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City mermaid episode 15 & 16

🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_15🐬
Lovely, Dahlia and Roxy could be seen moving toward a helipad denoted by a capital ‘H’ with their backpack behind them.
“This is gonna be the best vacation ever”. Dahlia said as she wrapped her hand around Lovely’s neck.
“What vacation?, hush!”. He said taking her hand off his neck.
“You were chocking me”. He said.
“Can you guys just stop talking for once?”. Roxy said.
“Oh Roxy I don’t have an idea why mom wants you to come alone but more I’m the queen of the island so you….”.
“Just keep your shit to yourself, I don’t want to hear”. She said and walking past them but paused as the helicopter descends slowly.
The wind created by the wind pushed her back but Lovely caught her.
“You see, all you got is a fleshy tongue”. Dahlia said.
The helicopter lands and the door pushed open.
“Thank you”. Roxy said and he let go of her as they got in.
The door was pushed closed and the helicopter navigated up.
The Cab stopped at a warehouse and the chauffeur got down to meet some set of men with c.
Kapella peeped out and removed the pins in Cindy’s neck.
She gasped to consciousness and she covered her mouth.
“We’ve been kidnapped Cindy”.
“They want money from your father, you didn’t tell me he was that wealthy”. Kapella said.
“Of course he is, is this the right time, we’re in trouble”. Cindy said as she peeped through the window.
“Let’s call the cops”. Kapella said as she took a phone and gave it to Cindy.
“How long before they get here?”. Cindy asked.
“This are just men armed with club, nothing more”. She said.
“And where did you suddenly get courage?”. Cindy asked.
“Just stay in”. Kapella said as she opened the door.
“Am coming with you”.
“Are you nuts? Stay back”. Kapella said.
“Is this your bracelet?”. Cindy said wanting to take the bracelet on the seat but Kapella slapped her hand off and took it swiftly.
She slide it into her pocket and walked out.
She moved toward the direction of the men with her head filled with all possible defense one could think of.
She whistle and they turned to her direction.
“I think you caught the wrong girl”. She said.
“How! How! Get her!”. The chauffeur screamed.
They held their clubs tightly and raced at her.
She dived forward with an amazing leapt kicking the first man.
She dodged the club of the second and hits him with her elbow.
The attack was so hard that one of the bones broke.
She jumped back dodging their club and kicked a carton causing them to dodge.
She counter attacked kicking two of the men at once.
She squat low escaping the club that then hits two of the men.
She grabbed one of club from the men and headbutts him.
Kapella turned as she launched it at the other man who dodged.
It hits the wall scattering into pieces of which scared the men.
Kapella groaned as fish scales began to appear on her hands.
The men dropped their clubs and took off but they were welcomed by the arriving cops.
Cindy gasped as she got a glimpse of Kapella’s blue eye before it vanish.
“You’ve been silent since we left the warehouse”. Kapella said as they walked through the entrance.
Cindy exhaled and shook her head.
“We’ve settled the cops already, we got kidnapped and we called but I had to self defense so don’t be frighten”. Kapella said.
“It isn’t that K, we grew up together and both of us know that you can’t go against a full grown man all the by yourself, talk less of many, you were acting fast like your brain was a computer, she was like you knew their moves, they couldn’t even get a single hit at you “. Cindy said.
” I’ve been training Cindy “.
” Does that include your blue iris? “. Cindy asked and she paused.
” Yeah, I saw it and you might also want to tell why those men were scared “. Cindy said.
” I… I… I can’t lie to you Cindy “. She said.
” It’s alright”. Cindy said holding her to herself.
They got to their classroom and pushed open the door to see Mr. Raji with a masker.
“You’re late again, Miss Kapella”. He said taking off his shades.
“Am sorry Mr. Raji we ran into some trouble”. She said.
“As much as I want to punish you fall in “. He said and took his marker.
They quickly hurried in and sat, Kapella turned to Lovely’s seat and couldn’t find him.
She couldn’t concentrate in class as she kept checking his empty seat.
Lovely sat on the cushion chair as he picked a pen and opened his Jotter.
“Dear Kapella”. He began and paused.
“This sounds impromptu but that’s right I didn’t plan for it so am gonna hurry”. He resumed.
“I know we haven’t been on stable ground for of recent now, I told you to stay away but sincerely I never meant it, I was just scared cos a lot of people will try to hurt me through you. Our meeting yesterday made me realize that our friendship was still solid, so our say our meeting was a good coincidence.
With heaviness in my heart I take this moment to write to you that I’ll be going on a trip, with my family to an Island and I might not return soon probably a week or so, you don’t have to miss me because I’ll admit that I’ll miss you, please do stay out of trouble and have a blacklist where you’ll document all the troubles my siblings caused so I’ll deal with them when i return smiles… Just be a good girl.. See you soon… Yours Lovely… Lovely “. He dropped his pen and smiled.
” And what could make you you smile that passionately ”
Dahlia said as she walked into the room.
” The door is there to knock before entering, what if I was dressing up? “.
” So….what do you think got that I haven’t seem before?”. She said and he scoffed.
” Let me see it “. She said.
” What? “.
” The Jotter”.
“C’mon it’s a dirty secret that isn’t gonna leak”. He said raising to his feet.
“You fantasize your sister”. She whispered.
“Gosh! Would you just excuse me Dahlia, go get some wine from the cellar”. He said.
“That’s right, we’re gonna rock a party at Sardinia Island”. She said and walked out.
He tore off the letter from the Jotter and walked out.
He got to the first floor and looked around to be sure no one was watching.
He beckoned at one of the guards and placed it into his hands.
“I need you to deliver this to someone,My Mom mustn’t know neither my siblings, is that clear?”. He said and he nodded.
“Good, You know Kapella Elijah don’t you?”. He asked and he nodded.
“Good I need you to deliver, right away”.
He adjusted his suit and walked away.
Diaz could be seen watching from the balcony.
“What are you up to brother?”. He whispered.
A black Sedan could be going easy on the Highway when a Lamborghini suddenly overtook it.
Diaz got down from the Lamborghini and pulled the gun behind him as the guard got down from the Sedan.
“Boss”. He said.
“What did my brother give to you?”. He asked.
“It’s confidential Boss”. He said.
Diaz pulled out the gun and points it to his face.
“And so your death would be confidential”. He said.
“Fine…”. He dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out the paper.
He gave him and he retreat the gun.
“Go!”. Diaz said and he left hurriedly.
He opened the letter and read through.
Diaz scoffed and burnt it with his lighter.
Ashley could be seen watching from afar on her bike.
She wore her helmet and rode off.
She overtook the Sedan and it stopped.
The guard got down and exhaled heavily.
“Now you’re gonna tell me all that’s happening”.
“You know what I could do”. She threatened.
“Sir Candy asked me to deliver a letter to a Kapella Elijah, your brother Diaz double crossed and took it”. He said.
“Good go… And discuss this with no one not even Candy”.
Ashley bit her lower lips and mount her bike.
🏝️🏝️🗻Sardinia Island🗻🏝🏝️
The helicopter lands on the shore causing an atmosphere of wind.
“Oh my God! The atmosphere is so!”. Dahlia exclaimed as she jumped down.
Lovely helped Roxy down and the pilot helped down with their luggages.
“What are you doing?”. Roxy asked as Dahlia took off her gown remaining a bikini wear.
“One week here, Mom and Dad will never let me do this so before they get here”. She said.
“Was this where the wreck actually happened?”. Roxy asked looking around at the ruins on the shore.
“Eighteen years but still leaves a big scar”. She added.
“And you’re coming in Candy”. She said.
“And Roxy too”. She added.
“I don’t know how to swim”. She said.
“Then be the Camera lady”. Dahlia said as she gave her a Samsung Smartphone.
“You’re coming in Lovely”. She said.
“A minute”. He said taking off his shirt.
“You’re really going in?”. Roxy asked.
He took off his short and moved toward the waters.
“Are you sure there’s no crocodile in there “. He asked.
“We’ll kill if there’s one”. Dahlia said as they submerged into the water.
Roxy sat on one of the rock and raised the phone up.
She pushed her hand into the shore sand and exhaled heavily.
She felt a soft solid and point it out.
Roxy turned to see the stone she brought out but was shocked.
It was a glimmering glass like stone in form of a mole of water or tear actually.
“Diamond?”. She whispered.
“Roxy!”. Dahlia called out.
“Oh sorry”. She said as she raised the camera up while digging out the soil with her other hand.
Dahlia and Lovely swam to the surface of the water and leaned against the sea rock.
“Don’t you love the fresh waters?”.
“Don’t act like I had a choice”. He said and she swam out.
She took the phone from Roxy and sat on the ground as he dragged out a bottle of wine from her bag.
She popped it open and gulped in the content.
“I’ll just get in”. Roxy said taking off her shirt.
“You don’t have a bikini”. Dahlia said.
“I have extra dress”. She said walking toward the water
She tighten the belt of her jeans and walked into the waters.
“You were the last person I was expecting in here”. Lovely said as she leaned against the sea rocks.
“Just to escape her talks which am not ready for, I can’t believe you got in”. She said.
“Dahlia gets what she want, I say no, she throws you into the sea and ask me to save you, am leaning to adapt to my family madness and not objecting their request is number one”. He said.
“I heard you were hung fourteen hours straight for flirting with a Mermaid”. Roxy said.
“There’s flirting in the rumours…”. He said and scoffed.
“She was innocent”.
“Yeah. She was scared and saw me as someone who could save her but Diaz just used the stun gun from behind on her then reported me, her last words still ring like a bell, you lied “.
” It isn’t your fault “. Roxy said.
” Of course I is, am kind of a machine that does whatever I’m asked, I heard you were the one that freed the Mermaids “. He said.
” I don’t have any regret “.
” If I did that Mother will hang me forty eight hours straight “.
” She’s not my Mother, the best she can do is send me back to her evil cousin, my father, I don’t want to return to Spain “. Roxy said.
” Why? “.
” Haven’t you ever heard of the story of the Artic Mermaid who fell in love with a hunter, that Mermaid is my step mother and the hunter is my father who betrayed her so whenever I see him, I see utter evil, he pretended to love the woman just to get married and turn her into his Diamond producing machine “. Roxy said and bite her lower lip as tears appeared in her eyes.
” It’s alright Roxy “. He said as he placed his hand on her shoulder.
” No its not, now they want to find her “.
” You can’t trust me Roxy, I’m evil “.
” No, you’re not, you’re different, you’re just been forced to do things”. She said.
“If you really want to stay in Phoenix I can make that happen, you attend school and live a normal life, I can arrange it”. He said.
“In exchange for?”.
“Nothing, just don’t cause troubles by releasing more Mermaids that way Mother won’t be forced to send you to Spain”. He said.
“I can’t really say deal cos I feel like my family owes Jane well I won’t be let access to the warehouse again, the only problem is your mother, she badly want to send me back “. Roxy said.
” I’ll take care of her “.
” Why are you so kind? “.
” Hoping to atone for my evil, I might appear good but maybe I’m just the worst of my siblings “. Lovely said as they raced their heads to the Dahlia who was engrossed with her phone.
They could see dark skinned men holding woods creeping out from deep in the island with woods and rods.
” Bandits! “. Lovely screamed.
Kapella paced left and right the hall way as they asked students if they’ve seen Candy.
“You don’t stop amazing me, you’re going crazy”. Cindy said.
“I don’t know, I’m just worried something bad happened to him”.
“You heard Nancy, it’s a family thing”. Cindy said.
“He should be in school today”.
“Do you have his contact?”.
“No I don’t”.
“Then find Nancy, she might have it, I’ll go this way”. Cindy said.
“I’ll check the Cafeteria”. Kapella said and hurried off.
She walked in and looked around when she sight the shirt he once wore.
She smiled as she moved to the table.
“Hey I was getting worried”. She said as she sat but paused seeing his face.
“So good to see your smile at a close range”. He said and she rose up hurriedly.
“Seems I’m gonna switch to Candy’s cloth if that would make you smile”. He winked and she walked away but she tripped over a foot and crashed on her knees.
She raised her head to see Diaz with a creepy smile.
“You look depressed luv”. He said and she got up.
“Just let me be already”. She said wanting to walk away.
“Don’t you desire to know where dear Candy went or is?”. He said and she paused.
“No. I’ll take my leave”. She said and he raised his phone to her phone.
Kapella gasped as she stared at the picture.
It was Lovely in a helicopter with Dahlia who had her hand wrapped around his neck as she consumed wine and Roxy beside reading a novel.
“Seems you got a talent at photoshopping”. Kapella said.
“Dumb girl”. He said.
“Only my friend is permitted to call me that”. She said.
“Lovely is on a vacation with his two beautiful girlfriends so stop searching around the school like you lost a diamond”. Diaz said.
“Then good, I know where he is then”. Kapella said.
“Don’t be in a hurry”. He said as he moved to his Whatapp status and tapped on a contact ‘Dahlia’.
Kapella watched the status from picture to picture as it was uploaded about ten minutes ago.
All had Dahlia and Lovely’s selfie in the helicopter and then the thirty seconds video of the both of them swimming close to the shore.
“Roxy!”. She could hear the girl’s voice.
“Oh sorry”. He heard a close voice and the camera adjusted properly.
“Stop it!”. Kapella breath as her heart pound heavily.
“Just one more”. He said as it got to the last picture uploaded.
Lovely’s hand was on Roxy’s shoulder as they both stared at each other leaning on the sea rock.
The picture had a caption ‘ He just abandoned me for her, Knife or a Gun which is fast and effective? ‘.
At this time Kapella’s eye was filled with visible tears already.
“I don’t hide been a bad guy, it’s visible, everyone knows about it so you see Kapella be mine and you’ll be mine alone, I’ll quit been a playboy if that want but that hypocrite of a brother, you don’t deserve him luv”. He whispered.
“Shut up!”. Kapella roared as she head the table causing it to crack straight away.
She raged out of the Cafeteria and he chuckled.
“You’ll run back into my arms Kapella”. He roared.
Kapella ran as she burst into tears.
“No! No!”. She lament shaking her head.
Her bracelet began to glow as her heart beats uncontrollable.
She pulled off the bracelet and as her ability came into her memories as usual there was now flashes of images of Nancy telling that Lovely was a good person at the hotel.
“With all I’ve told you, you now know everything about Mermaids and how to take care of my daughter, remember everything Jane, please don’t fail me”. Anita whispered as she grew weaker.
” No Anny don’t do this”. Mrs. Elijah cried as he held her hand with one hand.
“Remember everything, the bracelet, the other mermaids, her transformation, the hunters and every other things I’ve told you, tell her all when she come of age, never forget she’s a dangerous specie of Mermaid whoose unleashed rage cannot be reckoned with, make sure she doesn’t have a cause to hate or love excessively because those two emotions can make or Mar a mermaid “. Anita said and gasped as her heart became as strong as a stone.
” Anita! “.
” When the bracelet bracelet exceed it limit even if you’re going to charge it like I’ve instructed, let her go through the first transformation process it’s painful, but the body will adjust from that moment “. Anita whispered.
” You said when she transforms she’ll be drawn to water from that moment and it’ll change her “.
” You have to, If she doesn’t go to water for the first transformation and provokes it over and over again, the water will come for her, that’s the rule, I trust you Jane “. Akira whispered slowly as her eyes closed and her hand dropped off Jane’s.
Jane gasped in tears as she held her hand.
Her face started dessicating as the fresh wind blew.
” No Anita! “. She cried as Mr. Elijah held her to herself, consoling her.
Kapella could be seen walking angrily into the pool room.
“Nancy!”. She screamed looking around but there was no one in the place.
She moved toward the pool and looked in but there was no one in.
She could feel the strong urge to jump in but she resisted as she walked toward the door.
The water in the pool aroused up slowly and Kapella paused.
She felt the presence of something but couldn’t say.
She took few more steps and the entire water was completely out of the pool as it was now in air following her behind.
She held her bracelet as she walked out of the room and paused seeing Nancy and Cindy as they moved toward her.
Her heart began you pound so fast as her eyes flashed blue for a moment.
“Hey Kapella”. Nancy said as they got to her.
“You lier!”. She roared and the flying water burst out of the room flooding them away and every student at the hallway.
The bracelet fell from her hand and the waters took it away as they battled with the flood.
Screams filled the air as the huge water flood down hallways taking students along.
Kapella managed to grab the staircase so the water don’t take her away.
Suddenly and Unannounced her hips grew large causing her Jean to tear.
She could feel her legs gluing to each other as the bones and flesh readjusted into themselves.
Her foots twist swiftly to opposite horizontal and flatten out causing her to scream loudly.
🛥️⛲Sea Tales Presents⛲🛥️:
🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_16🐬
Lovely rushed out of the water as Dahlia looked back.
She cursed dropping her phone.
She unzipped her back and dragged out two wooden boomerang.
“Where are you going?”. Roxy screamed.
“Stay back”. Lovely said.
“Dahlia!”. He screamed but she already dashed at the men.
She strike the first man on the chest with the boomerang and kicked the other.
They tried to grab her but she jumped back escaping their grip as she hits one of the men on the hand.
That was when Lovely arrived as he dived grabbing down one of the men that raised his wood to hit her.
He punched his face and rolled off as one of the men tried to hit him with his club but hits the man on the ground instead.
Even before he could think of turning to Lovely, he kicked his face and he crashed to the ground.
A wood hit him on the head and he crashed down.
Roxy raced out of the water speedily as Lovely blocked the wood with his hand.
He groaned loudly as he felt the pain.
The man raised the wood up but a bottle of rum scattered on his head.
Lovely shot his legs up hitting the man away.
He turned to the direction the bottle came from and saw Roxy.
She screamed as one of the men raced at her but a bommerang hit his neck and he dropped.
Lovely squat low escaping the attack from behind, she turned plugging a punch into the belly of the man.
Dahlia hits one the men on the face with her bommerang and threw it at the last who was running at them.
It hits his throat and he dropped down.
“Was that a welcoming party?”. Dahlia asked.
“There might be more of them”. Lovely said.
“You think so?”. Roxy asked and a group of men raced out of the island.
“Not again”. Dahlia said.
Fear engulfed them as gunshots from above echoed the air.
Bullets hits the incoming men causing them to fall.
They raised their heads up and could see a helicopter headed for the place with Mr. Arrowood firing a Gatling gun down.
They looked back down and the men were in a pool of blood.
They were dead.
“Oh my God!”. Roxy exclaimed.
Her screamed caused everything electrical to explode even the cameras and the lights.
Holding the staircase threw herself from the flooding water and landed on stairs.
She breath heartlessly as the flood flowing in front of her twist vigorously.
She groaned further as her hips kept enlarging tearing off her jeans completely.
She could see her naked flesh and scales appearing on it.
The students couldn’t see her as they battled with the flood that took them away and with the lights out visibility was low.
She grabbed the staircase and pulled herself up further as from the reach of the passing water.
The transformation had become slow as she was no longer in water.
A student ran down the stairs and paused on seeing her.
She screamed loudly wanting to run back up but Kapella fixed up grabbing her leg.
The Girl screamed kicking her face but it had little effect on her as she grabbed her cloth with her hand and ripped it off her remaining her bra.
“What are you doing?”. She cried.
Kapella rolled the cloth into a bolus and began to clean the water of her leg.
She sang slowly as she looked the girl in the eye.
The voice was so enticing that her eyes glued to Kapella’s lip until she was hypnotize.
“Clean it up”. She said as she gave her the rag.
Kapella turned over and she hurriedly cleaned the water from her leg which stopped the transforming abruptly.
She could feel her and see her merged legs separating as the bones readjusted as well.
Her foot twist back to the vertical position and she groaned.
Kapella rose up slowly and was naked except for her shirt which she still had on.
She took her torn trouser and shoe wanting to give it to the girl when she had footsteps above with voices.
“Go! Tell them to leave imme that the water is rising up the stairs”.
She raced off immediately and shortly Kapella heard screens with fading footsteps.
She smiled and climbed up the stairs.
She entered into the restroom with the girl and turned to her.
“You’re gonna borrow me undie and your skirt”.
🏝️🏝️🏝️Sardinia Island🏝🏝🏝️
“Make sure the entire island is clear”. Mrs. Arrowood instructed as the gun men spread into the island.
Roxy could be seen seating far away as the other men threw the bodies of the men into the sea.
Lovely moved to where she was and sat beside her.
“Are you alright?”. He asked.
“How do you expect me to be alright after seeing some men die in front of me “. She said.
” They attacked us “.
“Does that justifies killing them?”. She asked.
“No it don’t”. He and she leaned her head on his shoulder.
“I thought it’ll be better at Phoenix but seems I was wrong”. She said.
“You want to go back to Spain?”. He asked.
“This place is no different from Spain, same horror, the only difference is I’ve someone who’s an Arrowood but with human mentality and feeling”. She said.
“Of course who else?”.
“You’re getting it wrong Roxy, I’m always responsible for making evil plans the difference is my siblings are the ones who got the gut to execute it”. He said.
“No, that isn’t you Lovely, it’s because you had no choice, a mother hanging her son upside down for fourteen hours straight, it’s enough to demoralize him but you’re still here with some humanity”.
“Don’t over hyp me Roxy it’s just a matter of time before I’m forced into complete evil”. He said.
“Don’t you have plans?”. She asked.
“Plans to break from your Mother’s control”. She said and he scoffed.
“What plans do you have to break from your father’s control?”. He asked and she remained mute.
“See, we both have no plan because we know the consequences”. He said.
“Come over kid, we have a lot to do”. Mr. Arrowood said.
💥💢Phoenix High School💢💥
Kapella walked out of the Control Room that controls the CCTV operation
She had a bag behind her and students stared at her exposed legs in the short skirt as she walked away.
Cindy and Nancy who had wet dress on like some other students walked toward the restroom when they almost bumped into Ashley who was coming from the other hallway.
They paused staring at her as she stood on wet cloth as well.
“Pink bra, my favorite”. She said as she stared at Cindy and walked past them.
“Is she crazy?”. Cindy asked as she looked down on her bra which was exposed from the wet shirt.
“You have no idea”. Nancy replied as they followed behind her.
She pushed the door to the restroom open Kapella was almost walking out as she adjusted the belt of her trouser.
“What’s going on here?”. Ashley asked as she watched the other girl adjust her skirt.
“What does it look like?”. Kapella asked as he wore her Panama hat.
“I was worried about you Kapella”. Cindy said.
“I’m safe Girl, I was fast to grab the staircase and um this fresher here lend her skirt so I could get my bag and my bag cos I have spare cloths in it”. She said.
“And why do I think something else happened?”. Ashley asked.
“I’ll order a dress for you Cindy”. She said.
“Could you get one for me as well, I’ll pay you”. Nancy said.
“Go get it yourself”. Kapella snapped and walked away.
“What’s wrong with her?”. Nancy asked.
“I have no idea, why did she call you a lier?”.
“I have no idea or maybe we should be taking how the water from the pool teleports, I don’t believe in magic you know”. She said.
“What are you still doing here?”. Cindy asked the girl and she left.
“Hoping your friend isn’t what am thinking? “. Ashley said as she unbuttoned her shirt.
” Or rather your thinking is dirty “. Cindy said.
” Would you both excuse me except you’re ready to see me nude? “. She said throwing her shirt on the ground.
Students could be seen taking their bags and other item from the flood whoose depth had reduced to just passing water.
That was when Francis who was with them saw a golden bracelet flowing on the surface.
He recognized it instantly as Kapella’s.
“Hey”. He called out to a student who took it.
“Hand it over”. He said.
“I found it”. He replied.
“It’s for my Girlfriend, hand it”. Francis said but he refused.
“Fine, I’m gonna steal Angelina from you, Mark my word”.Francis threatened and made to walk away.
“You can have it”. He said.
Francis collects it and let out a creepy smile as he walked away.
“And now you’re mine Kapella Elijah”. He whispered.
“What’s going on with you Kapella?”. Cindy asked as they walked out of the gate.
“Am fine Cindy, you need to stop worrying”. She said.
“No you’re not, you just suddenly have the I don’t care attitude and why are you mad at Nancy?”.
“Stop calling her name”.
“I will not until you tell me”.
“Fine, she lied, Lovely is never a good person, he’s a playboy!”. She roared.
“Then why are you angry? What is your business with that or did he ask you out? Oh you have a crush on him, is that enough reason, maybe Nancy didn’t know much about him”. Cindy said.
“I told you already that I don’t think it’s a crush anymore I think i…. “. She said and paused remembering that Cindy was fast asleep at the time she once said it.
” Forget it “.
” Not again Kapella “.
” I just hate Nancy for lying and I still hate her right now, I hate her, I hate Lovely, I hate Diaz and if you don’t stop speaking right now, I’m gonna hate you”. She said and gasped as she realized what she said.
Cindy scoffed and flagged a Taxi.
“No! No! Cindy, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it”. She said and she broke from her grip.
She got into the vehicle and it rode off.
“Oh my God what’s happening to you? Why is my thinking heightened? “. She exclaimed.
Kapella arrived home and head straight for her room without responding to Steve usual Drama.
She pushed open the door and there was Mrs. Elijah holding a frame as she sat on her bed.
” Mom? “.
” I saw it on the news that your school was flooded”. She said as Kapella moved to her and dropped her bag.
“Don’t lie Kapella, I can help if I know what is it?”. She said.
“Forgive me Mom”. She said.
“You know you’re my daughter, forgiveness is a free ticket”. Mrs. Elijah said as she held her hand.
“Something terrible happened Mom”.
“Oh my God! Where’s your bracelet?”.
“I lost it to the flood, I’m sorry Mom”. She said.
“No don’t tell me”.
“It was happening Mom,I was transforming to a mermaid but I cut it short by getting out of the water and cleaning myself up, I don’t know how it happened, how an entire water could leave the pool and burst out,it isn’t a coincidence that I was there “. She said.
” The water came for you “. She said as she looked down.
” What do you mean Mom? “.
” I might have skipped the transformation part because I was scared, it means fully accepting your Mermaid side and it’s gonna change you, your thinking, you won’t think like a human again “. Mrs. Elijah said.
“I underwent half of the transformation mom and my life is taking a drastic turn, my thinking is changing, I’m changing, I can’t do it, am gonna find my bracelet and am gonna make sure I never get to turn”. Kapella cried.
“It isn’t that easy Ella, the water came for and it’s gonna keep coming until you undergo your transformation”.
“No mom, it’s painful, I’ve never felt such pain in my life”. She said.
“It’s just the first, you’ve underwent half already, it won’t be that painful, your bones are now flexible, next transformation will not be that painful but you have to ensure it’s complete first”.
“No Mom I can’t do it, it’s gonna change me”. She cried.
“Listen, you’ve provoked the waters long enough, if you don’t do it it’s gonna come again and it might not be pool water this time around, it might be a river, sea or even an entire ocean”. She said and Kapella gasped.
“Your mom took time to explain every single thing for me with her dying breath and so I know everything you’re going through, I’ve failed you once by not telling you before, let me fix it, please daughter, you’ll learn to adapt to the Mermaid thinking, imagine an entire ocean coming for you, It’ll destroy lives and property and still get you so why not avoid that disaster “. She said.
” Who’s that? “. Kapella said as she laid her head on Mrs. Elijah’s shoulder staring at the picture frame she held.
” Your mother at high school “. She said.
Kapella jolt from her shoulder as she took the picture from her and stared at it with keen interest.
” She… She…….”. She stammered as a tears filled her ears.
“She looks like you, that’s right”. Mrs. Elijah said as Kapella caressed the face of the girl with her finger.
“We were best of friends from childhood till college but even with all the weird happenings around her I never knew she was a Mermaid, she never told me till we parted”. Mrs. Elijah said.
“Just like Cindy and I”. Kapella whispered.
“I don’t want to lose her”. She added.
“It’s your choice but you must be sure she’ll stick to you after it, don’t make same mistake your mother and I made but maybe the biggest mistake was fighting over same guy that ended the friendship”. She said and Kapella raised her head up.
“Just forget it, it’s the past already”. She said.
“I’ll do it”. Kapella said and Mrs. Elijah turned to her.
“I won’t try to run away from my fears anymore, I’ll face it, I’ll undergo the transformation”. She said and Mrs. Elijah nodded.
“Put something light and meet me at the pool”. She said and left.
Kapella took off her shirt and her phone buzzed.
She took the call from the unknown caller.
“Your voice sound sweeter over the phone”.
“Francis? How did you?”.
“Got it from Cindy’s phone”.
“You know what, I’m disconnecting the call right away”. She said.
“And you don’t see your bracelet again?”.
She paused as she scoffed.
“What do you mean?”.
“I found it in the flood and I wondered if you still want it”. He said.
“I need that bracelet Francis and you’re gonna give it to me”.
“Not that fast, I need something first and I’ll return it?”.
“What do you need, money?”.
“I’ve always seen you with the bracelet and realized it’s so precious to you”.
“What do you need, I’ll do anything”.
“Come to my house”. He said.
“You pervert!”. She cursed.
“Will you come?”.
“The bracelet”. She said.
“It’s safe with me and it can be yours again, just show up”. He said.
“Cindy”. Kapella said.
“She left for our aunt place, she won’t be back until nightfall”.
“Don’t tell her anything about this”.
“The secret is safe Kapella, I won’t tell her”.
“Fine I’ll come then”.
“I’ll be waiting”.
She disconnect the call and chuckle
Kapella removed her hair barrette letting the long hair dropped down.
“Fool….you think you can control a Mermaid”. She said and flung her phone on the bed.
She undressed and put on a T shirt only before walking out of the of the room
🏝️🏝️🏝️Sardinia Island🏝️🏝️🏝️
Everyone could be seen busy around, some checking out the ruins of the wretched ship while some other dig around just in case they found something.
Lovely could be seen looking around with his UV spec on.
He suddenly stopped at a point that looked rough.
He took off his UV and dugged out the soil with his hand spade.
He paused as his spade hits something hard.
He dropped it and dugged off soil with his hand instead.
He paused as he saw a skull, it was sudden that it almost jumped in fear.
That was when he saw something shiny in the soil he dug out.
He took it and gasped.
“Diamond”. His eyes met with Roxy who shook her head with a pleading face.
He quickly dropped it but it was late as Dahlia wrapped her hand around him from behind.
“Found anything yet”. She asked.
“No, he said as he he slowly covered the skull with the soil.
” What are you covering? “. She asked.
He expected nothing less, Dahlia was one hell of a smart being.
” It’s nothing “. He said but she held his hand and dugged it out with her other.
She gasoed seeing the skull and some shiny stones around it.
“Diamond…. Mom, Come see what Candy found!”. She announced.
He looked down as Roxy bit her lower lip in anger.
Mrs. Arrowood moved there with her husband and was shocked as Dahlia raised a diamond out.
“Good job son”. Mr. Arrowood said.
“I’m not your son!”. Lovely fired.
“It’s a skull 💀”. Mrs. Arrowood said and turned to the men digging around.
“Get your asses over here”. She roared.
“You’re naked”. Mrs. Elijah said as Kapella walked into the pool room.
“What’s the essense of putting on a short when they’re gonna tear off, A shirt only will do “. She said as she stared at the water.
“Are you ready?”. Mrs. Elijah asked.
“Yeah!”. She replied pushing her long hair off her shoulder.
She dived into the water and it splashed off.
Bubbles released from her mouth as she raised her head to see Mrs. Elijah from underneath the water.
She felt her legs glue together but it was no longer painful like the previous time.
Her bones rearranged into themselves like rope and her foot bend to the horizontal and flatten out to a Caudal fin like that of a fish.
Scales appeared on her merged legs which was now the tail of a fish, it extends up covering her naked chest.
The scales changed colour continuously as it illuminated the water.
She swam to the surface of the water and burst her head out shaking it.
“You did it”. Mrs. Elijah said.
Kapella submerged into the water and swam around as her tail flapped slowly.
She burst out of the water again and gasped.
“It feels so good”. She said laughing.
Mrs. Elijah squat cleaning her face with her hand.
“Thank you Mom”. She whispered.
“Now that you’ve accepted your Mermaid side, you need to be ready for things to come”.
🏝️🏝️🖐🏿Sardinia Island🖐🏿🏝️🏝️
The men brought out the skeleton as they dugged it out of the soil.
It had diamond on the face and where it was dugged from.
Examining the skeleton it was that if a mermaid as it had no legs but a a straight tail bone with caudal Finn at the end.
“After all this years of searching, here it ends daughter”. Bradley said as he leaned on his walking stick.
“The Artic I’ve searched for all my life is dead, she was badly injured that night and I wondered hoe she was still able to escape but seems it hits her heart of something vital “. Mrs. Arrowood said touching the diamond.
” There’s diamond all over seems she cried alot before dying “. Dahlia said.
” A mermaid don’t get to cry easily or alone, not even because of pain inflicting wound, The Anita I know wouldn’t cry even when dying”.
“What are you suggesting?”. Mr. Arrowood asked.
“Mermaids don’t bury their dead on land, they lay them to rest underwater”. She said.
“And how do you get to know a lot about them, Mother?”. Lovely asked.
“I’m a Hunter, we always find what we want”. She said and raised her head up.
“A human buried her meaning there was someone at this island at that time but why will Anita cry such amount of diamond”. She said.
“Mother there’s diamond at that other point, the rock part and UV shows there’s a trace of blood”. Dahlia said.
“She bled, she died, someone buried her, who?”.
“She’s dead, are you satisfied now? She didn’t deserve to die this way”. Roxy said.
“Shut up!”.
“Now that you won’t be having the diamond producing machine you’ve always seek, what would you do, go on killing spree on those captive mermaids”. Roxy cried.
“Anita cried enough diamond and the caprice mermaids will keep giving us pearl so am always rich, nothing was more important than plucking her eyes out but why would an Artic sacrifice her defense against us for a box, she could have fought us off but that precious box always got her distracted as she couldn’t let it out of sight, the other mermaids sacrificed themselves to be captives buying time for her to escape, why would they do that? “. She asked looking around.
” Whatever was in that box that’s was worth an Artic sacrificing her life for, is now important to me and whoever buried her must have taken the box or know where she kept it”.Mrs. Arrowood said.
“Getting the ship record from eighteen years ago will take time, alot of passengers boarded the ship “. A Man said.
“A lot of passengers died in the wretch including the captain, only few people survived”. Mr. Arrowood said.
“Then get the record and we find out those who survived, we’ll go the torture way, it’s more effective for the truth and then on the other hand the captives tell me what is in that box or I kill them inhumanly like I promised”.. Mrs. Arrowood said and dropped her shovel.
“I’m so curious to find out what’s more important to the mermaids than the Artic, what was in box?”. She whispered.


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