Crazy p.a Episode 9 to 11

We were sitting in the living room after eating lunch…we were watching football and Rose was damn bored that she kept tossing and turning while me and Kelvin laughed silently
“I am still hungry”Rose said and I rolled my eyes
“We ain’t your mommy so deal with it”i said and Kelvin gave me a high five
“Rude stupid boys”she said and walked into the kitchen
“This soccer match is boring…want to do something fun guys”Rose shouted coming from the kitchen with an apple
What Is up with her and apples
“Go to hell Rose” Kelvin said ma-king me chuckle as we did a high five again
“Are you guys trying to annoy me”she said as she c@m£ infront of us
“Nah”we said at the same time and laugh into nothing
“I will just go hang out with Max since you guys are as-s-holes at least he listens and pla-ys with me”she said and we snapped our heads at her at the same time
“What do you want to pla-y?”i asked switching off the t.v. while Kelvin whined like a baby
“Hide and seek”she said ma-king me and Kelvin bur-st into laughter
“You pl@ythat with Max?”Kelvin asked and I couldn’t help but laugh more
“Yeah we do and when we find each other we make out and…”
“Too much details” Kelvin interrupted ma-king me fake a chuckle
Don’t know why it hurts when she says they make out
Oh god!!!
“Let’s pl@ya more mature game like truth or dare”Kelvin said and Rose pouted herl-ips childishly ma-king her more cute
“Are you saying I am not mature”she said faking tears as she munched her apple
“No I am trying to say that the game you mentioned is for lovers ain’t I right Jordan”Kelvin asked me and I frowned
Why did he have to drag me into this “stupid lovers”i said and Rose g@sped
“How dare you insult me and my future hubby…you spoit br@t”she said and threw the apple on my forehead and it hurts but not as my heart cause she said Max is her future hubby
“I am sorry” she said when she realised she just hit my forehead but I just scoffed
“Let’s pl@ytruth or dare…if you don’t want to answer or do the challenge someone gave you…you drink a sh0t but you drink only five sh0ts…so use your sh0ts wisely”i said and walked upstairs to my bar room
I took one bottle of vodka with it’s 3 small glas-ses and returned downstairs to find them talking about me
“He is so weird” Rose said and Kelvin chuckled
“He’s been like that since a young age…sometimes he laughs and sometimes he snubs”he said
“That sounds more like a lunatic “Rose said and I frowned while Kelvin laughed
“But if he asked you out you would say yes”Kelvin said ma-king Rose sm-irked
“Maybe,maybe not”she said leaving me to think about what she meant
That is why I hate eavesdropping…people tend to talk in parables ma-king you have anxiety
I just sighed as I walked in “You are finally back after 1 hour…were you healing your forehead”she said with a wi-nk and i smiled…blu-shed to be precise
“No I was still choosing p@n-ties for you to wear tomorrow since you didn’t bring yours with you”i said and she blu-shed really ha-rd
“Well I hope you chose the red one cause you know “she win-ked b!tt!g her lower l!pma-king me gro-an …I sure love her flir-ty mode
“You bet sweetheart “i said with a wi-nk ma-king her blus-h more
“You guys still realise that I am here right?”Kelvin’s annoying voice echoed and I looked at him to find him sm-irking
I wish I could just beat him to death…like why in the whole world did he have to ruin the moment
I had alre-ady drun!kall of my five sh0ts because they kept asking me the same questions like have you sle-pt with Max…when did you lose your vir-ginity
And you can’t expect me to tell them that I was a v!rg!nat 22
I sighed as it was my turn again cause I was finished if they ask me stupid questions
“Truth or dare”Kelvin asked with a sm-irk “Truth “I said and I saw a devilish sm-irk on double J’s face
“Damn I have been waiting for this moment”he said and Kelvin chuckled
“Have you had S-x with Max?”Kelvin asked and I faked a cough
“Ain’t there the sixth sh0t?”i asked but they shook their head in disagreement
“Well…no”i said and they grinned which is weird
“Let’s move on to the next person which is double J “I said avoiding their grinning faces
“Truth or dare”i asked and he smiled out dimples
“Truth”he said happly…why does he look so happy all of a sudden
“How many girls have you sle-pt with”i asked and he started coughing and looked at Kelvin who sm-irked like he wanted to bur-st into laughter
“15”He said and my eyes wi-de-ned “What…I didn’t know man who-re existed”i said ma-king Kelvin laugh
“No judging” double J said and I scoffed….15 like really??
“My turn to ask” He said breaking the silence.
“Truth or dare” he asked Kelvin
“Dare” Kelvin said boldly
“I dare you to twer-k” He said ma-king me bur-st into laughter
Kelvin shrugged and started twer-king as we laughed our as-ses out
That was so awful to watch
“Time for me to ask so truth or dare”Kelvin asked
“Dare”i said
“I dare you to k!ssJordan “he said with a sm-irk
“What”we both shouted but it increa-sed his sm-irk.
“k!ss”he said
“Okay…double J close your eyes”i said and the stupid infront of me closed his eyes
“k!sshim”i whispered to Kelvin “What ?”he whispered back
“I’ll pay you plea-se “I put on the best puppy dog eyes
“Fine”he whispered back and k!$$£d double J…so gross
I couldn’t hold it but laugh “eww..Kelvin “Double J shouted pushing him back glaring at me while I laughed
“Rose!”he shouted and I ran upstairs still laughing…they are g@ys
.👩‍💼CRAZY P.A 👩‍💼
💖CHAPTER 10 & 11💖
I yawned as I rested my head on double J’s shoulder
It’s evening and Kelvin just left so we are watching an action movie
“You know you have a b©yfri£ndwho would really appreciate if you put your head on his shoulders” double J said and I could feel him sm-irk
“Shut up”i said and he laughed while he wra-pped his has around my w@!st ma-king me feel more comfortable
My phone had to ruin the moment as it rang loudly ma-king us laugh into nothing
I took it and saw that it was Max so I quic-kly answered it
“Hey babe”i beamed as I shifted from double J sitting comfortably by my self while ignoring double J’s glares
“Hey sweetheart”his voice sounded so dull like he has been crying
“Have you been crying or what???cause you don’t sound alright “I said and I could feel him sigh
“Rose have you been slee-ping with that why you are delaying us “He said and my mouth opened out of shock
“How could you think so low of me”i found myself yelling
“I am sorry okay…it’s just that I went to your house today and I found out that you are now staying at his house …how was I supposed to take it?”He asked calmly…that is the one thing I love about Max..he doesn’t shout even when he is angry more than anything
“I am so sorry babe…It sli-pped out of my mind cause I was too busy with work and everything…so how can I make it up to you”i said ma-king him chuckle
” You could go on a d@t£ with me tomorrow and don’t forget my 23rd birthday is next week Saturday”he said ma-king me chuckle nervously…how could I forget his birthday
“Wait…you forgot my birthday “He sounded dull again
“No ….how could I forget my future hubby’s birthday…and about tomorrow it’s a d@t£ then”i said and I could imagine him jump in excitement
“Okay… remember to wear too many blankets when you go to sleep and don’t let that boss of yours t©uçh you in any how or there is going to be trouble.are we clear sweetheart ???”he said and I laughed
“You are so overprotective but I still like you like that babe”i said with a smile
“Wish I could see your face”he said and I smiled more
“Me too…especially your cute dimples”i said and he chuckled
“Sweet dreams sweetheart”he said and I chuckled
“Wish you could call everynight”i said and he chuckled
“As you wish sweetheart “He said “awwn that is so sweet didn’t know you care about my feelings but nighty nighty Maxy”i said
“Don’t call me that”he said ma-king me laugh as he hanged up
That is when I realised double J was staring at me
“What?”I snapped at him cause he looked so sour
“Nothing”he said lowly as he looked at the t.v.
His mood swings are so annoying…He was fine back then so what happened
“Goodnight boss”i saluted and he didn’t even bother to respond so I went upstairs to the be-droom he showed me earlier on
I took a quic-k bath and layed perfectly fine of my comfy be-d…why was double J so sad
Should I check on him and ask him…nah maybe he was just thinking about life so he will be fine…I thought as I finally dozed off
I hate feeling like this…why am i feeling like ten knifes are being stabbe-d in my heart
I don’t really know why I am jealous but I gotta let go of the feeling
What if I like her???
No I can’t like Rose cause she is my sister…I really take her as my sister so I can’t catch feelings
Not now and not ever
I sighed as I stared at the t.v….all I could see was the mouth movements but I couldn’t hear a thing cause my mind was damn far
I sm-irked as I got a crazy plan…it’s time for my revenge on Rose
I quic-kly ordered fake bugs online and after one hour they arrived
I quic-kly snuck into her room to find her slee-ping peacefully so I quic-kly loaded them in her bathroom basin tap and laughed silently as I went to my room
I felt really tired so I just sle-pt that moment without even taking a bath
Next morning
“Ahh” Rose barged into my room screaming while jumping and down like a crazy person
That is when I remembered my prank so I started laughing “it is in my hair!!”she kept on shouting as she rolled on the floor..but all I did was laugh
I st©pped rolling on the floor when I realised it was a prank
“You lunatic”i shouted as I ran to him and he stupidly ran to his be-d pu-lling the sheets all over his b©dy
“Stupid boy”i remarked as I jumped on the be-d and started hitting him
“Ahhh…I am so sorry “he kept on shouting while I chuckled
Soon he overc@m£ me and pushed me causing me to fall on the floor with my bu-tt
“Ahh”i shouted as he kept on laughing so I jumped on the be-d again but sadly he caught me and pinned my hands over my head with his other hand while he started tickling me with the other one
“St©p…St©p “I kept on shouting as I laughed till I felt my throat going so-re and that’s when he st©pped and smiled sweetly bringing his dimples out
“In your face Rose”he said as he pe-cked my nose
“Hey st©p…I have a b©yfri£ndand you have a girlfriend so get off ?”I said but he just rolled his eyes causing me to li-ck myl-ips slowly
He responded with a gr0@nand I could start feeling his erection
“Just one k!ss”he said looking at myl-ips and I rolled my eyes
“You will never st©p being crazy and again i have a b©yfri£nd”i said and he sm-irked
“But you still want my k!ss” he said “You are totally losing your mind so for the last time get off my precious tummy or….”I didn’t get to finish as he k!$$£d me and we started rolling our ton-gues ….it felt so crazy…for the first time I felt bu-tterflies in my stomach
He bit my ton-gue as I m0@n ed while he gro-an ed
I tried to push him away when I remembered Max but he didn’t give in as he pressed his b©dy more to mine
“Jordan st©p”i finally said feeling guilt and he st©pped looking at me with his puppy dog eyes so I looked away cause I couldn’t resist him
“I have a b©yfri£ndokay??”I said and tried to push him again but he pressed more ma-king me feel his erection more…He scoffed as he rolled his eyes
“Are you talking about the one who is using you to get la-id”he said and I scoffed
“St©p badmouthing my b©yfri£nd”I said and he cli-cked hisl-ips cutely
“Are you still talking about the one who is cheating on you with five girls and ohh to tell you the truth you are just a side chick to him Rose..a toy he is just looking for S-x in”he said and his tone was that one of anger
“You are a liar…and why do you even care”i found myself shouting and he laughed sarcastically
“Because I care Rose” he yelled and his eyes were red but I did not care cause all I felt was pain
What if Max is using me as double J claims what if I am just one of his flings…no wonder we don’t meet often
“That is not a reason “I said calmly as I felt more tears going down my cheeks
Double J kept wiping the and he looked like he regretted what he said earlier
“I have to go to work ” I said and pushed him aside…He didn’t even care
Instead he took his phone and started pressing it as I went out of his room
What if Max is using me…what if all he wants is S-x…I am definitely going to to show him how crazy I can be then
I scre-wed up so ha-rd …
Yes Max cheats with different girls since he has been with her but it wasn’t in my place to tell her
I feel so bad…like watching her cry like that because of my selfishness
I just felt jealous when she referred him as her b©yfri£ndand I found myself spilling it all
I dialed Kelvin’s number as she left..I couldn’t face her anymore ..I couldn’t look at her face cause she was hurt and it will add more to my guiltness
Kelvin wasn’t answering so I just went to take a quic-k bath and wore my work clothes and took my suitcase
I checked her room and she was no longer there
It means she left for work without telling me…she must have been really pissed
I enginited my car and went to Kevin’s house to find it locked
He must have gone to work…Kelvin is just like me…He hates all the guards and maids stuff
I just wanted him to explain to me what I felt cause I can’t really find myself this days
I sighed as I drove my car to work slowly humming to songs that were pla-ying on the radio
A message popped in my phone…I quic-kly gr@bb£d my phone hoping it was Kelvin but to my disappointment it was Emily
💬Hey sweetheart I really miss you
…i re-ad the message and sighed.
💬Emily we are done so st©p stalking me
…I s£nt
💬But I alre-ady apologized so st©p whining like a baby cause there is no one to replace me in your heart
…she replied ma-king me roll my eyes
💬well sadly I found someone more suitable to replace you and I just realised you were never in my heart so deal with it
…I replied as I got off my car focusing on my phone
I was about to re-ad her respond when I fell into a de-ep hole and that is when I realised people who were taking videos
They all bur-sted into laughter…not again
I looked down and I was in a hole of real worms “mommy”i shouted ad I fought my way out ma-king people around me laugh more
To be continued