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Castle of love episode 13 &14

Castle of love episode 13
(Princess Cecilia, goes to see Dylan)
Dylan: Hey (hugs her) I’ve missed you
Princess Cecilia: (smiles) Me too, Here, I brought some food stuffs (she unwraps the bag of bread, apples and other items)
Dylan: Thank you, I hope your father doesn’t complain about the missing food items (laughs)
Princess Cecilia: (laughs) He won’t
Dylan: Let’s hope so
Princess Cecilia: (looks him in the eye) I see something in you, I really do.
Dylan: I just wish your father would let us be together.
Princess Cecilia: So do I, I haven’t told you this but I was affianced to the prince of Winterhaven
Dylan: So what happened?
Princess Cecilia: Well he died of cancer. Its only a matter of time before a prince from another kingdom comes for my hand in marriage
Dylan: (hold her hands) I really don’t want anyone to take you away from me
Princess Cecilia: (sadly) Me too.
(She looks out and sees the sunset)
Princess Cecilia: Uhh, Its almost sunset, I need to go back to the castle.
Dylan: Okay, I’ll escort you
Princess Cecilia: No! You know my dad doesn’t entertain strangers near the castle gates
Dylan: Don’t worry, he won’t see me,I’ll be swift like a ninja (laughs)
Princess Cecilia: (smiles) Okay then
(In Cassagrande Kingdom)
(Anita’s mother, Queen Anna consoles her)
Anita: (crying) I don’t even know what I did to him, I was always nice and helpful but he just left me for some random girl
Queen Anna: (brings her a tissue) Don’t cry my dear, Men are fools!
Anita: (blows her nose) I couldn’t even tell his dad because I felt ashamed
Queen Anna: Awwnn, Don’t worry, When your father gets back from Winterhaven, He’ll definitely make sure Prince Paul pays for what he did to you.
Anita: I really love Paul, But I don’t want to stoop so low to be fighting over a man with that baker’s daughter.
Queen Anna: Cheer up, It won’t be a mere fight when your father gets back from Winterhaven, It’ll be a war.
(In Russia)
(George and Tiana lodge in a motel)
Tiana: Finally, A place to rest
George: Get all the rest you need today because from tomorrow, we’re gonna keep a very close eye on Austin
Tiana: I know, He’s at Swolviski Hospital isn’t it?
George: Yeah
Tiana: Who are you to Queen Victoria?
George: A friend
Tiana: Well she didn’t treat you like a ”friend” when I saw you both together
George: Its just how she is, Condescending and Arrogant.
Tiana: Well my concern is that Austin shouldn’t abandon me because I still love him and I want him to be mine.
George: He’ll be fully yours soon.
Tiana: I can’t wait to see him (she notices the vial of neurotoxin in his open bag) What is that (points at it)
George: Ohhh, umm.. Its my medicine (covers his bag)
Tiana: Why does it have a warning label on it?
George: Because its harmful to children so its a warning label that children shouldn’t take it.
Tiana: Ohh okay, Anyways, I’ll be in the shower
(Tiana enters the bathroom)
George: (quietly) So close, I wonder where I can hide it so she doesnt see it again (he sees a small spot and places it there) Its my corner of the room, she wouldn’t come here. Honestly this girl is so dumb, ignorant and stupid, A smart person would be overly curious to know what it was (sighs) I wonder Prince Austin ended up with her.
(Back at Blair’s motel)
(Axel enters inside and sees Blair praying)
Axel: Blair!!! Blair!!! (sees her)
Blair: (prays) “Dear Lord, I thank you for your loving blessings, grace, favors and mercy upon our lives, I thank you O Lord, I ask you for forgiveness for our sins, in any way we’ve sinned against you knowingly or unknowingly, I ask that you forgive us, I know that no healing is hard if it be your will, I therefore pray that you heal Austin, renew his strengths and heal his ailments in your loving name… Amen” (looks at Axel) What’s the matter?
Axel: Wonderful news, Prince Austin’s limb surgery was successful!
Blair: (screams in excitement) Ahhh! Thank God!!!
(Meanwhile, At Swolviski Hospital)
(After Austin’s limb surgery)
Doctor Lewiski: (To Austin) Okay, put your legs down and walk over there slowly (points at the opposite direction)
Austin: Okay (he walks over to the opposite direction slowly and spreads out his arms to keep him steady)
(Few seconds later)
Doctor Lewiski: Good one, you made it, Do you feel pains in your joints?
Austin: Yeah, slight pains
Doctor Lewiski: It’ll subside over time
Austin: Okay, what now?
Doctor Lewiski: We’re moving onto the next and difficult part of your treatment, Your brain treatment
Austin: I’m anxious, what if I don’t survive this.
Doctor Lewiski: You will, Your brain isn’t damaged, you just have minor brain injuries but you’ll be fine.
(At the castle gate)
Princess Cecilia: You’ve already followed here, you need to leave now before my dad or step mom sees you
Dylan: Okay, Honestly I wish they’d let you make decisions for yourself and let you decide who you want to be with
Princess Cecilia: Unfortunately, that’s not how things are for us, The downside of being a prince or a princess
Dylan: Will you come to see me tomorrow?
Princess Cecilia: I will
(Dylan pulls Cecilia into a kiss)
King Roland: Guard!!!
Guard: My king?
King Roland: Where’s Cecilia? I haven’t see her since this afternoon
Guard: She left few hours ago, she said she was going to see a friend
King Roland: A friend?
Guard: Yes my king
(Just then, Cecilia and Dylan break the kiss, King Roland, accompanied by a guard sees them outside the castle gate)
King Roland: CECILIA!!!
Castle of love episode 14
(King Roland and the guard go to the castle gate, But Dylan hurriedly leaves before he sees his face)
King Roland: What are you doing with that stranger?
Princess Cecilia: He’s a stranger to you not to me, He’s my friend dad
King Roland: Why’d did you leave the castle unnoticed and you didn’t take any guard with you
Princess Cecilia: I can take care of myself Dad, I don’t need a guard to watch over me all the time
King Roland: Not just to watch over you, to keep you safe, You know I don’t want any harm to come to you.
Princess Cecilia: I know…..
King Roland: Henceforth, Whenever you’re leaving this castle you must take a guard with you, is that understood?
Princess Cecilia: Yes Dad
King Roland: Now go inside!!!
(Princess Cecilia goes inside)
King Roland: (to the guard) I want you to be keeping a close eye on her and always report her activities back to me
Guard: Yes my king.
(George sneaks into Swolviski Hospital late that night while being disgused as a medical personnel)
Doctor Lewiski: (looks at he’s name tag) Doctor Chen, Where are you going? All doctors and nurses are at the meeting
George: I know, I was just going to the restroom to take a whizz
Doctor Lewiski: Okay, Be quick.
(George goes to Austin’s ward and sees him sleeping)
George: I’m sorry Prince Austin, but there’s a huge deal at hand
(he uses the syringe to take the neurotoxin and injects it slowly into Austin’s bloodstream)
Austin: (groans) Uhhhh
(George leaves the hospital and goes back to the motel)
Tiana: Where have you been?
George: I went to see a friend
Tiana: (look at the time) At 11:28pm?
George: Yeah, he usually prefers to come out at night so that’s when we meet up
Tiana: Ok, Goodnight. (puts off the light and sleeps)
George: Fooling this girl is sooo easy (smiles)
(Paris goes to deliver bread at the castle)
Paul: Welcome back (smiles)
Paris: (drops the bread) I knew I’d see you here
Paul: Definitely (attempts to kiss her but she rejects it) What’s wrong?
Paris: Don’t you think its high time you tell your dad about us?
Paul: I will, when the time comes
Paris: I’m sorry but I’m still not comfortable with all these, Does your mother know?
Paul: No she doesn’t but I’ll let everyone know one day
Paris: I can’t continue this “secret relationship” any longer, if you really loved me then you should have told your parents about us despite the consequences.
(Paris leaves the kitchen)
Paul: Paris wait….. (He follows her to the gates) Why are you behaving like this?
Paris: Paul, I still love you, no matter what but the only way I can guarantee I’m in a real and comfortable relationship is if you tell your parents about us.
(Blair prays for Austin)
Blair: ”Dear Lord, please protect Austin, do not allow any harm to come to him, let his brain treatments go smoothly… Amen”
Axel: He’ll be fine
Blair: Thanks for the reassurance Axel.
Axel: Doctor Lewiski called minutes ago, he wants to see you at the hospital.
Blair: Ohhh, okay.
(At the hospital)
Doctor Lewiski: Wonderful news
Blair: (excited) Did it go well?
Doctor Lewiski: Yes, He’s limb surgery was successful and his brain treatments are going well and he’s responding really quickly.
Blair: Thank you Lord (to the doctor) Can I see him?
Doctor Lewiski: Not yet, Although he’ll be discharged in a week time
Blair: Thank you so much Doc.
(At the motel George and Tiana are lodged in)
Tiana: So??
George: He’ll be discharged in a week time.
Tiana: Good, now we have to keep an eye on him more often, But how are we going to prevent Blair from seeing him first?
George: Leave it to me.
Blair: I need to hurry up and go to meet Austin at the hospital
Axel: Okay, do you need me to come along
Blair: No, you and the chauffeur should stay at the motel, I’ll take a taxi, I won’t be long.
(Blair leaves the motel)
(Blair sees a taxi and halts him and the driver turns out to be George in disguise)
George: Where are you going ma’am?
Blair: Swolviski hospital, I need to be there before 8:30am
George: Okay, Get in.
(Blair gets in and they drive off, George suddenly stops by a small bush)
Blair: Why did we stop?
George: I need to take a whizz
Blair: A whizz? I need to get to the hospital by 8:30am and this is 8:22am
George: Be patient ma’am, I’ll just take few seconds.
(George gets down from the taxi and when Blair isn’t looking, he punctures one of the tyres and gets back into the car)
George: (starts the car but it refuses to move) Something’s wrong somewhere
Blair: What is it this time?
George: Hold on, Let me check the tyres
(George and Blair gets down from the car and Blair sees the deflated tyre)
Blair: (gasps) Oh no….
(At the hospital, Austin has fully recovered)
Austin: Where am I?
Doctor Lewiski: You’re in my hospital in Russia, you were brought here a month ago, you had an accident that caused you to have panic attacks, rapid mood swings, forgetfulness and so on but all that is in the past
Austin: Ohhh, Thank you Doc.
Doctor Lewiski: You’ll be discharged real soon, Anyways, your wife came to see you, she’s downstairs
Austin: Uhhhh ok (thinks) Wife? But I’m not married…
(Austin goes to see his “wife” and the person turns out to be Tiana)
Austin: Tiana?
Tiana: Austin!!! (She hugs him) I’ve missed you
Austin: Its great to see you, Are you the one who brought me to Russia and had me treated?
Tiana: Wait… You don’t remember Blair?
Austin: Who’s Blair?


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