Crazy couple episode 1

{She’s stubborn He’s Arrogant😪}
❗Prologue & 1
He’s h0t,
good looking
And very se-duc-tive.
He’s the grandson of the famous, Levi Sanchez. A lineage of a wealthy family. The most powerful family in Boston.
Nob©dy messes with them cause they have ranks in high places.
Meet Stella…
A beautiful,
Troublesome prankster of the Anderson family.
She’s the only daughter of her single dad. A typical definition of a weird young lady.
Her mother was late so she faces trauma of being lonely and dejected.
Recap of the story
Jeremy storms out of his parent’s mansion feeling very perturbe-d..
He knows time’s running out for him. If he doesn’t find a wife in one month, his inheritance will be pas-sed to his younger cousin, Tristan.
Tristan is just a week younger than him so there is a power struggle between the two cousins.
His strict grandfather had made this rule. He thinks his grandson will be more responsible with a woman by his side.
Jeremy can’t loose his inheritance, he just can’t so he’s f0rç£d to marry the girl his parents chose for him, Stella.
Coincidentally, They were once clas-smates during highschool.
Jeremy’s friends would bully Stella till she cried.
Jeremy cared less cause he had girls flocking around him, it’s just this one girl, ‘Stella’ that didn’t care of his good looks.
Stella has no choice but to agree remembering the way Jeremy treated her in the past. She’ll deal with him during their little marriage.
Jeremy doesn’t know the new Stella.
He has no idea on what’s coming his way.
And he has to live with it
The wedding reception had begun.
A lively evening p@rty at the garden of my mansion.
Finally, I have gained my long awaited inheritance.
On the other hand, married a woman I ba-rely know. Back at highschool, she was just a helpless slim girl but now… She’s changed.
I admit she’s pretty with long red hair and lashes. Her curves are to die for and that crazy smile of hers.
But I still don’t like her!
I can’t believe she’d be the mother of my kids.
A girl I once hated!
“Jeremy!” My best friend, Peter called sitting on my table with me.
“Isn’t she Stella? The one we bullied during highschool?” He asked staring at Stella who was with my mom backing us.
“Yes, so what?” I asked not liking where he was heading to.
“How can you marry that dork? I mean, how can she marry you after all the horrible things you’ve done to her” he said.
“I never harmed her. It was you and Jeffrey that found plea-sure in bullying her and besides, am f0rç£d to marry her. No feelings attached!” I stated.
He chuckled.
“She’s so heavy and loaded now…” Peter grins staring after her.
“I think she’s going to make your life a living hell…” Peter chuckled.
I scoffed.
It’s gonna be the other way round.
I tried to make a move to go to Stella but st©pped when Nina showed up from nowhere.
She’s one of my b–ches!
She was in a short revea-ling dress.
What’s she doing at my wedding??
“Hey Jer… Why didn’t you tell me about your wedding?” She asked in her annoying tiny voice.
“It was a last minute plan. I never planned on marrying her” I stated.
She frowned.
“A last minute call wouldn’t hurt, would it?” She asked batting her lashes.
“What do you want?” He asked nonchalantly.
“I want you Jeremy. You said that we would be going to Miami beach this weekened only for me to find out this weekend is your wedding!” She yelled at my face.
“Say one more word and you’ll regret it” threatened her and she kept shut.
“Leave this place. I’ll call you when I nee-d you” I dead panned walking out on her.
I turned a bit and saw her storming out, finding her way among the wealthy guests and entrepreneurs.
That girl took a risk by coming here.
Jeremy’s mom didn’t want let me out of her sight but then a man c@m£ and they both left giggling and talking.
I feel like I would regret this.
It’s such a wealthy and powerful family.
Suddenly, a lady walked up to me.
gosh! Must she decorate her face like a clown?
“Our new bride. Am Yvonne, Tristan’s wife” she said and we shook her hands.
Tristan is Jeremy’s cousin, right?
I thought the two arent in good terms.
“Nice to meet you” I said wishing she could just disappear.
She giggled.
“You’re soo lucky to be wedded to the CEO of Sanchez Companies” she beamed.
I could tell she was faking her smile.
What does she want from me??
I just looked away.
“Alright, enjoy the p@rty” she said and hurried off.
I wanted to drink from the glas-s of wine in my hand but I suddenly felt pressed.
No more drink for me…
I pour the drink on the floor and handed a waiter the empty glas-s.
I held the hinges of my hvge wedding go-wn on my hands as I left the p@rty ground walking into the mansion. I nee-d to find the restroom..
I walked a little distance from her and st©pped.
what the h-ll!
she poured the drink on the floor.
how do I get this lady?