Contract game episode 2

Fred woke up early the next day and was preparing for work,when he was throu-gh he looked at himself in the mirror and smile,admiring how handsome he was.Truly,Fred was handsome,he was light in complexion with a pointed nose.He had all the physical qualities a woman can think of.He dashed out of his room after viewing himself very well in the mirror.Letisha was alre-ady preparing breakfast.She was busy singing that she didn’t notice when Fred walked into the kitchen
“Will you continue to sing all day?I mean to the extend that you didn’t even notice my pres£nce”.Fred said.
“Oh jeez!!!!you scared me”.Letisha said
“Is that the answer to the question?”Fred asked again.
“And why would you ask me such a silly question?Is that how to say good morning young man?”.Letisha asked frowning.
“Oh yea….so am supposed to say good morning to you right?As my what”?Fred asked again.
Letisha was alre-ady speechless,she just kept quiet and stared at him.
“You’ve suddenly lost your voice right?No problem,am off to work,just take care of the house”.
“Are you kidding me?”Letisha asked and bust into laughter
“What’s funny”?Fred asked angrily
“What did you say?”Letisha asked again.
“I said am off to work”He repeated the same thing again.
“On our honeymoon?Funny enough…”Letisha said and was walking out to the sitting room.
“Do you have a problem with that?After all its all a con….
“Contract”Letisha completed it for him”Of course I know its all a contract,I know that everything about us is fake but however fake it may be,will you allow people to start having the wrong impression.What do you think they will say?or better still……………Fred do you know what?you can go,you’re no longer a child.I believe you know what’s right and wrong.So decide for yourself”.Letisha concluded and walked back to the kitchen.
Fred didn’t bother to reply,he walked out and off he went.
Fred was the only son of Mr Clark.They were super rich.Mr Clark was said to have three companies of which Fred was managing two,he had two petrol stations,Mr Clark was well known,furthermore he was one with the heart of giving.Fred on his own likes fashion,so he opened two boutique,one was named Best collection while the other he named after himself ‘Freddy Collection’.Fred never believed in love anymore,the first time he fell in love,the girl broke his heart after collecting two million from him,his second attempt was frustrating,the girl claimed she was pregnant for him after several test,they found out that he wasn’t the father.The last attempt almost claimed his life.The girl was a promiscuous type,Fred was at home that day when the thought of paying her a surprise visit c@m£ into his mind.Only for him to get to the girl’s house and find her in be-d with his best friend.It was on his way home,he had an accident and stayed in coma for two months.Since then he made up his mind not to fall in love again,and this turned him into a wom-anizer.On his way to the office,his father called him
“Hello dad”
“Yes…fred,why will you have to go to work on your honeymoon?What’s your problem,I just called your wife and she told me that’s what you decided to do.Now listen up young man,you have ten minutes to return back to your house,else…….or would you disobey me?”Mr Clark said.
“But dad,I nee-d to settle some things in the office and….
“Fred………ten minutes and your time starts now”.Mr Clark concluded and ended the call.
“Damn it….”Fred was annoyed,he made a sharp turn and was heading back home with different thought in his mind.
********* ********* ********* *********
Letisha was throu-gh with all the house chores,so she sat down on the sofa and switched on the t.v.She was wearing a bu-m short and a singlet,without br@,and one could easily see her n****e dancing.When she heard the horn of his car,she quic-kly ran into her room to wear something else,she hated to drive someone crazy with her dressing.
“Letisha………..Letisha….”Fred shouted and was coming into the house.
“Yes…..why are you shouting my name like that?What happened?”Letisha asked.
“What sought of embarras-sment is this?Why will you……..
“I didn’t call your dad”Letisha cut in”he was the one that called me.He asked after you and then I told him,or where you expecting me to lie to him?No……fred,I couldn’t lie to him”.Letisha concluded.
“Oh yea….i now get it,you’re now acting to be the good one right?If you were that good,you could have told him that you’re here for business.Tell him that after one year,you are gone.Tell him that saying yes I will and all that nons-en-se was all a lie”.Fred barked at her.
“You’re a bo-ob y;I was on my own when you c@m£ with your contract stuff.There were other girls out there,why didn’t you choose them?”Letisha asked with her eyes we-t with tears.
“Oh yea?You had every opportunity to say no.Why didn’t you reject it?Tell me why didn’t you?”Fred asked angrily,his eyes were alre-ady redish.Letisha finally broke into tears and ran to her room.She stayed indoors throu-ghout the day,crying out her pains.At about 9:30pm,she heard a knock on her door,she sluggishly opened the door and went back to sit down on the be-d while Fred c@m£ in.
“How are you doing”?Fred asked but didn’t receive an answer just as he expected,so he continued”Am sorry for being a little strict this morning.It’s p@rt of me,so you better start getting used to it.And plea-se next time,stay out of my family matters.You are here for business and nothing more.But that’s not why am here”.He paused still expecting an answer from her but since he didn’t get any,he continued
“The doctor will be here tomorrow to brief us on how to do it since its something we’ve not done before.Furthermore,I’ll arrange for some maids to be employed just in case you will nee-d help in the future,that’s all”.He concluded and turned to leave.
“Thank you”.that was the only thing Letisha could say.Fred only nodded in response and left.
~ tbc…..