Contract game episode 3

(A story written by Akpan Loveth)
The next day,the doctor c@m£ and told them what they nee-ded to know,when he was throu-gh with the long lectures he gave them what they nee-ded for the injection and left.Letisha and her husband esc-rted him outside and he left.Immediately the doctor left,Letisha quic-kly went back inside to avoid starting a conversation with Fred.Even Fred didn’t seem interested.They didn’t see each other for the whole of that day.
Two days later Fred c@m£ to her and handed a bottle-like container to her.
“What’s this Fred?”Letisha asked as she stared at it disgustfully.
“Come on…..hold it,are you scared?”Fred said boldly.
“Why will i be”?She replied and took it
“That’s the semen the doctor was talking about;i believe you know what to do with it”?Fred asked.
“Sure”.She replied.
“Now go in and……..”.Letisha didn’t allow him to finish,she quic-kly cut in.
“Okay”.she replied and went into the bathroom while Fred relaxed on the be-d waiting for her.
“Ah………….”Letisha shouted form the bathroom.Fred quic-kly stood up and went and went to the door but it was locked.
“Are you okay”?Fred asked.
“Yes…..i am”.Letisha replied
“plea-se be careful”.Fred said trying to sound caring.After five minutes,she c@m£ out sweating.
“Ha!!why are you sweating like that?Looks like you’ve been doing a big work in there”.Fred said in a funny way.
“Your bathroom has air conditioner that’s why am sweating……….what a wedding!!Letisha said in the opposite and jumped into her be-d.While Fred was only smiling for reasons best known to him and then he left to avoid disturbing her.
************ ************ ************ ************
A month later,Fred was re-ady for work.He didn’t want their so-called honeymoon to exceed a month because he was tired.Everything about the wedding was so boring to him,and for the fact that he had to stay at home for a month with Letisha made things annoying.Letisha was not fun to be with to him,so since he was to resume work today,he had to wake up early to prepare himself.Thirty minutes later,he was throu-gh,he took his brief case and was heading out but suddenly remembered he had to say good morning to Letisha.It was somehow funny because Letisha doesn’t sleep for so long but here she was still slee-ping at 7:30am.
Fred opened the door without knocking and went in only to find Letisha lieing down with just a p@n-t and [email protected] was confused,he was just staring at her without saying a word,he went slower,sat down and admired her beautiful b©dy structure.Her hair was just like that of an America,her b00bs were clearly seen.Fred was lost in thought,so Letisha was hinding all this from him.No wonder why she hates wearing anything ti-ght,so it was actually because she could drive any normal man crazy with her shape and all that.He was still thinking when his phone suddenly rang,it was the noise that woke Letisha up,she stood up quic-kly and was looking for what to cover up with.She couldn’t reach any so she pu-ll-ed the blanket and covered herself.
“How long have you been here?and what are you doing here”?Letisha asked.
“I…….i………i……..”Fred stammered.
“Have you suddenly lost your voice or probably turned to a stammerer?I said what are you doing here”?Letisha asked again.
“Good morning…….i c@m£ to say good morning to my lovely wife”.Fred replied.
“Sorry…….fred are you okay,did i hear you right”?Letisha asked surprisingly.
“Of course i am”.Fred replied and moved closer to her.
“Contract wife plea-se……..”.Letisha corrected him.
“For how long are you gonna cover up with that?And how come you are still slee-ping at this time,and what happens to my breakfast?”Fred asked with his hands demonstrating the action.
Letisha couldn’t reply but hurriedly rushed to the bathroom to vomit,when she c@m£ out
“Wow……………,I’m gonna be a daddy very soon!!!!!What baby should i expect young lady?”Fred asked happily.
“And who told you am gravid?”Letisha asked trying to cover up.
“I dont nee-d a pastor to prophecy that one to me;congratulations Letisha Michaels…… should be four weeks pregnant,am off to work.See you when I return and take care of my baby boy……….”.Fred said happily and left.
“No……….did he actually saw me nûd£?I mean how can he………just open the door without knocking or did he knock?Oh no………”.Letisha said and hit her head with her hand.
Help me ask her what she was hiding!!!😃😄😄