Clashing hearts Episode final episode

Chapter 19 FINALE
Written by Mary Samuel
I walked out of the lobby with Emily. Shooting went successful on the set of BLOOD
I can’t believe how pla-ying the role of kat suddenly projected Emily and made her most sought out of other actresses
Yeah my baby girl is now a celebrity
It’s been two months alre-ady and I’ve been having the moment of my life and I have no regrets what’s so ever
The choices I made were definitely the best.
Even though a p@rt of me still loves and admired Nicholas , I just have to control that p@rt and live with the fact that we can never actually be an item
Engaged to Aria and they are expecting a baby.
That was a hit though, I just have to learn to live with the fact that we’re never meant to be
“I nee-d a French refreshment” Emily whined as we entered the nearest restaurant and waved at the waitress
“Oh my God isn’t that Allison”? Emily whispered to me and I turned sharperly to look at the direction and the sight really made me froze
Allison as a damn waitress
Oh my God. This just thought me a lesson
When you dream, put an effort to make it come true
Don’t just dream and leave it hanging without a little effort
If dreams do come true exactly how we thought it should then Allison shouldn’t be working here as a waitress
She should be somewhere high
Probably d@t!ngNicholas and talking back to to Nichole as she has always imagined.
I wonder how she’s coping with the fact that her dear Nicholas is engaged
A smile on her face as she walked towards us but immediately paused when she saw it was really us. Her former colleagues she had always put down and neglected be a none of us tasted college
I guess she rolled her eyes before she finally walked up to us
“Dannie, Emily hi girls” she asked with a smile
“Oh my God Ally I missed you ” Emily said hvgging her but she had to stylishly push her away
Emily looked kind of embarras-sed
I knew that people like Allison have ego issues
They can never put they ego down and get what they want in life
Thru thought that life is served in a platter of gold
They believe you as a lady doesn’t nee-d to work but sleep with men to get what you want
She looks happy and contented and I wish her happiness lasts forever
My phone rang and it was Adams
“Baby” I said into the phone
“Oh my goodness come home babe, something went real wrong” he was p@n-ting and crying
“Calm down and tell me what’s wrong” I said feeling my heart beat
“Oh no arrrrrrhhhhhhh” he screamed like he’s in pain
“Emily I gotta go” I yelled picking up my phone
“What the hell happened”? She asked and I was alre-ady in tears
I mean I love my b©yfri£ndand wishes that nothing bad happens to him
“I gotta go” I repeated before running out
Emily ran after me as we got in my car and I drove recklessly down the street
“Calm down Dannie, don’t get us killed” Emily said but I just couldn’t find it in me to be calm
And finally we got home to Adams house and I literally sprinted out of the car
“Babe”!! I screamed running inside the house
Where is he ,? I panicked as I rushed to his be-droom only to see him smiling and looking at himself throu-gh the mirror
“Adams”? I called not un-derstanding the whole thing
“Yes baby” he smiled turning to me
“You said something was wrong”? I asked crossing my arm
“Yes that’s because I wanted to bath and I missed you, so you see? Something was definitely wrong” he said with a sm-irk walking up to me
“Are you crazy. I nearly killed myself driving like a lunatic and all you can say is that you missed me and wants us to shower together”? I yelled remembering my sweet meatba-lls that I ordered
“Yes baby, come feel daddy” he said pu-lling me into him as he k!$$£d me hungrily
My hands hopelessly circled around his n£¢k bringing him even more closer
After all I’m stuck here
Stuck in his arm, in his heart and in his life and im super grateful for having a man like him come to me and love me for real
Im never letting go
Thanks for re-ading
Much Love