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April 18, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Crystal Episode 8 & 9

15 min read

❄️ Crystal❄️




I ate the food slowly after they left. I felt a little better than before with their short visit. At least I wasn’t hated by everyone. As the dungeon was silent, many thoughts wandered my mind.



“My Lord, you sent for me?”

A voice cut through his thoughts. He turned to see her standing before him. He glared at her, and she almost melted under his gaze.

“Yes, Tricia or whatever you are. I’m not here to mince words. Now tell me the truth, who sent you? Why did you frame Crystal?” He asked coldly.

She flinched before bending her head.
“I…I don’t know what you are talking about, my prince”

“I’m not sure you would want to face my wrath. I’ll ask again, why did you frame her? Tell me who sent you!” He thundered. She trembled fearfully.

“I didn’t do anything, my prince. Crystal actually did steal the jewelry. I saw her” She maintained.

Adam chuckled darkly.
“Well then, I guess I’ll have to force the truth out of you since you’re being quite economical with it” he gestured at the two guards with him.

“Take her to the torture room. You know what to do with her” He commanded and turned to leave while the guards immediately seized Tricia.

Her eyes popped up. Torture room? Of course she knew what that place was. She knew

how deadly it was. Infact everyone in the palace dreaded that place because whoever got on the Prince’s bad side and was sent in there never made it out alive.

Even if the person was lucky to get out alive, he would be terribly injured and as good as dead. That place was dreaded. It was better not to go there.

“Your highness! Please… please I’ll speak. I’ll say the truth, don’t take me to the torture room” she pleaded. She didn’t want to go there.

He halted in his steps and smiled at himself secretly.
“I don’t have much time to spare. It’s better you start speaking now!” He commanded.

“She threatened to kill me if I tell anyone about it” She cried.



“Dad, mum. You really have to free Crystal” He said as he stood before his parents.

“And why?” His mother asked.

“Because she’s innocent!”

“I can see she has a strong hold on you now, even your senses are in bondage. Why do you care so much about a mere maid?”

“Mum, Crystal’s not a mere maid. You really have no idea about her true identity. Even if a maid, she’s human too. Everyone deserves fair treatment, royalty or not”

“Hmm…” She regarded her son for a while, pondering on his words. “I wonder what she’s fed him”

The king, who was known to be more of action than words watched the mother and son duo for a while before speaking.

“You said something about us not knowing her true identity. Who really is she? And what evidence

do you have that she is innocent” His father spoke for the first time.

“Don’t listen to him my Lord…” The queen interfered.

“Let him speak”

“I’m not going to reveal her identity now, father. But about the evidence I have that she’s innocent, Mirabelle actually paid someone to frame her”

“What?! Mirabelle?” The queen gasped. She exchanged confused glances with the king.

“I know you don’t believe it. I never did too when I first found out but I guess you have not even a slightest idea about Mirabelle” he paused and beckoned to a guard.
“Bring her in!”

Tricia was immediately brought in, her face wet with tears and full of fear.
“Repeat everything!” He commanded. She trembled nervously before doing as he said, not missing a single word.

“Are you sure of what you’re saying, young lady?” The king asked.

“Yes, your majesty”

” Oh shut up, stop blurting nonsense. How could you say that about Mirabelle? She’s too harmless to do such thing. For lying against her, you’ll be replaced with Crystal at the dungeon. That means Crystal was innocent, now you blame it on Mirabelle.

You were actually the one who stole my jewelry, Mirabelle has nothing to do with this. Guards! Take her to the dungeon and free Crystal” the queen commanded angrily. She knew Mirabelle would never do something like that.

“Please, my lady. Have mercy! I’m telling the truth…” Tricia cried as the guards pulled her away. Her pleas fell on deaf ears.

Adam watched indifferently as she was pulled away. He didn’t bother about it because she was evil herself, letting Mirabelle manipulate her.

She was the reason why innocent Crystal was sent to suffer in the dungeon. That would teach her a good lesson. He was however happy that Crystal would be freed.

“In exchange for freeing Crystal, you’ll have to go out on a date with Mirabelle tonight. She called this evening and wanted you two to stay out tonight” that was his mother breaking his line of thoughts.

“What mum? Why do I have to stay out with that pretentious monster? You have always hated the idea of me staying out late, but now how could you be the one pushing me out?” Adam queried.

“Don’t ever call her that again, Adam. I see nothing wrong with staying out with her. Why? She’s your fiancee and both of you are as good as married. Besides we can’t turn down her kind request”

“Your mother is right, Adam. You have to get along with her” his father spoke.

“But dad, I don’t love her”

“It’s normal. That’s why you have to spend time with her often to get to know each other more”

“Yes, son. Your father and I were forced into an arranged marriage. We didn’t love each other at first. But guess what? As time went on, our feelings developed and waxed stronger just like you can see now…” His parents smiled at each other lovingly and Adam almost hissed in frustration.

“You don’t understand, mother. I can’t love her. I think my heart is for someone else but when I’m sure about that, I’ll tell you who she is”

“You don’t dare! When I find out about that person, I’ll make sure she regret ever meeting you in the first place. You better stop deceiving yourself, Adam. Even if you don’t love Mirabelle yet, just accept the fact that you must marry her, she’s the perfect one for you.

So just better start growing your feelings for her. What does it concern me if you don’t love her? The most important thing is that you must get married to her, and only her!” His mother said resignedly.

“I’m very sure you have no idea that Mirabelle is only pulling on a facade. She’s much evil than you would ever think. But not to worry, I’ll gather many evidences against her and you’ll be forced to believe me.

You’ll be even more shocked. Fine, I agree to go on the date. But I don’t want any guards with me. I’ll go on my own. Text me the location please” He walked out of their sight before they could protest.


“I told you I don’t love you, Drake. Can’t you get it? I’m getting married to the prince and very soon, I’ll be queen of Madora. So whatever we have in the past is already in the past. Get out of my life!”

“Mirabelle, you can’t just say that! I’ve been by you all these while and you dare hurl those hurtful words at me? Can’t you see how deeply I love you? How can I let go of these feelings now?” Drake, an Auburn haired handsome man tried to get Mirabelle to have a rethink. He was her lover.

“I just don’t care! Just stop stalking me. You already made things difficult for me. See, I’m engaged now, sweetheart” she said, waving her fingers at him so he could see the ring.

“You’re just playing a game which you would lose very soon, Mirabelle. Is it because I’m not a prince? Look, if I can’t have you then no one will. I’ll make sure to deal with you ruthlessly for shattering my heart into pieces. I’ll deal you a blow which you would never recover from.

You and your mother shouldn’t even think about getting rid of me because I know all your secrets and I’m smarter than you. One wrong move from you, I’ll make sure you rot in the deepest part of hell”

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Mirabelle chuckled softly.
“Words from a frustrated and heartbroken man. You can’t do anything, sweetheart you’re only pained! Now come let me bid you a goodbye kiss”

She leaned forward and kissed him.
“Good bye, Drake!”


He got down from his car which was parked in the parking lot. That was Classic Rock Hotels, where he was asked to meet with Mirabelle. Good thing he was putting on dark shades glasses, so he wasn’t easily recognized by people.

He walked towards the entrance and his eyes fell on a couple kissing. Thanks to his good sight, he was able to recognize the lady. She was no other but Mirabelle! How shameless!He wished his parents could see this.

An idea suddenly popped in his head and he brought out his phone and snapped a few pictures. He smiled darkly as he watched her pull away from the young man before hurriedly going into the Hotel alone. The man stood for a while before entering his car and drove off.

He watched from a reasonable distance and made sure they were out of sight before he entered the hotel too. Mirabelle wasn’t as smart as he thought. How could she be so careless and shameless? Right in the public? But she was making everything easier for him and he couldn’t help but chuckle




That evening, I was very surprised to see that I was released from the dungeon. At the same time, very shocked to see the guards pushing in a crying Tricia. When our eyes met, I saw guilt in hers and she immediately looked away in shame.


What has she done that she has to replace me? Or has she confessed about being the thief? I felt some pity for her because she was going to that unpleasant place I just came out of. Well, the rats and cockroaches would be glad to have a new company.


I looked down on my clothes (actually the servants uniforms) which were already dirty. My hair was rough too and I knew I must be looking so unpleasant. Once I entered my room, I felt the contrast between that dirty dungeon and this beautiful room.


How much I missed this place! I immediately headed to the bathroom to wash. A good bath could only wash the body, but not my mind which had a thousand thoughts. How I wish it could!




Adam entered the hotel and immediately sighted Mirabelle sitting over a table with some drinks and obviously making a call. When she sighted him, she quickly ended the call and beckoned at him with a smile. He headed towards her and helped himself with a chair opposite her across the table.


“So, why am I here?” He asked coldly immediately he sat down.


“Why do I feel like I’m actually unwanted by you?” She asked, feigning a hurt face.


“Because you really are!” He replied. He was going to hurt her, he planned on making sure she regret ever getting in his way so that she would call off the marriage herself and he would be free.


But to his surprise and dismay, she burst into laughter and puffed out smoke from her cigarette. He stared at her in disgust. She was too wild and weird!


“I’m sorry, darling. You’re already stuck with me. Just learn to love me or you’ll live the rest of your life unhappily ever after” she burst into laughter again.


He stared in irritation. A future queen smokes? Where was it heard? He wondered what kind of person she was. She has blinded his parents.


“If that’s all you have to say, I guess I’ll have to leave here” He stood up and turned to leave but his arm was caught by Mirabelle who was already standing before him.


“Why leave a lady all alone here, huh? That’s really not gentlemanly. Let’s make this night fun. Why not drink with me, sweetheart?” She whispered into his ear seductively.


He stared at the intoxicants on the table. Why don’t he have some and calm his head? He needed to calm down or he would go crazy. He might kill Mirabelle in his craziness. Sighing, he sat down again and helped himself to some. Mirabelle’s lips curved into an evil smile.




He woke up to a slight pain in his head. It was morning already. He suddenly realized he wasn’t in his room. Where’s he? What’s he doing here? What…what…


He turned to his side and saw someone sleeping beside him. Mirabelle! He froze as adrenaline rushed through him. He remembered what happened yesterday. He remembered drinking himself to stupor and that was all. He didn’t remember anything else. How did he get here? With Mirabelle? That monster?


He quickly rushed up, picked his things and hurried out of the room before she wakes up. He hoped that was all. He hoped nothing else. Damn! How could he be so stupid? He kicked himself out and towards his car before driving off.


After making sure that he was out of the room, she opened her eyes from her pretentious sleep and laughed.


“How easy it was, getting you into my trap, crown prince of Madora. Mother’s right afterall. She’s always right in her plans”


She picked up her phone and dialed a number, a victorious smile playing on her lips.




Everything went back to normal with the days that passed by after I was released from the dungeon. I tried my best to avoid any more troubles and everything seemed fine. The bond between the little princess and I waxed stronger, even if she had to go to school sometimes.


She attended a royal academy and I was assigned to drop her or pick her up in a car with the help of a royal driver who take us to and fro. Did I forget to tell you, some of the palace maids are now warming up to me.


Tricia was fired after she was released from the dungeon. Few days later, she was reported dead. She was murdered by unknown people. I felt sorry for her death.


During my days off, princess Anna and I visit many places. We even go to some orphanage homes and she was always happy. When I go out alone, I visit my parents grave at the cemetery where they were buried some years back and I’ll drop roses each time.


____One month later____


“Congratulations, Adam. Mirabelle’s pregnant with your child. Your wedding is in few weeks time” His mother beamed smiles at him.


What? How could that be? His mother wasn’t supposed to smile because this was a bombshell. He wished she knew who Mirabelle really was, then she wouldn’t be smiling.


“Who…who told you this?” He asked after being silent for a while.


“Mirabelle of course. She and her mother paid us a visit some while ago. I’m so happy, Adam” She couldn’t stop smiling.


Was he really responsible for her pregnancy? That he didn’t know. His parents caused this. If he hadn’t went out to meet that monstrous Mirabelle that night, this wouldn’t have been. She had deceived him into being intoxicated and he ended up unconscious.


“I’m not getting married to her, mother. And that’s final!”


“What? Are you out of your senses? What about the wedding preparations we’ve already set? What about your child?” Her smile suddenly vanished. How could this son of hers be so unreasonable? She expected him to be happy but here he was crushing her joy.


“I don’t care, mum. She can just get rid of it!”




His mother slapped him hard across the face.




She slapped him again. That was the first time in a long while she’d hit him. Now she had to do that because of Mirabelle. His chest tightened in anger.


“I’ll hit you over and again if you ever disrespect Mirabelle like that again. How could you say that? Adam, can’t you see we want the best for you? Can’t you just see?!”

She yelled, pulling him roughly. He just stood, rage burning through him. The best indeed!


“Excuse me, mother”


He stormed out immediately. He was burning in fury. Yes, he had to calm down and this place suddenly became too hot and stuffy for him to do so. Mirabelle’s pregnant?!


“Adam…wait right there!”




The doorbell rang and she rushed down the staircases to open the door.


“Welcome mum…” Her face suddenly fell in disdain as she saw the one who stood before her.


“Yes? What do you want here, Drake? I thought we ended everything the last time? How did you even gain entrance into this place?”


He chuckled darkly.

“That is to show I’m always two steps ahead of you. I know all your thoughts before you can even think of making a move, so you have no idea who you’re dealing with” he replied with a smirk.


She placed a hand on her forehead, irritated.

“Look, Drake. This is no longer funny. What do you want? Just name your price so that you can get out! I don’t want anyone seeing me with you anymore. I’m the Prince’s wife now”


“Oh really? Listen, Mira. I have so many secrets about you and you wouldn’t want me to release them, do you? I can destroy you at the snap of my fingers. I can ruin you for shattering my heart. Do you get it?!” He held her chin tightly between his fingers to make sure she heard him.


“Let go, you beast! I’m carrying the prince child and you should accord me the respect I deserve” she pulled away from his hold and tried to shut the door on him. But he quickly squeezed in and pulled her up the staircase.


“The Prince’s child?” He let out a mocking laughter once they reached the top of the staircase.


“You and I know very well that that child is mine! Oh? So you planned on blackmailing him into marrying you with that?”


“Shhh! Keep your voice low, Drake. You don’t want this to get out, do you?”


“I’ll be glad to let out every piece of it, you cheat! I just came to warn you, you better have a rethink or you’ll live the rest of your life miserably” He let out dangerously and turned to leave.


“Wait, Drake! Drake…”


She suddenly missed her footing and slipped. She rolled down the staircases and ended on the floor.


“You just fell?” Drake chuckled amusingly at the sight of Mirabelle at the bottom of the staircase, groaning in pain. She looked so vulnerable.


“It hurts right?” He teased.

“That’s how much my shattered heart hurts right now”


“Help Drake! I… I’m bleeding!” She cried in pain as blood rushed down her thighs.


“You’re bleeding? That’s how much my shattered heart bleeds. You know what? I just want you to go to hell and rot” He stormed out of the house, leaving her in her pool of blood. No one crosses Drake and go Scot free.


He knows his enemies plans before they even make any move. That was why it was difficult for Mirabelle and her mother to kill him, they would’ve done that long ago.


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Aunt Linda came in sometime later to find Mirabelle in pain, in her own pool of blood.


“Mira! Who did this to you? Tell me! I’ll make sure that person lost his breath before the next few minutes”


“It’s… it’s Drake!” She replied weakly and her mother sighed. She gritted her teeth. Why does it have to be Drake and not someone else? That dangerous gangster! She hissed in disappointment since she couldn’t do anything.


“Just wait… I’ll get you to the hospital”


“Mum… what does this mean? Don’t tell me I lost the baby. After we made the king and queen believe I’m carrying Adam’s child, what will happen now? My baby!” She cried.


“Don’t panic, Mira. I’ll get you to the hospital right away” she reassured. She would definitely find a way to deal with Drake. She sure will.


✍️By Blessing



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