Crystal Episode 10

❄️ Crystal ❄️
🎵Happy birthday to you 🎵
🎵 Happy birthday to you 🎵
🎵 Happy birthday, dear princess 🎵
🎵 Happy birthday to you 🎵
I must have forgotten to tell you, it’s princess Anna’s birthday. She was dressed in sparkling blue go-wn and she was really cute as she beamed smiles at everyone. People dressed richly all c@m£ to the p@rty, giving off a luxurious air.
I could see Mirabelle who was all over Adam. Her white skin was flawless and was really breath taking in the red dress she had on. Her hair were dyed red, giving a matching look. Their real color was black. Her heels too were red. She was really charming, I must say. Her mother was here too, so I was feeling so nervous.
Anna gave me a look and I nodded before climbing up the stage and the sp©tlight was on me. I was clad in a shiny silver dress with creamy shoes. My brown hair was let down and swept across my right shoulder. I suddenly felt nervous as the hall grew silent and eyes were fixed on me.
I was sitting in front of a piano. Anna had made me promise to pl@ya song on her birthday. I just couldn’t run away now, despite the piercing eyes on me. I hated too much attention.
I blocked my thoughts, worries and fears as my f!ngersworked on the piano. I pla-yed ‘Always with me’. The tune was really magical, it’s softness igniting warmth in my heart and s£nding calmness throu-gh my being. There was a de-ep rush of emotions.
When I was throu-gh, I was shocked with the loud cheering and applause and my heart melted. I curtsied. Anna suddenly rushed at me and we pu-ll-ed into a ti-ght embr@ce.
“Thank you, Miss Crystal. I love you like roses” she smiled with her perfect littlel-ips when I bent to her level and she tucked a rose flower at the side of my hair.
“You look really beautiful, Miss Crystal. You’re so amazing and I really want to be like you” she k!$$£d my cheek, surprising me.
“Thank you so much, my princess. I just hope I’m not falling for your teasing tricks again”
“Of course, I’m not teasing!” She pinched my nose and we giggled.
The audience applauded again and some said some words of compliments before I quic-kly climbe-d down with Anna.
“Happy birthday once again, Princess Anna. Who’s this beautiful Miss with you? Do you mind introducing her?”
A group of kids who I guessed were Anna’s friends surrounded us immediately we got down.
“Sure. Meet Miss Crystal, she’s my amazing friend I’ve always told you about. Some of you must have seen her with me before at school” she smiled and some of them nodded in recognition.
“And Miss Crystal, meet my friends. This is Ray, Stanley, Cas-sandra, Victor, Phloem, Aiden, Jenny, Andy…” She went on and on and I just feigned a listening ear until she was done.
“Hi, you all. plea-sed to meet you” I waved with a smile, not knowing what else to say. They all smiled back.
“Hello Miss Crystal. I’ve heard so much about you and I think I’m liking you alre-ady. I’m Yvonne” a blue eyed girl smiled.
“Same here, Yvonne. I’ll be right back, dearies. Happy birthday once more, Princess” I rushed my words and excused myself while the kids chatted excitedly.
I nee-ded to calm my head. I nee-ded to get out of here. I headed towards the exit but was blocked by someone.
“Hello, my lady. Do you mind having a dance with me?”
I looked up to see a tall handsome young man with brown eyes before me. A soft music was pla-ying and few couples were having some dance.
I was going to turn down his request, but he alre-ady took my hand in his and k!$$£d the back of it. I was going to beat off his hand which held mine and was leading me to the dance floor but I found those legs of mine following him, and this curious heart of mine doing nothing.
He placed a hand on my w@!st and the other on my shoulder just like others. He guided my arms to his shoulders. I could see from the corner of my eyes, Adam and Mirabelle also dancing. I felt…
Focus, Crystal! Stupid! I cussed inwardly before moving as the gentleman guided me. It wasn’t too difficult for me since I’d seen things like this in those movies I used to peek at in Mirabelle’s room.
“So, what’s your name, my lady? You’re so breath taking” He initiated some questions as we danced.
We abruptly st©pped as I was suddenly pu-ll-ed away from the gentleman before I could answer. I turned to see the intruder and I was shocked to find Adam standing right before the stranger intimid@t!ngly. He held me behind him possessively.
“Don’t ever go close to her again because I break bones!” He warned coldly and pu-ll-ed me away, the stranger watching unmoved. What was that drama? What just happened?
“My wrist hurts! Your highness” I cried.
He let go of me wordlessly. How could he just do that? He just ruined the dance I was starting to enjoy.
“I’m sorry, Crystal. I just wanted to protect you” he stared at me coldly.
Protect me? How? From who? I was confused.
“How could you, my Lord? You left me in the middle of our dance just because of this pathetic thing?”
That was Mirabelle. She stood between Adam and I as she glared at me intimid@t!ngly. I smelt trouble.
“I’ll take my leave…I just nee-d some air” I excused myself and hurried out. I found a quiet sp©t outside, some distance away. I sat by the palace pool, lost in thought.
After a while, I felt a rou-gh tap on my shoulder. Standing up and turning around, I found Mirabelle before me with a sm-irk. She held a glas-s of wine which she was sipping.
“Say Hi! We meet again, sweet cousin!”
“What do you want from me?”
“Oh! Do you even have what I want? Of course, not! You’re too miserable. But I love the fun of seeing you suffer. Maybe this would teach you how to keep your mouth shut whenever I’m speaking!”
She emptied the wine she had in her glas-s on me. My clothes were ruined! I seethed in anger. How could she? She threw the emptied glas-s at me and it shattered into pieces on me, cutting some p@rt of my skin. I hissed in pain, trying to hold back my tears which were always my weakness. She wasn’t going to see me cry.
I thought she was done, but no she just got started. She suddenly sli-pped and fell on the ground, letting out a loud scream and some people rushed in.
“What happened to you, Mira? You’re bleeding!” That was her mother, Aunt Linda who I fear so much. Bleeding? My eyes fell on her th!ghs which had blood stains.
“Crystal…she pushed me and I lost my step and fell” she cried in pain. What? How could she tell such lie? I never t©uçhed her. I never pushed her! Everyone’s eyes snapped towards me, even Adam. I felt like melting. Can’t you just die, Crystal?!
“I …I didn’t…” Before I could say anything, a sl@p landed on my cheek. It was the queen, Adam’s mother who had a malicious expression toward me.
“Guards! See that she’s out of this castle for good. And don’t ever come back here again”
My eyes popped up. Not again! Where do I go? Why does Mirabelle hate me so much? I never dragged anything with them, even my parents companies I left to them. Why can’t they leave me be? Why does tormenting me so much fun for them? Obviously, no one would believe me.
I quietly followed the guards as they led me out, towards the hvge gate.
“Miss Crystal? Miss Crystal! plea-se don’t go!”
I heard a small voice. Turning back, I saw Anna with tears rolling down her face. Before I could say anything, one of the guard got a hold of me, pu-lling me along not giving me a chance to talk with Anna who was crying. Her mother held her firmly so that she wouldn’t run to me.
“I’m sorry, Princess. Bye!” I blinked a tear.
Mirabelle was immediately rushed to the royal family hospital, Princess Anna’s birthday p@rty was disrupted and all the guests returned back home because of the incident.
Princess Anna was so pained that she headed to her room and shut the door. She la-id on her be-d and cried. Her day was ruined! And it was her birthday. To make matters worse, Crystal was gone.
But she promised never to leave her. How could she just forget her promise? She refused to open the door or talk with anyone ever again.
The queen and Aunt Linda were at the waiting room since Mirabelle was put on stretcher and wheeled into the operation room. The queen was so worried. The king stayed back at the palace, Anna refused to open the door and about Adam, she didn’t have any idea where he was.
So she was the only one who accompanied Mirabelle and her mother. They were pacing the room worriedly when Aunt Linda asked for a chance to use the restroom before she left.
Immediately she entered the restroom and made sure she was alone and no one could hear her, she pu-ll-ed out her phone and dialed a number.
“Listen, Mike. Crystal was s£nt out of the palace and she’s roaming the streets right now. Trace her and do what I paid you to. Don’t make any mistake, because any more mistake will ruin you. I want the news about her death in the next 15 minutes”
“Consider it done, ma’am”
“Good luck!”
She smiled evilly. No one would st©p Mirabelle from marrying the prince. Not Crystal, not even Drake! After she gets Crystal out of the picture now, her next plan would be on Drake. Even if he was a dre-aded gangster leader, no one could challenge her. No one!
“Rip Crystal!” She straightened her dress and walked out of the restroom victoriously.
“Doctor! How’s my daughter?”
She asked worriedly on sighting the doctor.
“She’s fine. But I’m sorry she lost the baby”
“What?!” Both she and the queen skrie-ked.
The queen was so pained and heartbroken. She wished she could just strangle Crystal to death. Her first grandchild was dead now because of her. She hated that girl now more than ever.
Aunt Linda secretly win-ked at the doctor, he he nodded slightly.
“She requests for her mother’s pres£nce. Which of you is her mother?” He pretended.
“Here” Aunt Linda indicated.
“She’s at ward 5”
The queen sat back down worriedly as Aunt Linda left for Mirabelle’s ward.
“Didn’t I tell you everything would be fine? Now our plans are working perfectly. The doctor worked with our plans too. Crystal will be dead by now” She said, sitting beside Mirabelle on the be-d.
“Don’t you think I’ll pas-s for a good actress, mum? See how I smeared blood on my th!ghs, ma-king it look so real. They thought the blood was actually real. You could see the worried look on everyone’s face. We fooled them! What could I have done without you, mum? You’re the best!”
She hvgged her mother as they both laughed.
“That’s why you have me, darling. You really have to pretend to be very weak when any other person comes in here, okay?”
“Yes mum. plea-se pas-s me some matches”
She placed a cigarette between herl-ips.
“Are you out of your mind, Mira? Do you want them to find out that you smoke? Now put that thing away and don’t risk our plans failing”
“Mum, plea-se. I really can’t help it! Pas-s it!”
“That’s a no!”
She snatched the cigarette from Mirabelle’sl-ips and threw it out of the window.
“Close your eyes and pretend to be very weak. I s-en-se the queen is almost here!”
“Okay mum!”
*One month ago*
“Just wait… I’ll get you to the hospital”
“Mum… what does this mean? Don’t tell me I lost the baby. After we made the king and queen believe I’m carrying Adam’s child, what will happen now? My baby!” She cried.
When Mirabelle was rushed to the hospital that day and the doctor confirmed that she had a miscarriage, both of them were very devastated because everyone alre-ady knew she was pregnant with Adam’s child, only to end up falling from the flight of staircase because of Drake.
“You know what, Mirabelle. We have to use this to our own advantage. Since you alre-ady lost the baby, we have to ru-b it on Crystal. You have to make sure no one is there except you and Crystal, then you pretend that she pushed you, you fell and had a miscarriage. It would all be Crystal’s fault and everyone would hate her”
“But mum, what if I’m taken to the hospital and the doctor confirmed that I was never pregnant and they find out it’s just blood stains I painted on my th!ghs?”
“Leave that to me, sweetheart. I guess they’ll take you to the royal family’s hospital. I’ll speak with one of the doctors there. Don’t worry, we’re safe” she beamed her a smile.
That evening, Doctor Brody who was done for the day and was driving home in his car suddenly got blocked by another car. He was f0rç£d to st©p his car and got out, wondering if whoever it was, was blind.
To his surprise, two men dressed in black and had black masks on got down from their car and approached him, led by a middle aged pretty woman. He was afraid, and cold sweats streamed down his face.
“Good day, Dr. Brody” she flashed him a smile as they stood before him.
“Who…are you?” His voice was cracky.
“Who I am doesn’t matter, Dr. Brody. I have a plan which I want you to co-operate with me on, I’m not here for negotiations but rather to coerce you” she spoke dangerously.
“What’s it?” He asked.
She explained what she wanted him to do, regards she and her daughter’s plan to make him tell the queen that Mirabelle had a miscarriage that day because of Crystal.
“I’m sorry, ma’am. I can’t be a p@rt of this. I deal with transparency and nothing else” he said and turned to leave.
“Even when your ten year old daughter is in our custody? She attends br@ville Academy and your wife, Julie pick her up from school everyday. I guess we got there before her and picked her up. Here, speak with her!”
She handed him a phone which he collected with trembling hands.
“Dad…dad is that you?” His daughter’s teary voice sounded from the other end.
“Priscilla! Are you alright?”
“Yes for now, dad. This place is scary… plea-se come for me. Will I ever see you and mum again? Will I be alright?” She cried.
His heart breaks.
“Yes, trust me Priscilla. You’ll be fine…”
The phone was snatched from him by the satisfied woman before him.
“I’m afraid that wouldn’t be possible if you don’t act with our plans. You’ll lose her. So deal or not?”
“Fine! I’ll do it” he said after much hesitation.
“Don’t hurt her”
I walked a few distance away from the palace, wishing I could just vanish from the surface of the earth. Everything’s not right with me. Wasn’t this world a little too cruel?
A black car with dark screens pu-ll-ed up before me. Some men dressed in black approached me. I recognized one of them as the gentleman who I danced with. He smiled at me and I returned his smile although my instincts were saying something else.
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“Hi pretty. We meet again. My name’s Mike. Do you mind coming with us?” He asked kindly.
I had nowhere to go. Should I go with him? Wasn’t this the second time a stranger would be saving me? He looked harmless, I may as well go with him.
Crystal is confused here. Should she go with this stranger, Mike of a guy? Remember she’s homeless oo🤔