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September 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Castle of sophos finale

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Author~ Remio Viola






“I’ll never disturb your kingdom again” Diana promised then Ajax smiled

“but before I leave can you call me your mother?”

“you’ll always be my mother” Ajax said then hugged Diana

Unknown to Ajax, Diana hid a dagger in her dress, she discreetly brought out the dagger and stabbed him.

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“No!” Jace screamed and pierced a sword through her back and she fell down dead

“Ajax!” they called running to him

“this dagger is poisonous” Ares said picking up the dagger

“won’t Aileen be able to heal him?” Helen asked

“she will but we have to get to the castle first” Ares replied then carried Ajax in his arms while Jace carried me cuz I was still unconscious.


They rode as fast as they could to save Ajax’s life cuz the poison was spreading round his body.

“he’s getting cold” Ares yelled

“faster!” Helen hurled and they rode faster

In less than two hours they rode into the castle. People gathered when they arrived but they rode straight to Aileen’s palace and took I and Ajax in while Jace went to inform the royal home of our return.

“she’ll be fine” Aileen assured touching my forehead

“what about Ajax?” Helen asked

“where’s the dagger he was stabbed with?” Aileen demanded

“here” Ares proffered her with the dagger

Aileen took the dagger then placed in the flame from the statue of the three sophos.

She took what looked like a needle and thread and started sewing up the injury.

“let’s just wait for him to wake up” Aileen said when she was done

“where’s my son?” King Alesandro asked rushing in

“oh Ajax” he cried out and took Ajax’s palm in his

“he’ll be fine” Jace said patting the king’s shoulder

“I’ll kill Diana” King Alesandro swore

“she’ll already dead” Jace told him

“Ajax needs to be alone you can all return to the Palace” Aileen announced

“what about Alessia?”

“she’ll be here till she wakes up” Aileen replied

They took a last look at us then left unhappy.


I opened my eyes and was shocked in where I found myself. The last place I recalled been was in The Seat of Light.

“you’re awake” I heard a voice say then I turned to the direction of the voice


“how you feeling?”

“am fine where are the rest?” I replied and asked

“you’re in the castle and Ajax got stabbed by Diana with a poisonous dagger” she replied and pointed at where in laid.

I got up and ran to him

“will he be fine?”

“he will”

“I’ll just wait till he wakes up”

“no the guards are waiting to take you to the palace Ajax has to be alone with no immortal so he can recover from the poison”

I heaved a deep sigh the reluctantly left with the guards. We arrived at the palace and they led me in to meet with the rest.

“Alessia” Amber squealed and hugged me tight

“we were scared” she said pulling from the hug

“you didn’t have to worry” I said forcing a smile, I wasn’t really happy cuz of Ajax

“you don’t have to worry he’s a god” Helen voiced out my thought and I gave a wry smile.

We sat together then after a while they all drifted to sleep. I wasn’t sleepy yet so I walked to the balcony and stood staring into space as alot of thoughts went through my mind.

I didn’t know if I should be happy or sad that the mission was now over. But a part of me wasn’t happy that we’ll be leaving.

“you still awake” someone said from behind me

“Ajax” I called as I turned

“what are you doing here it’s cold” he said stepping forward

“am not sleepy yet”

“you’ll be leaving by tomorrow” he said and I just stared at him

“I know this isn’t necessary cuz u’re leaving…” he paused then studied me for a while and went on

“I have feelings for you Alessia”

I swallowed a lump on my throat

“I never knew until now but it’s too late” he added

“I… I don’t know… what to say” I stuttered

“you don’t have to say anything I appreciate everything you did for my kingdom”

“it’s nothing Ajax I also did it for myself” I inhaled then looked down

“I wish you didn’t have to leave” Ajax said then cupped my cheeks in his palms making me to face him then he leaned forward and kissed me.

“HAPPY EVER AFTER” We heard the guys clapping then we broke the kiss and turned to the. They all had smiles on their faces but I was too embarrassed so I looked away.



We stood before the thousands of people of Sophos as the bid us goodbye and appreciated our efforts. Gwydion was already there to teleport us back to Westchase.

“I’ll miss Sophos” Amber said then hugged Ajax, Jace, Ares and Helen

“Sophos will never forget you” Helen said as she hugged me

“I’ll miss you” Ajax said hugging me

“me too” our hug lasted like forever and we pulled away when Amber cleared her throat and I felt embarrassed again.

“bye” we waved at them and they wave back. Gwydion joined our hands together in his then said a word and ‘voom’ we were gone.

We arrived a bus stop in Westchase and took different buses to out homes.

“Alessia” Adrian called as he ran and hugged me

“Alessia!” my parents ran out too



“and that was it” i said and laughed. I’ve been telling my class mates the story of our journey to Sophos and also you.
“that was amazing” Mia clapped her hands
“but how did you know the things that were happening when you pass out?” Trina asked then I chuckled
“I was told by Amber” I replied
“how was Helen free from the spell?” Ben asked
“I forgot that
when Ares took her to the sea to wait for us, She woke up after while and continued with her fight with Ares and during the fight she fell into the see but the shallow part actually and by the power of the locket in the water the water washed the spell away” I narrated
“how…” Mia was about asking when the principal walked in
“straighten up everyone” she alerted then we turned to the board
“we have a new student….” she trailed off when she didn’t see the new student beside her
“come in” then the student ran in but I wasn’t interested so I faced my phone
“introduce yourself” the principal instructed
“am Alesandro Ajax”
“what?” I screamed unconsciously
“is there any problem Alessia?” the principal asked
“no” I shook my head
“you’re always disturbing the class and as a punishment you’ll show the new student round the school” she said and walked out.
I glanced and Amber then at Margaux and at Louis they were as shocked as I was.
“hey Alessia” Ajax called standing in front of me
“Ajax!” I called wanting to be sure I wasn’t seeing things. He smiled then pulled me up from my seat and dragged me out.
“how did you get here?” I asked when we were at the garden
“I dunno” he shrugged

Gosh! He looked handsome in modern outfit.

“what about your kingdom?”
“I had to choose what mattered most to me and what I want and it was you” he replied I blushed cuz I felt special
“and the locket?”
“who ever sits on The Seat of Light becomes immortal and can never leave Sophos again and I didn’t want that”
“I gave it to Jace to rule”
“how could you?” I scolded
“because I love you”

I was speechless

“tell me Alessia do you love me?”
I stared at him not knowing the right words to use
“tell me”
“yes” I nodded then he smiled
“I made the right choice” he said then kissed me and again the guys came in clapping their hands.

Wrong timing.

“Alessia finally has a boyfriend” Amber teased
“so bad I don’t have one” she added
“Margaux doesn’t have” Louis reminded
“she now has the new boy I was crushing on asked her out this morning” Amber replied
“really?” we were shocked
“what?” Margaux yelled rolling her eyes
“it’s good to have you here Ajax” Louis said and hit Ajax on his arm playfully
“I guess it’s a happy ever after” Amber said then we all pulled ourselves in a big hug.

THE END……………………….

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