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Crazy p.a Episode 12 & 13

👩‍💼CRAZY P.A👩‍💼
💖CHAPTER 12 & 13💖
I sighed as I showered in the bathroom based in my office
Someone should have warned me to not mess with Rose
She now embarrassed me Infront of all my workers and to top it all I am now trending on social media
This is actually not the way I planned my day
I could still imagine the worms even though they were all washed off…but I still felt weird
I feel so gross and dirty…I just want to take 1000 showers but I got work to do
I got out of the water and walked to my small closet in the bathroom taking out new clothes
I wore them and went into my office to find Rose sitting like a Muslim on a couch
She was closing her eyes and she looked like a damn Chinese with her hair tied in a messy bun leaving other straps of her hair to fall on her face
“You could just take a picture “she said smirking as she closed her eyes again making me frown…Why didn’t i notice she was opening her eyes
“Rose let’s end this cat and mouse thing”i said cause I am really tired of her pranks…they embarrass me more than Wendy’s own
“Giving up already “she smirked still closing her eyes
“I am not giving up…you are just too much”i said and she laughed
“You could just ask me what I want in return if we end this prank thing” she said and I smirked
“What do you want in return madam?”i asked and she giggled
“So we are going to Paris in two days for a business trip…I was thinking you take me to all the beautiful places there “she said and I chuckled as i sat beside her…that is when she opened her eyes and looked straight into my eyes
“That’s all?”I asked and scoffed “for now that’s all”she said and I stood up as I went to sit on my office chair
She stood up too…she wore a crop top with sweatpants and I took my time in looking all over her body eye fuckin her
She seriously has a beautiful slim doll body
She sat on my laps and smiled sweetly at me ” What are you doing ?”i asked as she touched my lips
“Let’s just say it’s a payback for making me cry earlier “she said with an evil smirk
“But you already pranked me”i said faking a frown
“That was just for kissing me “she said making me smile
“But you liked it”i said and she blushed but quickly hid it with a frown
“No…I didn’t so here is the revenge “she said and grinded her body against my erection making me groan
She teased me like that till I just ended up kissing her
We kissed as we moaned in each other’s mouths and we didn’t even notice when someone opened the door
“Errr…m”someone cleared his throat and we quickly separated to find Kelvin staring at us..I couldn’t really tell if it was a smirk or blush that he had on his face
But he was sure going to tease us..Rose quickly hid her face in my chest causing us to laughed…I didn’t know she was shy
“So what do we call this…let me see”he said pretending to think “oh yes friends with benefits…no that is too cocky..oh yeah workers with benefits “He said making us laugh and that is when Rose raised her head up trying to stand up but I pushed her back cause I think we ain’t done with the punishment she was giving me
“What are you doing here by the way”i said with an eye roll
“Did I disturb something”he said wiggling his brows
“Kelvin “Rose pouted making us laugh “okay I saw a video of you swimming with worms so I came to ask you bro…how did you get such cool new bestfriends in a such such short period of time”he says making us laugh again…Kelvin is just full of jokes
“Anyways I can see you are suited and I now understand that the worms are your children since you are getting it heated up in here so Rose well done and let me leave you to another round of bringing worms in this world “he said “Kelvin!”we both shouted and he ran out
After a great and fun day of flirting with double J
It was almost time for my date…Max sent me details
Time and place….it’s my favourite restaurant and we are meeting there at 8 p.m and it’s already 7:20 p.m
I am still struggling with my hair and make up but I feel guilt
Like I have been cheating on him with my boss and what if he is not cheating on me?What if all the things double J said about him were not true
After 30 minutes of doing my make up and hair I praised myself cause I looked really hot with a tight red dress with my matching heels and red lipstick not forgetting my red purse
Yeah I am super reddy and running late…i chuckled at my own thought…seriously super reddy
I walked downstairs to find double J watching t.v. …immediately he heard the the noise of my heels he turned and his mouth opened in shock
I chuckled…it is pretty clear that I look hot so well done Rose…I closed his mouth with my palm and he gulped
“You look hot…no sexy…no you just look marvelous,outstanding,pretty,beautiful ,breathtaking….”he was saying many things that I just has to cut him off
“Thank you”i said with a blush “Can i kiss you?”he asked making me gulp
Why do I suddenly feel so nervous
He did not wait for my answer as he stood up and kissed me
He started tracing his fingers all over my body…everything happened very fast as he lifted me up and I wrapped my hands around his neck while my legs wrapped around his waist
We kissed each other desperately as we landed on the couch,he started lifting my dress up
What am i doing…I kept on asking myself but my body cared less
I slipped my hand in her dress as we kissed like hungry lions
I touched her br**ts cause she was not wearing a bra causing her to shiver
I pressed one of them and she moaned my name while i smiled and ended the kiss as I took my hand out of her dress
She looked away blushing really hard…that got me chuckling cause I like it when she acts shy
“I got to go” she said and I frowned “You are still going on that stupid date?”i said making her glare at me
“What do you mean that stupid date and yes I am still going”she said dragging her dress down while standing up
“Fine and make sure you don’t come back “I said with a scoff…I still can’t believe she has a boyfriend
“As you wish”she said taking out a small mirror from her purse and walking out remaking the places where we damaged on her face because of our make out session
I smiled as I thought of the kiss…it was really amazing with the butterflies in my stomach like I am a girl…anyways I don’t think butterflies in the stomach are for girls only or am I suddenly gay
I chuckled at my own silly thought…but What if Rose is angry at me for my sudden outburst..
Nah she will get over it within 2 hours so let’s just watch movies
I switched on the t.v. and found an action movie…yeah I like it when it goes dishh duuduu dishh and someone’s ribs get broken
I laughed at my own thoughts..Rose has really turned me into a true psycho like seriously…just laughing over a stupid joke I made myself
The movie is even boring…I just miss Rose to be precise…. so I started playing an air guiter
It got boring so i started doing a marathon by myself “The winner gets a cupcake”i said to my imaginary friend
“Okay let’s go”i said and started running around and then came back “i won”i shouted as I started twerking like I own the world
Everything is boring…I sighed as I slumped on the couch…” When is Rose going to come back?”I asked no one in particular
It’s been 20 minutes and she is not here yet
I heard the door open up and Rose walked in looking like she just fell into hell
I quickly rushed to her…”Rose “I said as I wrapped my hands around her waist to prevent her from falling
“He cheated on me”she said and laughed drily…I felt really sorry for her but at the same time I felt really happy
“He cheated on me with a fuckin waiter…can you believe he broke up with me saying he is tired of my pale lips and he doesn’t want bi**es who don’t f**k…he said he was glad he found someone who fulfilled his needs and….” she was still going to continue when I shushed her
“It’s fine he doesn’t f**kin deserve you by the way I am sure he is going to realise he made a mistake and by the time he does you will be long gone”i said…sh* I really suck at sympathy
I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist while her hands wrapped around my neck and her head rested on my shoulders
I walked upstairs…her eyes were really solen and red and tears were still coming out from her eyes
I am going to kill that nitwit…even though I wanted them to brake up I didn’t expect him to say those words to her
I sighed frustratedly as I put her on my bed…she must be really tired
I laid beside her but she stood up and went into my closet leaving me confused
One minute later she came back wearing my grey sweatpants and my blue t-shirt
I grinned as I saw her making her roll her eyes…she looked so pretty even though the clothes were oversize
She laid beside me making me smile more till my cheeks hurt
“I will kill you if you keep on smiling while i am hurting” she said and I chuckled while I cuddled with her
“I am so sorry “I whispered and she sighed “Nah…it was just my fate.. I should probably get rid of all the boys in my life and the first one it’s you” she said and I frowned
“What did I do?”i said dramatically making her giggle “all boys are trash so you are in the list”she said and I scoffed
“I am a man not a boy so count me out “I said and she laughed sarcastically
“You wish nigga”she said and I chuckled as inhaled her hair scent
She really smells nice “wait..did you use my hair shampoo?”I asked looking at her face while she pouted cutely
“Maybe”she said and I started tickling her “Jordan stop”she laughed out loud as she kicked me over and over again
The door opens up to reveal mom and dad


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