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Clashing hearts Episode 17 & 18

Chapter seventeen
Written by Mary Samuel
“Babe” Adams called immediately he stepped down from his car
“Babe”? Nicholas scoffed bitterly
“Hey Nick” Adams smiled walking towards him for a handshake but Nicholas only stared at his hands for almost two minutes and Adams was starting to get embarrassed. That movement from Nicholas just made me mad at him
Adams didn’t even see him as a rival but Nicholas is just too dumb to notice the fight that you don’t fight your rival with muscle or by being rude buy with brain and strategies
Adams finally drop his hand to his side with his face red from embarrassment and he was suddenly all sweaty and looks kind of angry
“You don’t walk up to me all smiley like we’re friends” Nicholas scoffed
Ok I’m mad at him but is it just me or does anyone else thinks that those demin jacket looks so damn good on him plus the way he packed his hair and his nice pair of jeans and boots??
But his character messes his good looks up !
“Sorry for talking to you, I forgot that you’re killing yourself trying to be as successful as I am” Adams said
Oh my God I don’t wanna see this scene
Nicholas chuckled and finally got down from his car ” be as successful as you? Tell that to your dumb father, you think she’s the only one who got a voice like gold, fuck your dumb family bitch” Nicholas said and I had expected a reply from Adams but he only smile and walked up to me “good morning fresh rose” he cooed as he leaned in and kissed my cheek
I blushed
“Try that shit one more time and you’re leaving here with bruises all over your plastic face dummy” Nicholas said angrily walking towards me as well
Oh no!
“Nicholas you should leave cause I don’t understand what you’re doing here in the first place, same thing goes to you Adam, our date is by five not ten in the morning” I said trying to avoid a certain scenario but maybe it was just bound to happen
“You’re date? You’re going on a date with this loser”? Nicholas asked almost yelling
Adams smiled and hugged me and almost flinched when I realized the game he was playing. Using me to reply Nicholas. Damn!!
I don’t even know how it happened so fast but Adam was suddenly bleeding from the nose and damn Nicholas had pushed him away from me and punched him. What’s his problem?
I was so mad at him
“Nicholas what……” I couldn’t finish my sentence cause Adams started talking
“I’ll let this one slide, but never make such stupid mistake ever again” Adam said cleaning his nose
“Are you okay” I asked running up to him and helping him Clean the blood off
“And what will you do huh”? Nicholas said pushing me aside as he punched Adam again sending him down then he got on top of him, straddling him as he repeatedly punched him
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“Nick stop”!!!!! I yelled angrily pushing him away but he wouldn’t bulge and I started to hit his back but he wouldn’t even blink as he continues to punch Adams
Then in one Swift movement Adams turned the table upside down as he got on top of Nicholas straddling him but he didn’t punch. “I warned you but now you might have to go home in pain” Adams said and snapped Nicholas neck just like that and I heard his bone cackle as he fall limb and slumped down spitting out blood
“Oh my God” I ran up to Adam pushing him away from Nicholas as I bent to check his pulse
Tears welled up in my eyes and I couldn’t stop screaming
Adams has killed Nicholas
My heart was torn as I wailed like a widow
I sat on the side of my bed, staring at Nicholas
Mom had helped us in bringing him inside my room cause Adams said he’s not dead but only snapped out
I know I wasn’t supposed to be mad at Adams cause what he did was self defense but he could have punched back instead of snapping his neck
“He’ll soon wake” mom said as she looked at my miserable self and sighed
Adam’s in the kitchen preparing God knows what
“How come you fell in love with two men at the same time” mom asked and I couldn’t help my tears
I’m the cause of all this
Mom had helped Adams cleaned his wound and sealed it up with a concealer and it wasn’t that much visible
“Mom I don’t even know” I sobbed as I held Nicholas hand and sobbed into his palm
I couldn’t remember a single day he treated me wrong apart from when I walked in on him and Sasha making out
“Please wake up Nicholas and I don’t even understand why you got into this fight in the first place, you’re dating Aria for Christ sake” I said cleaning my tears ad mom suddenly pulled me into a bear hug and I sobbed into her embrace
I feel so guilty for coming in between rivals.
“He’ll wake right”? I asked hopefully and mom nodded with a reassuring smile and I have to force out a dry tight lipped smile too
“Ok I’ll just check up on Adam” I said glancing at Nicholas resting form on my bed before I walked out of the room , Down the stairs to the kitchen
I couldn’t find him there,but he said he needs to be in the kitchen
“Adams” ? I called walking out of the kitchen and he wasn’t in the dining or sitting room
I walked outside and his car was still parked In my driveway
So where the hell is he?
“Adams”? I called again opening the backyard door as I walked into the basement and luckily he was there and he was getting himself drunk
A bottle of Scotch by his side and a cigarette in between his middle finger and he was shirtless. I stood by the door admiring his gorgeous abs and nice body
His v shaped like abdomen and muscler lean self. How can he be so perfect?
Same thing with Nick
“Why getting wasted” I asked pushing myself out from the door as I stalk towards him and bent down to retrieve the cigarette from his finger, he annoyingly moved it away and turn away from me entirely
I stared at his back that was turned to me and I smile as I stood up and sat beside him on the bench wrapping my arms around his torso and I felt him stiffen
“Adam you don’t really have to smoke and drink like this” I said and I heard him scoff as he suddenly turned to me
“Yes mother but I feel guilty about what I just did” he said and I smiled and made him rest his head on my laps as I played with his hair
This feels so good, he leaned into my touch
“You tried to control your temper and I’m not saying he deserves what you did but that was self defense and you shouldn’t feel so guilty about it” I said and he nodded and smiled
“I’ve been telling myself that but I couldn’t reassure myself but hearing it from you made me feel less guilty” he said
“What were you doing here anyways, our date is by five right”? I asked and he nodded
“Yeah but I thought we should go shopping first and Nicholas ? What’s he doing here”? He asked
“Dunno” I replied and ran my fingers through his soft orange colored hair and he chose to moan like I was raping him
“What’s that”? I laughed
“What”? He looked up at me with a smirk
“The moan , what’s with the moan” I asked and he suddenly sprang up from me and smiled as he stared into my life
“Wanna know”? He asked a teasing smile on his face and I rolled my eyes fighting my blush
“Uhhhh I’ll go check up on Nicholas and stop smoking that” I said and carried the bottle of Scotch with me and he pouted but I scoffed and walked out of the basement
I met mom by the stairs and she breathed out
“He’s awake you should go see him” mom said and I gave her the bottle of Scotch as I hurried to my room and gently opened the door
My bed was empty then I heard the sound of running water and I knew he was in the toilet precisely. Probably washing his ass and hands ( my characters dey shit ooo)
Then he walked out of the toilet and when he saw me his face went blank as he wore his shoe not even looking at me then he walked out
I sighed and trailed behind him till we got to his car
“Why are you following me” ? He snapped as we reached his car
“Cause we need to talk” I said crossing my hands under my breast
“Talk about what”?he asked irritated
“Talk about what you’re doing here” I said making my voice stoic cause I’m trying hard not to break down in his presence
“Sorry it’s useless and I’m never coming again, say me thanks to your boyfriend” he said about to enter his car but I rushed I held him from doing Just that
“Nicholas are you attracted to me”? I asked still not knowing what the hell is going on with him
He scoffed ” attracted to you? Is there anything attractive about you”? He asked like I disgust him
“There is nothing attractive about me but you still got your neck snapped because of your stupidly now should someone asks you what you’re doing here in the first place what’s going to be your response”? I yelled angrily sending him death glare
“Just shut up” he snapped and got into his car and I rushed in as well
“What are you doing”? He asked
“Well we’re really gonna talk about what happened” I said and he chuckled
“In my house huh” he said and I quickly collected his car key from the dashboard
“Give it back” he said trying to drag it from me but I quickly put it in my bra.
“Shove your hand in and I’ll shout rape” I said and he sighed
“What in the world do you want”? He asked
“I want to know why you’re here” I gritted my teeth and he exhaled audibly
“I wanted to confess to you about my feelings for you, are you okay now”? He yelled
“Confess your feelings”? I repeated confused and he rolled his eyes and scoffed
“Nick you have feelings for me”? I asked
“Are you always this annoying or you’re claiming to be” he bitterly and tiredly
“Are you crazy? You just confessed to me how you feel and you expected me to be cool with it”? I yelled and it seemed like we’re just yell/ talking the whole time
“Well you should cook with it if you can’t play cool” that was his sarcastic reply
“Ok Nick since when did you started to like me”? I asked gently tired of yelling
“It doesn’t matter, the news is that I’m in love” he said calmly and I hugged him
He tensed and I withdrew from the hug
“Nicholas Aria loves you so much and the last thing I’ll do is date someone’s partner or encourage someone to break up with his lover just to be with me. I’ve always been attracted to you, I love you but I can’t have you because you belongs to someone else, we should live with that, we admire each other secretly but can never actually have each other” I finished and I was still trying to catch my breath cause I said all that in just one breath but his sudden kiss shut me up and took my breath entirely away
And I’m not sure if I can stay away either
Chapter eighteen
Nicholas kissed me and nibbled on my bottom lips and that made a moan escaped from my lips as I hopelessly wrapped my hands around his neck bringing him even closer
Then we pulled apart and he rested his forehead on mine and I sighed closing my eyes. In a flash the guilt came rushing into me
Invading my heart as I suddenly disengage our forehead and looked out through the window as I blinked rapidly to send my tears back but that was fruitless cause it finally dropped
“Are you crying”? Nicholas asked
How come my life became this messed up?
“Don’t tell me you regret the kiss” he added and I sighed turning to him
“Yes I do” I said and his shoulder slumped
“Nicholas you should get out and never come back, if they is anyone between you and Adam who I’m supposed to be in a relationship with then it’s Adams and not you” I said and he closed his eyes to absorb the pain of what I just said and yeah it was painful for me as well
“You shouldn’t never come back Nick, we’re never meant to be, I can’t believe I just kissed somebody’s boyfriend and it hurts that I can’t have you same time I’m happy and grateful that I can’t have you, I mean I’m literally confused and Im more into Adams than you” I paused to catch my breath
He wasn’t saying anything
” I’m sorry Nicholas, Aria loves you more than anything else in the world” I finished and his head snapped up to me at once
” I don’t fucking love Aria, it’s you that I choose, come on, I’ll protect you with my whole life and nothing will ever go wrong, just………”
“Stop getting into my head and messing it up” I yelled
“Go to……” I was interrupted by his ringing phone
I sighed as he picked up the call
“Baby” Aria squealed immediately he connected the call
“Hi babe” Nicholas said
“Well I’m not kidding with you no more I mean what the hell? I’m in your penthouse and guess what I saw? A fucking condom, I can’t ever remember us using a damn rubber”!! Aria yelled into the phone
“That’s not mine come on”!! Nicholas said tiredly
“So who owns it? In your drawer? Nick are you fucking cheating on me”? She yelled again and Nicholas groaned
Aria that was not mine for goodness sake that’s Drake’s, when he came over with Polly” Nicholas explained
“So you mean you’re not and has never cheated on me” ? She further asked
“Aria we’re not doing this right now” he said lowly
“Seriously? If you don’t answer my question I’m gonna fly to Canada right now and you’re not gonna like it” she threatened
“Aria I’m not cheating on you and I have no intention to cheat on you, I mean you’re every man’s dream queen and luckily I got you so why should I cheat”? He asked and I heard her giggle
I exhaled and made to open the door but he held my hand and I turned to look at him
“I gotta go babe, love you” Nicholas said before ending the call
“Are you leaving”? He asked
“Yes and I’m not against you telling Aria how much you love and adore her but I’m against you telling her something and doing another thing, so what does that make me? A side chick? Nicholas go to your woman and love her for real” I said before walking out of the car
I didn’t bother to look back as I walked in closing my door and walking up the stairs to my room
I opened my room door and Adam laid on my bed looking so cute
“He’s gone”? He asked when he noticed me and I nodded coming to lay on the bed beside him
“And he’s a good kisser”? He asked and I chuckled
“You saw that”? I asked and he rolled his eyes
“No but I know it was bound to happen, I mean you’re a confused girl who found herself in a love circle so for you to choose one over the other you have to kiss him and tell him bye, like you’re settling him and I’m grateful for being the last man standing” he said and I laughed as I laid my head on his chest
“We should go shopping then head to the company” Adams said and I nodded getting off his body as I opened my drawer
“Holy moly you have literally nothing” heq said rummaging through my wears
“We’re totally going on a spree at Australia next week” he said and I smiled widely at that
“Okay wear this” he said tossing out a white crop top and black pants
“Ok dad” I said as I entered the bathroom.
Minutes later I walked out and Adams smiled at me
“You look really good” he smiled and I blushed
“Thanks”? I asked as he rolled his eyes
Adams picked up the brush and brushed my hair as we walked out of my room. I yelled out to mom that I’m leaving and she yelled out a “bye,”
“You remember we really have to be at the industry by four and by five we’re going on our date which means that you’re dressing up in my house” Adams said and I blush
“Tell me about it” I smirked rolling my eyes and he laughed
“Ok” he sped up as we soon reached the boutique
Adams spent so much getting me just a sleeveless dress and jewels and a nice stiletto heel
Fast forward 👁️👁️👁️💋
We both walked into the company , my goodies were in his car as we walked in my song was playing on the background
I couldn’t be happier
“It’s already released” Adams said and I smiled and brought out my phone and logged in on Instagram
I almost logged out cause it suddenly doesn’t look like my account
A freaking 3million followers in just few hours?
I looked up at Adams who smiled at me
“Come on” he said and grabbed my hand as we walked upstairs to his office
“Ok we’re here to get few things done then we head home” he said bringing out a file and handed it to me
I looked at the file and it was a membership file that needed my signature and I signed it immediately
“There you go” he said as the door opened and Mr chinoi walked in smiling broadly
He suddenly pulled me into a hug and repeatedly said ” thank you”
“In eight hours your song has freaking two million downloads and honestly I feel like my production had been restored all thanks to you” he said pulling out
I smiled politely at him as he glanced back and forth between me and Adams
“Ok have fun” he said a smirk on his face as he walked out
“You’re cute” I said to Adams who was selecting some files
“Not time to flirt princess” he said and laughed
Soon we walked out of the company and drove to his house which was totally indescribable just imagine it how you want your dream mansion
I had some maids come my way and made me up then I wore the dress looking my best as I walked out to meet Adam in the large sitting room
When he saw me he almost choked on his saliva
“Damn ” he said looking at me with a kinda emotion I couldn’t decipher
We got to his car and Adams wouldn’t stop telling me how I took his heart away
We got to the restaurant and just like the first time he helped me in and pulled out a sit for me
I smiled sitting down as he waved at the waitress, she took our orders
“So what are your hobbies”? He asked and I chuckled
“Singing and watching movies” I said and he smiled
“What happened to swimming”? He asked
“Not my thing” I said and he chuckled softly
“I think I have something to say” he said and I nodded for him to go on
“You know……”
“Hi Adam, run away boyfriend” a skinny girl said walking up to us
And Adams tensed seeing her
“Hi love” she said smiling as she kissed him full on the lips
Chapter nineteen
She kissed him and Adams pushed her off at once
“Debbie”? He called
“Missed me”? The girl said
“Not really, you should meet my girlfriend ”
The girl looked me over and hissed
“Though you did a great job trying to coat her but still she’s not your type of girl, she’s broke” the girl said
” Mind your business at least she’s not a whore” Adams defended and the girl’s jaw drop
“I bet you’ll come back” she hissed before walking away
“I’m fucking done Dad, get someone to run your company for you” I yelled tossing my bag in my car’s trunk as I got in and sped off
I’m leaving the fucking country. I told him earlier that I couldn’t cope anymore
I’m going back to my company, to Aria, to my life as a singer
My ride was horrible and before I knew it I was already flying out of Canada
Two days later
Nick came back
I was very happy and he’s been the very best. Giving me more love than I could count
I was extremely happy as I walked out dressed in my gorgeous dress
I was going on a date with Nicholas and I couldn’t be happier
He’s hot in his tuxedo
I’m just too excited that I couldn’t wait to break the news to him
That I’m finally pregnant!🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰
As we ate I smiled before picking up my drink
I took a sip but something fell inside my mouth and I immediately spit it out
I stared at Nicholas in awe
An engagement ring?
“N…I” before I could complete my sentence he went down on one knee and started by praising me and saying so many things before he finally dropped the much anticipated question
“Arianna Gates will you please marry me”?
“Yes! Yes!” I squealed as he slipped the ring in my finger and we sealed our deal with a passionate kiss
Who deserves the girl?
Much love 💋💋💋


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