fully cleared the memory of what the Labour did to her and the Betrayal she faced, she has forgiven Grace since but doesn’t trust her again nor anyone else, Sir Emeka on the other hand has faced the Teachers panel and they gave him 3 months suspension and changed the school he was teaching to another

Cynthia is Offering a Medical course in the school so she is reading hard for her exams

Hey you, Can I sit beside you? A young guy said to Cynthia at the School Library that she was reading her book

Cynthia just nodded while he sat dow

Guy; My name is Justice and am a Business student and you

Cynthia hesitated for a while before she told him hers

Justice; Wow, nice to meet you, and I have been noticing you here every day and alone too, don’t you have friends

Cynthia; Yes I don’t hav

Justice; Haa, A beautiful girl like you don’t have friends, this is wired, but why

Cynthia; Nothing, I choose not t

Justice; Hmm, what of your guy

Cynthia; Please you are disturbing me, as you can see am busy please ‘she said in a calm manner

Justice; Oh sorry about that, just want to steal few minutes of your time, i want to be your frien

Cynthia; Am sorry you can’

Justice; I mean no har

Cynthia; I know, that’s why i said No, i don’t wan

Justice; But why

Cynthia; Is my choice, i don’t want friend

Justice; hmm, see you some other time (he stood up and looked at her for a moment meanwhile Cynthia is not even looking him rather she faced her book, He left her there

Cynthia sighed sign of relieve before she continued with her reading


Scope; Chairman! Oga boss I dey greet ooo (he said to the leader of their gang who was sitting in a well decorated Chair situated at the side of a well furnished parlour

Boss; How are you scop

Scope; Oga boss, i just dey o

Boss; So how is the gang goin

Scope; Udo boss, just that we are running out of ammunition

Boss; That’s not a problem, I will send some to you tomorrow mornin

Scope; Oga Boss, after you na still yo

Boss; So how is the recruitment of the new Students going

Scope; Oga, the thing the go fine, na to just do the final initiation still remai

Boss; That’s good, and when is that

Scope; We haven’t fixed it yet and you know, you are the one to decid

Boss; Ok, lets make it this weeken

Scope; Ok bos

Boss; So how many them dey

Scope; Na 2

Boss; That’s smal

Scope; Yes boss, the last one we did was 58 but this one, the students too the fea

Boss; Then assure them like before, you know most of us are down due to the last hit, so we need more recruitment, so how many the Black Angels di

Scope; I heard they recruited more than 70 this Yea

Boss; That means, they will be problem because we the Red Devils won’t allow such, just make sure we beat them on thi

Scope; Yes bos

Boss; You can go no

Scope left the Mansion of the Boss and entered into his car and drove back to school


2 days late

A lecturer was teaching the new Medical students together with the 200 level when 8 boys stormed inside the Hall putting on Black

Lecturer. Hey! What are you people doing here

Boy1; Hey Mr Man shut up, if you know what is good for yo

Lecturer; Are you stupid? How can you batch into my class and be talking rubbish (he said with anger before took his phone and dialed a number while one of the boys snatched his phone

Lecturer; Give me back that one (he was dragging the phone with one of the boys when he was shot at the leg and every student in the Hall started running helta scatter

The 8 Boys quickly went out from the Hall

The school Security men came and carried the Lecturer to the school Clinic before transferring to Teaching Hospital


Cynthia ran back to her Lodge and started thanking God that nothing happened to her, Her phone started ringing, she took out the phone from her bag and checked the caller and saw is her mum, she picked the call

Cynthia; Hello, Good Afternoon M

Mum; Fine Afternoon, how are you

Cynthia; Am fine and you

Mum; Am good, this one you are breathing heavily, What’s wrong

Cynthia; Nothing ma, just did some jugglin

Mum; In this afternoon

Cynthia; Lolz, ma, you know i like exercise na

Mum; Ok o, so how is school today

Cynthia; Fine ma, so how is Junior

Mum; His fine with his wahala o

Cynthia; That boy self, hope, his preparing for his Junior Waec

Mum; Yes, I have even registered hi

Cynthia; That’s good, make sure, he reads oo, you know he plays alo

Mum; Trust me nah, his even reading now

Cynthia; I trust what you can d

Mum; Ok, just want to check on yo

Cynthia; Thanks very much m

Mum; ok, take car

Cynthia; And you too, Love yo

Mum; Love you to

The line went dead while Cynthia went into the kitchen to eat some food





Gallant; Babe, me no like how parole the go again for this schoo

Sparkling; Me too, can you imagine those Useless girls called Angels

Gallant; I don’t even understand wetin Queen the do wey she no wan give order make we run those girl

Sparkling; The thing just the weak my bone, i just feel like make I just enter them self

Gallant; Make we just the wait make QUEEN come firs

The QUEEN walked down to the sitting room, Gallant and Sparkling stood up and bowed to her as a sign of respect before they sat down again

QUEEN; So what Am I hearing

Gallant; Boss, me no get joy as you see me so, the Angels just the vex me anyho

Sparkling; Can you imagine them attack us this evening and killed 2 of our girl

QUEEN; Where are the girls now

Gallant; For our secret groun

QUEEN; This is bad, so after we killed their 2 Girls them came back for revenge baa? No worry, lets bury the girls tonight and solve this matter once and for all

Sparkling; Ok Boss Lad

They stood up and left the House



QUEEN LADY; Am so proud of all of you girls, for making me proud, you girls did great for avenging the dead of our falling Angels, Lets not rejoice much yet cause I know the Viqueens will try to strike back but this time, we are ready for them. If they like, let them report it to the Vikings, will we still strike back together with the Black Angels

All; Yes Our Queen Lad

Queen Lady; For now, lets celebrate i

The party started while they started dancing and rejoicing

Some of them came with their Black Angels Boyfriends to enjoy the night with them


During the Following Da

Cynthia went to school and was waiting for their Lecturer when 2 girls came and dragged one of her department girls out from the Hall before the Lecturer came in and started his lectures

Cynthia; Was wondering who those girls where and why no one tried to help out, but since she doesn’t have any friend, she kept it all to herself

She was still lost in thought when the Lecturer pointed to her and asked her a question, she answered the question and was about to sit down when the Lecturer spoke up

Lecturer; I have been watching you closely, what’s your name

Cynthia; Cynthi

Lecturer; Ok, try and negotiate with other students cause it will help you alo

Cynthia; Ok, thank you si

Lecturer; Your welcome, you can sit down

she sat down and looked around and found out that all eyes are on her, she became uncomfortable


After the Lecture she stayed back in the class while everyone left the Hall to find something to eat before the second lecture will begin

Hello, hope you don’t mind if I sit beside you ‘a female voice said to Cynthia

Cynthia looked up and saw is a girl that is in the same department with her

Cynthia; Sure, you ca

The girl sat down beside Cynthi

Girl; Am Tracy by name, you are Cynthia right

Cynthia; Yes I a

Tracy; I have noticed that you are always lonel

Cynthia; Yes, I don’t have friend

Tracy; Cause you don’t want to make right

Cynthia just nodde

Tracy; Well I believe there is a strong reason behind it but you will tell me someday shaa, so can I be your enemy

Cynthia; Enemy

Tracy; Yes nah, since you don’t want to make friends, atleast make enemie

Cynthia; Hmm, you are funny, i don’t want to make Enemies eithe

Tracy; Which one do you prefer me to be cause I want to be close to yo

Cynthia; Hmm, Am just speechles

Tracy; Don’t worry, I will be your temporal frien

Cynthia; lolz, o

Tracy; Which hostel do you stay

Cynthia; Nope, I stay in Lodge not hoste

Tracy; I also stay in Lodg

They continued their discussion


The 2 girls dragged the girl to the Viqueens meeting ground and dropped her there

Gallant; So na you wey the pass information to the Angels abi

Girl; No, am not please spare m

Gallant; Then who the pass the information

Girl; I don’t really know pleas

Sparkling; You think say, we the play? We go just kill you here if you no start the tal

Girl; Am saying the trut

Gallant gave the 2 girls sign and they bounced on the girl and started beating her mercilessly

After sometime Gallant asked them to stop and they did

Gallant; Are you now ready to talk

The girl start coughing out bloo

Girl; I don’t know oo, please am not the on

Gallant asked the girls to take her back, they took the girl and dropped her somewhere around the school premises and left her like that before the School Securities saw her and took her to the school Clinic while they commenced treatment on her

The Security men reported all the incident to the school Authorities and this got them worried cause of the numerous Activities of the Cults in the school



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