Clumsy nurse batch 19

marimars pov
I had been waiting here for a while,yash said he wants to meet me but he is’s my turn to serve Anna today and I am almost late.
finally I saw him walking down
” tell me what is it..Anna is waiting.
he looked around for a while
” can i meet’s very important.can you help me meet Anna.
” no you can’t just meet her .you are tonias driver
” no this is important.he looked around again
” tell me what it is I will inform Anna
” ok. give this paper to Anna as soon as possible … tell her to come to this location if she doubts me
” ok I will inform Anna
“go right now and plea-se be careful.
” sure .
” don’t open the paper
” ok I won’t.
I rushed away and he covered his face cap well and walked out..
Anna’s pov
finally I arrived at work , i have so many meetings hangings I Will know where to start once my dad is done handling malcom and working on the merger. I feel like going home but going there without Ryan is not worth it.
just then my phone rang it was my dad.I am so glad ,is he done solving the issues
” hello
” Anna your dad is dying
“your dad just fainted not only that
” tell me
“marimar is dead
“yash is dead too
“I dont know madam ,i dont un-derstand too
“Jesus what’s going on… I ran down and entered my car ..I headed home. why did that innocent girl get sh0t. what is going on. My driver took me home and I rushed into the house just to find my Dad on the floor with his hands on his heart I rushed him.
” father,father … what’s wrong. are you okay… daniella !!,tonia .
both of them rushed .
” Tonia what did you do to my dad.
” no Anna I swear I dont know what’s wrong
daniella knelt down beside me and t©uçhed my Dad .
” dad what’s wrong” she said crying.
I hvgged him and called Samuel ,he’s the doctor Tony as-signed to me ,he is so smart. i am scared I can’t loose dad too…God all these are ma-king me weak…
I left my dad in the care of Samuel and walked out shedding tears,just when he wanted to help me the most.malcom can’t find out that my dad is weak.infact enough is enough its time malcom un-derstood that I was in this business right from when I was ten.I Wont take chances … whenever dad wakes up I swear he won’t look at me with a dissapinted face
Rachel met me near my car
” madam the meeting your dad scheduled is almost set or should I cancel.
I Dried my tears
” actually all t©p investors are there to see your dad solve the hospital issue
I rushed into my car soon i arrived at the suite. I rushed in almost crying I was shocked to see crisella
” crisella
” tasia I mised you.
she hvgged me ti-ghtly and I just felt heaven in her arms.
” Anna what’s with all the files scattered around your study.
” nothing
” what’s with all the merger stuff… why are u researching it ,don’t tell me you want to break off the merger did you and Ryan fight
” Ryan fell for someone else ,but he can’t be with her because of our contract marriage.he threatened to break off the merger
” but that will cause a problem
“I know so I have been looking for a way to break off this merger without causing any issues.. I dont want to be the devil . Clara deserved that much from me I re-ad this files till my br@in pained there is no way to go about this merger without causing problems
” what will u do
” malcom is back,he just closed our hospital in India ,he also wiped us out of Chicago
” what
” malcom knows that Ryan loves someone else ,he knows the merger is shaking crisella.he knows I might not hide un-der Ryan’s Dad again… but I don’t know who is giving him info.. I nee-d Ryan’s Dads security and he nee-ds my resources. that was the main bargain of the merger so men like malcom can’t pene-tratea.g.h.c. like u can see am still a kid and I don’t involve in the dirty un-der cover games and now daddy is always sick that’s why I nee-d Ryan’s Dad to be p@rt of this company he has to pick when I call breaking off the merger is something i can no longer do. I am going to protect it with my all. even if I find a way to break it off peacefully and settle the scores , r.d might go free after some challenges but malcom will destroy a.g.h.c., i dont know what he wants and who is behind him he has so much info on a.g.h.c than he has on r.d. trust mr grande he cant get a mole in his company he will just shoot you in your office… but my father’s sickness and my coma arrest made a.g.h.c’s defense weak. he can’t challenge Mr Grande but he will face a.g.h.c and i feel he has a score to settle with my dad. I won’t let him win that merger can never be broken I Will secure it with my last breath..
” what about ryan,what if he doesn’t agree.. what if he tells the world that he doesn’t love you.
” I won’t let Ryan do that ,i am pla-ying this game the cleanest way I can but if ryan pushes me I will tell his dad about Clara
” Anna he will kill her
“yes that’s why I don’t want him to find out.securing Ryan is not an issue I know exactly how to get Ryan ,he was once mine and he is a jealous lover as well as a proud lover but his biggest weakness is that he is too kind… once Clara is far enough Ryan coming around won’t be a big issue.I will get him either the easy way or the ha-rd way.u know I am ruthless when it comes to my dad’s company
” am sorry Anna .
” am in so much pain ,mom is missing ,dad just fell sick after he promised to help me with the merger issue,Daniela and her mum are my enemies ,malcom wants to take a.g.h.c, he wants to bring me down and I don’t have anyb©dy to fight by my side , no one , the burden is much ,the pain is much…Ryan, the only one I ever had just left me too.
“come here Anna am sorry .she hvgged me. I smiled out of tears. she dragged me into my room.
maybels pov.
she re-moved her jacket and picked her system.. after a while she dropped it.
mmm Anna is hiding something.the same thing she didn’t talk about.she didn’t talk about how she feels for Ryan in her heart .
I sat closer to her and organised her singlet well.I looked in her face
” it’s me Anna ,tell me the truth ,we never kept secrets from each other .
I took her hand
” do u love Ryan ?
she tried taking her hand back I held it ti-ght
she looked around then she looked at me
“no crisella I dont.I know I don’t love Ryan i was just trying to f0rç£ my heart to love him cos I alre-ady accept him as a person …
” I love tony crisella , i still love him.
I realized it earlier but I just fought it off.I don’t have the right to love tony this is what I told myself when I was s£nt to Ryan’s house.. and i am still saying it again… my dad didn’t train me the way he trained me for me to grow up and ruin everything he worked for in the name of love.I was still little but after my dad told me about the merger.I called myself and advised myself. I knew I loved Tony but i nee-ded Ryan to survive , Ryan grants a.g.h.c more protec-tion , malcom was about striking me again he almost took a.g.h.c away .. I accepted quic-kly and we dad and Ryan’s Dad c@m£ as one and thought malcom a lesson… I was s£nt to ryans house to get to know him better.investors where watching.
I don’t know how ryans dad managed to convince him but I convinced myself.
U know how I was trained I was not trained like a kid I was trained like a I programmed myself to get Ryan to love Me.I programmed myself to love him.I programmed myself to love him so much that he Wont realize that I don’t love him… that’s what I did for a.g.h.c. i sacrificed my love, I hope u now un-derstand what a.g.h.c means to Anna
” Anna bit how did u get Ryan to love u ,he loved daniella.
” that’s one thing with planning.
I planned to make him love me..even before I met him I was re-ady.but when i met him he was so cold and mean but h0t. he didnt talk to me but i was tra-pped with him… God he is so handsome and his mean nature made him S-xy.everything about him is se-duc-tive.
i watched him walk out of the pool t©p less and still walk past me without a word.. I watched him walk into the room with a towel around his w@!st and his we-t hair falling freely. I watched him work out/excercise and the sweat streamed all over his perfect frame…
I saw all this h0tness every day but he didn’t talk to me ma-king me have de-sires I couldn’t control.God I had so much de-sires for him and I was still little I wasn’t good at the self control game cos I just lost my vir-ginity few days ago. I dreamt of him ma-king love to me everyday.I just wanted him so badly that I got myself we-t with de-sires.I had so much de-sires that I st©pped thinking about nee-d and lvst for him made me take my goal of ma-king him love me serious and finally he fell in love with me… but getting him to make love to me was another task. he wanted me to leave Tony but i couldn’t ,i didn’t have the courage.. but he broke up with Ella and after I successfully got him to make love to me everything changed.. I knew I could live with him forever at least he was caring , hand some and the way he held me in be-d it was just so different.
I thougt these qualities where enough. cos I know that even if my dad got me married to a blind man I would stay for a.g.h.c so I was blessed to be with Ryan.I had no reason to hate him I accepted and de-sired him so much that i confused it with love. I thought I loved I decided to break up with Tony but that day only a drop of tear from tonys eye and just 3 words I love you.made me un-derstand that u can’t tell your heart who to love. I told my heart to love ryan because I nee-ded him but my stupid heart was still beating for Tony. that day I and Tony insulted each other ,cried for each other ,fought away each others t©uçh,smashed everything around the house but just one k!ssgot me helpless k!ssdragged me back into his be-d where I belonged.God I missed him so much and being with him in be-d made me forget that I was Annastasia I felt free.I was happy.but after the S-x I got my acts straight.I nee-d ryan not Tony. and i was convinced that I loved i regarded the S-x as a mistake and broke up with Tony..
I was so bothered about Tony ,what he would do,would he kill himself,would he drink,would he smoke,would he find a girl and sleep with her ..I was so worried I was worried about Ryan finding out about the affair and breaking off the merger.I was in so much thoughts i didnt see my accident coming. I can’t lie to you crisella I loved Tony and I still love him.even when he treated me as a nurse I still loved him when he k!$$£d me I didn’t want to withdraw.but I belong to Ryan.. he waited for two years for respect for him helped me control what I felt for Tony. I alre-ady gave so much for me and Ryan to be together. when I found out about the affair I was so mad and scared.I was more annoyed than jealous but after Ryan shouted at me I realised all the wrongs I ever did. and when he Apologized that was when I decided to let them be.I decided to let Clara have him.that was when I started researching on how to break off the merger.I re-ad and researched morning and night. I didn’t find a way out but i kept searching . but crisella i never expected malcom to come back.he is the main reason why this merger happened at first .malcoms return is going to change everything Ella.malcom knows that a.g.h.c is getting weak but i will disappoint him. because of malcom I won’t let Ryan leave me.I Wont let him go to Clara…he can’t ruin my life and ha-rd work because he is in love I am in love too but i kept it aside to do the right thing.and Ryan has to do the same.he’s going nowhere not now ,not now is sick ,mum is out,we lost two hospitals.this merger can’t fall not now that I nee-d it the most..I might love tony but i nee-d Ryan… I nee-d him more right now. I nee-d him to not break off that merger. he has to Mary me .I don’t care about love crisella
” and love never ruled you Anna ,u just saw it as a factor … what rules you is Grande group
” cos that’s my life. that’s all I have.
I hvgged her ti-ghtly again.
” dad plea-se don’t die.Ryan plea-se don’t let me down i really don’t want to involve your dad in this,for clara’s sake but if u push me I will.
Rachel called her line and I picked up. her cloth was dripping tears.
” tell me
” madam its time
i k!$$£d her cheek.
” never show them your weakness Anna now I un-derstand why your dad trained you to be so ruthless he knew there will be a time when you will have no one …. no one to fight by you.. Anna pu-ll malcom down .do anything it takes secure a.g.h.c for ur mum and dad… don’t let them bring you down.go to the meeting your dad scheduled.prove to them that you are indeed your fathers daughter .
solve this problem and pu-ll malcom down.
enough of this tears and weakness Anna ,you are Annastasia Alexandra Grande The first .you do not take $h!t from anyone. u alre-ady sacrificed so much for Grande you can’t get weak now.the investors are waiting.
Anna smiled she rushed into her shower.
God how can someone talk business when your dad is dying.
Diana’s pov
omg the news of Mr grande’s sudden sickness is all over the place .I wonder how it broke out and who ever did this wants investors to panic.Mr Grande called a meeting now who will handle the meeting , who will solve the problem he wanted to solve.just then Anna rushed into work she folded her hair in a clean bun . whenever Anna folds her hair she means business and when she means business she doesn’t give a damn!!. 5 guardS followed her we all bowed.I wonder what is keeping Clara.
general sov
the guard opened the door and Annastasia walked in ,everyb©dy was surprised they where expecting Mr grande.
Mr dervantes smiled at Anna who walked in without Smiling she took her fathers chair…everyb©dy bowed gently. she looked at tonia and smiled
” plea-se proceed ” Anna said
” before we proceed Anna, i thought Mr grande held this meeting why are you here ” one of the major share holders ,Mr Jonathan said
” Jonathan I am a true Grande ,when u see me you see my dad.
” but we heard Mr grande is sick , shouldn’t you be …
“I am here to address the same issue my dad called for
” but Anna i think we deserve to know..
” Rachel
” madam
“get me the list of share holders ..I will start this meeting by removing those who don’t think I am not capable of….
” no am sorry Anna,don’t take it too far,i was just being curious
Anna closed her file
” does anyone else have any of such questions.
no one spoke so Anna returned the file to Rachel who took it from her .
the m.d used his remote to switch on the projector the first preview was the hospital which was closed down in India .
” Anna this is big ,very soon the press will fight us” one investors said
” secondly this is a loss of investment and we can’t make a good come back because there is no empty land big enough Right now ” chief accountant said
” even if there was an empty land, we don’t have time, when will we finish building it and start moving’s not possible our loss will increase..” Liam said
” this is the issue we c@m£ to resolve Anna , what do u have to say..” m.d asked
Anna closed her file
” s£nd him in ” she said and Rachel opened the door a small boy walked in , around 19. he worked as a hacker in the research dep@rtment. Anna’s favourite computer guru Chris.
he walked in
” isn’t he below the legal standard to be in this meeting ” jonathan said
” silence!, we are not in the market square
” Anna mind your..
” Rachel can u hand me the investors list again I ..
” I was just kidding Anna ,he is free to stay.
the boy sat facing a computer system
” do it, what I told you about , do it.” anna said to Chris.
” Ok madam , give me 10 minutes
” Anna nodded. and watched him with expectation.he sli-pped his ear piece in and pla-yed a music then he switched on his system. his hands and eye was working very fast he didn’t talk he just chewed gum all the investors watched him quietly for a while.. he was very fast in typing .. finally he was done. Anna looked in his face with a question in her eye.
” did you succeed
“he nodded
Anna smiled
” tell the board your report” Anna said
” uhmmm good day ,so” he connected his system to the projective screeen everyb©dy watched .
” I was looking for a hospital building in the whole Hindi . which has the exact frame and complex of the formal a.g.h.c.
” Ok ?, Liam said
” and I succeeded.he screened the was new , empty and clean.exactly like the formal a.g.h.c
” u did all this in 10 minutes ” another share holder asked in shock.
” yes I did
” so how are we sure this hospital is not owned cos.” he screened another file on the projector ” we have less than 24 hours to re-move everything from the formal a.g.h.c before government withdraws our license. md said
Anna looked at Chris and he smiled giving her as-surance.
” the hospital is for sale and I know that because of this merger we can afford it.the secret bidding is tommorow and no b©dy knows about this new hospital yet not m.h.c not d.c.e non of our competition so I believe and I can bloldly say the hospital is ours and a.g.h.c will continue from where it st©pped in India.. he bowed and closed the system all the investors cl@pped for him and Anna. Anna smiled thank God she trusted him.
Anna looked into her Mic
” I believe the major issue for this meeting has been resolved ” Anna said
” what about Chicago ,are we out for good. another investor asked
” at the right time , we will pene-trateChicago again. Mr dervantes added.
Anna smiled
” that being settled anything else?” anna asked
” Anna we won’t have peace until the new hospital is secured ” one investor said.
” also about the merger , why isn’t Ryan home yet , we are all waiting for your wedding.and most shockingly why are u still in your fathers house” Jonathan asked
Anna got short of words
” well
” well my little daughter in law is the fearful type , she can’t just go to his house and stay alone he has to come first , right Anna ?.
” yes that’s right but if that is what is nee-ded to give members of the board security I will move to his house as soon as I can.
“Ok.we believe the wedding will kick off immediately Ryan returns cos am alre-ady panicking ” Jonathan Said
” everything is in place , no nee-d to fear the meeting is adjourned.
all of them stood up and bowed to Anna. she stood up nd rushed out.Rachel ran behind her.Jake was alre-ady in her office she sat facing him
” tell me
” Ryan will be home soon he is rushing his surgery he just completed it.
” what
” Clara will soon arrive new York remember investors are watching, they can’t meet in New York .people might see them together remember u have enemies everywhere and your investors are always complaining ..if the history of Ryan and Clara gets out there will be panics and u know what that means
” Ok.. till she arrives first Jake
” no madam , claras family has to leave the city cos Mr dervantes can’t find out about her too
” Jake until she arrives first.
Anna’s pov
who Is informing malcom I really suspect that investor who brou-ght up this issue he might be Woking for malcom.i suspect Jonathan.i called Ryan’s Dad
“what is it
” I hope my dad talked to u about all malcom has been doing
” we were on phone when he fell sick,how is he
” fine ,i really think that Mr Jonathan is the mole in a.g.h.c.he kept bringing up questions ,he is scaring me I don’t feel safe with him
” I will look into him but I hope you know malcom has more than one mole
” am fishing them out
ok.Mr dervantes dropped the call.
Mr devans pov
Anna is such a smart girl ,just the same person I suspected.I guess malcom forgot that I am still behind Anna or is it because I kept quiet .I alre-ady s£nt my boy to investigate that idiot.he called me
” tell me
” it’s true ,your suspicion is true.Jonathan works for malcom
” good.
” what do we do
“nothing .just secure his address.
ok sir.
minutes later my boy walked in
” did you secure his address
“yes Jonathan is home now
“good kill him
“yes sir
he walked out my secretary walked in.
” sir I successfully collected the amount you requested from a.g.h.c.
” good ,now procure the drugs
“yes sir.
she walked out…. I am enjoying this merger now more than ever.just then one of my boys walked in with a young girls very mole in m.h.c he dropped it on my table.
” sir I think u should reduce your transfers
“malcom thinks your son will break of The merger soon.he said the merger is shaking
” what , what is this…. I pointed to the pics
” sir I had been hearing malcom talk about your son for a while now
“my son Ryan
“yes for some weeks now
“you heard malcom talk about my only son for some weeks now and you are just telling me now.
” actually sir i….
I picked my gun and sh0t at his leg.he limped and fell
” cont
” ahhh ,sir i wanted to confirm first.
” what did u confirm.
he pointed to the picture I picked it up
” who is this toy.
” ahhh , thats .. thats clara david malcoms boys had been monitoring your son Ryan for few weeks now.
” what is she… who is this girl.
” sir check out the next pics
I picked the second picture and what her and Ryan in a club , Ryan is carrying her on his back,they went to a suite ,he took her to such an expensive restaurant.I angrily threw all the pictures to the floor.
” what the hell is this ,is Ryan d@t!ngthis girl.
” yes sir malcom thinks so.and he said Ryan will surely break off the merger because he loves this common girl…. ouch forgive me sir.
” guys take him away for treatment before his legs bleed him to death
” yes sir.
some boys carried him out. how can ryan be so stupid ,whats he thinking,this little boy keeps disappointing me , does he think he has a future with a commoner ,over my dead b©dy . my phone rang
” tell me
” done ,Jonathan is dead.
” good.
I dropped the call , my other boy Victor walked in , he is my most trusted boy.
” Victor how do I tell this Clara girl to leave my son I kill her mom or her dad.
” sir lets not act fast ,ryan is a man maybe it was just for fun…. I mean we all do it , I think he is just using the girl to pas-s time as we both can see sir she’s very very h0t. I think he is just using her to dump her later.
” that’s the problem ,my son is not like that…Ryan is principled .if he is slee-ping with her it means he is in love with her.
” sir why don’t we call Anna ,she went to visit him right ..well if he didn’t want her anymore I am sure he must have told her.
” good idea cos I don’t have time to take chances .in the meantime get me info on that girl
” ok sir.
I called Anna on phone.
” hello
” Jonathan will not bother you again
” thanks dad
” is anyone else bothering you
” no its all good
” what about did he take the marriage
” well….
” this girl clara David who is she , what is she to Ryan.
” u say?