Confused b©yfri£ndEpisode 15 &16

CONFUSED b©yfri£nd🤦‍♂🤷‍♂
(I’m in love with two girls)
Chapter 15
Paulina’s POV
What is he doing here?
And he called Frank, Twinee…
Huh? Is he the twin brother Frank was referring to earlier?
No, no it can’t be possible..
Yet, I was shocked and speechless.
“Whao! ” Freddie exclaimed when he saw me.
Oh, he can’t even recongize me but I started quivering.
“I went outside to pick her up” Frank told him -aswered his question.
“Oh.. Okay! ”
“Paulina” Frank faced me,
Pls no, no don’t call my name.
“Paulina? ” Freddie exclaimed.
Oh God, don’t let it be what I’m thinking it is.
“It’s the most loviest name I have ever heard” He said.
“Tha…Thank you Freddie” I stammered and tried to change my voice but with the way it sounds in my ear. It’s still the same.
“Erm, Frank.. This is the way in right?
I… I mmm, I will just go in now first” I said, avoiding eye contact with Freddie.
“And once again, Happy prosperous birthday to you both” I continued to stammer then quic-kly rushed into the room we (Frank and I) wanted to go into.
If Freddie stares at me continuously or start a conversation with me… I won’t even be able to disguise my voice any longer and he might now I’m the same Paulina he knows.
Oh my God, Is there anything like voice surgery b’cos I think I nee-d to go for it as soon as possible.
Frank’s POV
“So, she is the one you said you also like? ” Freddie asked me.
I smiled and said :” Uhm, Yeah”
“Ok, I agree that she is very pretty but if you want an advise from me, I’ll urge you to stick like a glue to Angela” He said.
“Tell me it’s because you just fell for Paulina right away” I tea-sed him.
“Me? Who? Paulina? I’m not Dummy Frank! I just met her five minutes ago and you are expecting me to like her instantly? ” He almost yelled.
Ok…What did he just say?
Falling for someone at first sight means one is a dummy?
Am I a – dummy?
“Fine, I like Paulina but she is not the one. The giant crush I have in Dream High, her name is also Paulina” He said.
It’s means; Paulina will know Paulina (Freddie’s crush) since she also attended dream high.
“Well Freddie, it’s doesn’t bring about an agruement or something, let’s just go inside and enjoy the p@rty” I said with my hand on his shoulder.
“Hold on Frank, you invited the whole world but you didn’t invite Angela” Freddie told me.
“An…Angela” I stammered.
That’s…That’s true.
When was the last time I saw her or talk to her? I think I invited her to my p@rty but she didn’t show up and she never told me she won’t.
“Angela” I repeated then di-pped my hand into my trou-ser pocket, brou-ght out her phone and dailed her number.
Her mobile number was among the category of ‘last spoken with; almost two weeks ago”.
I called her number but she didn’t pick it.
“I invited her, yes I did. I just called her number now but she didn’t pick it up. She will of course be here, let’s go in” I said again to Freddie whom nodded then we walked into our fun filled birthday p@rty.
*The p@rty was the lit-est.
Our parents left us to have all fun being the teenagers we were.
I told everyone that Freddie is my twin brother and the exclamations were just too incredible.
The Deejay began to pl@ymusic and the noise multi-pled by how loud it was initially.
Every one began to dance – in pairs (With their crush or girlfriend/b©yfri£ndor admirers) while Freddie sat on a couch, at a corner, looking so moody as he kept struggling with his phone -probably trying to reach out someone, and I’m sure it’s no other person that his crush – his first crush.
And.. Paulina, she sat on a couch too, doing two things simultaneously; watching everyone dance and operating her phone.
“Hey Paulina” I went over to her.
“Er, Celebr@nt!” She said and smiled then switched off her cell phone and dropped into her bag.
“Are you enjoying the p@rty? ” I asked her.
“Why not?
meanwhile Frank, I’m not so sure about staying too long because I’m not used to night p@rties” She told me and I nodded and smiled.
“Paulina, I… ” I paused.
“Uhm? ”
“May I have this dance with you? ” I proposed.
“I’m not a good dancer Frankie” She said.
“Neither am I but aside from the dance, I have something to tell you in between” I said.
“Really? ” She exclaimed and dropped her bag on the couch she was sitting on and I as-sisted her in dropping the glas-s of fruit wine on the table.
I held her hand and we walked forward to where everyone was busy dancing -The ball court.
Paulina’s Pov
With my hand on his shoulder, and the other one intertwined with his hand while his other hand was on my w@!st.. We began to dance slowly; moving from left to right.
To me, it’s doesn’t look like a birthday p@rty anymore but a wedding p@rty and Frank and I are the Groom and Bride.
I don’t think his forgone Girlfriend is even here.
Freddie on the other hand was there, sitted and engrossed with his phone, trying to call my number over and over again. Unfortunately for him. I alre-ady switched off my phone.
I pray this would be the last day we’ll meet or no, even if we are still gonna meet, I pray he never recognises me.
Soon.. The music was changed to a slower and very ro-mantic one.
Seriously, this is more than a birthday p@rty.
I stared into Frank’s eyes and he smiled.
I smiled too.
Then he c@m£ really close to me as if he wants to k!ssme on my n£¢k but he didn’t.He just took the strand of my hair and tucked it behind my ears and whispered.
“If you are planning to get me a birthday pres£nt, you actually don’t nee-d to” He whispered.
I was surprised because I got him a gift alre-ady; “Why? ” I whispered back.
“Because…” He resumed then he st©pped dancing and started into my eyes.
“Be..Because? ” Oh My God, those charming eyes were ma-king me feel like k!ss!nghim all over.
“Because the best birthday pres£nt you can give to me is your response to this question” He said and paused..with his eyes still locked into mine.
I couldn’t just wait to hear him say it: “What question? ” I asked. Oh lord, plea-se let it be it.
“Paulina Brown, will you… ”
All of a sudden, the painful feeling c@m£ up again.
Ah! But it alre-ady happened today, not too long ago. Why is coming up again? What’s wrong with me?
“Paul…Paulina! Paulina!! “Frank screamed and attra-cted everyone. As loud as the music was, the DJ also heard his scream and st©pped the music immediately.
“Fr…ank” I wanted to say but just could not
“Paulina?!! What’s wrong with her? ” Freddie also asked and rushed over.
Everyone was terrified and they were panicking. This ain’t convulsion!
I can hear them screaming: “Paul, Paulina, are you okay? are you alright? What’s wrong with you? ”
Frank carried me in a bridal style and layed me on a two sitters couch.
I tried all I could to catch my breathe by f0rç£fully and voluntarily moving my tommy in and out, yet I couldn’t just breathe.
My nose were hurting like hell, I expected it to bleed but this ain’t nose bleeding.
It took longer time than when it happened in school and at home today.
I felt my plastic b©dy getting weak too and everyone and everything that surrounded me bec@m£ blur.
Can’t they just do something? I have no idea of what they should do but someone should plea-se help me out.
Before I knew it, I pas-sed out.
Chapter 16
James POV
“Three more bottles plea-se” Angela shouted at no one exactly but the bartender who doesn’t care whether she’s drun!kor not.As long as he’s gonna receive his money, He c@m£ to her table and dropped three bottles and opened them for her.
She gr@bb£d one immediately and gulped it down.
I have been watching her all along, right from when she left her house, I thought she was going to Frank’s place but instead she c@m£ here – a bar.
If I’m not mistaken, there are six empty bottles on her table plus the three she just ordered for. Is she really going to kill herself because of one damn b©yfri£nd? Is he even worthy to be referred to as a b©yfri£nd?
Being the really gentle and easy going guy I really am, and if not for that, I would have beaten the hell out of him (Frank) even if there ain’t any hell in him.
I continue to watch throu-gh the transparent glas-s. She gulped the first bottle at once, then took another bottle, oh no I’ve got to watching her and go ahead to st©p her.
I walked into the bar without delaying.
”Damn you frank, Damn you! How could you abandon me? ” she yelled and raised the extra bottle up to have another greedy gulp directly from the bottle. I held her hand and collected the bottle from her.
” Who are you? Who the hell are you?” She yelled at me and turned to see me.
” You nee-d to st©p all this Angela” I said
”Two James” She said, she’s drun!k.. So she’s seeing double of me.
“Give me back the bottle” she yelled raising her hand up to get it.
”You’ll drink no more” I said and ignored her.
“Bartender!” I called the bar boy who served her and he ran to meet me right away.
”What are you? You saw this young girl drinking excessively and she is alre-ady drun!kyet you served her more bottles of alcohol” I half shouted at him.
”She demanded for it sir” The young boy said.
”I’m not drun!k, now give me back my bottle” Angela said.
I scoffed and said to her “‘I know right, you are not drun!kat all” I said
” You are the one who is drun!k” She fired at me.
I just shook my head, Obviously, it’s the work of the alcoholic alcohol she drank.
”Hey!” I turned back to the small bartender and faced him.
“Now take away all this bottles and here is the money” I said as I di-pped my hands into my pocket and dropped the money on the table which he picked up first before picking each and every bottles
” Just a piece of an advice that would save many lives. When a person is drun!kdo not serve him or her more drinks!” I warned.
“‘I’m…. I’m sorry sir ” He stammered finally packed the whole nine bottles.
”Huh, Wh….what are you doing? Where are you taking my bottles to, I said I’m not drun!k!” Angela said struggling to stand up but she kept on staggering and falling back to the chair without anyone pushing her.
” Yeah, he wants to refill them for you” I said.
….And she kept quiet for some moments.
” Frankie” she began to mutter as if he was here.
” I hate you very much, I hate you!” she said.
” Go away!” She screamed at me.
Oh wait a minute, I’m not the one she’s seeing but Frank.
I held her hand and said, ”I’m James, not Frank”
“Urh” she gro-an ed.
”Ohk James, whenever you see Frank tell him I hate him”
“I….I will” I stammered.
She suddenly dropped her head on the table, with her hair rou-ghen.
”Angela , An… Angela!” I called her name and raised her head up, oh thank God, she was only dozing off.
What now? I sighed.
She is worst when she’s drun!k
She’s drun!kyet my heart is still beating for her.
I bent so low to be on the same level with her then carried her on my back.
Huh? She looks light but where the hell did she get this hvge weight?
I gro-an ed then began to walk out of the bar.
I didn’t bring a car and there were no cabs around because they’ve st©pped driving around here at night for some security reasons.
All well and good, her house was nearby, half a mile away.
“Frank” She muttered in her sleep.
“For goodness sake, forget about the damn Frank and mention my name” I shouted because I know she won’t hear me.
“Ja….” Uh, is she about to call my name?
“Frank” She finally said again and I sm-irked.
My back was aching but as far as it aches because the one who I love the most is the one ma-king me go throu-gh this pain….Then, it’s fine.
In 4 to 5 minutes, we’ll be at her place.
I felt cold liquid pouring on my back… Huh?
I managed to raise a hand up and t©uçhed my sudden we-t back. It was not rain because it’s not even drizzling.
I brou-ght my hand closer to my nose to perceive what it is.. Oh My God, she vomited on my back. Eww!
The irritating liquid continued to pour from her mouth to my back but when she burped, it st©pped.
I breathe heavily, then continued to walk towards her house.
*We got to her place. Her mom told me that she left home after informing them that she was going to Frank’s place for his birthday.
She asked me what made her to go to a bar and drank to stupor instead. I had to keep her little heartbroken secret to myself, so I lied to her that I had no idea of why she did so.
She thanked me for bringing her daughter home safely and her younger sister, Kate c@m£ to as-sist her mom in carrying the weightless looking but weightful Angela to her room.
“Now, I nee-d to go home and bath thor0ûghly” I muttered to myself and t©uçhed the irritating liquid again, foolishly perceiving it again as if it had one sweet smell.
It smells like nothing but alcohol mixed with saliva.
Frank’s POV
“Where exactly is she? ” Paulina’s aunt asked me as she rushed into the hospital.
I was able to identify her to be Paulina’s aunt because she recongized me as Frank, the same person who called her immediately Paulina pas-sed out.
I remember Paulina had told me that she lived with her Aunt, so checking throu-gh her call log and I found her aunt’s contact which she saved as “Sweet Aunt Bella” was not a problem.
“She is in the ward” Freddie replied.
Only the both of us had brou-ght her here while the p@rty was ruined and everyone left.
“What ward? ” Aunt Bella asked us.
Before we could speak, the doctor c@m£ out.
“Doctor!” Paulina’s Aunt ran to meet him.
“You are Mrs Brown right? Can I talk to you about few things since you are the patient’s mom” The Doctor said.
“No, I’m not her mother. I’m her aunt” Bella introduced herself properly.
“Well, a patient’s health is best disclosed to her parents first” The Doctor said.
“I am, I’m her guidian, her aunt, I’m like a second mother to her” She spoke really fast.
“Well… ”
“Tell me, is she okay? ”
“Right now, she is” He replied
“What do you mean by Right now? ” She flin-ched.
“Err…Mrs Brown, sorry Mrs… Erm”
“I’m Bella ” She told her.
“Oh Okay! Contact her parents. I nee-d to talk to them or one of them” The Doctor said.
“Ok, I will but can I see her now? ” She asked.
“Sure being her closest Guidian, you can. She is in the ward 123” He directed and Bella ran there instantly.
“Can we see her too? ” I asked.
“No. For now, visitors should not be more than one in a ward except someone who is very special to the patient seeked for. I can presume you two are just friends with her” He said.
“I…. I am, I’m.. ” I wanted to introduce myself as Paulina’s b©yfri£ndbut Freddie interrupted me.
“We will come here tomorrow to check up on her” Freddie said and the doctor nodded and went his way.