Clumsy nurse batch 20

” who is Clara
“I dont know
“evan didn’t say anything about her?
“no ,i and Ryan we are fine …he didn’t talk about her and I don’t care about any other girl he is using for fun all I know that he loves me very much
” good my dear
“ok dad
“good luck on the new hospital
“thanks dad.
I dropped the call
” Victor you were right , she is just for fun
“ok ,should i continue investigating clara
” pend it for now … I am going in a trip so I nee-d you to check the road for me
” ok sir.
” you all can leave , s£nd in the girl
” ok .
Anna’s pov
I returned home immediately after I was done with office work .Sam was attending to my dad I sat quietly waiting he was done with my dad so he walked out to me
“Anna lets talk in pri-vate
” ok.
we walked into my study and I sat facing him while wiping my tears
” Anna your father’s imune system is failing…do you think he might ‘ve taking poison from home.
” no I made sure he doesn’t.he’s food is ordered pri-vately and its from a sure source.
” then I don’t un-derstand why he’s tissues are getting damaged if this is not poisoning I don’t know what it’s not visible in my tests
” what are you saying
” Anna I gave him some drugs…let’s watch but be careful about your Dad Anna watch everything he eats if he takes the poison again serious breakdown will start he might cripple
” ok but am sure it’s not poisoning.
” if so he will be okay.
I smiled
he looked at me for a while then he stood up and walked to me.
he took my face into his hands and looked into my eye then my nose myl-ips he looked at me for a while
” Sam st©p,what are u doing
” Anna wait…. shut up
he moved my hair and looked at my shoulders he gently shifted my cloth does he want to see my br@ too..
” do u want to see my br@
” do u want Ryan to kill me ?.
he raised his hands to my hair and gently t©uçhed it then he moved from me
” Anna we nee-d to meet at the hospital
” Anna we nee-d to meet am serious
” what’s wrong you are scaring me
” no don’t be … but we really nee-d to meet Anna don’t forget ok
” sure but dad is all right now right
” yes
he rushed out while dialing his phone to make a call I looked myself in the mirror.what was that.
Mrs tonias pov
malcoms agent won’t pick so I called malcom .
” tell Me Tonia
” he is sick again,i carefully added the poison just when he wanted to shatter your plans
” good I hope he dies this time
“yes he will,it will cripple him first
” good I hope Anna Wont find out its poisoning
” no she can’t suspect that cos all his food is being monito-red by her .
” haha she doesn’t know that the poison is all around him
” yes
” how is Anna taking this,is she weak and crying.
” she is crying in her room but when she comes out you can’t see a tear in her eye. malcom Anna is not someone who will fall easily or get weak easily it will take a little time
” time or no time.her father’s death will be my domination against her
” good
” she thinks she will buy that hospital tommorow well she had better come prove to me if she is smart enough to buy that hospital from me.
” I know u will buy it before her malcom
“I will.
” how is Isabella
” Isabella is getting useless .. just when I nee-ded her to sign off some powers to you so u can help me fight Anna from within she started acting more psych0tic
” malcom she will sign it.
” when tonia
” I think I gave her too much of that drug… we won’t drug her again until she comes back to her s-en-ses and sign a it.
” And after that
” after that we kill her.
” nice thinking tonia
” yes just don’t forget your promise
” I wont,don’t forget how much I helped u in the past , remember I know the secret behind daniella tonia I can’t fail me.
” don’t try to blackmail me malcom
” I wont ,i placed u here and I can expo-se and re-move you.. I told you before once Grande group suc¢v-mbs a.g.h.c is yours tonia .It will be called.T.g.h.c. I smiled .
I drop call.
claras pov
finally I arrived new York ,I sat quietly on a pavement having thoughts to’s time to go back to living my life.
I took a cab and headed home the first sight I met was a crowd of men and women haras-sing my family.I rushed in.
my mom stood with my dad
” mom,dad. what’s all this
“actually Clara your dad is owing them
“but how
” clara we will talk later for now we are trying to make them leave
i took the file from my’s the file where the men wrote their total cost.
i turned to the oldest
” I dont nee-d greeting I nee-d my money.
” actually we don’t have this money now but i will pay you in 3 days time.
” then its a deal
” yes
” if we don’t get our money a member of your family will be arrested.
” till then yongam
they turned and walked away.i turned to my dad alre-ady stormed inside he was never a man of many words.
“mum how did we get into this
” actually Clara Annastasia demolished..
” dad’s shop.
“yes she did.he is owing those men from there
i placed both hands across my face and sat on the bench outside my mom walked inside. tears tried streaming I wiped it off.Clara must you cry about everything…. Anna I thought leaving Ryan was enough,why do u want us to leave this city too..why are you so cold I alre-ady said i was wrong.i stood up and walked slowly into my room.
liams POV
my boy just walked in
” tell me
“clara left new York
” where is she now.
” actually we don’t know
” what ,is that how to keep an eye on someone
” we lost track off her when she left guys who were suppose to trace her from new York had not seen her yet
” does this mean she had not entered new York
” no it means they missed her
“get out
omg I miss that girl so much that i just can’t concentrate on anything.i wish I knew her house such a lively angel… i fell de-eply for Clara after just 2 days with her.. she didn’t only occu-py my being she occu-pied my thinking.i discouraged myself because I knew she was in love with Ryan but Anna strengthening the merger might mean Ryan doesn’t love her too.and if she c@m£ back before ryan it means they broke up.right now I want to be the next lucky man.if Clara should chose someone else even if it’s just for rebound,even if she will use me to move on I dont care I just want to be around her.i wish to be the only man in her life right now.and if Anna weds Ryan.i want to be that man who will hold Clara.i want to make her dreams come true even If she doesnt love me I want to love her. i am looking for Clara ,where is she?
Anna’s pov.
i was going throu-gh important files in my office ,am happy because I know my research team must have bought that hoslital by now.just then Rachel rushed in
” tell me
” madam their is chaos in the research dep@rtment
” did they alre-ady purchase the hospital
” no we don’t know how malcom found out but he logged in Anna he is about buying the hospital.
” what ,but he doesn’t nee-d that hospital
” we both know he wants to st©p you from purchasing it.
I started coughing again .why is fear trying to over take me
” madam what’s worse is all investors are in the hall
” what
“I think tonia called a meeting Anna ,they are all waiting for the announcement of the new hospital ,tonia wants to embarras-s you publicly.
” what!!!!!!
Diana’s pov
omg the chaos is much.investors where busy shouting” where is the new hospital.
in two hours we will loose our license to re-move any property from the old hospital. our money and resources buried all this is on Anna.
just then she walked out wearing a white suit.she looks good.I know you can do this Anna fighting !!! . just now the press rushed her Jesus Christ where are her guards the heat was heavy.I hope she doesn’t get hurt.and she no longer has rushed out and the press threw questions.
” Anna what are you doing about the hospital in india too much is at stake.
” Anna how could u be so careless to watch government close down a patient filled hospital. now u have less than two hours before u loose license to move anything…how will u get a hospital so fast .
” m.h.c seems more trustworthy than a.g.h.c!!
Anna signaled her guards to push them out.
they kept shouting
” even your so called husband has been caught on c@m£ra with a girl in club are u sure the merger is still intact?
Anna rushed upstairs.
a.g.h.c research dep@rtment.
General sov
this is where the main work is done Anna rarely visits this place unless it gets ha-rd .there are like 40 computer systems in this place also our glas-s systems are visible too everything here is automatic and technically computerised. all the team members where busy with their systems when Anna walked in…she instantly pu-ll-ed of her suit jacket and handed to her guard she gr@bb£d a seat everyb©dy bowed… she carefully folded the hand of her shi-t well
” tell me ” she said
” madam malcom is too smart ,u nee-d to check this out.” Chris one of our youngest and most brilliant hackers said
Anna walked towards him and he logged in and the screen surfaced on the glas-s projective table
” madam I don’t know how but malcom found out that we want to buy this hospital now check this out ” he used his f!ngersto open another screen.
” malcom wants to buy the hospital too. and he just gave the biggest bid” Chris said
” what’s happening now Ethan ” Anna asked the next computer guru
” one minute madam
he logged into his system.
” madam they are considering malcoms bid … the sellers logged off to be back in 30 minutes.
“Tristan how many hours do we have before we loose our license ?” anna asked
” less than 1 hour madam
” ok once the sellers come back online we nee-d to buy this hospital.
” but madam I don’t see possiblity cos malcom keeps increasing his bid by ten percent.he is bidding higher than all the hospitals.
Anna scratched her hair
” madam the investors are waiting ,
u promised them the new hospital.
Anna re-moved her earrings and dropped it on the table. she walked to Ethan and stood behind him looking into his system.
” tell me Ethan, how much can malcom spend..
Ethan nodded and logged into his system Anna waited patiently
” madam its ha-rd to hack into their system its really ti-ght .
” Anna let him have it ,its hopeless ” research team leader said while smiling at the coffee he ordered which just c@m£ in. he tried taking the cu-p when Anna angrily pu-ll-ed down the tray from the waiters hands all the coffee fell down to the floor.
” did u say something Henry
” no madam
” good.
” listen guys a.g.h.c must be everywhere, malcom can’t lock us out of India if we can’t secure this hospital Grande health might not be able to have a hospital in India again . this is a.g.h.c we are not losers we must get that building
” ok madam Anna
” dont madam me right now call me Anna if madam is too ha-rd for you we don’t have time
” Anna I hacked their financial base malcom wants to spend the whole money here for the new hospital he has money Anna.
Anna looked into the system.
” Ethan which name where you using to bid before .
” only a.g.h.c
” ok once the bidding starts I want you to log out a.g.h.c
” How will we bid
” we will use r.d.malcom would think it’s Mr dervantes and log out too
” good plan madam
Just then the bidding started. malcom t©ppled his formal price.
” Anna how much should r.d bid
” just follow malcom by 5 percent keep t©pping his bid by 5 percent
” ok madam.
Anna turned to Chris
” How long before we lose the license
” 35 minutes Anna.
” oh God malcom just log out!!. Anna shouted and hit her hand on the table.
” madam malcom is not logging out ..he keeps bidding…I think he knows its you.
” what!!.
Anna un-bu-ttoned her shi-t completely and rushed towards Chris.
” Chris move
” ok.
he moved and Anna sat down facing the system.
” Ethan I want you to log out of the bidding in 5 minutes
” ok madam.
Anna’s f!ngersand eye was moving very fast Chris stood behind her pointing at stuffs.
malcoms pov
does Anna think I am a kid .. I know this is not Mr dervantes un-der r.d he alre-ady has a hospital in India .its Anna she is using r.d to confuse me.
“Increase the bid ” I said to my team members
” sure sir.
I smiled.
” sir a new hospital just logged in
” name
” strong health hospital , s.h.h.
” s.h.h.are u sure it’s not Annastasia .
” no Anna is still bidding with r.d…wait r.d just logged out… Anna is out of the game.
” hahaha foolish girl…. let’s log out guys
” why
“I don’t nee-d the hospital i just wanted to make sure Anna doesn’t buy it
” wow smart move sir.
my team members started cl@pping.
” log out guys lets leave it for strong health to buy I don’t have money to w@!st .
” ok sir we just logged out.
” sir strong health is about buying it
” good luck to them.I said smiling
my team members cl@pped … yes Anna lost.
Anna’s research dept.
general sov.
all others stood behind Anna.
” madam what are you doing” Ethan asked.
” I created a fake hospital profile.
” wait, are you strong health.. Tristan asked.
” yes I am
” check this out … malcom just logged out Henry said
” Chris buy the hospital with a.g.h.c right away ,log in now, Anna said.
” Anna log out of strong health quic-kly” Henry said
” am on iiiiiiit. done.
Anna stood up .
” ok give me 4 minutes to buy it . Chris said and logged in.
Anna rushed to another boy
” Jeremy how long before we lose the license
” 5 minutes madam
” Chris be fast.
“ok madam I bought it.
Anna smiled
” Anna government is about closing the hospital our license time is over.
” no no no no no no…. Chris hack into the prosecution
” Anna I don’t know if I …
” now Chris … do it…u can do it.
” give me 30 minutes
” use 20
Chris started hacking… Anna walked to Ethan . show me a preview.
he switched on a screen and Anna watched the government officers locking down the hospital for good.
Anna pu-ll-ed off her shi-t and used her hand to fan herself Rachel took her shi-t she ran to Chris wearing only her black singlet
” Chris !!!
” done …I hacked in…. I am calling the lead prosecutor now with a hidden number but i hacked in so I am using the secret code of the prosecution to call
” ok.
just then the prosecutor in charge picked the call .
” prosecutor Emmanuella j£rkerns…. case code 122..we are carrying out the final lock down of a.g.h.c’s br@nch in India as their licence time is late by 2 minutes.
Anna walked behind Chris .
” Emma this is…. district head Mrs Miriam Salvato-re and you have been ordered to del@ythe lock down , giving them extra 30 minutes.
” what is the code behind this order ma
Anna looked at Chris he was speechless..
” emmanuella how dare you question my authority.. do you wish to be str!pped..
“ok madam.. everyb©dy halt!!! ” Emma shouted.
Anna watched from the system as the st©pped locking down the hospital.
Anna smiled and dropped the call
” Henry s£nd in our Team
” yes madam
Anna fell weakly to her chair and placed her hands on her face
Henry placed a call
” is this team b
“yes sir
” you have 30 minutes to move a.g.h.c from malh0tra to chataveri Singh .
” yes sir. come on boys move it
” yes sir !!
Henry dropped the call.
” Anna we did it ” Chris said
Anna smiled…first time she smiled at them they all bowed.
malcoms pov
I was about sipping my wine to celebr@te when my team members pla-yed the video of the new hospital I broke my cu-p . why is Grande group being written over that hospital
” Anna fooled us, she hid her identity to confuse you… she was the one behind strong health.
I angrily smashed my phone
” nooioooo why
” sorry sir…
” but i know their license is out .. we are still wining
” no sir,the prosecution just delayed the lock down
” what
” look.
he previewed the screen and malcom watched as a.g.h.c successfully moved everything from the old hospital to the new one. malcom almost fainted.
” $h!t!!!, Anna fooled me ,Anna is too smart , she wont get weak .
Anna’s pov
I did it ,i defeated malcom alone. we are back with no losses.thank God..I coughed again and wiped myl-ips.the same blood.I guess its just stress. I turned my team
” congrats guys … we did it.
everyb©dy cl@pped
” enjoy your coffee now.
a new tray of coffee c@m£ in. I bu-ttoned my shi-t and wore my jacket.God I almost ran mad in there. rachel picked my stuffs and I stormed out. Ryan plea-se be calm with me when u come home I don’t have strength to fight with you plea-se i beg you.
tonia pov
hahahaha our time is over.Anna couldn’t do it.I turned to the crowed of investors in the hall.
” as you can see,time is up and no preview of the new hospital has been s£nt this means only one thing Annastasia Alexandra Grande failed .
is it not time we re-moved that little girl and found a competent leader within ourselves before Grande group fails… cos right now Grande is sick and if Anna couldn’t do as much as buy a hospital then she is useless.
I looked around and the investors where nodding and whispering to themselves.I smiled.
just then Anna Made a conference video call all the investors turned to the screen with kin interest. everyone wants to know what she has to say.
” good day
” anna talk about the hospital
“yes we want to hear about the hospital
“did you fail or did you progress.
Anna smiled
” congrats ladies and gentlemen.let’s welcome the new a.g.h.c.
Anna moved away from the screen and the new hospital previewed.all investors started [email protected] defeated Malcom today…. I was so embarras-sed I angrily ran out of the hall…
Anna’s pov
meanwhile I alre-ady arrived Ryan’s house I Dont have the right to call it home anymore.I hastily took my bath and applied my cream.. I tied my white towel around my che-st I swear today was really stressfull. I wish Ryan can just give up on Clara the way I gave up on Tony… we will make this work.we will be happy I swear cos none of us hate each other.we can do this I know. I stood up and picked my night go-wn. just then Ryan walked into the room.ok no wonder I heard greeting sounds outside.I tied my towel ti-ghter..
he looked at me quietly for a while and dropped his bag
” Ryan …
he sli-pped in his sli-pper and pu-ll-ed out his shi-t he walked past me and dropped his phone on the
counter.then he pu-ll-ed out his singlet I just watched him that sweet b©dy.but is he really going to
ignore me he tried walking past me again this time i held his hands lightly he looked around for a
while then turned to look at me.. I shaked my head in disagreement.
” Ryan plea-se,don’t do it again..don’t live with me like u did before …I am not a robot, I really nee-d
someone right now plea-se don’t ignore me.
he looked at my face for a while then he walked closer to me. he lifted my face up and tucked my
full hair into my ear.
i looked at him and he gently re-moved my hair from my shoulders s£nding them to my back then
he ran his eye from my n£¢k down my che-st I held the towel lightly. he brushed my hair with his
he looked into his hands and moved away
” are you ok Anna
“are you getting any signs of sickness
” no what kind
” Weight loss
Hair loss
Bleeto ng
Head ache
” no not really am fine ,i tried sitting down he held my both hands lifting me up the towel almost fell
he held it to my che-st I took it from him and folded it ti-ghtly
” Annastasia talk to me plea-se
” Ryan I am fine I swear,am signs at all if I get I will tell you.
“ok,. he moved away from me and walked into the shower.
I know am fine . I wore the night go-wn quic-kly and packed my hair up. Ryan walked out of the
shower with towel around his w@!st.
“uhmmm I will check the cook.I walked out of the room and met our cook.
” uhmmm what did Ryan choose to eat
” well he said he is not hungry.
” ok
“what about you.
am not hungry too,i am fine
I walked down to the pool and sat down di-pping both my legs into the water when Ryan c@m£ to
me.he sat beside me with both hands by the pool.Ryan’s house is really beautiful and ro-mantic
any woman will die to live with him he is an angel.I looked in his beautiful face and he g@sped for
full air
” Anna I never imagined in my life that I would st©p loving you.I loved everything about you,your
nose ,your mean nature ,your authoritativeNess,i loved the way you loved me Anna ,i loved the
way you cared for me ,i loved the way you made love to me ,everything about you is beautiful. I
sounded rude before while breaking up with you am really sorry. the truth is I wasn’t shocked or
annoyed to find you in our room Anna the last thing I can ever do until the day I die is to chase you
out of this house… this house is really yours too even if we are no longer a couple. in this house u
saved me,made me,took care of me,changed me, you were enough for me and you made this
house my home.if it where left for me to decide I wouldn’t Fall in love with clara.if I could tell my
heart who to love I would choose to love you untill the day that I die.
I smiled
” but Anna Clara c@m£ along and right now she is all I think about ,i can’t even breath because she
is missing I miss her so much and I love her very much.he turned to me “i really do .he said
looking into my eye. I looked down gently.
” right now I don’t know where she is but where ever she is i know she is not happy. Anna I
promised Clara that I want to be the man she deserves and I really want to do that..
” Ryan but
” I know everything Anna I am not a kid,i know you might have loved me but you loved a.g.h.c
more than me
” Ryan
“I know that malcom is back and he is one of your biggest fear especially now that your dad is
sick. i know your mom is missing and i know tonia is against you yes Anna I know what you are
going throu-gh I un-derstand you.I know how much you nee-d that merger Anna maybe more than
you nee-d air to breath.and I also know how much my dad nee-ds it.I can’t just up and ruin it . but
what about me.a.g.h.c is your life clara is mine .I nee-d her as much as you nee-d me so I decided
to do what’s right.
I won’t ruin a.g.h.c or your ha-rd work to be happy I will rather ruin my own life to be happy and
keep you happy.
” Ryan what are you saying
” Anna I found a way to break off the marriage peace fully
” but there is no way
” there is Anna don’t worry the merger will still be same and malcom won’t hit you again….
everything will be fine .all I nee-d is Clara.. you can as well keep the house too Anna just be happy ma-king you happy is what I really want .I hate seeing u in pain cos I know the burden u were born
with and I don’t ever want to add to that. but I also nee-d to be happy too Anna and I pray
everything works out ….he pu-ll-ed Me into a hvg and k!$$£d my fore head.then he hvgged me
ti-ght… don’t worry Ryan one day I will tell you the truth of where my heart really is so you won’t
think you are hurting my heart right now .am all right I even want you to be with clara…. i miss tony
as much as you miss clara too… i want u both to be happy but not at the cost of my dad’s life ha-rd
work not at the cost of the merger Ryan.not at the cost of ruining my life. tonia is looking for a point
to step in from. my parents will become paupers she wants to take everything away but dad
doesn’t believe me.I will personally st©p her I will st©p all of them as long as I am alife. God I
missed being in his arms..
we both walked back into the house he fell on the be-d facing upward and I l@ybeside him.
” I wish everything works out well ” he said
“me too .I smiled and closed my eye .if only u tell me your plan i will know how to handle it.
early the next morning i woke up without Ryan .he alre-ady left.he left very quic-kly.I rushed into my
shower .Ryan no matter what you do don’t tell your dad about Clara.
claras pov
omg I told those men to come tomorrow ,where will I get money from. this is bad…. i had gone job
hunting since yesterday and finally I got’s not yet secured he said i should come today. by 2
ok till then.
” am off Clara also your dad’s drugs are out and I am totally broke. iia said
“its ok I am sure I will get a pay ahead in my new job today
she stormed out.oh heaven I want to see ryan I miss him so much i see him everywhere.I better
get re-ady to go to work.
ryans pov
I walked into my dads office direct. I opened the door without knocking
(u don’t try this with him) a young girl just pu-ll-ed down her go-wn which she wore br@less she’s
pretty .. the girl smiled s£dûçt!velyat me and i opened the door for her.yes its not today i have
been catching him since I was 17 he’s young handsome look keeps deciveing him. as long as he
still loves takes care of my mom I don’t really care about his other fun game’s.cos these little girls
dont un-derstand that a married man can never place you above his wife..
just then my dad walked out. he wore a thick black suit flattering his handsome dad
would never grow old.he has a 25 year old son for crying out loud yet he looks 29. he walked up to me and hvgged me ti-ghtly.
“my boy
” dad
” welcome.
he let go of me and sat facing his table.its pointless telling him how I feel he would never
” dad I have something to say about the merger
” I always knew the problem will come from my sons side…
” dad
” am all ears ryan
” I can’t marry Anna dad.
” are u high
” I know u Wont un-derstand dad you obviously don’t un-derstand love .
” love or no love.u can’t break off that merger , u don’t know how much I have spent from there. a
lot of transfers are still ungoing,does this look like child’s games how will we make the returns.
” am sorry dad ,i can’t continue with this marriage I love someone else.
” who, Clara David ?
I turned in shock,omg how did he know about Clara I didn’t even want to tell him about her.
” Ryan ,i saw pics of both of you even in the club and I thought it was just an affair,i tot u were
using her to pas-s time dont tell me u love that girl ,don’t tell u you chose that toy over Annastasia
who will secure your future
” dad I love clara and I don’t owe anyone an explanation as to why I love for the merger
like I said I won’t marry Anna but the merger will still be secured.
” tell me what your stupid br@in is thinking ..tell me what your br@in us thinking Evan.
ok once he calls me my birth name he has gotten angry but i don’t care.
” dad I will move over my shares to Carlos.
” whaaaaaat!!
” if I had a brother i would have given it to him but Carlos is my cousin.I will sign off everything to
him he will become the heir of Devan group and I will become a commoner
” what
” that way Carlos will marry Anna and the merger will still be secured no differences.
” no differences ,no differences.u want to sign off your birth right to someone, no differences.
” you want to work un-der someone all your life ,no differences.
” did you even think about your mom, when u give Carlos such power will his mum let your mum
maintain her position in r.d ?.
” u will let him take your house too right no differences.
” you want me to be made a laughing stock in society no differences.
” what has Carlos done for you all your life u want to give your birth right to him all because of a
woman.Evan!!!” he shouted hitting his gun across the table ,this man should not shoot me by
mistake .
I stood up
“I alre-ady met my lawyer dad,i decided and its final all I want is Clara .
I rushed up and walked out…God Clara I nee-d you now where are you.let’s go.lets elope.lets go
far away.I love you so much I gave everything up for you. where on earth are u Clara ….