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July 24, 2021


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Cynthia the hottest babe Episode 16 to 19

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Gallant and other Viqueens drove into the school premises with their car, they stopped at the car garage and by now most of the students around have started stirring at them and admiring them.

Gallant and 3 other Viqueens felt ontop of the world but their joy was terminated when a new white Ferarri drove into the school and parked beside where the Viqueens parked theirs.

4 ANGEL stepped down from their car and they were all putting on native white with the same style, this made the students around to start stirring at them, some started wishing to be like them while some just wish to ask them out, they have forgotten that the Viqueens were still around cause all focus was on the ANGELS.

The 4 ANGELS walked majestically towards their Department and all eyes was still on them till they were out of sight.

Gallant and 3 other Viqueens felt humiliated, they angrily left the growd that has already gathered to watch the ANGELS.


The Viqueens got to a hall they normally have small meeting and met 2 Lovers there.

Girl1; Hey, you both should get out from here now.

Guy. Meaning what? (forming brave)

Girl2; Didt you hear her? Just get lost now you still have the opportunity.

Guy; Or what will happen?

The fight girl brought out her gun and pointed it at the guy forehead while he started sweating and begging

Girl2; So you can beg like this

Girl3; Just get lost now before another thing happen here

The Guy hurriedly ran off from the hall while his Girlfriend followed from behind

Girl1; Idiots, he even left the so called girl and ran away

Gallant; Babes, is ok, lets talk better thing

They all sat down on the chairs there.

Girl1; But babes, see this Angels oo, see how them humiliated us today

Girl2; I swear and the most painful part is that they even park near us and didt even do as if we were there

Girl3; I just felt like make the ground open and let me fall inside.

Gallant; Babes is ok, I feel you girls pain, am also pained but we have to endure for now

Girl1; Till when? Is it when they will start pursuing us out from the school that we should find a solution?

Girl2; You are right, they have started it gradually.

Gallant; Ok, you girls should gather all the girls to our Gathering ground this afternoon

Girl1; Ok boss, but where is Sparkling, cause I haven’t seen her since yesterday

Gallant; Oh, she went over to her boss place but will be coming back this Afternoon

Girl2; Ok oo


During the afternoon time, Sparkling has arrived and Gallant have briefed her on the things she missed while she was away.

Gallant came infront of all the Viqueens and greeted them and thanked them for coming out and also told them that those that didt come has committed big time.

Gallant; We the Viqueens are the ones that suppose to be at the top always and we suppose to dominate other cults but we are seriously going back and we need to upgrade as quick as possible so I have come up with a plan, you are know that we haven’t done initiation for the freshers cause of the low number we have, So this are the things we would be doing to attract girls to our fraternity.

First we should be Friendly to other students and be close to them

Second we should give them gifts and some other things that will be attracting them more to ourselves

and Lastly we should upgrade in our dressing code, cause we are lacking behind this days, our dressing code is already known to you all.

In this ways we would be getting much girls to ourselves.

They all agreed to do as she said and the meeting was ended.


Tracy has been searching for Cynthia round the school without any sight of her, she got exhausted and decided to go to the school canteen and eat some snacks, she got there and saw Cynthia sitting on one of the chairs there and a guy was sitting beside Cynthia, the guy was speaking to her but she seem not to be paying attention to the guy, so the guy got tired and went out while Tracy waved at Cynthia before she went over and sat down on the chair that the guy was sitting before he left.

Tracy; Babe, how far nah, since i just the look for you and i no the see you

Cynthia; Hmm, sorry about that

Tracy; Ok oo, so who was that guy?

Cynthia; Which guy?

Tracy; Haa, the guy that was with you few minutes ago

Cynthia; Oh, I don’t know him

Tracy; Are you sure? Then what was he doing here

Cynthia; I don’t even know for him, my mind wasn’t here self

Tracy; Nawa oo

Tracy ordered for her own snacks and soft drink, the same thing Cynthia is taking.

They ate and gist, Cynthia was still finding it hard to feel free with her but she flew along at the moment.




The school remained calm without any of the cult group giving any problem, The Angels knew that the Viqueens are upto something but they don’t know what they are upto.


Tracy was coming back from school with Cynthia when 2 guys stopped them.

Guy1; Hey baby girl, excuse me I will like to speak with this beautiful girl (he said to Tracy)

Tracy gave them some space.

Guy1; Babe my name na AB Thunder but you can call me Thunder, everyone knows me in this school, after me na still me, so I would like you to be my girl and I promise you, you no go lack anything for this entire life

Cynthia; So sorry to disappoint you, am not interested Mr Thunder

Thunder; Haba, babe, no body the tell me No for this School oo so better accept before e go start

Cynthia; Am not like other girls, like I said, am not interested and I will never be. (she said and walked over to where Tracy was standing and dragged her along with her)

Guy2; Nna guy that guy go hear am tight

Thunder; Leave am, we go handle her matter, na ”Akamu” case.

They left that spot.


Tracy babe slow down nah, wetin happen?

Cynthia; That fool asked me out, can you just imagine

Tracy; Haa, babe, you don enter

Cynthia; Enter how?

Tracy; You should have begged him

Cynthia; Wait, I should have begged him how?

Tracy; The Guy is a total disaster, what ever, he wants he must surely get it.

Cynthia; Is he the son of a powerful Politician?

Tracy; No

Cynthia; Then who is he?’

Tracy; His the 3rd in command of the black axe.

Cynthia; hmm, is not by force joor

Tracy; ok nah

Cynthia left her there and started walking back to her lodge

Tracy; Wait for me nah (she said and ran after her)


Thunder got back to his Lodge with his guy.

Guy; So boss, wetin we go do that girl

Thunder; Allow me to think, as I the see the girl, she go dey stubborn

Guy; That one no go be issue, we go bend am nah

Thunder; Just find out if she’s not in any fraternity and get back to me

Guy; Ok boss, consider it already done

Thunder; Arrange 2 girls for me right away

Guy; No p

Thunder brought out his wallet and handed 10K to his guy for the 2 girls arrangements


Cynthia and Tracy got to Cynthia Lodge, Cynthia unlocked her lodge and they went inside.

Tracy; Wow, you got a nice place here

Cynthia; Thanks dear

Tracy started looking around the Lodge

Cynthia; Come let me show you round

Cynthia took her round her Lodge and showed her round, she later brought out food and they ate together.


Gallant and Sparkling went over to the canteen, they saw many students there. Gallant went over to the owner of the canteen

Gallant; Good day ma

Madam; Thank you

Gallant; I want to pay for everyone here things

Madam; Haa, e go cost you oo

Gallant; Like How much?

Madam; Wait Let me check

She brought out her calculator and did some calculation within a minute she was done

Madam; It will be #17.830

Gallant; That’s small self, she gave sign to Sparkling while she brought out some money from the bag she was carrying and gave it to Gallant.

Gallant; Here (she handed the money over to the woman) That’s the sum of 20k

The madam thanked her and she announced to everyone there that their bills has been paid by Gallant, and they all started hailing her and thanking her.

She left with Sparkling not after 9 girls gave them their number.


At the end of the day, Gallant and Sparkling were able to get upto 43 girls number.

They called their line and asked them to come over to her lodge by 7 in the night, they all agreed.


The girls came to Gallant lodge and now they are higher in number, Gallant used her eyes to count them and they were now 61 in number, she felt happy.

Gallant; Thank You girls for coming, am so happy to see you girls,

All; Thank you too

Gallant; I know most of you are wishing to be like us, we are just freedom fighters against the wicked Lecturers, cult guys, and other oppressors. We would protect you girls and give you maximum protection and also you girls will be top girls in the school, drive classic cars and wear many expenses cloths, all I will need you girls to do is to cooperate with us. We are called the Viqueens, i know most of you already know so we are the freedom fighters, backed up by many top politicians of this country and we have the guys group which is the Vikings.

She continued and preached to them and she was able to convince almost all of them, she asked them to come back the next day for further preparation, she dismissed them.

Sparkling; Nice one dear

Gallant; Year, so happy, atleast first day we got this number

Sparkling; Yea, that’s our luck

Gallant; Lets wait for other girls result

The other girls came back and gave them 89 numbers they got from girls that are interested

Gallant; Wow!!!




Thunder was relaxing on his couch when he heard a knock on his door, come in

His guy came in.

Thunder; Hey, Scale how far nah

Scale; Am fine o, (he sat down beside him)

Thunder; You later find out things about that girl?

Scale; Why not, the girl na Jew o

Thunder; Haha, that’s very good

Scale; Just give me order let me bundle her here

Thunder; Easy man, hope you know her address cause I guess she don’t live in the hostel

Scale; Yes, I have every details of her

Thunder; That’s good, we will match up to her this Night

Scale; That’s my boss man


Gallant have called the 89 girls that she received their number and asked them to come over to her lodge.

They all came over and she lectured them the same way she did to the previous ones and she also asked them to come back the next day before she discharge them.

Sparkling; So what next, cause i know not all of them will come back

Gallant; That’s for sure, the brave ones will come back and then we include them to the girls will have already and tell our Queen Mother the recent Development.

Sparkling; I believe she will be happy to hear it

Gallant; Yes, lets just wait till tomorrow to be certain on the number of girls that have agreed

Sparkling; Your right, but secondly am hungry

Gallant; Not only you oo, am also hungry joor

They both laughed and walked inside the house to get something to eat.


The ANGELS got the hint of what the Viqueens are doing in the school to get more girls to themselves.

The ANGELS laughed over it cause they saw how frustrated they have become just to increase their number Meanwhile the ANGELS have organized a party 2 days ahead to Celebrate the Initiation of their newbies the next day.

Their Queen asked them to make sure that the initiation goes on fine and they should be no problem recorded.

The Arrangements for the newbies and preparation has started long time ago so it wasn’t a new thing for them cause they have been doing it yearly.



Cynthia was inside her Lodge studying her books when she heard a knock on her door, she was startled, she checked the time and saw 10;41pm. Who will be knocking at my door by this time? She asked herself.

The knock sounded again and this time around it was louder.

Cynthia; Who is that?

Thunder; Sweetheart is me

Cynthia; Who is your sweetheart and by the way who are you?

Thunder; Is me AB THUNDER

When she heard his name, she felt chill run over her body

Cynthia; What do you want?

Thunder; I came to check on you, just open the door

Cynthia; No, is late, tomorrow we will see

Thunder; Am already here so open it now

Cynthia; No, (she said and went back to her bed and now shivering but thanks to God that is an Iron door)

Thunder and Scale tried forcing the door open but not no avail.

Scale; Boss, lets leave it for now, next time I will figure out how to open it

Thunder; Shit, this girl have dared me, I will surely deal with her

they left her door step into the dark night.


During the Next day, Cynthia quickly prepared for school, she was still scared to open the door, but she summoned courage and open the door, she didt see anyone around, she quickly closed and locked her door before she went over to the main road and stopped a bike that will take her to the school quickly even when her school is not far but due to she’s very scared.

The bike man stopped her at the school gate, she paid him off before she walked into the school premises.

She got to her department and everyone started stirring at her like always.

She went to the back of the Hall and sat down on the empty chair there, she looked round for Tracy but couldn’t find her, she bent her head on the desk before her.

Someone tapped her on the shoulder and she looked up and saw is Tracy.

Tracy; Babe, how far nah

Cynthia; Am fine

Tracy; Hey, what’s wrong with you, You look so dull today, tell me what’s wrong?

Cynthia; Nothing, am fine

Tracy; Here you go again, I know you aren’t fine, so tell me what’s wrong with you.

Cynthia; That will be later cause the Lecturer has come.

Tracy looked at the board and saw the Lecturer is already in class, she sat down beside Cynthia while the Lecture kicked off.

After the lecture, Cynthia dragged Tracy out from the hall and they went over to a quiet place and sat down.

Tracy; so tell me, what’s wrong

Cynthia; Is it not that THUNDER of a guy

Tracy; Hmm, what did he do?

Cynthia; Can you imagine such useless guy came to my Lodge last night

Tracy; What? Around what time?

Cynthia; Around 10

Tracy; That’s late already, did you open for him?

Cynthia; Am I stupid

Tracy; Hmm, you are just lucky that your door is Iron door, if not

Cynthia; I know nah, that’s why I didt bother

Tracy; But next time they will be prepared to open it

Cynthia; Till then

Tracy; Don’t say I didt tell you

Cynthia; Ok nah




Fight broke out early hour of the new day, The Red Devils and Black Angels started exchanging gun fight when they clashed in the night club, All the students leaving within off-camp started running to hostel for shelter. Cynthia didt know what to do cause is her first time, the sound of the gun increased and is also drawing near to her Lodge, she passed through the back door and off she went, She ran as fast as possible to the Hostel. She got to Tracy Hostel and met them there.

Tracy; Babe, what’s going on?

Cynthia; I don’t know, may the cultists are fighting with themselves I just don’t know

Tracy; Is ok, just stay here till everything is settled.

Cynthia; Ok thanks.


The School Authority called the Army Headquarters and they promised to arrive soon.

Within few minutes 5 Army Hilux filled with Military men arrived the school.

They drove straight to off-camp where the gun shot continued.

They got there and asked the Cult guys to drop their weapons and surrender but the 2 deadly group now joined forces and started shooting the Military men while the military men also started firing back.

The fight got more mercy while the Military men called for backup cause those 2 groups weapons are too heavy for them.

7 more Hilux arrived and when the 2 Cult group saw this, They started running.

The Military men pursued them and caught only 4 of them, 3 from Red Devils and 1 from Black Angels, they were taken back to the barracks for more interrogations.

The Red Devils got to their Lodge and started shouting in anger.

Scope; No, this must not be, How can they take 3 of my men, let me call the boss.

He put a call through their boss

Boss; Hello, what am I hearing now?

Scope; Boss na those useless Black Angels, they attacked us at the night club, but the problem now is that 3 of our men have been caught by the Military men.

Boss; ok, Let me see what I can do, but next time do let me know before you guys take any other action.

Scope; Ok boss

The call went dead.


The Black Angels got to their own lodge while their Leader placed a call to their own boss

Boss; Hey Sky, how far

Sky; Fine boss, wahala dey

Boss; What’s that

Sky; Na those Red Devils o

Boss; What did they do?

Sky; They tried to take 4 of our girls from us last night and as we were still bragging the issue, they started shooting at us

Boss; Hmm, hope no one died?

Sky; Yes boss, but the problem now is that the Military men came and took one of our men

Boss; Ok, I will see to that

Sky; Ok boss

the line went dead.


All the girls that Gallant asked to come that day in her lodge came and stood at the front of her lodge.

Gallant and Sparkling came out together with some of the Viqueens.

They welcomed them and thanked them for coming back, Sparkling took down all their names and attached it with their numbers and school reg number.

4 other Viqueens gave them small orientation on the things that will be needed for the initiation.

Gallant felt so happy and she walked over to sparkling

Gallant; Babe, how far nah

Sparkling; Am fine jaree

Gallant; Abeg, how many them dey?

Sparkling; 81 girls

Gallant; Wow, that’s cool, that means we are 5 girls ahead of the ANGELS

Sparkling; Yes, You can say that again.

The Orientation was over and Gallant addressed them again and told them that they will be messaged for further arrangements on their initiation, she dismissed them and they went back to their different Hostel since the school is still in great tension after the clash of the 2 deadly cult few hours ago.


Cynthia was scared to go back to her lodge but she was encouraged by Tracy.

Tracy; I will sleep over, If you don’t mind.

Cynthia; Ok no problem

Tracy; Ok I will, let me get some of the things I will be needing

Cynthia; Thanks dear

Cynthia sat down on Tracy bed while waiting on her, Cynthia doesn’t trust Tracy that much cause of her past experience but she had no choice now

Tracy finished with her preparation and they went back to Cynthia’s lodge.

Tracy helped Cynthia in cooking the food they will eat that night and they also gist at the process of the cooking.

Cynthia; Can I ask you a question

Tracy; Ok ask

Cynthia; Do you have a Boyfriend?

Tracy; Haha, Yes I do

Cynthia; Here in this school?

Tracy; Yes

Cynthia; But I haven’t seen him with you

Tracy; Yes, his studying Law and he barely have time so i do go over to his lodge and he do come to the hostel anytime his chanced.

Tracy; Ermm sorry to ask, have you had sex before?

The question threw Cynthia off balance, she was about to speak up when a heavy knock landed on the door

Thunder; Open the door now or I break it down

Thunder waited for few minutes without any sign of the door opening, he gave order and one of his men shot the door at that spot the key is and the door opened immediately.



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