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Castle of love episode 45 & 46

Castle of love episode 45


(At King Roland’s funeral)

Priest: Receive the Lord’s blessings, May the Lord bless and watch over you, May he look kindly onto you, forgive your sins and give you peace, In the name of the Father, the son and the holy spirit.

Congregation: AMEN!!!

Priest: Rest in peace King Albert Roland.

(Blair, Queen Victoria, Cecilia, Paul, the guards and maids drips flowers on his grave)

Paul: (drops the flower) May your soul rest in peace Dad

Cecilia: (crying) May your soul rest in peace Dad

Blair: (pats her on the shoulder) Its ok Cecilia

Queen Victoria: (crying profusely) You were everything I ever wanted in a man, A kind and compassionate king, I don’t know what I’d do without you now… Rest in peace my darling husband.

(Blair calls Austin)

Blair: Hello Austin

Austin: Hello Blair, how are you?

Blair: I don’t think I’m okay at all

Austin: Why, What’s wrong?

Blair: Your dad got buried today and the whole castle is in dilemma.

Austin: Ohhh, May his soul rest in peace

Blair: Amen, Everything’s upside down now

Austin: Don’t worry, This will pass, Bad situations never stay the same forever, Everything will be alright one day

Blair: I hope so, Have you eaten?

Austin: Yes, I had cereal, How about you?

Blair: I haven’t, I can’t eat.

Austin: No, no, You have to, How will our baby be strong and healthy if you do not take proper care of yourself

Blair: Okay, I’ll get something to eat now

Austin: That’s better… I love you so much Blair

Blair: I love you more.


puts out the call)

Aunt Natalie: Are you done with my phone?

Austin: Yea (hands it over to her) I am

Aunt Natalie: It’s romantic when I hear you speaking with your wife, What’d she say to you?

Austin: My Dad, He got buried today

Aunt Natalie: (sadly) Awwnn, May his soul rest in peace, What a bad time for Azrael.

Austin: Yeah…

Aunt Natalie: So now your brother, Paul, will take over the throne

Austin: Yes, At least Azrael will have a kind and fair king just like my dad.

Aunt Natalie: That throne rightfully belongs to you but unfortunately, Things are going haywire

Austin: I want to ask, Why did you leave Azrael in the first place

Aunt Natalie: Because I wasn’t happy with your father and mother, Your mother Natasha wanted to become a knight which was against Azrael’s traditions and not only that, she was making a very bad decision and putting herself in danger,I warned her about it but refused to listen to me, And your father reciprocated even when I talked him out if it, I held a grudge with both of them, Till eventually she got killed in a battle

Austin: Hold on, How’d you know that?

Aunt Natalie: Wow I guess your father didn’t tell you everything then, I still regret not making up with her before she passed away, After that,I kept hearing about her which made me break down, so I left Azrael and came here to Woodland hills to start a family.

Austin: She was the best woman in my life, Not a day passes that I do not remember her, I wish she were still alive.

Aunt Natalie: We all wish so.

(At Dylan’s house)

Chef: Good morning sir

Dylan: Morning, Have you made breakfast?

Chef: Yes, I made toast

Dylan: Good, I need to eat fast and go to meet Cecilia

(Devon wakes up and goes to the living room)

Dylan: (To Devon) You’re still in my house?

Devon: Of course, where else would I go?

Dylan: Look, I’ve accommodated you for a long time and that’s enough, I suggest you leave my house, get a job and rent an apartment.

Devon: Do you have to be aggressive and condescending towards me all the time?

Dylan: How’s am I being aggressive? You’re a grown man Devon, you should move out and start a life on your own so I suggest you get a job and make enough money so you can rent an apartment

Devon: I know where all these insult is coming from, Because I’m squatting with you isn’t it? But don’t worry, I’ll pack my things and leave your house.


Good! You better start packing, I don’t want to meet you here by the time I get back

(Dylan leaves the house)

(In Cecilia’s room)

Cecilia: (Holds King Roland’s picture while crying) Dad, I wish you were here with us now… I miss you and Austin so much (she wipes her tears with a tissue) I know no amount of crying wouldn’t bring you back but I just can’t help it

(Just then, someone calls her)

Cecilia: (picks up her phone) Dylan? (She answers the call) Hi Dylan

Devon: (over the phone, impersonating Dylan) Hello Cecilia, I’ve missed you so much.

Cecilia: I miss you too, My dad’s funeral was today

Devon: I heard, And I’m really so sorry about that

Cecilia: Thank you

Devon: Do you mind coming over to my place?

Cecilia: Not at all, I’ll be there soon.

Devon: (drops the call) I can’t wait to get revenge on Dylan by turning Princess Cecilia against him

(Just as Cecilia leaves the castle, Dylan goes there)

Dylan: (touches his pocket for his phone) Oh no, I forgot my phone at home… How do I call Cecilia to meet me down here now?

(Queen Victoria sights him from her window and goes to meet him)

Queen Victoria: Who are you here to see?

Dylan: No one my queen, Actually I was just passing by

(Dylan is about to leave)

Queen Victoria: Stop! I know who you are, The filthy peasant my step daughter usually goes out to see isn’t it? Now it’s the other way around.

Dylan: I’m not a filthy peasant

Queen Victoria: Don’t ever interrupt me while i speak! Understood?

Dylan: Yes your highness

Queen Victoria: Anyways, The princess cannot see you, she’s still mourning her father’s death

Dylan: Ohh, that’s why I even wanted to see her

Queen Victoria: Busted! I thought you said you we’re just passing by?

Dylan: I’m sorry, I lied.. So can I see her?

Queen Victoria: No you can’t… Now get out of here!

Dylan: But I…..

Queen Victoria: GET OUT!!!

(Dylan hurriedly leaves)

(Back at Dylan’s house)

Cecilia: Hi Dylan

Devon: Hey

(Devon, while impersonating Dylan kisses Cecilia)

Devon: Sit down, Let me go get you something to drink

Cecilia: No I’m fine

Devon: Sure?

Cecilia: Yes, I don’t feel like eating or drinking anything right now

Devon: I understand (rest her head on his chest) I’m here for you now

Cecilia: Thank you (sniffs him) Why’d you smell different?

Devon: Uhhh, its just my new cologne

Cecilia: Ohhh I see (notices his slightly different facial features) Your nose looks sharper and your hair looks more parted and its like your cheekbones became hollow, Why is that?

Devon: Ummm, I just wanted to try out a new look and I’m wearing makeup to make my cheeks looks hollow

Cecilia: Well I do prefer your old look… I don’t feel like going back to that castle, memories of my dad and Austin will just make me cry more.

Devon: (pats her) it’s okay

(He reaches for her leg and his hand goes beneath her gown, Cecilia swiftly removes his hand)

Cecilia: What’re you doing?

Devon: I just wanted to cheer you up, you know, by us having fun

Cecilia: (angrily) Fun? At a time like this? (sighs) I don’t even know why I came here in the first place

(Cecilia attempts to leave but Devon draws her back)

Devon: Please wait, Don’t go

Cecilia: You shouldn’t have done that without my consent!

Devon: I know and I’m sorry, I wouldn’t do that again.

Cecilia: Its ok, I forgive you.

(Cecilia and Devon kiss, Dylan enters the house just then and sees them kissing)

Dylan: What’s going on here?

(Devon breaks the kiss)

Cecilia: (confused) Huh??

Castle of love episode 46

(Dylan approaches Devon and is about to engage him but Cecilia comes in between them)

Cecilia: What’s going on here? Why are there two Dylans?

Dylan: I’m the real Dylan!

Cecilia: Oh my gosh, I thought it was you I kissed then….(looks at Devon) Who are you?

Dylan: He’s my twin brother, Devon and apparently he impersonated me and kissed you.

Cecilia: (looks at Devon) Why would you do that?

Devon: To get revenge on him, He’s a very wicked person, he knows I have nowhere to go, Instead of him to accommodate me as his brother, he’s chasing me out

Dylan: Are you even listening to yourself? You’ve stayed with me for over three months and I never complained till now, You’re a grown up and matured man who should be in his own house

Devon: Enough of these insults, I’m leaving already!

(Dylan attempts to attack Devon one more time but Cecilia separates them)

Cecilia: Dylan please…

Dylan: Pack your things and get out!!!

Devon: Quit whining, I’m leaving already, Besides it’s not like you earned the money for this house legally

Cecilia: (To Dylan) What is he talking about?

Dylan: It’s nothing, just don’t pay any attention to him

Devon: Go on bro,you know what I’m talking about, why don’t you tell her how you swindled people to buy this goddamn house!


Devon shut the fuck up!!!

(Devon leaves them and goes into his room)

Cecilia: Dylan is what he’s saying true?

Dylan: (sighs) Cecilia, I can explain…

Cecilia: So its true, You promised me you weren’t going to do it any longer, You lied to me

Dylan: It’s not like that

Cecilia: You’ve let me down big time, I guess I should just add this to the list of things currently making me sad and depressed.

(Devon returns to the living room with his bags)

Devon: Goodbye forever bro…

(Devon leaves and shuts the door forcefully behind him)

Dylan: Cecilia, I know I’m at fault here and I’ve fucked up badly but please just hear me out

Cecilia: I’ve heard you out and forgiven you so many times but I guess people never really change… Goodbye Dylan

(She leaves his house angrily)

Dylan: (hits his fists angrily on the wall) No, No, No!!!

(Cecilia returns to the castle and meets Queen Victoria waiting for her)

Queen Victoria: Where the hell have you been?

Cecilia: I left to see….

Queen Victoria: To see your boyfriend? Isn’t it?

Cecilia: He isn’t my boyfriend, Not anymore.

Queen Victoria: I wish your father was still alive, you wouldn’t have dared to go out of this castle to go see some filthy peasant.

Cecilia: He’s not a filthy peasant, Besides I have every right to go out to see who I wanna see.

Queen Victoria: It’s like I’m being too lenient with you, no more outings for you, not anymore.

Cecilia: What? You can’t restrict my movements!

Queen Victoria: Yes I can.

Cecilia: You’re not even the king

Queen Victoria: Well currently, I’m the ruler of Azrael till my son’s coronation so you’ll have to do whatever I tell you.

Cecilia: Have it at the back of your mind, That’ll never happen no matter what! Look, I’m already having a bad day, Don’t worsen it.

Queen Victoria: You filthy brat…

(She grabs her hand firmly but Cecilia pushes her away from herself)

Cecilia: Don’t even touch me, I’m fed up with your attitude already, You’re not my father or mother so you have no right to tell me what to do or where to go!

Queen Victoria: It’s like your mother didn’t teach you any manners, I’ll do that myself!

(She grabs a whip nearby and attempts to lash her but Cecilia grabs holds of it firmly and they struggle with it, Cecilia eventually bites her arm and she lets go of the whip while screaming, Blair rushes into the room)

Blair: (separates Cecilia from Queen Victoria) What’s happening here?

Queen Victoria: (she holds her bleeding hands) Argh! This mad rabid dog just bit my arm

Cecilia: You’re the mad and rabid dog!

Blair: Cecilia enough, Don’t say that.

Queen Victoria: You stupid girl, Do you think I’m your age mate? I’m old enough to be your mother!

Cecilia: Don’t even say that because I can never have a mother like you

(Queen Victoria rushes to Cecilia again and this time she faces off with Blair who attempts to defend Cecilia, Queen Victoria hits Cecilia forcefully while Blair struggles to push her away but when she refuses to let go, Blair joins in the fight, she and Cecilia overpower her and pin her to the floor and beat her up, slapping and tearing her royal gown while she screams for help, Two guards come running in)


1: (separates Blair and Cecilia from Queen Victoria) Stop! Both of you!

Cecilia: Leave me alone! I’ll kill her!!!

Guard 2: (Helps Queen Victoria up from the floor) Sorry my queen

Queen Victoria: (to the guards) they attacked me! I command you to throw them in the dungeon

Guard 1: Royal protocols demand that that’ll only happen when a non member of the royal family engages a member of the royal family

Queen Victoria: Ohhh so that’s how it’s going to be isn’t it? (pushes the guard away and looks at Cecilia and Blair) This isn’t over both of you!

(Queen Victoria takes her torn pieces of gown and leaves the room)

Guard 1: (gives both of them a high five) Now that’s what I’m talking about, You two gave it to her just the way I wanted

Guard 2: Yeah, you deserve much more accolades.

Cecilia: I’m done tolerating her annoying and irritating attitude.

Blair: Don’t stoop to her level Cecilia, Just don’t let her bother you, But If she attacks you then you defend yourself with everything you’ve got!

(In Queen Victoria’s room)

Queen Victoria: (raging angrily) I can’t believe this, those girls are already growing wings… Blair can’t stay alive much longer and when I’m finished with her, I’ll go after that stupid bratty princess!

(She calls George)

George: Good evening my queen

Queen Victoria: (furiously) Shut up! Now listen to me carefully, Get your boys ready now, you are going to kill her today.

George: But we don’t even have a good plan, what if this fails

Queen Victoria: It definitely won’t! Get your boys ready for attack!

George: Yes my queen



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