Crazy couple episode 2 & 3

👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨CRAZY COUPLE💛🔮
{She’s troublesome😎
😌 He’s Bossy}
After an hour or two.
I retired to my room.
Am done with today’s wedding.
I don’t un-derstand why the guests are comfortable at someone’s house by 10 in the night.
I kicked my shoes off and the untied my hair which was br@ided and curled.
I tried to reach for my Zi-pper.
What a hvge wedding go-wn!
I kept trying till I got tired.
I went to the drawer in Jeremy’s room and took the scissors I saw. I started from the che-st area and cut the dress down.
I climbe-d out from the humongous dress.
I carried it to the closet and dumped it somewhere inside.
I went to the bathroom to have my bath.
I returned to the room with a towel around my che-st.
He was on the be-d shi-tless with his shorts.
I glanced at his che-st.
Oh my!
It looked so strong and inviting.
I quic-kly looked away and scurried to the closet. I took my pyjamas. The one I bought specifically for tonight.
It had double layer and very hvge.
I wore it.
It swallowed my shape.
Luckily, this j£rk won’t get a glimpse of my b©dy.
He la-id on his be-d pressing his phone.
I remembered back in highschool, he was the riche-st coolest kid in the whole school and i hated his arrogance.
I’ve never seen someone with so much ego. I bet he was the one that s£nt his friends to bully me.
gosh! I’ll make him regret everything he’s done to me.
I wanted to be outside till he’s sle-pt off.
There’s no way am slee-ping on that be-d knowing he’s awake.
I walked to the door and tried to open it.
It’s locked!
Who locked me inside here with this guy😨
I turned back to catch Jeremy looking at me.
He looked less bothered though.
I was kneeling in between Tristan’s legs with his d-ck in my grasp. I brou-ght my mouth close to it and continued my su-cking.
He held my hair as an anchor and I bobbe-d up and down on it.
He threw his head back in the intense s-en-sation.
“fu-ck!” He bem0@n ed.
I stooped up a bit and forcing the d-ck to reach at the end of my throat. He starts to pump into my mouth and I take in the discomfort I felt.
Anything to plea-se this guy.
He re-leased into my mouth and I gagged at the moment. He fell on the be-d while
I la-id close to my fiancee, Tristan.
This is going a bad way.
“Am scared Tristan, what if they’re ma-king love right now??” I panicked.
“We have all the time to eliminate Stella as long as she haven’t given birth. Think of something Yvonne, st©p being useless!!!” He yelled at me.
“Am-Am sorry I failed you, love” I wavered.
He scoffed
And shifted from me.
Tears welled up in my eyes.
He’s angry with me.
What do I do now?
I really don’t want to loose Tristan,
He’s the only man that have won my heart.
I un-derstand he doesn’t mean to be rude or commanding.
He’s just angry..
I returned to the be-d and la-id on my side.
I covered myself with the duvet and turned off the light.
I was wi-de awake..
What’s he up to??
Is he looking at my a-s??
Or is he ma-king fun of my big pyjamas.
Or is he hor-ny?
I shuddered.
I felt so insecure.
‘Nothing is happening tonight Stella’. I as-sured myself.
Why would he even want to t©uçh me?
He was very angry the day his parents told him we’re getting married.
Suddenly, his phone began ringing.
I felt him leave the be-d and go to the bathroom.
Of course, am curious.
I turned on the light.
I stood up and went to the door, eavesdropping.
Immediately the door opened going forward.
I wasn’t standing well so I totally lost my balance.
I fell towards him but he shifted and I crashed at the floor.
“Jeremy!!!” I yelled trying to stand to my feet.
“What? I thought you were dumb” he said going into the be-droom.
“So you’re saying Jeremy Sanchez can actually marry a dumb woman?” I sm-irked following him.
“Dumb and stupid” he added.
Did he just call me stupid?
“Who was that on the phone?” I asked curiously.
“Not your business” he said.
“You should know I don’t take no for an answer!” I yelled and jumped on him.
“You’re crazy!!” He ra-psed trying to get me off him. I gr@bb£d his phone and he dropped me on the be-d. I rolled to the other side and looked into the phone.
Who is Nina??
He took the phone from me.
“What the fu-ck is wrong with you!!??” He yelled at me.
I sm-irked.
“Who’s Nina?” I asked.
He glared at me.
“And am supposed to tell you because?” He asked arching his brows.
“You’re a j£rk Jeremy!”
“And you’re a b–ch!” He said lying on his be-d.
I smiled as an idea c@m£ into my mind.
He’ll regret calling me a bvtch.
“Good night peac0ck” I grinned.
“Bad dreams Psycho” he jibe-d.
Who’s Nina??
I couldn’t help but feel suspicious.
I waited for Jeremy to fall asleep before I swung into action.
I took a bucket and filled it with water in the bathroom before setting it with the door.
Once he opens the door, the bucket of water will empty on his b©dy.
He’ll learn not to mess with Stella Anderson!
Next day
I woke up beside my annoying husband. He was awake but busy with his phone.
“How was your night?” I asked him grinning.
He was quiet for a while.
“Uh…it was fine, yours?–”
“Terrible! You can’t st©p snoring for a minute” I blurted.
He scoffed.
“St©p saying nons-en-se, I didn’t even sleep here” he said.
“What?” I asked.
“I left for the guestroom. Your b©dy was bringing a bad aura around me and I had to find comfort at the guestroom” he replied.
I rolled my eyes.
He’s such a liar.
I left the room heading for the kitchen.
Am famished.
I met Jeremy’s mom on the way.
“Good morning Mrs Sanchez” I said.
She smiled.
“How was your night honey?” She asked smiling.
“It was..great” I replied.
“It’s just that you’re wearing a thick pyjamas and you’re walking just fine like nothing happened last night” she said and I stared at her like a lost goat.
Why won’t I walk normal
“The thing is… Jeremy inherited just p@rt of the wealth, he nee-ds to pres£nt a child before he gains everything. That’s grandpa’s rule to avoid fake marriage. Grandfather Sanchez is very skeptical about it” she enthused and I felt my b©dy make a weird reaction.
A child.
Jer…Jeremy and I nee-d to make a baby, together???