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Crazy billionaire child 15 & 16

❣(psycho’s falls in love)❣
✍️Episode 15✍️
I cracked up as I watched Bianca run away in tears. I couldn’t afford to lose Zach to that ingrate. I poked Zach who was completely lost in thought.
“H,,,uh” He stuttered.
“Let’s go to the beach” I pulled his hands.
I decided to go to the beach. I hadn’t been there since we moved back into the state.
We got to the beach and I quickly sl!pped into my bikini, thanking my lucky stars that the weather was still warm enough to swim. I put on a light cotton dress over it and grabbed my sungl@sses. I ran to the water, excited.
“Won’t you come join me Babe?” I yelled at Zach.
“No, I won’t” He frowned, “I’m not with my swimming trunk”
“It doesn’t matter, just take off your trousers and shirt” I pleaded.
“Love, I don’t feel like swimming” He protested and I shrugged.
I literally skipped to the beach, not knowing the reason behind my rather surprisingly good mood and quickly took off my dress. I stepped closer to the water, tiptoeing to check the temperature and I was relieved to find out that it was warm enough. I walked in slowly till the water came up to mid-thigh and enjoyed the feel of the cool water on my body. I loved to swim but I was somehow a novice when it comes to swimming.
“Don’t go too deep!” Zach said sternly getting up from his seat.
“Where are you going?” I screamed but he ignored.
After a while, I lowered my body and dipped my head under the water, holding my breath. Under the water, I found calm, quiet and serenity. I brought out my head and dipped it again. Then it happened, I couldn’t get myself to swim anymore. I was sinking. I tried to bring myself out of the water, but it was impossible. With all my strength, I pulled my left hand up signifying I need help.
I could tell that certain people dived into the water, but once I came out of the water, my vision faded.
I opened my eyes before muttering few things to myself. For heaven’s sake, how did I manage to get myself almost drowned?.
“Ashley, I’m sick and tired of this whole thing, what your problem?” Zach was furious.
“I’m sorry Zach” I pleaded.
“Sorry” Zach mimic, “if it was more than this, what do you expect me to tell your parents” He screamed.
I kept mute knowing the trouble I had caused Zach by allowing myself to get almost drown.
“Ashley, henceforth, don’t not leave this house until I saw otherwise and if you must go out, it must be with me” Zach ordered.
“What kind of a new law is this” I blurted, “so you think because I now love you, you can control me like a pet” I blurted out
“Ashley, don’t even try to disobey me” He tried walking away when I gripped his shirt.
“You have no right over me” I spat, leaving his shirt, I cursed loudly.
I bowed my hands as tears streamed down from my face. Was this not the Zach who professed his love for me days ago?.
I got up from the bed and tried to open the door. I turned the knob and it was locked. Zach locked me inside his room. I went back to sit on the couch and waited for Zach’s arrival.
Minutes later, I heard someone turn the doorknob. I leaned forward to check whom it was and I saw Zach.
“Why did you lock me inside?” I frowned
“I’m sorry” He went on his knees, “I’m sorry for my outburst earlier” He caressed my cheeks.
I smiled at him and he klzzed me lightly.
“Love, I would be going for a business dinner by 7.p.m” He broke out of the klzz.
“Don’t you think 7 is pretty late” I kicked against it.
“The dinner is just for thirty minutes” He gave a chuckle and sat on the bed.
I sat on his thighs and I klzzed him again. Zach deepened the klzz as he placed me gently on the bed.
There was light, blinding white light on my face as I turned away from it. I focused my gaze on my wife whom was still sleeping like a baby. I klzzed her l!ps, fiddling with her hairs. Ashley was such a beauty.
Oops, I had forgotten about the business dinner. I reached for my bed drawer and took my phone which was beside the bed lamp. It was 7:15p.m. I removed the blanket and arranged them neatly on Ashley’s body.
I didn’t bother taking a shower since I was behind schedule. I walked to my closet and brought out a cream long sleeves and a black trousers. Wearing them, I combed my hair briefly before leaving the room.
I walked down the stairs and I met Aunty Ophelia at the sitting room.
“Where are you going?” She asked
“To see a business @ssociate” I replied as I hurried to the car park.
I got to Darwin’s hotel and I met Mr Brown already sitted. Mr Brown was a foreign investor who mainly deals with the importation and exportation of cars.
“Sorry, I’m coming late, Mr Brown” I sat opposite Mr Brown and extended my hands for a handshake.
“No problem, Mr Zach Price” He shook my hands, “we have one more person to join us”.
“Who is that?” I mumbled, when I saw Bianca walking towards our direction.
“Zach Price” She called slowly standing beside Mr Brown.
“Mr Brown, is she the one we are waiting for?” I said with so much anger.
“Yes, Bianca Lambert” Mr Brown introduced and I tried to walk away.
“Zach Price, do you have any idea how much this contract is worth” Bianca scoffed.
“I don’t care” I yelled.
“Zach, please stop fooling yourself in the pres£nce of a foreign investor” Bianca muttered and I took a seat sheepishly.
“Down to business” Mr Brown opened his brief case bringing out a typed paper.
I read through the contract content and was pleased with it. I handed over the paper to Zach to go through it. Actually, Mr Brown wanted to invest in my car business so we will both share the profit. I recommended Zach since the contract needed two signatories outside Mr Brown so I could get close to Zach more.
I saw Zach frown at the contract and I coughed.
“Excuse us Mr Brown” I pulled Zach away from Mr Brown.
“You don’t like the pay, I know, you can talk to Mr Brown about it” I suggested, “you could talk to him privately about the pay”
“Sure, I think I will have to talk to him” Zach smiled.
we got back to our seat when Zach excused himself with Mr Brown. Knowing they were out of sight, I dropped some pills into Zach’s drink. They came back with smiles and Zach gulped his gl@ss of wine.
“Nice doing business with you Mr Zach” Mr Brown said and excused himself.
Soon, Zach countenance changed. He yawned non stop and blinked his eyes continuously.
“I’m feeling dizzy” He yawned
“I can help” I pulled him up and booked a room for him.
I took him to the room and began to caresses his body. Helping him take off his dress, I brought out his phone and s£nt a text to his wife.
💬Ashley, meet me at Darwin’s hotel. I got a surprise for you.
✍️Episode 16✍️
I woke up to find Zach’s spot empty. I surveyed the room but there was no sign of Zach.
“Where could he have gone?” I thought aloud.
Then, the doorknob turned and Aunty Ophelia walked into the room.
“You look worried, darling Ashley” Aunty Ophelia chuckled.
“I can’t find Zach” I complained.
“Ohhh, so Zach is the reason behind this expression in your face” She teased, “Zach went for dinner with some sort of investors”.
“Ohhh, I forgot” I smacked my forehead.
How did I even forget about the dinner date Zach told me?. I glanced at the wall clock and it was 8:30p.m. Zach didn’t tell me he was going to spend a long time.
Aunty Ophelia sat on the couch as she smiled at Zach’s wedding pictures. I yanked my phone, about to call Zach when I saw a text notification.
💬Ashleybell: meet me at Darwin’s hotel, room 105. I have a surprise for you.
I smiled at the text before squatting beside Aunty Ophelia.
“Aunty Ophelia, Zach said he has a surprise for me” I laughed.
“And what could that be?” Aunty Ophelia closed the wedding pictures.
“He didn’t state it” I shrugged. “He’s asking me to come to Darwin’s hotel and a particular room.
“Zach is full of surprises” Aunty Ophelia eyes brightened, “I would go with you” She insisted.
I walked to my closet and brought out a long red flowing gown. I wore the dress using a scarf to cover my head. I wore the sl!ppers Zach bought for me in Florida.
“Aunty Ophelia, won’t you change your dress?” I asked.
“No, I’m okay with this” Aunty Ophelia got up from the couch, “besides, it’s not my surprise” She teased and I laughed.
We got to the car park and I got into the car. Aunty Ophelia sat beside me in the driver’s p@ss£nger seat.
I drove on top speed to Darwin’s hotel as I anticipated Zach’s surprise. I got to the hotel and it was almost like empty.
Without wasting time, I hurried to room 105 as stated in the text. Shivers and fear ran through my body as I placed my hand on the door knob. I prayed silently before turning the knob.
I entered the room to see the greatest shock of my life. Zach was in the comfort of Bianca. Bianca kept klzzing and licking his body like the dog she has become. I was furious and at the same time sad, why would Zach lie there and do nothing about it, Perhaps he was enjoying it.
I walked out of the room and slammed the door in anger, leaving the hotel without saying a word to Aunty Ophelia. I leaned into the driver’s seat as tears gushed down my face.
“Ashley darling, what is the problem” she asked concerned, “did Zach over surprise you?”
“Yes he did” I smiled in tears.
“So, what the problem?” She touched my cheeks, “why are you crying?”
“Aunty Ophelia, it something my husband and I can handle” I wiped the tears on my face with tissue, starting the car engine.
I drove out of the hotel compound and went home to cry my heart out.
“Should in case you need anything, let me know” Aunty Ophelia covered me with Zach’s blanket.
“Yes mom” I sniffed continuously.
Once Aunty Ophelia was out of the room, I got out of the bed to sit on the floor.
🕦Hours later🕦
The door opened and I saw Zach standing in front of me. My feeling right now, was to rip him into pieces.
“Thank you so much, Mr surprise” I smirked
“Mr Surprise!, I don’t understand” Zach gave a confuse look.
“How dare you” I got on my tip toe and gave him a resounding slap on his cheeks.
Zach held his cheek, “What have I done to you”
“Stop pretending Zach” I yelled in frustration, “I saw you two klzzing in that hotel. Weren’t you the one who s£nt me a text”.
“A text!” Zach took a deep breath, “I didn’t s£nd any text” He said.
✨ Zach’s✨
I got up from the bed to find Bianca sleeping beside me. I had no idea that she invited my wife over. She must have drugged me because there was no way I was going to share bed with that slut.
“Ashley, please believe me, I didn’t do anything with her” I went on my knees, “Bianca must have been the one who s£nt the text”.
“Zach, how many times have I told you to quit all business relationship you have with that girl” Ashley said boldly.
“I wasn’t expecting to see her last night” I sighed in frustration, “I’m deeply sorry for everything”.
“Zach, you would hear from me soonest but first I would have to deal with that slut” Ashley moved into her closet, wore a gown that was slightly above her kneels and a black heels.
“Where are you going Ashley?” I smiled at my wife.
“What do you do to ¢0¢kroaches and bedbugs?” She turned to face me.
“I kill them” I replied her knowing fully well that she was still mad at me.
She pulled my hands, picked my car key and dragged me out of the room.
“Where are we driving?” I questioned as Ashley drove out of the compound with my car.
“Will you stop asking questions” She shot me a stern look, “take your phone, tell her to text you the address of where she is”.
I took my phone and did as I was instructed. Bianca was so excited.
“Where is she?”
“Old Banana Estate, No 34”. I replied.
Ashley drove and gave a sudden halt in front of Bianca’s office. Bianca who had seen my car smiled from where she was. Ashley got down from and cat walked to meet Bianca. Bianca who was smiling initially gave a frown when she saw my wife.
“So, you were expecting to see my husband?” Ashley grinned.
By then, Bianca’s employees had gathered the scene.
😊To Be Continued😊.
The season two begins on Monday…….don’t forget to check it prologue.
Then it happens!, Bianca claims she’s carrying Zach’s child when Ashley is pregnant. Ashley promises her self to defend Zach. No sooner than later, they find out that Bianca’s child doesn’t belong to Zach. Just when these lovely couples, thought it has ended…..tragedy strucks.
Mr Price losses a contract of hundred million dollars to fraudster. Thinking of how best to solve the issues, Mr Bell who owns the money die. Mrs Bell is angry and asked her daughter to leave Zach after feeding her Daughter’s husband for a long time. Mrs Bell also blames the Price’s for killing her husband.
Ashley defends Zach for a second time. She and Zach pulls through again until Bianca shows up for the last time with a dangerous plot.
Will they be able pull through this deadly one?.
“How many times have I warned you to stay away from this man” Mrs Bell yelled.
“Mom, I can’t stay away, He’s my husband” Ashley challenged.
“If you can’t stay away from him, then get ready to lose me like you lost your father” Mrs Bell caused.
“Babe, please don’t ignite your mother’s wrath, go to her” Tears dropped from Zach’s cheeks.
“My love, no matter what, I would not leave you nor our son for anyone or anything” She smiled, facing her mom, “mom, you know what, you can have dad’s remaining @sset to yourself, but mark my word this day, that you will regret this decision you have taken” Ashley said with a teary voice.
WOW!!!!……It Jux abt to begin😋😋
Again…..will Zach and Ashley pull through this time around……


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